The Best Book On Investment Banking Careers

Author: Donna Khalife
Publisher: Hyperink Inc
ISBN: 9781614644972
Release Date: 2012-07-24
Genre: Business & Economics

Whether you’re an undergraduate prepping for your first internship, or seeking a new career in investment banking, knowing the ins and outs of the industry can help you make your big break. In this eBook, Donna Khalife shares an insider’s perspective to the investment banking industry and helps prepare readers for their chance at landing their dream job.

The Best Book On Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Jobs

Author: Lisa Sun
Publisher: Hyperink Inc
ISBN: 9781614640103
Release Date: 2011-09-26
Genre: Business & Economics

How Do I Land An Internship With Goldman Sachs Investment Banking If you're looking for unique, strategic, and actionable tips to successfully navigate the recruitment, application, and interview process at Goldman Sachs, then this is the eBook you need to read! Do you want to intern at one of the most competitive and professionally ranked firms in the world of global finance? Former Goldman analyst and recruiter Lisa Sun provides insider advice on how to land your investment banking internship at Goldman Sachs, and how this opportunity could turn into full-time employment. The Best Book On Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Jobs is guaranteed to help you along the application, interview, and admissions process for both an internship and career in investment banking. Now, let's get started

Investment Banking Workbook

Author: Joshua Rosenbaum
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118783351
Release Date: 2013-06-03
Genre: Business & Economics

Investment Banking WORKBOOK is the ideal complement to Investment Banking, Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions, Second Edition, enabling you to truly master and refine the core skills at the center of the world of finance. This comprehensive study guide provides an invaluable opportunity to explore your understanding of the strategies and techniques covered in the main text, before putting them to work in real-world situations. The WORKBOOK—which parallels the main book chapter by chapter—contains over 400 problem-solving exercises and multiple-choice questions. Topics reviewed include: Valuation and its various forms of analysis, including comparable companies, precedent transactions and discounted cash flow analysis Leveraged buyouts—from the fundamentals of LBO economics and structure to detailed modeling and valuation M&A sell-side tools and techniques, including an overview of an organized M&A sale process M&A buy-side strategy and analysis, including a comprehensive merger consequences analysis that includes accretion/(dilution) and balance sheet effects The lessons found within will help you successfully navigate the dynamic world of investment banking and professional investing. Investment Banking WORKBOOK will enable you to take your learning to the next level in terms of understanding and applying the critical financial tools necessary to be an effective finance professional.

Investment Banking Focus Notes

Author: Joshua Rosenbaum
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118710937
Release Date: 2013-06-21
Genre: Business & Economics

Investment Banking FOCUS NOTES provides a comprehensive, yet streamlined, review of the basic skills and concepts discussed in Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions, Second Edition. The focus notes are designed for use both as a companion to the book, as well as on a standalone basis. Investment Banking focuses on the primary valuation methodologies currently used on Wall Street—namely, comparable companies analysis, precedent transactions analysis, DCF analysis, and LBO analysis—as well as detailed M&A analysis from both a sell-side and buy-side perspective. Our focus notes seek to help solidify knowledge of these core financial topics as true mastery must be tested, honed, and retested over time.

The Technical Interview Guide to Investment Banking Website

Author: Paul Pignataro
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119161400
Release Date: 2017-01-31
Genre: Business & Economics

Win the recruiting race with the ultimate analyst's guide to the interview The Complete, Technical Interview Guide to Investment Banking is the aspiring investment banker's guide to acing the interview and beginning your journey to the top. By merging a 'study guide' to the field with a forecast of the interview, this book helps you prepare for both content and structure; you'll brush up on important topics while getting a preview of the questions your interviewers are likely to ask. Covering financial statements, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and leveraged buyouts, the discussion provides the answers to common technical questions while refreshing your understanding of the core technical analyses behind core models and analyses. Each chapter includes a list of the questions you will almost certainly be asked—along with the answers that interviewers want to hear—from the basic Q&A to the advanced technical analyses and case studies. This guide will reinforce your knowledge and give you the confidence to handle anything they can throw at you. You will receive an expert synopsis of the major points you need to know, to ensure your understanding and ability to handle the multitude of questions in each area. Double-check your conceptual grasp of core finance topics Plan your responses to common technical and analysis questions Understand how to analyze and solve technical analyses and cases Gain insight into what interviewers want to hear from potential hires Become the candidate they can't turn away You've positioned yourself as a competitive candidate, and the right job right now can chart your entire career's trajectory. Now you just have to win the recruiting race. The Complete, Technical Interview Guide to Investment Banking is the ultimate preparation guide to getting the job you want.

Investment Banking For Dummies

Author: Matt Krantz
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118615775
Release Date: 2014-02-10
Genre: Business & Economics

"Learn to: grasp and apply the fundamentals of investment banking; understand post-financial crisis changes; score higher in your investment banking course"--Cover.

Investment Banking Explained An Insider s Guide to the Industry

Author: Michel Fleuriet
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071642880
Release Date: 2008-07-20
Genre: Business & Economics

Insider guidance to the modern world of investment banking today In Investment Banking Explained, Wharton professor and global financier Michel Fleuriet provides a complete overview of investment banking in its modern form; defines key terms; identifies structures, strategies, and operational aspects; and analyzes the strategy in each of the main functional areas of an investment bank.

Investment Banking

Author: Joshua Rosenbaum
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470478195
Release Date: 2009-05-18
Genre: Business & Economics

In the constantly evolving world of finance, a solid technical foundation is an essential tool for success. Due to the fast-paced nature of this world, however, no one has been able to take the time to properly codify the lifeblood of the corporate financier’s work—namely, valuation. Rosenbaum and Pearl have responded to this need by writing the book that they wish had existed when they were trying to break into Wall Street. Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions is a highly accessible and authoritative book that focuses on the primary valuation methodologies currently used on Wall Street—comparable companies, precedent transactions, DCF, and LBO analysis. These methodologies are used to determine valuation for public and private companies within the context of M&A transactions, LBOs, IPOs, restructurings, and investment decisions. Using a step-by-step how-to approach for each methodology, the authors build a chronological knowledge base and define key terms, financial concepts, and processes throughout the book. They also provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of LBOs and an organized M&A sale process. In the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis and ensuing credit crunch, the world of finance is returning to the fundamentals of valuation and critical due diligence. This involves the use of more realistic assumptions governing approach to risk as well as a wide range of value drivers. While valuation has always involved a great deal of “art” in addition to time-tested “science,” the artistry is perpetually evolving in accordance with market developments and conditions. In this sense, this book is particularly topical—in addition to detailing the technical fundamentals behind valuation, the authors infuse practical judgment skills and perspective to help guide the science.

How to Be an Investment Banker

Author: Andrew Gutmann
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118494363
Release Date: 2013-03-26
Genre: Business & Economics

A top-notch resource for anyone who wants to break into the demanding world of investment banking For undergraduates and MBA students, this book offers the perfect preparation for the demanding and rigorous investment banking recruitment process. It features an overview of investment banking and careers in the field, followed by chapters on the core accounting and finance skills that make up the necessary framework for success as a junior investment banker. The book then moves on to address the kind of specific technical interview and recruiting questions that students will encounter in the job search process, making this the ideal resource for anyone who wants to enter the field. The ideal test prep resource for undergraduates and MBA students trying to break into investment banking Based on author Andrew Gutmann's proprietary 24 to 30-hour course Features powerful learning tools, including sample interview questions and answers and online resources For anyone who wants to break into investment banking, How to Be an Investment Banker is the perfect career-making guide.

America s Research Universities

Author: Abraham Leo Gitlow
Publisher: University Press of Amer
ISBN: 0761854711
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Education

The moral foundation of a university is challenged by various pressures and enticements that can undermine and weaken intellectual integrity and the health of the universities themselves. This book explores difficulties currently facing various types of universities, enlarging our understanding of and helping our treasured universities surmount these challenges.

Investment Banking Jobs 101 Know Your Product Groups

Author: Brian DeChesare
Publisher: Hyperink Inc
ISBN: 9781614645702
Release Date: 2012-08-21
Genre: Business & Economics

ABOUT THE BOOK Ah, yes: the industry group vs. product group debate. Just like the debate over cardio vs. strength training, models vs. bottles, and boutiques vs. bulge brackets, there's so much fervor on both sides that you'd almost think war was about to break out. Actually, I lied: it's not quite that heated, but let's dive right into the debate and see what the arguments for both sides are. Say What? Product groups always work on a specific deal type, such as M&A or debt, across all different industries - examples include: ->Mergers & Acquisitions ->Equity Capital Markets ->Debt Capital Markets ->Leveraged Finance ->Restructuring So if you're in the M&A group, you'll always work on acquisitions of other companies across all industries and you'll build so many merger models that you may get Excel burned into your retina. With industry groups, by contrast, you work within one industry but on many different types of deals - equity, debt, M&A, and so on. Examples include: ->Healthcare ->Natural Resources (Oil & Gas and Mining) ->Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) ->Financial Institutions Group (FIG) ->Industrials ->Real Estate Investment Banking Pretty simple, right? A False Dichotomy Except that this division is wrong - or at least not 100% accurate. There are several sub-divisions of groups at a bank: 1.) Origination - These groups market and pitch for new clients, mostly for financings. 2.) Advisory - You advise companies on buying other companies. M&A. Gordon Gekko. 3.) Coverage - You do both origination and advisory work here, but you're focused on a specific sector such as industrials. When most people talk about "industry groups," they're referring to coverage groups. So there's more to it than the industry vs. product group distinction, and the notion that industry groups are 100% marketing and product groups are 100% execution is wrong. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Restructuring: The Hottest Group In A Cooling Economy Whenever the economy starts sinking faster than the Titanic, you start to hear about Restructuring and Distressed M&A all the time. Sure, everyone else is getting fired - but if you go work in one of those groups, you're guaranteed a higher bonus even as the broader market sinks, right? Maybe, maybe not - so let's take a look at what you actually do in a Restructuring group, how you break in, and what you do next. A Day in the Life So what do Restructuring bankers actually do, and how does it differ from other what other investment bankers do? The main difference is that Restructuring bankers work with distressed companies - businesses that are either going bankrupt, getting out of bankruptcy, or in the midst of bankruptcy. When a company's business suffers and it starts heading down the path of bankruptcy, its creditors - anyone that has lent it money, whether banks, hedge funds or other institutions - immediately take notice. A Restructuring group might be hired by a company to negotiate with its creditors and get the best deal possible, usually in the form of forgiven debt. Or they might advise a company on how best to restructure its current debt obligations either to get out of bankruptcy or to avoid it in the first place. Another big difference is that Restructuring bankers must work within a legal framework - the Bankruptcy Code - and hence must have a more in-depth legal understanding than other bankers. Buy the book to read more! CHAPTER OUTLINE Introduction + Industry Groups vs. Product Groups: Got Exit Opps? Mergers & Acquisitions + Mergers & Acquisitions: What You Do Every Day ...and much more

Organizational Competence for Servitization

Author: Tim Posselt
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783658200961
Release Date: 2017-11-15
Genre: Business & Economics

Tim Posselt investigates the factors leading to organizational competence for servitization - a key strategic alternative in times of digitalization and globalization -, and analyses the transformation process servitizing firms undergo. He explores the issue through conceptual research and case studies, and identifies the ability to access and leverage customer knowledge as the foundation of successful servitization. The findings provide valuable insight for managers looking to strengthen their service business, and add to literature on servitization and service-dominant logic.

Investment Banking

Author: Joshua Pearl
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118727768
Release Date: 2013-05-29
Genre: Business & Economics

Investment Banking, UNIVERSITY EDITION is a highly accessible and authoritative book written by investment bankers that explains how to perform the valuation work at the core of the financial world. This body of work builds on Rosenbaum and Pearl’s combined 30+ years of experience on a multitude of transactions, as well as input received from numerous investment bankers, investment professionals at private equity firms and hedge funds, attorneys, corporate executives, peer authors, and university professors. This book fills a noticeable gap in contemporary finance literature, which tends to focus on theory rather than practical application. It focuses on the primary valuation methodologies currently used on Wall Street—comparable companies, precedent transactions, DCF, and LBO analysis—as well as M&A analysis. The ability to perform these methodologies is especially critical for those students aspiring to gain full-time positions at investment banks, private equity firms, or hedge funds. This is the book Rosenbaum and Pearl wish had existed when we were trying to break into Wall Street. Written to reflect today’s dynamic market conditions, Investment Banking, UNIVERSITY EDITION skillfully: Introduces students to the primary valuation methodologies currently used on Wall Street Uses a step-by-step how-to approach for each methodology and builds a chronological knowledge base Defines key terms, financial concepts, and processes throughout Provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of LBOs and an organized M&A sale process Presents new coverage of M&A buy-side analytical tools—which includes both qualitative aspects, such as buyer motivations and strategies, along with technical financial and valuation assessment tools Includes a comprehensive merger consequences analysis, including accretion/(dilution) and balance sheet effects Contains challenging end-of-chapter questions to reinforce concepts covered A perfect guide for those seeking to learn the fundamentals of valuation, M&A , and corporate finance used in investment banking and professional investing, this UNIVERSITY EDITION—which includes an instructor’s companion site—is an essential asset. It provides students with an invaluable education as well as a much-needed edge for gaining entry to the ultra-competitive world of professional finance.

Financial Modeling and Valuation

Author: Paul Pignataro
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118558690
Release Date: 2013-06-18
Genre: Business & Economics

Written by the Founder and CEO of the prestigious New York School of Finance, this book schools you in the fundamental tools for accurately assessing the soundness of a stock investment. Built around a full-length case study of Wal-Mart, it shows you how to perform an in-depth analysis of that company's financial standing, walking you through all the steps of developing a sophisticated financial model as done by professional Wall Street analysts. You will construct a full scale financial model and valuation step-by-step as you page through the book. When we ran this analysis in January of 2012, we estimated the stock was undervalued. Since the first run of the analysis, the stock has increased 35 percent. Re-evaluating Wal-Mart 9months later, we will step through the techniques utilized by Wall Street analysts to build models on and properly value business entities. Step-by-step financial modeling - taught using downloadable Wall Street models, you will construct the model step by step as you page through the book. Hot keys and explicit Excel instructions aid even the novice excel modeler. Model built complete with Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet, Balance Sheet Balancing Techniques, Depreciation Schedule (complete with accelerating depreciation and deferring taxes), working capital schedule, debt schedule, handling circular references, and automatic debt pay downs. Illustrative concepts including detailing model flows help aid in conceptual understanding. Concepts are reiterated and honed, perfect for a novice yet detailed enough for a professional. Model built direct from Wal-Mart public filings, searching through notes, performing research, and illustrating techniques to formulate projections. Includes in-depth coverage of valuation techniques commonly used by Wall Street professionals. Illustrative comparable company analyses - built the right way, direct from historical financials, calculating LTM (Last Twelve Month) data, calendarization, and properly smoothing EBITDA and Net Income. Precedent transactions analysis - detailing how to extract proper metrics from relevant proxy statements Discounted cash flow analysis - simplifying and illustrating how a DCF is utilized, how unlevered free cash flow is derived, and the meaning of weighted average cost of capital (WACC) Step-by-step we will come up with a valuation on Wal-Mart Chapter end questions, practice models, additional case studies and common interview questions (found in the companion website) help solidify the techniques honed in the book; ideal for universities or business students looking to break into the investment banking field.

The Practitioner s Guide to Investment Banking Mergers Acquisitions Corporate Finance

Author: Jerilyn J. Castillo
Publisher: Circinus Business Press
ISBN: 0976154803
Release Date: 2007-01-01
Genre: Consolidation and merger of corporations

THE PRACTITIONERS GUIDE provides a thorough grounding in mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance for those who want to know more about the world of investment banking. A practical handbook, THE PRACTITIONERS GUIDE presents comprehensive explanations of the analytical processes used to evaluate and structure mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital raising transactions. Finance professionals, corporate attorneys, accountants, corporate development teams and MBAs will find THE PRACTITIONERS GUIDE essential as a resource and desktop companion.