The Driving Instructor s Handbook

Author: John Miller
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 9780749483944
Release Date: 2018-07-03
Genre: Transportation

Now in its 21st edition, The Driving Instructor's Handbook is widely recognized in the driver training industry as the authoritative reference guide for both trainee and qualified instructors and is listed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) as recommended reading for the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) exams. This best-selling text covers every aspect of the profession, from the role itself, to the characteristics needed to do the job effectively through the preparation for the three ADI exams (theory and hazard perception, driving ability and instructional ability). The Driving Instructor's Handbook also includes detailed guidance on issues such as licences, training, teaching and coaching skills and road traffic law and covers all 2016/17 changes to the ADI examinations and standards checks, including the most recent essential updates from late 2017. This handbook is essential reading for anyone involved in the training of drivers and instructors at all levels and will ensure that new drivers are better able to cope with the increasing demands made on them.

Practical Teaching Skills for Driving Instructors

Author: John Miller
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 9780749480325
Release Date: 2017-07-03
Genre: Transportation

Listed by the DSA as essential reading for the ADI exams, Practical Teaching Skills for Driving Instructors is an indispensable guide for all new and established driving instructors. Fully revised to cover all changes to the ADI exams in 2016/17, it also provides all the necessary advice for the conscientious instructor keen to communicate effectively with their pupils. Containing essential guidance on teaching, communication and coaching skills, Practical Teaching Skills for Driving Instructors is ideal for both existing and trainee driving instructors. It investigates how and why people learn and the different teaching and learning processes that are involved. With sections on structuring lessons and problem solving, it covers the whole teaching process, from early stage lessons to the final practical test. The companion title to the popular best-seller, The Driving Instructor's Handbook, this is your practical guide to developing and improving your ability to teach driving as a lifetime skill.

Practical Business Skills for Driving Instructors

Author: John Miller
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 9780749458416
Release Date: 2010-06-03
Genre: Transportation

Over 20,000 people apply to become an Approved Driving Instructor each year, but whether you are a sole trader or franchisee, you will need more than just the instructional skills that are tested in the official DSA qualifying exams. Practical Business Skills for Driving Instructors, by the author of the definitive Driving Instructor's Handbook, provides solid, practical advice to help you set up your own business. Each business topic is dealt with in the author's down-to-earth style including: preparing a business plan, financing the business, choosing and maintaining a car, book-keeping, sales and marketing, and presenting a professional image. Whether you are just considering becoming a driving instructor, or have just passed your ADI exams, Practical Business Skills for Driving Instructors will help you ensure your new career is a huge success.

The Driving Instructor s

Author: John Miller
Publisher: Kogan Page
ISBN: 074945539X
Release Date: 2009-06-01
Genre: Automobile driver education

The Driving Instructor's Handbook is widely recognized in the driver training industry as the authoritative reference guide for trainee and qualified instructors. This best-selling handbook covers every aspect of the profession, from the role and the characteristics needed to do the job well, preparation for the three ADI examination requirements (Theory and hazard perception, Driving ability and Instructional ability), through to the driving test and driving larger vehicles.Up to date with the latest information relating to the ever-changing driving industry, The Driving Instructor's Handbook is essential reading for anyone involved in the training of new drivers and instructors at all levels.

How to Pass the ADI Exams

Author: John Miller
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 9780749465209
Release Date: 2012-06-03
Genre: Transportation

How to Pass the ADI Exams provides all trainee ADIs with an indispensable guide to understanding and passing all three stages of the ADI exam process. Packed with practice questions, the book outlines the overall exam structure, before looking in detail at the three key areas - the theory test (Part 1), the driving exam (Part 2) and the instructional ability test (Part 3). With additional information on pre-entry requirements, criminal records checks, ADI registration, and the responsibilities and codes of practice relating to ADIs, the book can underpin your training programme and offers practical help and advice to guide you through the exam procedures.

Driving Instructor Handbook

Author: Maʻhad al-Salāmah al-Murūrīyah (Oman)
ISBN: OCLC:1048259234
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Automobile driver education

The LGV Learner Driver s Guide

Author: John Miller
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749437901
Release Date: 2005-09
Genre: Truck driving

Obtaining a driving licence is now more complex and demanding than ever before. With higher standards for each of the theory, hazard perception and practical tests, candidates will need as much information and guidance as possible. Furthermore, the demand for LGV instructors at all levels is increasing as the industry responds to a severe skills shortage. A forthcoming EU directive will also require the retraining of drivers and instructors who wish to be included on the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) register. The LGV Learner Driver's Guide provides an overview of all the requirements for obtaining a LGV Drivers licence for both drivers and instructors. It provides comprehensive guidance on the theory and practical tests, the main points of law for the LGV drivers and identifies areas of responsible driving. Dedicated chapters on the role of the LGV instructor and the LGV instructors exam is also included. Appendices include useful addresses, contact details for test centres and DSA accredited instructor training centres. The book is essential reading for aspiring drivers, drivers who will need to re-train under new EU legislation and instructors aiming to be included on the DSA register.

Learn to Drive in 10 Easy Stages

Author: Margaret Stacey
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 9780749474799
Release Date: 2016-01-03
Genre: Transportation

Learn to Drive is one of the most well established guides to preparing for and undergoing a driving test. This new edition contains everything that prospective students need to know - with both the theory and practical tests covered in this one volume. In full colour throughout, and with a wealth of new and updated illustrations, the guide is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and will ensure that readers are well prepared for their driving tests. The book includes a unique 10-step programme to help in preparing for the practical test as well as over 600 practice questions to help prepare for the theory test.

Learn to Drive

Author: John Wells
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 9780749458287
Release Date: 2009-07-03
Genre: Education

Learn to Drive is long established as one of the most popular, best-selling guides to preparing for your driving test - and now it's even better. This new edition of Learn to Drive contains all you need in one book. Fully revised and updated, it is the only book available that includes advice on both the practical and theory tests, as well as the Highway Code. Full colour throughout and with over 500 brand new illustrations, this essential guide is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and will ensure that you are well prepared for both tests. It covers: getting to know the car; the first steps in learning to drive; handling all the manoeuvres; using common sense and avoiding danger; coping with higher speeds; dealing with difficult situations and basic maintenance. By following the carefully structured step-by-step programme in Learn to Drive, you can boost your confidence and improve your chances of passing first time. For half the cost of a driving lesson, you can immediately improve your chances of success!

The Learner Driver Handbook

Author: Ray Griffiths
Publisher: Raymond Griffith
ISBN: 0994643101
Release Date: 2016-10-25

A resource for both LEARNER DRIVER and SUPERVISING DRIVER. Learn the finer points of driving from one of Australia's finest driving instructors. This book is a syllabus guiding the student, and supervising driver, through the many stages of learning to drive safely. Ray Griffiths will expertly guide you through a widely "misunderstood subject." With 42 easy to understand diagrams

Pass Your Driving Test in Ireland

Author: Kathleen Comerford
ISBN: 1847179630
Release Date: 2018-04-23

For many, the driving test is their last obstacle to independence, increased job opportunities - even freedom and adventure. For learner drivers preparing for your driving test or international drivers converting to an Irish driving license, this book covers every section of the Irish RSA driving test. Learn to drive safely, discover the most common reasons for failing and avoid accumulating faults during your test. Richly illustrated, completely up-to-date and written by an expert RSA-approved driving instructor with almost twenty years' experience, this book will instil confidence and transform your driving. Understand each section of the Irish driving test Know what your tester is looking for Increase your confidence and prepare for driving test success Advanced safer driving tips and eco-driving Raise your driving standard, increase your safety and pass your test first time!

Work Rules

Author: Laszlo Bock
Publisher: Vahlen
ISBN: 9783800650941
Release Date: 2016-02-24
Genre: Business & Economics

Die Arbeitswelt ändert sich. Sind Sie bereit dafür? Warum Sie ausschließlich Leute einstellen sollten, die besser sind als Sie. Was Sie von Ihren besten und schwächsten Mitarbeitern lernen können. Warum Sie den Managern Macht entziehen sollten. Weshalb Sie Entwicklung nicht mit Leistungsmanagement verwechseln dürfen. Warum Sie unfair entlohnen sollten. „Google schreibt an unserer Kulturgeschichte. Work Rules zeigt mit verblüffender Offenheit, wie eines der innovativsten Biotope funktioniert. Auf Basis einer nicht hintergehbaren Mission präsentiert Laszlo Bock ein experimentelles und evidenzbasiertes People Management. Am Ende sehen wir einige unverrückbare Regeln, aber vor allem eine Fülle über die Eigenverantwortung des Einzelnen herausreichenden Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten. Hierauf kann und muss nun jeder selbst aufsetzen.“ Prof. Dr. Jürgen Weibler, Autor des Standardwerkes „Personalführung“ „Wer verbringen die meiste Zeit unseres Lebens am Arbeitsplatz. Es kann deshalb nicht richtig sein, wenn hier unsere Erfahrungen von Demotivation, Unfreundlichkeit und Menschenverachtung geprägt sind“, sagt Laszlo Bock. Damit beschreibt er den Kern seines Buches „Work Rules!“, ein fesselndes Manifest mit dem Potenzial, die Art und Weise, wie wir arbeiten, zu verändern. Google gehört zu den attraktivsten Arbeitgebern weltweit und erhält jährlich etwa zwei Millionen Bewerbungen für wenige Tausend offener Stellen. Was macht Google so attraktiv? Die Personalauswahl ist härter als an den Universitäten Harvard, Yale oder Princeton, und doch zieht das Unternehmen die talentiertesten Menschen an. Warum bekommen einige Mitarbeiter bestimmte Sozialleistungen, andere aber wiederum nicht? Warum verbringt das Unternehmen so viel Zeit mit der Einstellung eines Mitarbeiters? Und stimmt es, dass die Mitarbeiter mit 20 % ihrer Arbeitszeit tun können, was sie wollen? Work Rules! zeigt, wie eine Balance zwischen Kreativität und Struktur in Organisationen hergestellt werden kann, die zu nachweisbarem Erfolg führt – und zwar in der Lebensqualität der Mitarbeiter und den Marktanteilen des Unternehmens. Das Erfolgsgeheimnis von Google im Umgang mit seinen Mitarbeitern lässt sich kopieren – in großen wie in kleinen Organisationen, von einzelnen Mitarbeitern wie von Managern. Nicht in jeder Firma ist es möglich, Vergünstigungen wie kostenlose Mahlzeiten zu gewähren, aber buchstäblich jeder kann nachmachen, was Google ganz besonders auszeichnet. Laszlo Bock leitet das Personalressort bei Google, einschließlich aller Bereiche, die mit der Anwerbung, Entwicklung und Mitarbeiterbindung zu tun haben, von denen es weltweit über 50.000 an mehr als 70 Standorten gibt. Während seiner Zeit bei Google wurde das Unternehmen über 100 Mal zum herausragenden Arbeitgeber erklärt, darunter auch die Auszeichnung als „#1 Best Company to Work for“ in den USA, Argentinien, Australien, Brasilien, Kanada, Frankreich, Indien, Irland, Italien, Japan, Korea, Mexiko, den Niederlanden, Polen, Russland, der Schweiz und Großbritannien. 2010 wurde er vom Magazin Human Resource Executive als „Human Resources Executive of the Year“ ausgezeichnet. 2014 gelangte Laszlo als einziger HR-Executive auf der Liste der „zehn einflussreichsten Menschen im Bereich HR“ des Jahrzehnts.

The Bad Driver s Handbook

Author: Zack Arnstein
Publisher: Santa Monica PressLlc
ISBN: 1595800042
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Humor

Debunking the myths of the 'good' and 'bad' driver, Zack and Larry Arnstein describe in detail the liberating truths about driving that have long been suppressed. Comical commentary and tongue-in-cheek observations are provided on such topics as: Bribes, Threats and Other Secrets to Getting Your Licence; Intimidating Pedestrians; Making Your Car Louder; Turn Signals: Why Give Up the Element of Surprise?; Sleeping at the Wheel (Do's and Dont's); Motorcycles: Faster, Cooler, Safer!; and Driving When You Can No Longer See.


Author: Philip Coyne
Publisher: Stationery Office/Tso
ISBN: 0117081876
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Education

Roadcraft is the official Police Driver's Handbook, approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers, and is used by the police service to train police drivers, but it is useful for any driver wishing to improve their skills and safety to a more advanced level. Roadcraft aims to help people become better drivers by increasing awareness of all factors that affect driving, such as the capability of the driver, characteristics of the vehicle, and road and traffic conditions. This new edition has been prepared in close consultation with a working group of senior police driving instructors and other police and civilian advance driver training experts. It has been updated to reflect recent changes in the legislative framework surrounding driving and emergency response driving and new methodologies in teaching safe driving. It now also incorporates information on automotive engineering advances such as ABS and SatNav devices and their effect on driving. A new chapter has been added to teach drivers the physical and psychological aspects of driving and how to develop mental skills to become a better driver.