Interpreting Our World 100 Discoveries That Revolutionized Geography

Author: Joseph J. Kerski Ph.D.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9781610699204
Release Date: 2016-10-17
Genre: History

This important book demonstrates why geography matters in the modern-day world through its examination of 100 moments throughout history that had a significant impact on the study of geography—literally, "writing about the earth." • Provides readers with an understanding of why geography matters to our 21st-century world and an awareness of how geography affects our everyday lives and is key to wise decision making • Addresses and explains key themes of geography, including scale, physical processes, cultural processes, patterns, relationships, models, and trends • Integrates time, space, and place in geography, documenting how it is not only the study of spatial patterns, but also the fact that many discoveries in geography came about because of the particular time and place in which the discoverers lived

Visual Encyclopedia of Earth

Author: Michael Allaby
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426303661
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

A single-volume reference provides the latest research on Earth's fragile ecosystems and climate shift and includes coverage of the world's oceans, landforms, weather, and resources.

Answer Book

Author: National Geographic Society (U.S.)
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426203454
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Reference

Covers everything from earth sciences to astronomy; from climate and habitats to human arts and cultures; from ancient history to cutting-edge technology; and descriptions, flags, and statistics of all the countries in the world.

National Geographic Answer Book

Author: National Geographic
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 9781426208928
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Reference

Provides over ten thousand facts on topics ranging from the universe, geography, and technology to evolution, world history, and countries.

A Childs Geography

Author: Ann Voskamp
Publisher: Knowledge Quest
ISBN: 1932786325
Release Date: 2008-04-30
Genre: Education

An exploration of the physical geography of the planet earth from a Christian point of view.

Look Inside Our World

Author: Emily Bone
Publisher: Usborne Books
ISBN: 1409563944
Release Date: 2014-09-22
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Take a trip around the world in this fascinating book. Find out what the Earth is made of, who lives in steamy rainforests, how rivers flow into the sea, and much more.

Measure of the Earth

Author: Larrie D. Ferreiro
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 9780465017232
Release Date: 2011-05-31
Genre: History

Describes the early 18th-century expedition of scientists sent by France and Spain to colonial Peru to measure the degree of equatorial latitude, which could resolve the debate between whether the earth was spherical or flattened at the poles.

Geography For Dummies

Author: Charles A. Heatwole
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118068670
Release Date: 2011-05-12
Genre: Science

Geography is more than just trivia, it can help you understand why we import or export certain products, predict climate change, and even show you where to place fire and police stations when planning a city. If you’re curious about the world and want to know more about this fascinating place, Geography For Dummies is a great place to start. Whether you’re sixteen or sixty, this fun and easy guide will help you make more sense of the world you live in. Geography For Dummies gives you the tools to interpret the Earth’s grid, read and interpret maps, and to appreciate the importance and implications of geographical features such as volcanoes and fault lines. Plus, you’ll see how erosion and weathering have and will change the earth’s surface and how it impacts people. You’ll get a firm hold of everything from the physical features of the world to political divisions, population, culture, and economics. You’ll also discover: How you can have a rainforest on one side of a mountain range and a desert on the other How ocean currents help to determine the geography of climates How to choose a good location for a shopping mall How you can properly put the plant to good use in everything you do How climate affects humans and how humans have affected the climate How human population has spread and the impact it has had on our world If you’re mixed up by map symbols or mystified by Mercator projections Geography For Dummies can help you find your bearings. Filled with key insights, easy-to-read maps, and cool facts, this book will expand your understanding of geography and today’s world.

A Child s Introduction to the World

Author: Heather Alexander
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Pub
ISBN: 9781579128326
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Offers a look at the geography of the whole world, with information on climate, geology, plants, animals, and cultures.

Elementary Geography

Author: Charlotte Mason
Publisher: Ravenio Books
Release Date: 2016-06-01
Genre: Education

This little book is confined to very simple “reading lessons upon the Form and Motions of the Earth, the Points of the Compass, the Meaning of a Map: Definitions.” The shape and motions of the earth are fundamental ideas—however difficult to grasp. Geography should be learned chiefly from maps, and the child should begin the study by learning “the meaning of map,” and how to use it. These subjects are well fitted to form an attractive introduction to the study of Geography: some of them should awaken the delightful interest which attaches in a child’s mind to that which is wonderful—incomprehensible. The Map lessons should lead to mechanical efforts, equally delightful. It is only when presented to the child for the first time in the form of stale knowledge and foregone conclusions that the facts taught in these lessons appear dry and repulsive to him. An effort is made in the following pages to treat the subject with the sort of sympathetic interest and freshness which attracts children to a new study. A short summary of the chief points in each reading lesson is given in the form of questions and answers. Easy verses, illustrative of the various subjects, are introduced, in order that the children may connect pleasant poetic fancies with the phenomena upon which “Geography” so much depends. It is hoped that these reading lessons may afford intelligent teaching, even in the hands of a young teacher. The first ideas of Geography—the lessons on “Place”—which should make the child observant of local geography, of the features of his own neighbourhood, its heights and hollows and level lands, its streams and ponds—should be conveyed viva voce. At this stage, a class-book cannot take the place of an intelligent teacher. Children should go through the book twice, and should, after the second reading, be able to answer any of the questions from memory. Charlotte M. Mason

Visions of Earth

Author: National Geographic
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 9781426208836
Release Date: 2011

Visions of Earth raises a curtain on the wonders of the world and thrills us with nature's opulence and humanity's splendor. Each image alone exposes a nugget of our planet's magnificence; the totality of the collection goes beyond our imagination. Turning the pages, viewers are struck by the richness of life on Earth. One photograph is more awe-inspiring than the next--chosen by veteran National Geographic Magazine photo editors to present what is visually incredible. The photographs are drawn from the popular "Visions of Earth" feature in the magazine, (rated #1 by readers), from our own storied Image Collection, and from renowned photographers throughout the world, many never-before published. Enthralling images fill the book in a gallery of stunning landscapes, fascinating people, amazing animals, and unexpected glimpses of the usual and unusual. Puffins' beaks signal breeding time in Norway and a speckled emperor moth in South Africa diverts predators with an illusion. An elephant takes a morning dip in India's Andaman Sea while Siamese crocodiles race in Thailand and surfers in Australia relish a perfect day. Monks in Bhutan run to dinner and a little girl in red stands out among white-robed women in an Indonesian mosque. Spanish youth decked in colorful, oversize papier-mâché heads celebrate a festival in Catalonia and a flower of flame blooms from a man's kerosene-filled mouth in a Sikh celebration in India. Around the globe, amazing moments are captured in time, from a spray of flash frozen petal fragments in California to a truck show of chrome-covered and gleaming neon rigs half the world away in Japan. Visions of Earth is a welcome escape from the news of natural disasters, conflict, political upheaval, and social unrest that fills our lives. The book delights our senses, ignites our emotions, and renews our optimism, showcasing the many ways that our world is a marvel to behold and a privilege to call home.


Author: Andrew Charles O'Dell
ISBN: PSU:000006728793
Release Date: 1967
Genre: Geography

See Inside Planet Earth Internet Referenced

Author: Katie Daynes
Publisher: Usborne Pub Limited
ISBN: 0794520707
Release Date: 2008-06-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Allows readers to lift flaps and explore facts about the Earth, including its gases, oceans, mountains, and changing climates. On board pages.

Down to Earth Geography Grade 1

Author: Ruth Foster
Publisher: Teacher Created Resources
ISBN: 9781420692716
Release Date: 2008-02-01
Genre: Education

The world in spatial terms -- Places and regions -- Physical systems -- Human systems -- Environment and society -- The uses of geography -- Bibliography -- Answer key -- Vocabulary practice -- Geography word log -- Reproducibles.