The Encounter

Author: Petru Popescu
Publisher: Pushkin Press
ISBN: 9781782272526
Release Date: 2015-02-04
Genre: Travel

The incredible true story of a journey to the heart of the Amazon, published alongside Complicite's critically acclaimed stage production 'The Encounter' 1969: Loren McIntyre makes contact with the elusive Mayoruna 'cat people' of the Amazon's Javari Valley. He follows them - into the wild depths of the rainforest. When he realises he is lost, it is already too late. Stranded and helpless, McIntyre must adjust to an alien way of life. Gradually, he finds his perception of the world beginning to change, and a strange relationship starts to develop with the Mayoruna chief - is McIntyre really able to communicate with the headman in a way that goes beyond words, beyond language? Petru Popescu's gripping account of McIntyre's adventures with the Mayoruna tribe, and his quest to find the source of the Amazon, is reissued here to coincide with Complicite's acclaimed new stage production,The Encounter, inspired by McIntyre's incredible story. Pushkin Press are reissuingThe Encounter: Amazon Beaming, with a new foreword by Simon McBurney and cover designed by David Pearson, to accompany McBurney's and Complicite's dazzling, highly acclaimed stage production inspired by the book. Born in Bucharest in 1944, Petru Popescu is a Romanian-American writer, director and film producer. He studied English language and literature at Bucharest Univerity, before defecting to the United States from Communist Romania in 1975, after which his books were banned in his home country.

The Encounter

Author: Complicite
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 1848425546
Release Date: 2016-02-11

A play that traces a journey into the depths of the Amazon rainforest, incorporating innovative technology into a solo performance.

Theatre Aurality

Author: Lynne Kendrick
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137452337
Release Date: 2017-11-11
Genre: Performing Arts

This book explores the critical field of theatre sound and the sonic phenomena of theatre. It draws together a wide range of related topics, including sound design and sonic sonographies, voice as a performance of sound, listening as auditory performance, and audience as resonance. It explores radical forms of sonic performance and our engagement in it, from the creation of sonic subjectivities to noise as a politics of sound. The introductory chapters trace the innate aurality of theatre and the history of sound effects and design, while also interrogating why the art of theatre sound was delayed and underrepresented in philosophy as well as theatre and performance theory. Subsequent chapters explore the emergence of aurally engaged theatre practice and focus on examples of contemporary sound in and as theatre, including theatre in the dark, headphone theatre and immersive theatre, amongst others, through theories of perception and philosophies of listening, vocality, sonority and noise.

Ecologies of Precarity in Twenty First Century Theatre

Author: Marissia Fragkou
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781474267151
Release Date: 2018-09-06
Genre: Performing Arts

Presenting a rigorous critical investigation of the reinvigoration of the political in contemporary British theatre, Ecologies of Precarity in Twenty-First Century Theatre provides a fresh understanding of how theatre has engaged with precarity, affect, risk, intimacy, care and relationality in recent times. The study makes a compelling case for reading precarity as a 'sticky' theatrical trope which carries the potential to re-animate our understanding of identity politics and responsibility for the lives of Others in an age of uncertainty. Approaching precarity as an ecology cutting across various practices, themes and aesthetics, the book features a comprehensive selection of theatre examples staged in the UK since the 1990s. Works by debbie tucker green, Alistair McDowall, Complicite, Simon Stephens, Stan's Cafe, Mike Bartlett, Caryl Churchill, The Paper Birds, and Belarus Free Theatre are put in dialogue with interdisciplinary feminist vocabularies developed by Judith Butler, Sara Ahmed, Lauren Berlant and Isabell Lorey. In focusing on areas such as children and youth at risk, human rights, environmental ethics and the politics of debt, the study makes a vital contribution to the burgeoning field of politics and theatre in the 21st century.

In Other Words

Author: Roberta Fernández
Publisher: Arte Publico Press
ISBN: UTEXAS:059173020680220
Release Date: 1994-01
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Gathers poetry, essays, fiction, and drama by American Latinas

Almost Adam

Author: Petru Popescu
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
ISBN: 0688148638
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Fiction

Ken Lauder, an American paleoanthropologist, discovers a boy in Kenya who may be "the missing link," but must evade Bodibo, a poacher, and Cyril Anderson, an unscrupulous anthropologist eager to steal his discovery

Best Books for Public Libraries

Author: Steven Arozena
Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated
ISBN: UOM:39015028489402
Release Date: 1992-01
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

The subtitle tells us all we need to know about the contents, and the publisher's reputation tells us the rest ... beautifully compiled ... with thorough subject, title and author indexes. " Reference Reviews" It's surprising how quickly a new reference can come to seem essential when it brings together previously uncompiled information. Such is the case with this guide... " Reference & Research Book News " I find this book an excellent collection development tool that renders its rivals obsolete ... I have used it several times to get patrons on the right track for their reading wants and needs. Wilson Library Bulletin Based on positive reviews from respected sources ("Library Journal," "Booklist," "Choice," "The New Yorker," "The New York Times Books Review," "Atlantic," Time, Newsweek and others), this cornerstone resource gives you all the information you need to evaluate, choose and order any of more than 10,000 ESSENTIAL books for your collection." Best Books for Public Libraries" divides titles into two parts: fiction (by genre) and nonfiction (by Dewey Decimal classes). Entries identify award winners, best-sellers, and large-type editions, in addition to providing the title, author, publication date, publisher, price, edition, ISBN, a brief annotation, and citations for published reviews.

Beaming Up Rosie

Author: Robin L. Waters
ISBN: 0997417366
Release Date: 2017-04-15

Dr. Rosetta Rich has no idea the young and cosmic patient that has wandered into her dental office will turn her world upside down with a roller-coaster ride of metaphysical happenings, or that he will challenger her to deal with her darker side that haunts her from beyond. Twists and turns of this journey run rampant with travels to places near and far, within and without, to overwhelming signs and encounters, as well as spiritual /psychological experiences. There's no way to tell how the romance that simmers both above and below the surface will weave the two in this mixed-up, yet profound, New Age metamorphosis.