The Art of Parenting

Author: Dennis Rainey
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9781493413683
Release Date: 2018-08-28
Genre: Religion

From Marriage and Family Experts Dennis and Barbara Rainey Dennis and Barbara Rainey have spent decades helping families find biblical help to strengthen and transform family relationships. Through radio broadcasts, conferences, and other events, they have been teaching on the foundations necessary for building godly families. Now they bring insights and expertise gleaned from those years of ministry, as well as from their own personal experience of raising six children, to The Art of Parenting. Expanding on parenting themes shared with FamilyLife audiences in person and on the radio, Dennis and Barbara offer trusted advice on how to establish Christian values in your home. In The Art of Parenting, Dennis and Barbara will help you to experience God's truth and apply his Word in your family by focusing your attention on four crucial elements in your children's lives: 1. Identity--understanding who they are in Christ 2. Character--learning to live wisely and honorably 3. Relationships--fostering godly connections with others 4. Mission--understanding why they are here When you apply biblical truths in these four areas, you can feel confident your children will have a foundation they can build upon for the rest of their lives.

The Art of Parenting

Author: Jennifer S. White
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1514303167
Release Date: 2015-08-31

Parenting is the ultimate gift of inspiration, of struggle, of hilarity and of hope. This book is more than just a gift to my daughters---it's more honestly their gift to me. Children bring a crisp perspective to love and joy, and a raw fragility to what's truly important in life. And it's difficult to take yourself too seriously when you constantly have an entourage in the bathroom with you, handing you toilet paper, or struggling to get past your precariously placed leg to chew on the toilet paper. Actually, the fact that this book exists at all, while I'm down in the trenches of motherhood with two extremely active little ones, is a true testament to the inspiration of children; of spending day-in and day-out with them. What you hold now in your hands is a little piece of my heart. But this book is not only for my kids, it's for you. It's for any grown-up who believes in love and second-chances, forgiveness and that it is true that the best things in life are free. Except that kids kind of do cost a lot of money. But they're worth it. Here, just read this.


Author: Peter Alsop
ISBN: 0947503889
Release Date: 2018-09-24

This is a book about community; about fostering the potential of children to boost New Zealand¿s wellbeing. It¿s a book of parenting ideas, shared by parents keen on growing the greater good. These parents challenged the norm ¿ to keep parenting views to ourselves ¿ and demonstrated that everyday parents have great ideas that should be shared. Nurture links these generously gifted ideas to key personal virtues for living a great life. The virtues ¿ wisdom, courage, compassion, integrity, self-mastery and belief ¿ stem from the field of positive psychology, the study of happiness and wellbeing. They are virtues to cultivate in children and, to support child development, develop in our families, communities and schools. Illustrated throughout with beautiful photos from mid-century New Zealand, the linking of ideas with imagery invokes a head-heart response; a powerful invitation for reflection, learning and growth.By opening our hearts and minds to ideas ¿ both sharing them and receiving them ¿ we embrace a timeless truth: it takes a village to raise great children. Nurture invites us all to lead the way to a community and country of new possibility.

The Whole Child

Author: Seamus Carey
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 9780585483030
Release Date: 2003-06-18
Genre: Family & Relationships

The Whole Child is a beautifully written book combining classic philosophical themes such as wonder and happiness with contemporary parenting virtues like courage, compassion, integrity, and discipline.

The Art of Parenting

Author: Linda Jackson
Publisher: Epitome Books
ISBN: 9789380297033
Release Date: 2009-07-01
Genre: Parenting

No one is busier than the parents of young kids these days, for most of them, the demands and responsibilities that come their way are unending. Just as one task is completed, there are several more demanding their time and attention. Because they are so busy, it is all too natural for them to ignore misbehavior or disobedience of their kids that really should be addressed quickly, until finally it is too late to react in a rational and reasonable fashion. This book offers some easy and valuable tips of good and discipline-based parenting.

The Art of Parenting

Author: Drew de Soto
Publisher: Bis Publishers
ISBN: 9063694806
Release Date: 2018-03-22

There is an art to parenting, but nobody knows what it is. All the 'how to' books can never prepare you for the fun that lies ahead. The Art of Parenting is a must-have for soon- to- be or new parents. It is a pictorial guide to the things only parents of little ones know, and the new ones should know. The early years of parenting are graphically pictured in humorous one-page illustrations that everyone will recognize. In a straightforward and simplistic manner, Drew de Soto captures the funny, smelly and sometimes difficult moments with newborns and toddlers.

The Art Of Successful Parenting

Author: Shaline Mitra
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
ISBN: 8122306527
Release Date: 2000-07-01

This book contains ideas, strategies and techniques to correct your behaviou of your children, but first you must have a close study of your own behavior pattern and interaction with your child and improve them. There are times when we dispprove of their behaviour,and it makes us feel unhappy.Knowing how to react to such misbehavior is important. the book will help you in prevention of behavioral problems through right thinking and planning. In short this will tell you how to behave, so that your children too follow your rules of good behaviour.

The Tibetan Art of Parenting

Author: Anne Maiden Brown
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780861715794
Release Date: 2008-12-02
Genre: Family & Relationships

Steeped in the Buddhist traditions of wisdom, compassion, and the interconnectedness of all things, Tibetan childrearing practices are a refreshing new way to prepare for and raise children. This book provides a practical introduction to these practices and an integrated system of childcare that incorporates body, emotions, mind, spirit, relationships, and environment. Authors Anne Hubbell Maiden and Edie Farwell cover all aspects of traditional Tibetan parenting from conception onwards, both exploring ancient techniques and reinterpreting them for a modern audience. Far more than just a parenting guide, the book is a fascinating look into an intimate and revered part of Tibetan culture. It makes a welcome addition to the library of newlyweds, expectant parents, and parents with children of all ages who are interested in a practical approach to parenthood that recognizes community and everyone's responsibility to both self and planet.

The Art of Parenting Twins

Author: Patricia Maxwell Malmstrom
ISBN: CORNELL:31924067933576
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Family & Relationships

From pregnancy to the college years, an informed, up-to-date guide to raising twins covers such areas as soothing sibling rivalry, cultivating unique personalities in twins, and coping with the financial demands of raising them. Original.

The Art of Parenting

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan
ISBN: 9788184300697
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Adolescent psychology

This book will cover most of the social, emotional, psychological and intellectual concerns that parents have about their children during the middle years. These will include conduct problems; social skills and relationships; family problems; moods and depression; school-related concerns; emotional concerns; hyperactivity; concerns about personality or lifestyle; and morals, ethics and values. The art of parenting offers you sound advice and practical parenting techniques based on years of putting that theory into practice. Besides believing that children are worth it, the author also believes that any method of discipline should preserve the dignity of both parent and child. Parents will also learn how to empower and influence their children instead of controlling them and trying to build and strengthen the mind, teaching them how to think, not just what to think. A very useful book with parenting tips for parents, teachers & students.

Zen Parenting

Author: Judith Costello
Publisher: Gryphon House, Inc.
ISBN: 1589040171
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Family & Relationships

A compilation of anecdotes furnishes helpful insights into grasping and applying Zen concepts to parenthood, helping parents connect with their children and appreciate the good and bad of parenthood. Original.

Tending the Flame

Publisher: Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
ISBN: 9781558965881
Release Date:


Author: Shekhar Seshadri
Publisher: Byword Books Private Limited
ISBN: 9788181930965
Release Date: 2013-03-12
Genre: Family & Relationships

Parenting has never been as tough as it is today. Modern life has excessive distractions, excessive independence, excessive materialism and diminishing spiritual values. This has made parenting complex enough for parents to wake up to the fact that it is time to seek help. This easy read will help parents to find answers to the questions that come up at various stages in the intriguing journey of raising children, the inevitable consequence of which is growing up along with them!

The Art of Conscious Parenting

Author: Jeffrey L. Fine
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781594779763
Release Date: 2009-09-28
Genre: Family & Relationships

A new approach to creating, rediscovering, and renewing the intimate bonds between parents and children • Explains the importance of bonding with your child in utero and the physical and mental preparation needed even before conception • Shows how “green parenting”--breast-feeding, contact with nature, and low-tech creativity--can enhance your child’s life • The Art of Conscious Parenting won the 2010 Gold Nautilus Award for the best Parenting/Childcare book. The Nautilus Awards recognize books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change, while at the same time stimulating the “imagination” and offer the reader “new possibilities” for a better life and a better world. Our first days and months of life are critical in forming the attitudes we bring into adulthood and in structuring the very roots of our personality. Simple bonding techniques--long forgotten in our modern world but stemming from the age-old customs of indigenous peoples--are at the core of a new model of conscious parenting that can produce happy and well-adjusted children. These practices also help parents experience an increased joy and intimacy both with their child and with each other. Based on obstetric and psychological evidence, Jeffrey and Dalit Fine reveal how bonding begins in utero and that the physical and mental preparation of both the father and mother, even before conception, sets the tone for the future well-being of the child. They show how sustained physical contact and simple ways of consciously interacting with your infant--eye contact with the newborn, baby-wearing instead of stroller use, and co-sleeping--have an observable positive effect. They also show that the “green parenting” practices of breast-feeding, contact with nature, and simple low-tech creative play not only provide a more hands-on and intimate approach to parenting but also are more economical and environmentally sustainable. From in-utero bonding through the challenges and joys of consciously interacting with your growing child, this book will help parents rediscover and apply the natural art of conscious parenting.

The Art of Conscious Parenting

Author: Chitra Jha
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9789384544478
Release Date: 2016-03-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

The people of every generation think that they will be better parents when their time comes; that the relationship they share with their child would be different and open and evolved. But, more often than not, they find themselves standing at the crossroads of what they already know about parenting and what they want to do differently. Chitra Jha offers just the right resource material for New Age parents who search for creative but mindful ways to bring up their children in today’s hyper-advanced world. Right from planning for a baby to caring for a young adult, this book deals with situations you never see coming, including the less-talked-about topics of adoption and caring for a special needs child. Conscious Parenting is the new guideline that holds the best of both worlds: the familiarity of sure-shot methods and the necessity of modern, emerging ideas for a happy childhood. Equal parts practical and spiritual, this book is the right concoction of everything that spells successful parenting in the twenty-first century.