The Complete Guide to Fasting

Author: Jimmy Moore
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781628600018
Release Date: 2016-10-18
Genre: Health & Fitness

Thousands of books have been written about the latest and greatest diets that will help people lose weight and improve health. But a key element in any successful nutritional health program is a tried-and-true method that most people haven't thought about. This ancient secret is fasting. In The Complete Guide to Fasting, he has teamed up with international bestselling author and veteran health podcaster Jimmy Moore to explain what fasting is really about, why it's so important, and how to fast in a way that improves health.

The Complete Guide to Fasting

Author: Jason Fung
ISBN: 1386313424
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Detoxification (Health)

"Thousands of books have been written about the latest and greatest diets that will help people lose weight and improve health. But a key element in any successful nutritional health program is a tried-and-true method that most people haven't thought about--yet it could be revolutionary for taking health to the next level. This ancient secret is fasting. Fasting is not about starving oneself. When done right, it's an incredibly effective therapeutic approach that produces amazing results regardless of diet plan. In fact, Toronto-based nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung has used a variety of fasting protocols with more than 1,000 patients, with fantastic success. In The Complete Guide to Fasting, he has teamed up with international bestselling author and veteran health podcaster Jimmy Moore to explain what fasting is really about, why it's so important, and how to fast in a way that improves health. Together, they make fasting as a therapeutic approach both practical and easy to understand, "

The Obesity Code

Author: Jason Fung
Publisher: Greystone Books
ISBN: 9781771641272
Release Date: 2016-03-03
Genre: Health & Fitness

Everything you believe about how to lose weight is wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by hormones—in everyone—and only by understanding the effects of insulin and insulin resistance can we achieve lasting weight loss. In this highly readable and provocative book, Dr. Jason Fung sets out an original, robust theory of obesity that provides startling insights into proper nutrition. In addition to his five basic steps, a set of lifelong habits that will improve your health and control your insulin levels, Dr. Fung explains how to use intermittent fasting to break the cycle of insulin resistance and reach a healthy weight—for good.

The Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Author: Charlie Mason
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 197929304X
Release Date: 2017-10-31

If you need to lose weight, look great, reduce inflammation, boost your immunity, or a myriad of other benefits, then you should consider one of the various intermittent fasting methods. There are different forms of intermittent fasting so if you want to fast responsibly, then you should find the type of fasting that suits you best. For instance, there is the 16-8 fasting where you fast for 16 hours and then eat your meals within the remaining 8 hours. Then there is the alternate day fast where you fast on one day and eat normally the next. You may also choose the extended fast where you fast for a longer period of time such as 8 days or more. Traditional fasting has proven to be ineffective with many people unable to cope with the tough requirements. Ordinarily, people would fast from dawn to dusk for probably an entire month, having to endure days on end without proper meals. Then once the benefits of fasting are achieved, they would resume normal life only for the problems to creep back again. This can be very frustrating. Fortunately, intermittent fasting solves this challenge. Rather than go through lengthy periods of fasting, all you need to do is identify the most suitable intermittent type of fasting. For instance, you may choose the 16-8 format where you go for 16 hours without eating anything and only eat within an 8-hour window in any given day. Fortunately, the 16 hours of fasting include your sleeping time so you will be asleep for about half of that time. Intermittent fasting has gained popularity because it offers choice, is easy to handle and has a lot of benefits but without the rigors and disadvantages of traditional ways of fasting. If you need to lose weight, look great, reduce inflammation, boost your immunity, or a myriad of other benefits, then you should consider one of the various intermittent fasting methods. ------------ Tags: Fasting Intermittent Weight Loss Guide Your Muscle Diet Burn Lose Build Healthy intermittent fasting intermittent fasting books intermittent fasting for women intermittent fasting diet intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet intermittent fasting 101 intermittent fasting free kindle books intermittent fasting for men intermittent fasting and keto diet intermittent fasting and keto intermittent fasting and cancer intermittent fasting and carb cycling intermittent fasting and diabetes intermittent fasting and feasting intermittent fasting and paleo intermittent fasting books for men how to lose weight fast 5 2 diet weight loss diet diet plan for weight loss 16 8 diet what is intermittent fasting fasting for weight loss diet plan to lose weight fast fat loss diet benefits of fasting ways to lose weight intermittent fasting benefits intermittent fasting results best diet to lose weight diets to lose weight fast intermittent fasting weight loss alternate day fasting five two diet 5 and 2 diet does intermittent fasting work best diet plan to lose weight fast how to do intermittent fasting diet meal plan to lose weight 5 2 diet plan health benefits of intermittent fasting what to eat when intermittent fasting lose fat fast fasting and weight loss healthy dinner for weight loss intermittent fasting studies how to do fasting nutrition plan for weight loss 24 hour fast fasting for a week fasting every other day the 5 2 diet best weight loss meal plan intermittent fasting app 5 2 diet meals weight loss food plan meal plan to lose weight fast fast meals how to intermittent fast fruits good for diet healthy food recipes to lose weight eating healthy to lose weight good weight loss foods fasting tips 5 2 diet weight loss weight loss help fast 5 diet weight loss guide 28 day egg ayuno intermitente dieta intermitente de ayuno intermittierende Fasten intermittierende Fastendiät digiuno intermittente dieta a digiuno intermittente jeûne intermittent régime à jeun intermittent jejum

The Beginner s Guide to Fasting

Author: Elmer L. Towns
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9781441267238
Release Date: 2010-02-11
Genre: Religion

God created the human body as a finely tuned instrument of enormous power, but it requires fuel to operate. To make sure that body gets enough fuel, God created in humans an appetite for food, which we call "hunger." So why would anyone ever ignore hunger and choose not to eat? Going without food for spiritual reasons is called fasting, a spiritual discipline with a long and important history in Christianity. When accompanied by earnest prayer, fasting demonstrates a believer's sincerity to God. In The Beginner's Guide to Fasting, beloved teacher-theologian Elmer Towns introduces the basics to those who may have never fasted before and reviews the fundamentals for seasoned intercessors. Dr. Towns gives an overview of fasting from the Old and New Testaments and answers questions about fasting related to physical health, social interaction, spiritual warfare, and much more. The Beginner's Guide to Fasting is an essential handbook for all who long to draw closer to God through biblical spiritual disciplines.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Fasting

Author: Eve Adamson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0028643275
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Health & Fitness

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The Complete Idiot s Guide to Juice Fasting

Author: Bo Rinaldi
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781615642779
Release Date: 2012-11-06
Genre: Health & Fitness

Juice fasting can be a powerful, transformative undertaking that does absolute wonders for the body. From detoxifying and cleansing, to weight loss, to increased energy and a reinvigorated digestive system, a juice fast can transform the body in a matter of weeks, or even days. However, maintaining a fast can also be a difficult undertaking without proper instruction and an understanding of the nutritional components of the fast - so clear guidance and recipes that satisfy the palate are essential to success. The authors of The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Juice Fasting take readers through a number of different fasts and help them choose the right fast to lose the pounds, cleanse their systems of undesirable waste and toxins, and be on their way to feeling renewed and recharged. The authors arm readers with over 75 fantastically delicious and powerful juice recipes that will not only give readers what they crave in taste, but will help them fully recognize the transformational benefits of the juice fast.

The Fasting Book The Complete Guide to Unlocking the Miracle of Fasting

Author: Kyle Faber
Publisher: Cac Publishing
ISBN: 1948489228
Release Date: 2017-08-14
Genre: Health & Fitness

Fasting is not about hunger, and it is certainly not about starving. Fasting is about changing your life so that you can do more with less time. Fasting is about supercharging your body's regeneration systems and looking younger. It's about altering your mind and charting a course forward that results in the ability to convert your newfound discipline and clarity. You may look to fasting for the purpose of losing weight, but you are going to get a lot more. If you are overweight, then your body is telling you something. It is telling you that your body is in distress. It is overworking and it is not burning as much as it should. You need to take heed to its warning. You need to reverse the damage that is being inflicted on the body because of poor nutritional decisions. This book shows you the benefits that you can expect and plots a day to day, play by play of what to do and what to expect when you do a full fast and just get by on water alone. What's more important than the fasting days, and how many you can do, is the pre-fast preparation and the post fast return to food. This book meticulously guides you from one step to the next in preparing days before you fast so that you get the most benefit from it, and it shows you how to break fast so that you don't stress your digestive system after days of fasting.

The Keto Cure

Author: Jimmy Moore
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Release Date: 2018-04-10
Genre: Health & Fitness

The ketogenic diet isn't just a great tool for helping people lose weight and feel their best; it's also an extremely effective method for treating the common diseases of civilization. The Keto Cure will give readers the prescription they need to heal their bodies by eating plenty of fat and moderating protein and carbs. Dr. Adam Nally has been advocating a low-carb, high-fat diet in his clinical practice for more than fifteen years, helping people address their health problems by making better food choices. Dr. Nally and bestselling low-carb author and podcaster Jimmy Moore have worked together to create a top-50 health podcast espousing the benefits of eating keto. Now, for the first time, Dr. Nally has teamed up with Moore to take his years of clinical experience, put everything down on paper, and create a how-to guide that details all the ways in which the ketogenic diet can help remedy common ailments. The Keto Cure details the science behind the keto diet's effectiveness at treating a wide range of diseases, including Alzheimer's epilepsy fatty liver disease hypercholesterolemia hypertension Parkinson’s disease thyroiditis type 2 diabetes and many more The Keto Cure also outlines practical tips gleaned from Dr. Nally's fifteen-plus years in medical practice, as well as Moore's ten-plus years as a health and wellness podcaster, on overcoming the common pitfalls that people experience when adapting to a high-fat way of eating, including fatigue and keto flu. This helpful information, combined with a wide variety of delicious keto recipes from international bestselling cookbook author Maria Emmerich, makes The Keto Cure a complete resource for healing oneself with the ketogenic diet.

The Fasting Cure

Author: Upton Sinclair
Publisher: Applewood Books
ISBN: 9781429011365
Release Date: 2008-07-01
Genre: Cooking

Upton Sinclair was not only a prolifc and much admired author, but also a follower of Bernarr MacFadden's Physical Culture movement (see his Physical Culture Cook Book, 1901) and a member of the editorial staff of Physical Culture Magazine. Dedicated to MacFadden, this 1911 volume advocates the benefits of systematic fasting in producing long-lasting health benefits.

A Woman s Guide to Fasting

Author: Lisa E. Nelson
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9781441232335
Release Date: 2011-08-01
Genre: Religion

Christians often give up on fasting, or don't try it at all, because they lack thorough advice. Most fasting books explain the biblical reasons to fast, but they provide inadequate practical guidance. This concise book shows women the essential steps to successful fasting. Key topics include how to prepare physically and spiritually, what to expect during the fast, and how to reintroduce food. Whether the reader has never fasted before or has tried it occasionally, or wants to fast for one meal or for several days, this unique resource will equip and encourage her to grow closer to God through fasting.

Summary of the Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr Jason Fung Conversation Starters

Author: Bookhabits
Publisher: Blurb
ISBN: 1389491234
Release Date: 2017-10-19
Genre: Education

Summary of The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung Conversation Starters In "The Complete Guide to Fasting," readers receive a thorough guide to fasting. From a history of fasting to practical skills and tools needed during a fast, Dr. Jason Fung and co-author Jimmy Moore have provided everything you might need to know to start fasting. The book focuses on an argument for the dieting method, providing evidence and information for the casual reader. Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore's "The Complete Guide to Fasting" is a new addition to the enormous literary canon of diet books. It goes a step further, dismissing fad diets in favor of proposing the ancient method of simple fasting as a means to diet. A Brief Look Inside: EVERY GOOD BOOK CONTAINS A WORLD FAR DEEPER than the surface of its pages. The characters and their world come alive, and the characters and its world still live on. Conversation Starters is peppered with questions designed to bring us beneath the surface of the page and invite us into the world that lives on. These questions can be used to... Create Hours of Conversation: - Promote an atmosphere of discussion for groups - Foster a deeper understanding of the book - Assist in the study of the book, either individually or corporately - Explore unseen realms of the book as never seen before Disclaimer: This book you are about to enjoy is an independent resource meant to supplement the original book. If you have not yet read the original book, we encourage to do before purchasing this unofficial Conversation Starters.


Author: Maria Emmerich
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Release Date: 2018-01-09
Genre: Health & Fitness