The Art of Lettering

Author: Stefan Kunz
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0008219826
Release Date: 2017-05-18

Creative lettering styles are everywhere - on stationery, adverts, tea towels, wall art and cafe chalkboards to name just a few. This stylish, interactive book will make modern calligraphy accessible and fun - and you'll only need a pen or pencil to get started. The book shows how to create cool hand lettering in three easy steps and features inspirational quotes in different hand-written styles, each with their own DIY page, which can be copied and incorporated into your own personal style. The aim of the book is to work with your individual handwriting to develop unique letterforms that can be used in a variety of craft and art ideas. The final section of the book is full of fun hand lettering projects from greetings cards to wedding stationery, and from posters to chalk board decorations for your home to showcase your new lettering skills.

The art of lettering

Author: Albert Kapr
Publisher: K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Co
ISBN: UOM:39015012236629
Release Date: 1983-11
Genre: Art

The Art Craft of Hand Lettering

Author: Annie Cicale
Publisher: Lark Books
ISBN: 9781579904036
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Art

Thanks to the guidance of an experienced calligraphy teacher, anyone can add a touch of elegance to invitations, handwritten poems, and a variety of surfaces. Annie Cicale provides a complete, easy-to-follow course in the art of beautiful writing and an attractive resource filled with breathtaking images. She'll guide your pen as you master broad pen alphabets, including classic uncial, Roman and italic caps, as well as playful invented styles with added variations. Seventeen projects include a traditional certificate with decorative contrasts and flourishes; journals and scrapbooks; and even a colourful silk-screened pillow.

Art of Letter Carving in Stone

Author: Tom Perkins
Publisher: Crowood
ISBN: 9781847977243
Release Date: 2013-12-21
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

The Art of Letter Carving in Stone portrays the beauty of this age-old craft alongside practical instruction. Written by an eminent practitioner and teacher, it guides the novice through the basics of letter carving, drawn lettering and making simple designs, and for the more experienced it explains a new proportioning system for classical Roman capitals and demonstrates a useful approach to designing letterform variations.Topics include: the development of twentieth-century letter carving; detailed instruction for V-incising the key strokes of letters; tools, materials, stone and making a letter carving easel; drawing a range of alphabets for use in letter carving; making inscriptions, gilding and painting letters, and simple fixings for inscriptions; designing headstones and plaques, house names, alphabets and poetry texts. This beautiful book illustrates a wide range of exciting and creative pieces, and celebrates the inspiring work of contemporary letter carvers. Superbly illustrated with 380 colour photographs and diagrams.

Hand Lettering

Author: Megan Wells
Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9781441325709
Release Date: 2018-08-01
Genre: Design

The Art of Brush Lettering

Author: Kelly Klapstein
ISBN: 9781631593550
Release Date: 2017-11-28
Genre: Art

Popular Instagram brush lettering artist Kelly Klapstein takes a simple, serene approach to teaching the art of creating beautiful letterforms with easy to use and richly colored brush pens. Kelly begins by guiding you through the tools you’ll be using, and the best ways to position pen, hand, and paper. Kelly demonstrates a range of basic strokes along with drill sheets for practice and improvement. In addition to providing detailed instructions and tracing guides for both lowercase and uppercase alphabets, Kelly gives tutorials on freestyle lettering, faux calligraphy, and special effects. Also included are lowercase and uppercase A to Z exemplars for both large and small brush pens. Drill sheets, tracing guides, worksheets, and exemplars are perforated for easy removal.

The Art of Hand Lettering for Beginners

Author: Joanna Munoz
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 1641522100
Release Date: 2018-12-18
Genre: Art

The Art of Hand Lettering for Beginners offers the largest collection of tutorials, alphabets, and projects to add unique style to everything you create. Hand lettering is a personal style--and only YOU can make it your own. The Art of Hand Lettering for Beginners is the ultimate guide to learn essential techniques and create unique projects with your signature style. Invitations, signs, personal notes, tote bags, and more--this hand lettering guide offers 20 DIY projects for you to try. Complete with a step-by-step guide to basic hand lettering techniques and 8 sample alphabets, The Art of Hand Lettering for Beginners encourages you explore and experiment as you find your own artistic style and personal print. The Art of Hand Lettering for Beginners gives the tools you need to master the craft of hand lettering, with: 8 sample alphabets (4 cursive, 4 print) that offer stroke-by-stroke instruction and space to practice. 20 projects that include thank-you cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, bunting, envelope liners, place cards, and more! Create your own alphabet that provides guidance for personalizing your style with tips for incorporating different moods and tones for variety. For weddings, birthdays, or just because--make whatever you create personal with The Art of Hand Lettering for Beginners.

The Art of Creative Lettering

Author: Becky Higgins
Publisher: Primedia Scrapbooking
ISBN: 192918011X
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Art

The author gives easy instructions for 50 brand-new creative lettering alphabets and shows how to customize them into hundreds of different variations.

Hand Lettering for Relaxation

Author: Amy Latta
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
ISBN: 9781624144813
Release Date: 2017-07-11
Genre: Art

A Fun & Inspiring Introduction to the Art of Hand Lettering Hand Lettering for Relaxation is the perfect way to cultivate calmness and joy while creating beautiful works of art. While hand lettering can look intimidating, artist and blogger Amy Latta has a friendly and down-to-earth approach that will give you the confidence to draw impressive designs with ease. Learn how to create a lovely brush-lettered look with easy, no-fail faux calligraphy. Then add pretty embellishments such as vines, roses, banners, ribbons, swirls and feathers that take your designs to the next level. You’ll also get a beginner’s guide to real brush lettering, plus fun print fonts and ways to highlight, shadow or emboss your words. With 46 unique workshops, each with a featured motivational design, you will gain enough proficiency to proudly share your lettered art on social media, make personalized gifts and even decorate your home. In this interactive workbook, doodling on the high-quality art paper is highly encouraged! Use it to letter the featured design with the new technique you learned, create your own design or simply enjoy some meditative practice. No matter how you use it, this book is sure to help you relax, enjoy your creative journey and make your life more beautiful wherever you are.

Hand Lettering A to Z

Author: Abbey Sy
ISBN: 9781631592829
Release Date: 2017-04-15
Genre: Art

Your hand lettering contains a little bit of you! It expresses what you have to say, and demonstrates your creativity in all your communications. In Hand Lettering A to Z, artist and author Abbey Sy has invited four international artists--Meg Hyland, Joao Neves, Tessa Go, and Lisa Lorek--to join her in designing all new alphabets for you to draw and use in many different languages. You don’t have to be a trained artist to master the art of hand lettering. These alphabets are for every skill level, and will suits any taste: colorful, or black and white, classic or just plain fun. It’s all about getting creative with the twenty-six letters and a little bit of you.

Script Lettering for Artists

Author: Tommy Thompson
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486213118
Release Date: 1965
Genre: Art

Copiously illustrated by foremost script designer, this complete course covers all the basics for commercial artists: tools, materials, various letter styles, and more.

Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering

Author: Jan Tschichold
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393701972
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Design

Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering is a classic source book of the most beautiful type and letters of all time selected by Jan Tschichold, internationally renowned typographer and master of lettering. It contains only letters of timeless and lasting beauty--the true mainsprings of the art of lettering. One hundred and seventy-six type specimens are presented, most of them in complete alphabets. The introductory text provides a perceptive analysis of letter forms. Tschichold discusses lettering as a work of art, good and bad letters, older and recent letter forms, the use of capital and lower-case letters, word spacing, line spacing, the selection of appropriate letter styles, and the layout of groups of letters and signs. The type specimens are handsomely reproduced, most in their original size. Every alphabet was specially arranged by Tschichold, and forms a well-balanced graphic design. Many of the outstanding historical sources appear better here than in the often poorly printed originals. The book is identical to the original edition, first published in 1966, with a new introduction by designer and writer Ben Rosen.

The Big Awesome Book of Hand Chalk Lettering

Author: Dina Rodriguez
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781465471093
Release Date: 2017-07-11
Genre: Art

Get creative, express yourself, and add that personal touch with hand lettering! With illustrated step-by-step instructions, The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering shows the complete beginner how to master the art of hand lettering, the composition/design of phrases on the page, and flourishes to embellish the design. It also includes chalk lettering, fun prompts for writing, and 15 projects and gift ideas, ranging from gift tags to a lettered poster to chalk-lettered signs for special events. The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering covers 15 lettering styles-from Black Letter and "melting" to circus and Victorian, as well as serifs and scripts-along with numerous borders, corners, banners, bursts, frames and other accents. Author Bio: Dina Rodriguez is a freelance hand lettering artist. With an educational and professional background in digital arts, design, and marketing, she specializes in commercial illustration and branding for creative businesses. Dina has been hand lettering full time for four years, working with brands such as Invision, GE, American Greetings, and Wacom. She does both traditional ink and chalk lettering, as well as tablet lettering using digital tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Her teaching experience includes giving workshops and talks at universities and creative conferences such as Full Sail University and Creative South. She also teaches hand lettering on her blog for free to over 15,000 students and live streams her process on Twitch three times a week.