The Ethics of Discernment

Author: Patrick H. Byrne
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781442632868
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Philosophy

In The Ethics of Discernment, Patrick H. Byrne presents an approach to ethics that builds upon the cognitional theory and the philosophical method of self-appropriation that Bernard Lonergan introduced in his book Insight, as well as upon Lonergan's later writing on ethics and values. Extending Lonergan's method into the realm of ethics, Byrne argues that we can use self-appropriation to come to objective judgements of value. The Ethics of Discernment is an introspective analysis of that process, in which sustained ethical inquiry and attentiveness to feelings as "intentions of value" leads to a rich conception of the good. Written both for those with an interest in Lonergan's philosophy and for those interested in theories of ethics who have only a limited knowledge of Lonergan's work, Byrne's book is the first detailed exposition of an ethical theory based on Lonergan's philosophical method.

The Quest for God and the Good Life

Author: Mark T. Miller
Publisher: Catholic University of America Press
ISBN: 9780813221397
Release Date: 2013-05-01
Genre: Religion

Throughout this introductory text, progress, decline, and redemption constitute a systematic framework for examining the central terms of Catholic theology, as well as key notions in Lonergan's theology. The book provides a firm foundation for students of Lonergan as well as anyone interested in understanding Catholic theology and applying it to ministry, education, and other fields.

Authenticity as Self transcendence

Author: Michael H. McCarthy
ISBN: 0268035377
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Religion

Michael H. McCarthy has carefully studied the writings of Bernard Lonergan (Canadian philosopher-theologian, 1904-1984) for over fifty years. In his 1989 book, The Crisis of Philosophy, McCarthy argued for the superiority of Lonergan's distinctive philosophical project to those of his analytic and phenomenological rivals. Now in Authenticity as Self-Transcendence: The Enduring Insights of Bernard Lonergan, he develops and expands his earlier argument with four new essays, designed to show Lonergan's exceptional relevance to the cultural situation of late modernity. The essays explore and appraise Lonergan's cultural mission: to raise Catholic philosophy and theology to meet the intellectual challenges and standards of his time.

Engaging the Thought of Bernard Lonergan

Author: Louis Roy
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 9780773598881
Release Date: 2016-04-01
Genre: Philosophy

Bernard Lonergan (1904–1984) was a Canadian Jesuit philosopher, theologian, and humanist who taught in Montreal, Toronto, Rome, and Boston. His groundbreaking works Insight: A Study of Human Understanding (1957) and Method in Theology (1972) attempt to discern how knowledge is advanced in the natural sciences, the human studies, the arts, ethics, and theology. In Engaging the Thought of Bernard Lonergan, Louis Roy stresses the empirical aspect of Lonergan’s cognitional theory in relation to the role of meaning, objectivity, subjectivity, and historical consciousness. Rather than introducing every facet of his philosophy and theology, Roy delivers a balanced account of Lonergan’s achievements in fifteen discrete studies, delving into the implications of his cognitional theory for religious experience, theology, education, truth, classicism, relativism, and ethics. Discussing aspects of Lonergan’s thought that are seldom examined, these fifteen studies represent, criticize, and develop the ideas of one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. Demonstrating the richness of one scholar’s contributions to contemporary culture, Engaging the Thought of Bernard Lonergan presents a thoughtful analysis and a significant advance in Lonergan studies.

Lonergan s Anthropology Revisited

Author: Whelan Gerard
Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop
ISBN: 9788878393202
Release Date: 2015-11-05
Genre: Religion

This book is based on contributions made to an international conference held in the Pontifical Gregorian University and presents reflections of authors from all five continents. The conference was held to acknowledge the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican II, noting that during this time Lonergan was a professor at the Gregorian. The reference to “rediscovering Lonergan” in the title stems from a conviction that there is much in Lonergan’s thought that remains relevant to the globalizing world of today and that continues to be important for implementing Vatican II. The reference to anthropology in the title emerges from a conviction that philosophical and theological anthropology is central to the thought of Lonergan and, at the same time, that it is often the “issue underlying the issues” in debates today both within the Church and in society at large. The book has a three-fold structure, which echoes the structure of the conference on which it is based. Part 1 explores the anthropology of Lonergan in depth and the method that emerges from it. Part 2 explores three key areas of application: interreligious dialogue; an interdisciplinary approach to the social sciences; and the ethos of Catholic universities. Part 3 presents short summaries of workshops that were held during the conference, where participants describe how they are implementing Lonergan’s method. It concludes with by comments on overlaps between the thought of Lonergan and the pastoral vision of Pope Francis.

Economics for Everyone 3rd Edition

Author: Philip McShane
Publisher: Axial Publishing
ISBN: 9781988457024
Release Date: 2017-03-08
Genre: Business & Economics

The present state of economics is a very fixed culture of one-flow analysis, symbolized in the culture by talk of GDP. Lonergan’s breakthrough was to identify, after a more than a decade of historical and theoretic work, the historical reality and scientific identity of two flows. So, very simply, where Newton leaped from 2 to 1, Lonergan leaped from 1 to 2. The operable heuristic comes from a clear leap, e.g., from viewing economic output as GDP to arrive at an empirically defined GDP' and GDP", where the single prime points to consumer goods and the double prime points to producer goods. The leap seems simple but it requires very precise thinking about the relations between the two economic flows, a relation that, when not understood and controlled, gives rise to the booms and slumps named and studied by Kondratieff, Juglar, Kitchin, Schumpeter, and later authors. Why should a reader by this book? It offers a long-term optimistic view of how transformations of the current mess in pseudo-economics—whether in the form of abusive textbooks and well-intentioned abusive teachers, or in the form of the daily “business news,” which has more to do with gambling than business—will lead to a just and shared greatness way beyond current proclamations about America being or becoming great. The Preface to the 3rd edition adds a key simple exercise that can get the reader right into the ball-park of the new economics. The first two chapters should bring a serious reader to the startling conviction that we have been trapped in an alchemy of money for centuries.

Christianity and the Culture Machine

Author: Vincent F. Rocchio
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781498209809
Release Date: 2016-08-05
Genre: Religion

Christianity and the Culture Machine is a precedent-shattering approach to combining theories of media and culture with theology. In this intensive examination of Christianity's role in the cultural marketplace, the author argues that Christianity's inability to effectively contest the ideology of secular humanism is not a theological shortcoming, but rather a communications problem: the institutional church is too wedded to an outmoded aesthetic of Christianity to communicate effectively. Privileging authority and obedience over the egalitarian and transformative goal of Christianity, the church fails to recognize how it undermines the vitality of the Christian narrative and message. In the absence of a more compelling vision offered by the official church, a new aesthetic can be found forming within the margins of popular culture texts. Despite its past failures in representing the Bible in mainstream film and television, the culture industry now offers more compelling versions of core Christian theology without even realizing it--within the margins of the main storylines. This book analyzes the aesthetic principles employed by these appropriations and articulations of Christian discourse as a means of theorizing what a new aesthetic of Christianity might look like.

The Fragility of Consciousness

Author: Frederick G. Lawrence
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781487501327
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Philosophy

The Fragility of Consciousness is the first published collection of Frederick G. Lawrence's essays and contains several of his best known writings as well as unpublished work.

Coherent Christianity

Author: Louis Roy
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781498242677
Release Date: 2018-01-08
Genre: Religion

Throughout this book, Louis Roy illustrates his conviction that Christianity consists in the most profound experience to which human beings are invited by God. This experience involves meaning and truth, hope and love, suffering and joy, solidarity and critique. It is a space of freedom, where diverse persons seek the light and make their decisions, interacting with the intellectual and affective resources of their culture. Faith is understood as a personal and communal adventure—a sequence of real life experiences. The book proposes an articulate and coherent vision of the Christian faith. It surveys the complementary dimensions of Christian experience. It points to various paths, traveled by different people. It offers an actualization for our time, that is, a road map that is at the same time flexible and in keeping with truth. It engages in a dialogue with psychology and with non-Christian views, for example on meditation and on reincarnation. The book is addressed to a large audience of educated readers, who are likely to be very interested in its biblical, philosophical, psychological, sociological, interreligious, and pastoral components. Its originality consists in bringing together the interactions between several disciplines, in a practical way.

The Eclipse and Recovery of Beauty

Author: John D. Dadosky
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781442647114
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Philosophy

"Inspired by Bernard Lonergan's philosophy of consciousness, Dadosky presents a philosophy of beauty that is grounded in contemporary Thomistic thought. Responding to Balthasar, he argues for a concept of beauty that can be experienced, understood, judged, created, contemplated, and even loved."--

The Crisis of Philosophy

Author: Michael H. McCarthy
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791401529
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Philosophy

This book presents a sympathetic yet critical treatment of the major philosophical attempts to define a viable project for philosophy in the face of historical changes. McCarthy, then, proposes a comprehensive, critical, and methodological strategy of epistemic integration that fully respects the progressive and pluralistic character of contemporary science and common sense. The programs of Frege, Husserl, Wittgenstein, Carnap, Sellers, Dewey, Quine, and Rorty are carefully presented and an assessment is made of their merits and limitations. This assessment results in a defense of Lonergan's integrative strategy -- a nuanced philosophical strategy around which a gathering center could be built. McCarthy presents Lonergan's work as containing the firm outline and partial execution of a philosophical project continuous with philosophy's historic purposes and equal to the exigences of the present. The book examines a broad range of seminal topics and, after extended dialectical treatment of them, develops a coherent account of their interdependence. These topics include psychologism, intentionality, the limits of naturalism, semantical and epistemic realism, historical belonging, epistemic invariance, foundational analysis, the limitation of logic and of the linguistic turn, generalized empirical method, the interdependence of mind and language, the interplay of nature and history, and the critical appropriation of tradition.


Author: Bernard Lonergan
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781442690448
Release Date: 1992-04-06
Genre: Philosophy

Insight is Bernard Lonergan's masterwork. It aim is nothing less than insight into insight itself, a comprehensive view of knowledge and understanding, and to state what one needs to understand and how one proceeds to understand it. In Lonergan's own words: 'Thoroughly understand what it is to understand, and not only will you understand the broad lines of all there is to be understood but also you will possess a fixed base, and invariant pattern, opening upon all further developments of understanding.' The editors of the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan have established the definitive text for Insight after examining all the variant forms in Lonergan's manuscripts and papers. The volume includes introductory material and annotation to enable the reader to appreciate more fully this challenging work. Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984), a professor of theology, taught at Regis College, Harvard University, and Boston College. An established author known for his Insight and Method in Theology, Lonergan received numerous honorary doctorates, was a Companion of the Order of Canada in 1971 and was named as an original members of the International Theological Commission by Pope Paul VI.

Reason Informed by Faith

Author: Richard M. Gula
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 0809130661
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Religion

Excellent textbook introduction to the basic issues of fundamental moral theology that considers all of today's moral issues.