Susanne Barden

Author: Helen Dore Boylston
ISBN: OCLC:313157034
Release Date: 1954

Sue Barton Student Nurse

Author: Helen Dore Boylston
ISBN: 1595110240
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Nursing students

This is the story of Sue Barton's first year of training as a probationer and then as a student nurse. Sue, with her red hair and eager spirit, is a very likable person - direct, outspoken, capable of mistakes, capable also of warm attachments and a courageous devotion to the service which she soon loves. With her pals, Kit and Connie, she submits to the discipline and rigorous training which are required of every good hospital nurse. Her love of humor gets her in and out of several scrapes: she tumbles into the laundry chute; she tries to defend her fellow student from the inevitable hazing; she gets into an amusing pickle with an Italian patient who speaks no English. Her warm heart and delightful spirit make friends for her among the patients and even win the occasional approbation of the stern staff. Her femininity has more than a casual effect on Dr. Barry, the ablest of the young interns. Sue's student years are alive with color and incident: the tests which she must pass to win her cap; the mistakes, very human in themselves, which almost ruin her career; her struggle with a delirious patient, a struggle which tries her courage to the utmost; Christmas in the hospital, when the entire staff comes together for one spontaneous celebration. Whether or not a reader has the ambition to become a nurse, she will find in this story a true picture of the training school of a great hospital and a heart warming friendship with a fun, joyous young woman.

Nursing the Image

Author: Julia Hallam
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134668250
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Medical

Ideas of 'nursing' and 'nurses' carry a powerful social charge. The image of the nurse continues to be a symbol of caring and of duty at the same time as it projects a view of femininity, 'stereotypical' in its gender relations. How has this image come to be constructed? An empirical investigation of representations of nursing practices in Britain focusing on publicity and promotional materials and their relationship to popular fictional narratives reveals a strong correlation between what are usually described as discrete forms of signification. Recruitment images, provide an important source of information and inspiration for those considering nurse training. Julia Hallam, draws from a wide range of sources including biographies, marketing and recruitment literature, popular fiction and film to explore this question. In doing so she makes an original contribution to the debates surrounding gender and occupational identity. The book will provide a valuable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students on courses such as the social history of nursing, the understanding of health and illness, women's studies, gender studies and sociology courses.

Cumulative Paperback Index 1939 1959

Author: R. Reginald
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 9780893700225
Release Date: 2009-12
Genre: Reference

This was the first bibliography and guide to the American mass market paperback book, and it remains one of the most definitive. The major index is by author, and lists: author, title, publisher, book number, year of publication, and cover price. The title index lists titles and authors only. The publisher index provides a history of that imprint, with addresses, number ranges, and general physical description of the books issued. This is the place that all study of the American paperback must begin.

Susanne Barden

Author: Helen Dore Boylston
ISBN: OCLC:615592427
Release Date: 1986

Das Fieber

Author: Makiia Lucier
Publisher: Königskinder
ISBN: 9783646927528
Release Date: 2015-04-24
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Herbst 1918 : Die Spanische Grippe hat die Welt bereits im Griff. Aber für Cleo ist sie weit weg, sie ist mit sich selbst und ihrer Zukunft beschäftigt: Heiraten, Bohemien werden oder an die Universität? Doch die Gegenwart holt Cleo bald brutal ein. Die Seuche erreicht ihre Heimatstadt: Schulen, Geschäfte, Theater schließen - das öffentliche Leben kommt zum Stillstand. Und die Zahl der Opfer wächst: Nicht Kleinkinder und Alte, sondern vor allem Menschen in der Blüte ihres Lebens sterben. Als das Rote Kreuz freiwillige Helfer sucht, beschließt Cleo, nicht mehr untätig zu sein. Selbst wenn es den Tod bedeuten könnte.

Das wilde Ufer

Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 9783641208707
Release Date: 2016-12-19
Genre: Fiction

Das große Abenteuer von der Wiederentdeckung Amerikas Es gab einmal eine Zeit, da war Amerika die mächtigste Nation der Erde. Doch nach einem nuklearen Krieg ist das Land verwüstet, die großen Städte sind zerstört, die Bevölkerung ist nahezu ausgerottet. Die Völker der Vereinten Nationen wachen mit aller Strenge darüber, dass die wenigen, in kleinen Siedlungen verstreut lebenden Nachkommen der Kriegsgeneration nie mehr eine Chance bekommen, das Land wieder aufzubauen. Bis eines Tages in einem kleinen Fischerdorf an der kalifornischen Küste zwei Fremde auftauchen und in dem siebzehnjährigen Henry der Traum von einem wiedervereinten Amerika erwacht ...