The Apocrypha and Pseudephigrapha of the Old Testament

Author: R. H. Charles
Publisher: Apocryphile Press
ISBN: 0974762342
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Religion

The most esteemed body of books left out of the Bible, the Old Testament Apocrypha is of interest to historians, religious scholars, and ordinary laypeople alike. For more than 70 years this version, edited by R.H. Charles, has been the definitive critical edition. Out of print for years, Apocryphile Press is proud to make it available once more to scholars and the curious.

The Biblical View of Man

Author: Leo Adler
Publisher: Urim Publications
ISBN: 9789655241785
Release Date: 2015-02-01
Genre: Religion

The Biblical View of Man argues cogently that the Bible is more about human beings than about God and insists that, in the biblical view, what human beings need is not so much wisdom or grace but rather their own free will to fulfill the obligations that a loving God has bestowed upon them in order to allow them to prove and improve themselves. According to Rabbi Leo Adler, the exercise of such free will, rather than implying a lack of need for God, actually requires a firm commitment to God. First published in German in 1965, this engaging interpretation of the Bible appears in English for the first time.


Author: Parke-Bernet Galleries
ISBN: UOM:39015035816621
Release Date: 1942
Genre: Catalogs, Booksellers'

Fides Christi

Author: Paul O'Callaghan
Publisher: Four Courts PressLtd
ISBN: UOM:39015040171558
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Religion

The debate on the nature of Christian justification and its implications for the whole of Christian life was at the heart of the teaching of Luther and of the Reformation movement. After several centuries of distancing between Catholics and Lutherans on this fundamental theological question, its ecclesiological, ethical and spiritual virtualities have been reexamined in recent times, and considerable common ground has been established. The mature fruit of this research will, it is hoped, be the publication of a Joint Common Declaration by Catholics and Lutherans on the doctrine of justification. This study is the result of several years of lecturing on justification and investigating the debate. A first (historical) part of the work contains a brief and incisive account of Luther's own understanding of justification. The second (analytical) part examines a variety of perspectives that over the last century have given new life to the debate: the history of dogma, the doctrine of justification as a hermeneutical principle, Pauline understanding of justice, law and the Gospel, the relationship between ecclesiology and grace. The final chapter explains one by one the fundamental elements of the doctrine of justification in the context of the tensions still remaining Between Lutheran and Catholic theology.

Das Thomas Evangelium

Author: Reinhard Nordsieck
ISBN: 3788718676
Release Date: 2004-01
Genre: Gospel of Thomas (Coptic Gospel)

Der vorliegende Kommentar des 1945 in Nag Hammadi entdeckten Thomas-Evangeliums besteht aus einer Einleitung, Kriterien für die Erforschung des historischen Jesus sowie einer ausführlichen Kommentierung aller 114 Logien des Thomas-Evangeliums. Er tritt der Behauptung einer gnostischen Herkunft der Logien entgegen und widerspricht auch der Abhängigkeit des Thomas-Evangeliums von den Synoptikern oder auch dem Johannes-Evangelium. Das Thomas-Evangelium enthält vielmehr gegenüber den Synoptikern und dem Johannes-Evangelium selbstständige Traditionen und gehört in den Raum eines frühen Judenchristentums.

Author: דבורה דימנט
ISBN: UOM:39015067822794
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Dead Sea scrolls