The Autobiography of George M ller

Author: George Müller
Publisher: Gideon House Books
ISBN: 9781635871289
Release Date: 2017-01-27
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

George Müller, a rebellious thief transformed into a humble servant of God, longed for his life to be a living manifestation of the strength and power of Christ. From a position of utter dependence upon God, Müller opens up his journals and offers us front row access to the inner workings of his own spiritual life as well as an intimate accounting of the miraculous provisions of God which enabled him to house, feed and care for thousands of orphans in 19th century England. Müller humbly beckons every single one of his readers to follow his lead toward a life of uncomplicated, dynamic faith in the King of kings and Lord of lords who is alive and waiting to overturn every paradigm of a watching world. Our modern world desperately needs to see the power and light of the risen Christ bursting forth from our lives. Who among us is willing to take up the baton of faith Müller extends to us here and offer up our lives as living sacrifices to the faithful God of love?

George Muller of Bristol

Author: Pierson, Arthur T.
Publisher: Delmarva Publications, Inc.
Release Date: 2015-02-04
Genre: Religion

This is a new edition of George Müller (A Man of Faith and Prayer.) More than 20 illustrations have been added. Four dissertations by George Müller have been added also, and a linked table of contents, as well as the updating of archaic words. In this powerful heroic biography, Arthur T. Pierson explains the exploratory life journey of George Müller, the wonderful man of faith and prayer who spared nothing in his zeal for the gospel of Christ. George Müller (1805-1898), English preacher and philanthropist, was born near Halberstadt, Germany, on the 27th of September 1805, the son of an excise man (formerly, a government agent who collects excise tax on goods and prevents smuggling). He subsequently became a naturalized British subject. Educated in Germany, he resolved in 1826 to devote himself to missionary work, and in 1828 went to London to prepare for an appointment offered him by the Society for promoting Christianity among the Jews. In 1830, however, he gave up the idea of missionary work, and became minister of a small congregation at Teignmouth, Devonshire. He contended that the temporal as well as the spiritual needs of life could be supplied by prayer, and on this principle abolished pew rents and refused to take a fixed salary. After two years at Teignmouth, Müller removed to Bristol where he spent the rest of his life. He devoted himself particularly to the care of orphan children. He began by taking a few under his charge, but in the course of time their number increased to 2000. He settled in five large houses erected for the purpose at Ashley Down, near Bristol. The money required for the carrying on of this work was voluntarily contributed, mainly as a result of the wide circulation of Müller's narrative, The Lord's Dealings with George Müller. When he was over seventy he started on a preaching mission, which lasted nearly seventeen years and included Europe, America, India, Australia and China.

George Muller

Author: Basil Miller
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
ISBN: 0871231824
Release Date: 1972-04-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The remarkable and challenging story of a man who dared to believe that God both could and would supply all of his needs&—whether personal or for the thousands of orphans in his care!Though confirmed in the church at the age of 14, George Muller was raised without a real concept of God. By the time he was 16, he was in jail as a vagabond and thief.In his early twenties he came in contact with a group of people who met regularly for prayer and Bible study. Through their witness he was brought to a turning point in his life and was born into the family of God. Daily Bible reading and prayer immediately became an important part of his Christian life and a cornerstone of his future orphanage ministry.The personal story of one of the greatest prayer-warriors of the past century.

Answers to Prayer

Author: George Muller
Publisher: Authentic Media Inc
ISBN: 9781780789521
Release Date: 2012-01-01
Genre: Religion

Discover the wonders of effective prayer from one of the greatest prayer warriors ever! George Mueller (1805-1898) dared to take God at his word, and on the basis of prayer alone was able to establish orphanages and schools that saved over 10,000 children from the horrors of poverty in Victorian England.

Release The Power Of Prayer

Author: George Muller
Publisher: Whitaker House
ISBN: 9781603744133
Release Date: 2005-02-07
Genre: Religion

From George Müller's amazing personal experiences, you will find the secret to receiving miraculous answers to your prayers.

George Mueller

Author: Faith Coxe Bailey
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 1575679620
Release Date: 1958-06-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

George Mueller—rebellious, absorbed in the world and its pleasures. George Mueller—miraculously transformed by the power of Christ, daring to dream a dream and to trust God to bring it to pass.

George Muller

Author: Janet Benge
Publisher: Y W A M Pub
ISBN: 1576581454
Release Date: 1999-06-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Looks at the life and accomplishments of the Christian evangelist and coordinator of orphanages in Bristol, England, who cared for more than ten thousand orphans in his lifetime.

George Muller of Bristol and His Witness to a Prayer Hearing God

Author: Arthur T. Pierson
ISBN: 1409940543
Release Date: 2008-12
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Arthur Tappan Pierson (1837-1911) was an American Presbyterian pastor, early fundamentalist leader, and writer who preached over 13,000 sermons, wrote over fifty books, and gave Bible lectures as part of a transatlantic preaching ministry that made him famous in Scotland and England. He acted as the elder statesman of the student missionary movement and was the leading evangelical advocate of foreign missions in the late 1800s. Since 1888 he was editor of the Missionary Review of the World, and was lecturer on missions in Rutgers College in 1891 and Duff lecturer in Scotland in 1892. One of his most significant books was, In Christ Jesus (1898), where he came to the conclusion that this brief phrase "in Christ Jesus" a preposition followed by a proper name was the key to understanding the entire New Testament. He was a consulting editor for the original Scofield Reference Bible (1909). His other works include: The Crisis of Missions (1886), Many Infallible Proofs: Chapters on the Evidences of Christianity (1886), Evangelistic Work in Principle and Practise (1887), George Muller of Bristol (1889) and The Divine Enterprise of Missions (1891).

George Muller

Author: Renee Meloche
Publisher: YWAM Publishing
ISBN: 1576582329
Release Date: 2001-08-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Recount the life story of the German minister who opened the orphanages in Great Britain by great faith and passion.

George M ller

Author: Bonnie C. Harvey
Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1577481771
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

This Heroes of the Faith volume introduces the German expatriate, George Muller, who operated a ministry for orphaned children in Bristol, England in the 19th century based entirely on faith in God for financial support.

Hudson Taylor s Spiritual Secret

Author: Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 1575673436
Release Date: 2009-06-01
Genre: Religion

A spiritual biography of the "father of modern missions," Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret poses the question: What empowered Hudson Taylor's ministry in China? The answer: a fierce faith that believed God truly would fulfill the promises in His Word. Written by the missionary statesman's son and daughter-in-law, this book is intended for Christians who "need and long for just the inward joy and power that Hudson Taylor found." Hudson Taylor's secret, it turns out, is available to any who call on Christ's name. "An easy, non-self-denying life will never be one of power," Taylor said. "Fruit-bearing involves cross-bearing. There are not two Christs--an easygoing one for easygoing Christians, and a suffering, toiling one for exceptional believers. There is only one Christ. Are you willing to abide in Him, and thus to bear much fruit?"

Counsel to Christians

Author: George Muller
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1511535342
Release Date: 2015-04-02

George Muller (1805-1898) was a man of prayer and courage who through faith established orphanages and schools for thousands of children in England in the 1800's. He was also well known for his preaching, teaching and missionary work. His life and legacy has been an inspiration to countless thousands of Christians worldwide! COUNSEL TO CHRISTIANS (sometimes called "Counsel to Converts") is a helpful look at issues that new believers face, and gives practical encouragement on growing in Christ. Includes great wisdom from Muller on things like prayer, reading Scripture, faith, confession, forgiveness - and much, much more! You will be strengthened, encouraged and challenged in this down-to-earth and practical classic!