The Deep Things of God

Author: Fred Sanders
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN: 1433524147
Release Date: 2010-08-04
Genre: Religion

The doctrine of the Trinity is widely taught and believed by evangelicals, but rarely is it fully understood or celebrated. Systematic theologian Fred Sanders, in The Deep Things of God, shows why we ought to embrace the doctrine of the Trinity wholeheartedly and without reserve, as a central concern of evangelical theology. Sanders demonstrates, with passion and conviction, that the doctrine of the Trinity is grounded in the gospel itself. Written accessibly, The Deep Things of God examines the centrality of the Trinity in our salvation and the Trinity’s presence in the reading of the Bible and prayer. Readers will understand that a robust doctrine of the Trinity has massive implications for their lives. Indeed, recognizing the work of the Trinity in the gospel changes everything, restoring depth to prayer, worship, Bible study, missions, tradition, and our understanding of Christianity’s fundamental doctrines.

Tree Of Life Second Edition

Author: Shaquanna Gary
Publisher: Golden Rule Media
ISBN: 9781912317530
Release Date: 2016-03-23
Genre: Bibles

Many people have their own philosophies in regards to the marijuana plant, also known as Incense, hemp, herbs, bud, swazi, ganja, cannabis, pot, weed, and the tree of life. The book "TREE OF LIFE MOST HOLY" is simply God's judgement along with the truth and the nature of the marijuana plant itself, biblically known as the TREE OF LIFE MOST HOLY.