The Doula Book

Author: Marshall H. Klaus
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9780738215495
Release Date: 2012-04-03
Genre: Health & Fitness

For an entire generation of new parents, this warm, expert work has become the standard guide to the shortest, easiest, and healthiest childbirth. Now a thoroughly updated and revised edition offers new research showing how labor support reduces the rate of cesarean sections, length of labor, need for pain medicine, and number of episiotomies. New material also demonstrates the positive effects of having a doula on mother-infant bonding, how relatives or friends can be trained in labor support, and how hypnosis is used to ease and shorten labor. No expectant parent will want to be without this empowering and irreplaceable book.

Die selbstbestimmte Geburt

Author: Ina May Gaskin
Publisher: Kösel-Verlag
ISBN: 9783641137427
Release Date: 2015-05-18
Genre: Health & Fitness

Mit Selbstbewusstsein natürlich gebären Das umfassende Handbuch zur Vorbereitung auf die selbstbestimmte Geburt, mit dem kompakten Wissen und der Erfahrung einer Pionierin: Ina May Gaskin bestärkt Frauen darin, der faszinierenden Kraft ihres Körpers zu vertrauen, mit der sie ihr Kind (möglichst ohne technische Eingriffe) auf die Welt bringen können. Aus dem Inhalt: • Die mächtige Verbindung von Körper und Psyche • Was bei der Wehentätigkeit passiert • Der Zusammenhang von Schmerz und Lust • Das Schließmuskelgesetz • Gebärhaltungen • Geburtsrisiken • u.v.a.m. Das Buch enthält außerdem sehr berührende Erzählungen von Frauen, die eine selbstbestimmte Geburt erlebten und damit andere ermutigen, auf sich selbst zu vertrauen und ihren eigenen Weg zu gehen.

The Doula

Author: Bridget Boland
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781451641523
Release Date: 2012-09-04
Genre: Fiction

When you come from a family of funeral directors, the telephone rings ominously in the middle of the night. For a doula, it resonates with eager anticipation. Either way, it always means lives are about to change. . . . It might seem like birth and death lie at opposite ends of a spectrum, but to Carolyn Connors, they are mirror images. Caro is no stranger to death, having grown up in a funeral home, but after witnessing her mother’s miscarriage and her brother’s tragic drowning as a child—neither of which she is allowed to discuss—she chooses to become a doula, celebrating the arrival of life rather than its departure. When her glamorous lifelong best friend, Mary Grace, calls with the exciting news that she is pregnant, Caro packs up her life and leaves home to be MG’s birthing coach. But tension escalates between Caro and MG’s domineering husband, Brad, and the sensitive doula’s advice falls on deaf ears. MG cuts off all contact until complications with her pregnancy leave her with no one else to call. Hurrying to the unborn child’s rescue and watching the life drain from her best friend’s body, Caro thinks the nightmare can’t get any worse. . . . Until Brad accuses her of medical malpractice. For the first time in her life, Caro must confront the painful guilt, loss, and shame that have trailed her from the past, leading her to the most profound rebirth of all.


Author: Marshall H. Klaus
ISBN: 3576104143
Release Date: 1995

The Doula Advantage

Author: Rachel Gurevich
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 9780307823274
Release Date: 2012-11-21
Genre: Health & Fitness

Doulas and midwives are increasingly popular options for childbirth; this book answers questions for those considering the help of a doula or midwife at birth. Take Control of Your Childbirth Experience New moms are spreading the word to pregnant women just like you: Doulas make pregnancy and childbirth the celebratory experience it is meant to be! Doulas are professionally trained women who provide support before, during, and after delivery. Research has shown that doulas help women have positive birth experiences, decrease the need for pain medication, improve breastfeeding success, and reduce the need for cesarean sections and other invasive procedures. Author Rachel Gurevich interviewed more than 235 women and birth professionals to bring you this best-kept pregnancy secret. Inside, you'll find real mothers' stories and discover how doulas make a joyful difference in childbirth. You'll learn: ·The many ways doulas provide labor support, whether you plan a "natural" or medicated birth · How to find, hire, and choose the right doula ·How specialized doulas can help you before or after the baby's birth ·How doulas help the dad-to-be ·And more! Foreword by Mayer Eisenstein, M.D., medical director, Homefirst Health Services Praise for The Doula Advantage : "Doulas really do make a difference in having a safe and satisfying birth, as you will learn in this book." — William Sears, M.D., coauthor, The Baby Book "Comprehensive, thought-provoking, and highly moving. . . . A must read for any woman thinking of using the services of a doula." — Ann Douglas, author, The Mother of All Pregnancy Books and The Mother of All Baby Books

The Doulas

Author: Mary Mahoney
Publisher: The Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 9781558619494
Release Date: 2016-10-17
Genre: Social Science

As more feminism migrates online, full-spectrum doulas remain focused on life’s physically intimate relationships: between caregivers and patients, parents and pregnancy, individuals and their own bodies. They are committed to supporting a pregnancy no matter the outcome—whether it results in birth, abortion, miscarriage, or adoption—facing the question of choice head-on.

The Heart of the Doula

Author: Amy L. Gilliland
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9781543940879
Release Date: 2018-08-21
Genre: Health & Fitness

The heart of doulaing is the relationship between the laboring person, their intimate family, and the doula who serves them. Through her clear use of language and vivid metaphors, Gilliland's writing lingers long after you've finished reading her words. She outlines the true power in being a doula – to serve clients in a way that they are encouraged to become more empowered and authentic versions of themselves. Culling wisdom from over sixty birth doulas in Dr. Gilliland's landmark research study, she promises to transform your relationship with clients and medical careproviders alike. Anyone wanting to understand the complexity of the modern maternity care system and how to navigate the power structure in hospitals more effectively will gain a great deal from reading this book. The Heart of the Doula delves into the nitty-gritty reality of birth doula work in North American hospitals and the personal price many doulas pay to fill this highly important and beneficial role in people's lives. A must for anyone doing empowerment work, especially with people frequently disempowered in our care system.

The Doula Guide to Birth

Author: Ananda Lowe
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553906593
Release Date: 2009-05-19
Genre: Health & Fitness

Here is your guide to the fastest-growing trend in childbirth—a tradition as old as motherhood itself. Doulas, or professional labor assistants, have led thousands of expectant women through the birthing process in a way that’s safe and meaningful, and that creates the birth and postbirth experience all mothers long for. What exactly do doulas do? How to find one that suits you. What are the “trade secrets” only doulas know but every woman should be aware of (even if you don’t have a doula)? In The Doula Guide to Birth, senior-level doula Ananda Lowe and award-winning health reporter Rachel Zimmerman have written a most comprehensive book that draws on the wisdom of these skilled experts, whose experience with doctors, midwives, nurses, and hospitals makes them invaluable advocates before, during, and after birth. * Labor techniques anyone can use * Pain medication: do you, don’t you—and when? * What dads and loved ones need and can do best * When should you really go to the hospital in labor? * How to prepare for unexpected medical procedures, including cesareans and epidural * Postpartum—what it’s really like * A clip-out chart of labor techniques, birth plan worksheets, and much more Combining science, wit, warmth, and support, as well as the inspirational stories of dozens of mothers and their partners, you’ll find the “doula viewpoint” on every major pregnancy and delivery issue, making this one of the most important childbirth books you’ll ever read and recommend. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Natural Hospital Birth 2nd Edition

Author: Cynthia Gabriel
Publisher: Harvard Common Press
ISBN: 9781558329188
Release Date: 2018-05-15
Genre: Family & Relationships

Many mothers-to-be find themselves torn between choosing a natural childbirth with minimal medical intervention, and the peace of mind offered by instant access to life-saving technology that only a hospital can provide. Cynthia Gabriel, a doula who has attended hundreds of births and who advises hospitals on how to facilitate low-intervention childbirths, knows that new moms can have both. In this fully updated edition of her popular and pioneering book Natural Hospital Birth, Gabriel gives moms, as well as partners and even medical personnel, concise and reassuring guidance on how to have as natural a birth as possible in a hospital setting. Gabriel shows expectant mothers how to avoid unnecessary medical interventions, how to take the initiative and consciously prepare for the kind of birth they want, and how to prepare a birth plan to share with doctors and nurses at the hospital.

Caring for the Dying

Author: Henry Fersko-Weiss
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781409173175
Release Date: 2017-03-02
Genre: Self-Help

A gentle guide for end of life care aimed at families and caregivers. Caring for the Dying describes a whole new way to approach death and dying. It explores how the dying and their families can bring deep meaning and great comfort to the care given at the end of a life. Created by Henry Fersko-Weiss, the end-of-life doula model is adapted from the work of birth doulas and helps the dying to find meaning in their life, express that meaning in powerful and beautiful legacies, and plan for the final days. The approach calls for around-the-clock vigil care, so the dying person and their family have the emotional and spiritual support they need along with guidance on signs and symptoms of dying. It also covers the work of reprocessing a death with the family afterward and the early work of grieving. Emphasis is placed on the space around the dying person and encourages the use of touch, guided imagery, and ritual during the dying process. Throughout the book Fersko-Weiss tells amazing and encouraging stories of the people he has cared for, as well as stories that come from doulas he has trained and worked with over the years. The guidance provided can help a dying person, their family, and caregivers to transform the dying experience from one of fear and despair into one that is uplifting and even life affirming. You will see death in a new light and gain a different perspective on how to help the dying. It may even change the way you live your life right now.

The Doula s Guide to Empowering Your Birth

Author: Lindsey Bliss
ISBN: 9781558328952
Release Date: 2018-01-09
Genre: Family & Relationships

Experienced doula, Linsey Bliss, shows you how to prepare physically and mentally for every element of having a child, from pregnancy to fourth trimester in The Doula's Guide to Empowering Your Birth. Lindsey Bliss, who has assisted as a doula at hundreds of births and is herself a mother of seven, reveals here all the wisdom and advice that doulas share with the new mothers who hire them. The Doula's Guide to Empowering Your Birth covers the period from pregnancy through labor and birth to fourth trimester healing. The focus, however, is on preparing for birth--including topics like how to pick the right childbirth class and the right birthing method. You’ll also see how to assemble the team of professionals, family members, and friends who will support you through labor and birth, and how to approach last-minute decisions about pain medications and cesarean sections. Bliss's tone throughout is at once authoritative and confident as well as warm and encouraging. Her concern in her practice as well as in these pages is to listen to and help secure each new mom's own personal vision of a birthing experience that is safe, fulfilling, and meaningful.

Stork Talk

Author: Cheryl Sheriff
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9780994305381
Release Date: 2015-05-10
Genre: Health & Fitness

Give yourself the best chance of a positive birth in a hospital setting. The pregnancy and labour journey is exciting, scary and magical. Most importantly, you want the overall experience to be a positive one. But what would a positive hospital birth mean to you? Perhaps you’re unsure of how to prepare or what choices are available. Perhaps you’re considering the possibility of natural birth, but fear the reality of it may be too difficult. Perhaps you’ve experienced a previous birth that was less than ideal. Whatever your questions, this book will provide you with the tools and strategies to prepare well, birth positively in hospital and move into parenting more easily. Using birth stories from other couples combined with valuable, evidence-based information, Stork Talk helps you understand the emotional, physical, psychological and cultural impact of the challenges you can expect to face. Stork Talk examines: • hospital trends and how becoming informed will assist you in creating your ideal birth • how to choose care providers that meet your needs and identify the right support team for you • what type of birth is best for you and your baby • how to prepare for the intensity of labour and manage pain • steps to prepare for – and enjoy – the chaos of living with your newborn • ways partners can get involved and how the four trimesters look from a dad’s perspective. After reading this book you will have more direction, and feel confident, excited and less daunted by the experiences to come. Cheryl Sheriff shares wisdom from her 30 years’ experience as a midwife, and doula, and her presence at over 1000 hospital births. She is currently working closely with couples during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, and is passionate about women and their partners experiencing their best possible hospital birth.

Wenn missbrauchte Frauen Mutter werden

Author: Penny Simkin
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 9783608107890
Release Date: 2015-03-21
Genre: Psychology

Während der Schwangerschaft und der Geburt leben viele der Ängste und Selbstschutzreaktionen, die mit einem frühen sexuellen Missbrauch zusammenhängen, wieder auf. Eine kompetente Schwangerenbetreuung und Geburtsbegleitung erleichtern es, den erlittenen Missbrauch auf psychisch gesunde Weise zu verarbeiten. Neuere Untersuchungen gehen davon aus, dass 10 bis 15 % aller Mädchen im Alter bis 14 Jahren Opfer eines sexuellen Übergriffs werden. Den meisten ist nicht bewusst, welche Folgen ein früherer Missbrauch für die Schwangerschaft, Geburt und Mutter-Kind-Beziehung haben kann. Traumatisierte Frauen erleben die Schwangerschaft oft als eine Wiederholung der Gewalterfahrung. Sie nehmen u. U. das eigene Baby als Bedrohung wahr, sind außerstande, für sich selbst und für das Kind zu sorgen, haben kein Zutrauen in ihre Fähigkeit, eine gute Mutter zu werden und sind ohnehin häufig von ihren Familien entfremdet. Im Extremfall erscheint eine Kindstötung als letzter Ausweg. Die Autorinnen zeigen, wie eine Retraumatisierung der betroffenen Frauen verhindert werden kann und wie im besten Falle sogar alte Wunden heilen können. »Sexuell traumatisierte Frauen können durch Schwangerschaft und Geburt sehr leiden und ihr Stress kann auf das Baby übergehen. Leider verfügen Fachleute der Geburtshilfe bisher über wenig bis gar keine Fachkompetenz in diesem Bereich. Penny Simkin und Phyllis Klaus sind seit Jahrzehnten erfahrene Begleiterinnen von traumatisierten Schwangeren und Gebärenden und geben in diesem Buch ihr reiches Wissen und ihre Erfahrungen weiter. Dieses Buch ist ein Muss für alle, die in der Geburtshilfe und der Begleitung von Schwangeren tätig sind. Es hilft, mitfühlend und achtsam mit den betroffenen Frauen umzugehen und ihnen Retraumatisierungen durch unangemessene Interventionen zu ersparen. Versteht man diese oft als schwierig angesehenen Gebärenden besser, kann man ihnen besser beistehen und damit Mutter und Kind schützen. Das Buch bietet dazu reichhaltige Anregungen.« Luise Reddemann »Das Buch ist ein Ratgeber und zugleich viel mehr, nämlich ein Grundlagenwerk zu einem Thema, das in seinen Weiterungen und Implikationen für entscheidende Lebensbereiche noch längst nicht angemessen erforscht wurde.« AKJP über die Originalausgabe »Simkin und Klaus haben ein Buch verfasst, das Betroffene und professionelle Helfer gleichermaßen anspricht und trotz seines schwierigen Gegenstands durchgängig verständlich geschrieben ist. Ihr Buch ist ein Ratgeber und zugleich viel mehr, nämlich ein Grundlagenwerk zu einem Thema, das in seinen Weiterungen und Implikationen für entscheidende Lebensbereiche noch längst nicht angemessen erforscht wurde.« AKJP, Heft 152 / 2011 »Ein beeindruckendes Buch, das dringend gebraucht wird, weil es sonst nichts gibt, das missbrauchten Frauen und ihren Vertrauten in der so wichtigen Spanne der Geburt / Niederkunft hilft. Geschrieben mit Wärme und Mitgefühl, mit Tiefblick und immer klare Worte findend.« Sheila Kitzinger, Anthropologin und erfolgreiche Buchautorin »Kein Tag vergeht, an dem ich nicht etwas anwende, das ich aus diesem Buch gelernt habe. Es ist eine ganz wichtige Lektüre für jeden, der mit schwangeren Frauen arbeitet.« Kathryn McGrath, Schwangerschaftsberaterin, Sozialarbeiterin, Doula und Doula-Ausbilderin Dieses Buch richtet sich an: - KinderpsychologInnen und -psychiaterInnen - Hebammen, GeburtshelferInnen, GeburtsvorbereiterInnen - Kinderkrankenschwestern, KinderärztInnen - GynäkologInnen und StillberaterInnen

Being Born

Author: Jewel Hernandez
ISBN: 1890772836
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Family & Relationships

Describes how a doula gives practical and emotional support to a mother before, during, and after a birth, including who can be a doula and how they enhance the childbirth process.