Author: Simon Hillson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521837014
Release Date: 2005-07-21
Genre: Medical

An examination of dental studies in archaeology and related disciplines, first published in 2005.

Medicine and Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean

Author: D. Michaelides
Publisher: Oxbow Books
ISBN: 9781782972365
Release Date: 2014-05-30
Genre: Medical

There are many recoverable aspects and indications concerning medicine and healing in the ancient past Ð from the archaeological evidence of skeletal remains, grave-goods comprising medical and/or surgical equipment and visual representations in tombs and other monuments thorough to epigraphic and literary sources. The 42 papers presented here cover many aspects medicine in the Mediterranean world during Antiquity and early Byzantine times, bringing together both internationally established specialists on the history of medicine and researchers in the early stages of their career. The contributions are grouped under a series of headings: medicine and archaeology; media (online access to electronic corpus); the Aegean; medical authors/schools of medicine; surgery; medicaments and cures; skeletal remains; new research in Cyprus; Asklepios and incubation; and Byzantine, Arab and medieval sources. These subject areas are addressed through a combination of wide ranging archaeological and osteological data and the examination and interpretation of philosophical, literary and historiographical texts to provide a comprehensive suite of studies into early practices in this fundamental field of human experience.

Mammal Bones and Teeth

Author: Simon Hillson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781315424996
Release Date: 2016-06-16
Genre: Social Science

This guide is designed as an introduction to the basic methods for identifying mammal bones and teeth. It is intended to highlight for beginners the main points on which identifications can be made on the bulk of bones and teeth from a small range of common Old World mammals.


Author: Elizabeth J. Reitz
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521485290
Release Date: 1999-02-04
Genre: Social Science

Zooarchaeology is a detailed reference manual for students and professional archaeologists interested in identifying and analysing animal remains from archaeological sites. Drawing on material from all over the world, and covering a time span from the Pleistocene to the nineteenth century AD, the emphasis is on animals whose remains inform us about many aspects of the relationships between humans and their natural and social environments, especially site formation processes, subsistence strategies, and paleoenvironments. The authors discuss suitable methods and theories for all vertebrate classes and molluscs, and include hypothetical examples to demonstrate these. There are extensive references and illustrations to help in the process of identification.

Anglo Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History

ISBN: 1905905106
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Anglo-Saxons

Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History is an annual series concerned with the archaeology and history of England and its neighbours during the Anglo-Saxon period. ASSAH offers researchers an opportunity to publish new work in an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary forum which allows for a diversity of approaches and subject matter. Contributions focus not just on Anglo-Saxon England but also its international context.

Ritual bones or common waste

Author: J. Thilderkvist
Publisher: Barkhuis
ISBN: 9789491431319
Release Date: 2013-11-01
Genre: Religion

This book addresses the problems of identifying human actions behind finds of bones in settlement archaeology, exemplified with the identification of ritual deposits. In order to formulate a methodological framework for approaching the identification of ritual deposits, different methods are tested on four Early Medieval case studysites: Dongjum and Leeuwarden, two artificial dwelling mounds situated in the then undiked salt marches of the Northern Netherlands, Midlaren, an inland settlement in Drenthe, also in the Northern Netherlands, and finally Uppåkra, a central place in the South of Sweden. The bone fragments from the four materials are studied in a five step process of definition, description, identification, interpretation and explanation. The deposits are discussed with the help of various archaeological, ethnographic and historical sources. The results of the analysis lead to a methodological framework for understanding individual deposits based on a holistic perspective where all information is regarded as potentially valuable, various methods are taken into consideration, and simplification is avoided.

Burial archaeology

Author: Charlotte A. Roberts
ISBN: UOM:39015015473401
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Social Science

Sutton Hoo

Author: M. O. H. Carver
Publisher: British Museum Publications Limited
ISBN: UOM:39015060546929
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Social Science

This book brings the excavations at the fabulous site of Sutton Hoo right up-to-date, documenting the discoveries made since 1983. It also takes a fresh look at what was known prior to this and includes discussions by contributing experts.

For the Love of God

Author: Damien Hirst
Publisher: Other Criteria
ISBN: UCSD:31822035360627
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Art

This book is a creative guide to the making of arguably the most extraordinary art object to be made in the 21st century. Published to accompany the 2007 exhibition "Damien Hirst: Beyond Belief" at White Cube, it gives a fascinating pictorial insight into how Hirst's diamond skull piece "For the Love of God" was conceived and produced. Illustrated with candid behind-the-scenes photographs by Johnnie Shand Kydd, the book includes a number of preparatory drawings by Damien Hirst and a fold-out image of the diamond skull. Accompanying this is an essay by the art historian Rudi Fuchs, who writes, "The skull is out of this world, celestial almost. I tend to see it as a glorious intense victory over death." A number of leading experts in the fields of archeology and dentistry have also contributed detailed studies on the diamond skull, including analyses of its age and ancestry.