Book A records

Author: A.H. Mason
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 9785872720119
Release Date:
Genre: History

The Widow Wagon Series

Author: Megan Michaels
ISBN: 1974551652
Release Date: 2017-08-13

A collection of the four books in the Widow Wagon Series a historical western D/s romance series!They called it the Widow Wagon. Widows and their children could purchase safe passage in a covered wagon to the Oregon Territory - where they would all meet up with the strong, determined men looking for mail order brides. The Widow Wagon might be one woman's man's last, best hope. Widow Wagon: Second Chances (Book 1) They'd found him with an Indian arrow in his back. What was a woman supposed to do with one dead husband, one untended farm, and zero options? Strength, sass, and a never-give-up attitude had served Sophie well, but after the death of her strict, but loving, Clive, she'd need a lot more than those qualities to survive.For Daniel Weston, losing his beloved wife had broken more than his heart, it had broken his confidence that he could conquer the west. From the first moment he set eyes on Sophie he knew he wanted her, to make her his in every way. Her dramatic curves, bewitching eyes and fiery temper drew him, called to him. More Than She Bargained For (Book 2)Wild as an untamed stallion, Daisy was never much for going along to get along. Her fiery spirit, burning passion and curvy beauty, which had served her so well in her young life were nevertheless useless to her when a Confederate captain comes calling with grave news. A new life in the great American west. Far from the misery and danger of the post-War South. A Dane transplanted in Nebraska waits for her at the end of the long trail. A mild-mannered Scandinavian man might be just the thing for her.Training - horses specifically - was what Noah Jensen knew, lived, and loved. A new life far from his homeland of Denmark in the wilds of Nebraska suited him though. Now, he needed more though - he needed a wife.And what was a man to do when his wife's Civil War past comes back to haunt her, threatening to unravel his carefully laid plans for a life well-lived Cinch Your Saddle (Book 3) Like so many others, tragedy brought Clara to the Widow Wagon. The only life she'd ever known left in ashes, a chance at a new life in the American west was the last option she had. Young and headstrong, Clara wouldn't let the horrible hand she'd been dealt define her, confine her to the prison of sorrow and loss. No, she'd make a new life, a fresh start in the hardscrabble west, where anything was possible ... if you wanted it badly enough. She'd planned for the arduous journey, the unpredictable weather, and the deadly Shoshone. A grizzled, rough-around-the-edges wagonmaster and a strong-willed, sassy city woman seemed a match doomed from the start, but Angus knew just how to tame that strong will, to bend it to his, to mold, but not break, that spirit that drew him to the beautiful, curvy Clara. It was a journey of a thousand steps But when outlaws kidnap one of Clara's companions, forcing the widow wagon to halt its journey, the harsh reality of a dangerous, lawless west might prove too much for even new love to overcome. The Renegade's Captive (Book 4) A kidnapped woman, rescued by a hero... but could her hero rescue her from her dark desires too?For headstrong, newly married Minnie, the long trip across the American prairie was arduous enough. But her rescue by the heroic US Marshal, Silas, only made things more complicated. She'd married her hero --- and thought she was well on the way to her much-deserved happily ever after.A US Marshal's first duty was to protect, to serve those he was charged with watching over. And nothing gave Silas more pleasure that watching over, protecting the sassy, chestnut haired beauty named Minnie. So much so, that he'd made her his wife. The kidnap and capture games he and his gorgeous wife enjoyed only brought them closer, even as they stirred within him primitive dominant urges, desires which might prove too dangerous to control.


Author: Vanessa Vale
Publisher: Bridger Media
Release Date:
Genre: Fiction

Montana Territorium, 1885 – Ihr Herz zu gewinnen, erfordert einen Willenskrieg, aber Liebe ist den Kampf wert. Als der gut aussehende Soldat Jackson Reed von der Armee nach Hause zurückkehrt, weckt eine Frau sein Interesse. Sie nimmt ihn ebenfalls wahr, aber warum unternimmt sie alles Menschenmögliche, um ihm aus dem Weg zu gehen? Hyacinth Lenox kann nicht aufhören, an Jackson Reed zu denken, sie will ihn, aber kann ihn nicht haben. Die Schuld über einen tragischen Vorfall in ihrer Kindheit verfolgt sie überallhin und sie ist der Meinung, dass sie Jacksons Liebe nicht verdient. Er ist ein Mann, der bekommt, was er will…und er will Hyacinth. Warnung: Höschen können Feuer fangen! Hyacinth ist das zweite Buch der Wildblumen Bräute Serie. Es ist ein sehr heißer Liebesroman mit einer schüchternen Heldin und einem besessenen Kriegshelden, der entschlossen ist, sie zu der Seinen zu machen.

Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico Volume 1 4 A Z

Author: Frederick Webb Hodge
Publisher: Digital Scanning Inc
ISBN: 9781582187488
Release Date: 2003-07-01
Genre: Social Science

This Comprehensive listing of tribal names, confederacies, settlements,and archeology was originally begun in 1873 as a list of tribal names. It grew to include biographies of Indians of note, arts, manners, customs and aboriginal words. Included are illustrations, photographs and sketches of people, places and everyday articles used by the Native Americans. The Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Handbook of American Indians. Reprint of 1912 edition. Volume 1 A-G. Included are illustrations, manners, customs, places and aboriginal words. In 4 Volumes. Volume 1 - A to G........ISBN 9781582187488 Volume 2 - H to M........ISBN 9781582187495 Volume 3 - N to S.........ISBN 9781582187509 Volume 4 - T to Z.........ISBN 9781582187518

Es begann in einer Winternacht

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Publisher: CORA Verlag
ISBN: 9783733768492
Release Date: 2017-02-21
Genre: Fiction

Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent, hat den Ruf eines Frauenhelden - und doch ist er der Einzige, der die scheue Erbin Evangeline vor ihren geldgierigen Verwandten retten kann. Mutig macht sie dem in einer finanziellen Krise steckenden Viscount einen Heiratsantrag. Allerdings unter einer Bedingung: keine erotischen Annäherungen nach der Hochzeitsnacht! Denn niemals will Evangeline zu den Damen gehören, denen der charmante Lord das Herz gebrochen hat. Aber schon auf der winterlichen Reise zur Trauung in Gretna Green sprühen die Funken der Leidenschaft. Als sie einander in der eiskalten Kutsche wärmen, erwacht heißes Begehren ...

The Penny Cyclop dia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

Release Date: 1839
Genre: Encyclopedias and dictionaries

V.1-20 are, like missing vols. 21-26, also freely available online at the the China-America Digital Academic Library (CADAL), & can be accessed with the following individual urls: Note: Click to view v.1 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.2 via CADAL Note: Click to view v.3 via CADAL Note: Click to view v.4 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.5 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.6 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.7 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.8 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.9 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.10 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.11 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.12 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.13 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.14 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.15 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.16 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.17 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.18 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.19 via CADAL. -- Note: Click to view v.20 via CADAL.

Country Life

ISBN: PRNC:32101079522916
Release Date: 1901
Genre: Country life