Code of the Samurai

Author: Thomas Cleary
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 9781462900428
Release Date: 2011-06-07
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Learn the ways of the Japanese Bushido Code with this very readable, modern translation of the Bushido Shoshinshu. Code of the Samurai is a four-hundred-year-old explication of the rules and expectations embodied in Bushido, the Japanese Way of the Warrior. Bushido has played a major role in shaping the behavior of modern Japanese government, corporations, society, and individuals, as well as in shaping modern Japanese martial arts within Japan and internationally. The Japanese original of this book, Bushido Shoshinshu, (Bushido for Beginners), has been one of the primary sources on the tenets of Bushido, a way of thought that remains fascinating and relevant to the modern world, East and West. This handbook, written after five hundred years of military rule in Japan, was composed to provide practical and moral instruction for warriors, correcting wayward tendencies and outlining the personal, social, and professional standards of conduct characteristic of Bushido, the Japanese chivalric tradition. With a clear, conversational narrative by Thomas Cleary, one of the foremost translators of the wisdom of Asia, and powerfully evocative line drawings by master illustrator Oscar Ratti, this book is indispensable to the corporate executive, student of the Asian Culture, martial artist, those interested in Eastern philosophy or military strategy, as well as for those simply interested in Japan and its people.

Daid ji Y zan s Code of the Samurai

Author: Yūzan Daidōji
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: IND:30000115729380
Release Date: 2007-01
Genre: Philosophy

A new modern translation of a classic sixteenth-century guide to samurai teachings establishes philosophical guidelines for a range of topics, from loyalty and family to duty and money management, in a resource that explains key beliefs about how warriors may honorably conduct themselves in the world. Original.

Premodern Japan

Author: Mikiso Hane
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780429974441
Release Date: 2018-04-17
Genre: Political Science

Japanese historian Louis Perez brings Mikiso Hane's rich and beloved account of early Japanese history up-to-date in this thoroughly revised Second Edition of Premodern Japan. The text traces the key developments of Japanese history in the premodern period, including the establishment of the imperial dynasty, early influences from China and Korea, the rise of the samurai class and the establishment of feudalism, the culture and society of the long Tokugawa period, the rise of Confucianism and Shinto nationalism, and finally, the end of Tokugawa rule. While the text provides many political developments through the early modern period, it also integrates the social, cultural, and intellectual aspects of Japanese history as well. Perez's updates to the text provide a comprehensive overview of the major social, political, and religious trends in premodern Japan as well as offering the most current scholarship.

T ai Chi Ch uan

Author: Petra Kobayashi
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 9781462901043
Release Date: 2011-08-30
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Unlock the secrets and health benefits of this ancient internal Chinese martial art! T'ai Chi Ch'uan (or taijiquan), a Chinese internal martial art, is best appreciated in the West for its health and fitness benefits, as an art of self-defense, and as a spiritual path. In classical Tai Chi, these aspects form an inseparable unity. In this guide to the classical Yang style, Petra and Toyo Kobayashi present the foundations of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and give comprehensive insights into its methods. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the inner energy—Ch'i—and its contribution to a refined practice of T'ai Chi and its application in self-defense. This Tai Chi book contains a clear and fully illustrated exploration of the 37 positions of the Yang style's short form and a basic partner exercise, Push Hands. Easy-to-follow photographs and diagrams with step-by-step instructions will help you to improve your practice. Ideal for practitioners at any level. Chapters include: The Styles The Principles Quotations from Old Masters Sixty-Four Questions and Answers About T'ai Chi Ch'uan Six Levels of Development The Thirteen Basic Positions and Techniques Advanced Practice Important Questions to Ask Yourself and more!

The Compassionate Samurai

Author: Brian Klemmer
ISBN: 9781458743145
Release Date: 2009-11
Genre: Business & Economics

A Compassionate Samurai is a bold, ethical, results-producing person who makes a difference for others as well as himself. THE COMPASSIONATE SAMURAI In life there are two types of people. The first are those who are nice, good-hearted, and compassionate but can't make much happen. The other kind can make everything happen - they're the creators, the go-getters, and the aggressive producers in society - however, they're often self-centered, greedy, and unethical. Wouldn't it be great if you could make things happen in a really big way but not lose your integrity? The Compassionate Samurai will show you the way to produce extraordinary results in a dog-eat-dog world and still maintain the highest levels of ethics. You'll learn: the way to always be satisfied and motivated regardless of your circumstances; why all people have freedom but very few have liberty; what competing commitments are and the ways they prevent you from having what you want in life; the secret to operating optimally in an untrustworthy environment; ways to make the shift from scarcity to abundance even if you're knee-deep in debt ... and much, much more! Brian Klemmer, a graduate of the United States Military Academy, is a best-selling author and highly respected speaker and seminar leader. His company, Klemmer & Associates Leadership Seminars, Inc., has worked with hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, helping them produce measurable and long-lasting changes in their lives. His clients include Aetna Life Insurance, American Suzuki Corporation, General Electric, Walt Disney Attractions, and a dozen network-marketing and direct-sales companies.

Ice Man

Author: Philip Carlo
Publisher: Piper Spannungsvoll
ISBN: 9783492983389
Release Date: 2017-03-13
Genre: True Crime

Er führte ein schockierendes Doppelleben: Hinter dem liebevollen Familienvater Richard Kuklinski verbirgt sich einer der grausamsten Auftragsmörder der USA. In über vierzig Jahren ermordet er mehr als 200 Menschen im Auftrag der Mafia. Seine eiskalten und sadistischen Taten verleihen ihm den Namen »Ice Man«. Und das Unglaubliche: Seine Familie ahnt nichts ... Bestsellerautor Philip Carlo erzählt seine Lebensgeschichte: spannend, packend, rasant.


ISBN: UTEXAS:059172148941963
Release Date: 2004

Rosenbl tentr ume

Author: Penny Vincenzi
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 9783641171988
Release Date: 2016-04-18
Genre: Fiction

Glückliche Ehe, perfekte Karriere – Bianca Bailey hat alles richtig gemacht. Charmant, aber unbeugsam bringt sie Firmen, die in Schieflage geraten sind, wieder auf Kurs. Ihr neuester Auftrag: das altehrwürdige „House of Farrell“, eine exklusive Kosmetikmarke. Bianca soll hart durchgreifen und die ehemalige Chefin Athina Farrell ins Abseits manövrieren. Doch bei Athina beißt Bianca auf Granit. Was sie zuerst für ein kleines Scharmützel zwischen Blütenduft und Rosenpuder hielt, entwickelt sich zum leidenschaftlichen Kampf zweier großer Frauen und derer Familien um Macht, Privilegien und Geheimnisse. Ein Kampf, der auch Biancas Privatleben heftig erschüttert ...

Der leere Spiegel

Author: Janwillem van de Wetering
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 9783644464711
Release Date: 2012-12-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Der als Kriminalschriftsteller berühmt gewordene Janwillem van de Wetering hat eineinhalb Jahre in der Askese eines Zen-Klosters verbracht. «Seine oft genug körperlich schmerzhaften Erlebnisse mit der Zen-Meditation, der ernüchternde, auch von Lausbubengehabe durchzogene Alltag im Kloster und die Schlussfolgerungen, die schließlich zum Abbruch seiner Studien führten, sind auf eine Weise geschildert, die so ganz ohne beweihräuchernde Stimmungsmache auskommt.» (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) Das Buch ist ein existenzielles Abenteuer für alle Leser, denen die bewusstlose Routine des Lebens nicht genügt.


Author: Edward Luttwak
ISBN: 3934920128
Release Date: 2003