The Art of the Pulps

Author: Douglas Ellis
Publisher: IDW Publishing
ISBN: 168405091X
Release Date: 2017-09-26
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

A team of experts in each of the ten major Pulp genres, from action Pulps to spicy Pulps and more, chart for the first time the complete history of Pulp magazines-the stories and their writers, the graphics and their artists, and, of course, the publishers, their market, and readers. Each chapter in the book, which is illustrated with more than 400 examples of the best Pulp graphics (many from the Editors' collections--among the world's largest) is organized in a clear and accessible way, starting with an introductory overview of the genre, followed by a selection of the best covers and interior graphics, organized chronologically through the chapter. All images are fully captioned (many are in essence "nutshell" histories in themselves). Two special features in each chapter focus on topics of particular interest (such as extended profiles of Daisy Bacon, Pulp author and editor of Love Story, the hugely successful romance Pulp, and of Harry Steeger, co-founder of Popular Publications in 1930 and originator of the "Shudder Pulp" genre). With an overall Introduction on "The Birth of the Pulps" by Doug Ellis, and with two additional chapters focusing on the great Pulp writers and the great Pulp artists, The Art of the Pulps covers every aspect of this fascinating genre; it is the first definitive visual history of the Pulps.


Author: Christian Dörge
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 9783743874152
Release Date: 2018-07-13
Genre: Fiction

NACHT ÜBER GUNLOCK, zusammengestellt und herausgegeben von Christian Dörge, versammelt 40 erstklassige Western-Erzählungen US-amerikanischen Spitzen-Autoren und -Autorinnen, u.a. von Louis L'Amour, Gordon D. Shirreffs, Judy Alter, Ernest Haycox, Jeffrey M. Wallmann, Ray Hogan, Elmore Leonard, Gary McCarthy, Wayne D. Overholser und Jeanne Williams.NACHT ÜBER GUNLOCK wird ergänzt durch ein Essay von Dr. Karl Jürgen Roth.

Das Science Fiction Jahr 2018

Author: Michael Görden
Publisher: Golkonda Verlag
ISBN: 9783946503668
Release Date: 2018-11-30
Genre: Literary Collections

DAS SCIENCE FICTION JAHR ist das Kompendium, das jeder Genre-Kenner und -Liebhaber in seinem Regal stehen haben sollte. Seit 1986 erscheint es in ununterbrochener Folge – erst im Heyne Verlag unter der Schirmherrschaft von Wolfgang Jeschke, dann unter Federführung von Sascha Mamczak. 2015 kam dann der Wechsel zum Golkonda Verlag, der diese Tradition auch jetzt, drei Jahre später, erfolgreich fortführen will. Mit Essays, Interviews, Rezensionen und Rückblicken rund um die Science Fiction wartet DAS SCIENCE FICTION JAHR nun zum 33. Mal auf. Unterschiedliche Autoren blicken zurück auf das, was das Jahr 2017 dem Genre in Buch, Film, Games usw. gebracht hat, und das auf erfrischend ehrlich. Ein besonderer Fokus wird auf der Anfang 2018 verstorbenen Grande Dame der SF Ursula K. Le Guin und auf Autor Brian Aldiss liegen. Eine Bibliografie der erschienen SF sowie eine Übersicht der verliehenen SF-Preise und ein Nekrolog runden das Jahrbuch ab. Mit Beiträgen u.a. von Wolfgang Neuhaus, Jakob Schmidt, Lars Schmeink und Elly Bösl

Der Todesflieger

Author: Clive Cussler
Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 9783641154806
Release Date: 2015-01-29
Genre: Fiction

Mitten im Frieden wir die amerikanische Luftwaffenbasis Brady Field auf der griechischen Insel Thasos angegriffen – voen einem Albatross-Doppeldecker aus dem Ersten Weltkrieg, der die auf dem Rollfeld stehenden Flugzeuge in Brand schießt. NUMA-Major Dirk Pitt nimmt die Jagd auf den Todesflieger auf!

Das Haus

Author: Frank E. Peretti
ISBN: 3865911447
Release Date: 2007

Pulp Culture

Author: Frank M. Robinson
Publisher: Collectors Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9781888054125
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Design

An illustrated collection of magazine covers from pulp fiction magazines looks at cover styles of westerns, erotic stories, mysteries, and horror

Out in Paperback

Author: Ian Young
Publisher: Mlr Press
ISBN: 1608205606
Release Date: 2012-05-01
Genre: Art

Out in Paperback is a wonderfully entertaining look at gay mass-market paperback cover art that throws light on the important role of the book publishing industry in the development of gay popular culture. Richly illustrated with over a hundred covers of gay-themed "pulps" published between 1948 and 1998, this fascinating visual history provides new insights into a striking form of gay imagery. Following the huge demand for portable reading material during World War II, paperback publishing exploded in the post-war years. At the same time, the Kinsey Report and a spate of novels and non-fiction studies about male homosexuality suggested new and sensational subject matter. Literature, mass culture, and the emerging homosexual underground combined in the accessible pulp paperback with its striking, interpretive packaging.For many readers - including young, isolated gay men - an eye-catching, pocket-sized paperback cover on a drugstore rack provided their first intriguing look into a previously concealed gay world. What were the messages behind the emblematic images and flashy graphics? For whom were they intended? What was their impact on a rapidly changing North American society? Ian Young, author of The Stonewall Experiment: A Gay Psychohistory and an authority on gay publishing, probes beneath the surface of gay pulp covers to reveal their underlying, sometimes surprising, messages. Ian Young is one of the founders of the Canadian gay movement. His books include Sex Magick, The Male Muse, The AIDS Cult (with John Lauritsen), and The Stonewall Experiment. His essays, poems and short stories have been published in over fifty anthologies including What Love Is and The Golden Age of Gay Fiction. He lives in Toronto with his partner Wulf. This is a re-issued manuscript.

Der erste Quarry

Author: Max Allan Collins
ISBN: 3867891001
Release Date: 2010

Im Vietnamkrieg hat der junge Quarry das Handwerk des Tötens gelernt und macht das nun zu seinem Beruf. In seinem 1. Auftrag als Profikiller soll er einen Collegeprofessor beseitigen, der an einem Enthüllungsroman schreibt; doch der Fall läuft schnell aus dem Ruder.

Storytelling in the Pulps Comics and Radio

Author: Tim DeForest
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786419029
Release Date: 2004-05-20
Genre: Literary Criticism

The first half of the twentieth century was a golden age of American storytelling. Mailboxes burgeoned with pulp magazines, conveying an endless variety of fiction. Comic strips, with their ongoing dramatic storylines, were a staple of the papers, eagerly followed by millions of readers. Families gathered around the radio, anxious to hear the exploits of their favorite heroes and villains. Before the emergence of television as a dominant--and stifling--cultural force, storytelling blossomed in America as audiences and artists alike embraced new mediums of expression. This examination of storytelling in America during the first half of the twentieth century covers comics, radio, and pulp magazines. Each was bolstered by new or improved technologies and used unique attributes to tell dramatic stories. Sections of the book cover each medium. One appendix gives a timeline for developments relative to the subject, and another highlights particular episodes and story arcs that typify radio drama. Illustrations and a bibliography are included.

Die Stra en m ssen rollen

Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 9783641169664
Release Date: 2015-05-11
Genre: Fiction

Wer lässt die Straßen rollen? In der Zukunft bewegen sich die Menschen nicht mehr mit Fahrzeugen auf Straßen, sondern auf mobilen Plattformen, die sich auf einem weltumspannenden Netz aus Bändern bewegen – manche davon sehr schnell. Larry Gaines ist Chefingenieur eines solchen Bandes und bekommt es mit Saboteuren zu tun, die weit mehr Schaden anrichten als nur den Stillstand eines einzigen Transportbandes ... Die Erzählung „Die Straßen müssen rollen“ erscheint als exklusives E-Book Only bei Heyne und ist zusammen mit weiteren Stories und Romanen von Robert A. Heinlein auch in dem Sammelband „Die Geschichte der Zukunft“ enthalten. Sie umfasst ca. 51 Buchseiten.