The Flight Instructor s Manual

Author: William K. Kershner
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
ISBN: 1560279397
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Transportation

A newly updated edition, this guide is an invaluable and indispensable reference for anyone working on the flight instructor certificate as well as for experienced and newly certified flight instructors. Chock full of advice for the most commonly encountered problems by flight instructors, in both training and in practice, the book is organized so each chapter can be used as a stand-alone reference for a particular phase of instruction. This book also has sections that feature comprehensive spin coverage, material on multiengine airplanes, instruction for international students, how to teach ground school, and how to set up exams for students.

The Advanced Pilot s Flight Manual

Author: William K. Kershner
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
ISBN: 1619542137
Release Date: 2015-02
Genre: Transportation

A manual for pilots preparing for the commercial knowledge and flight tests, and those transitioning to advanced models and types of planes, that explains the basics of airplane performance.

The Instrument Flight Manual eBundle

Author: William K. Kershner
Publisher: Flight Manuals
ISBN: 1619544008
Release Date: 2016-03-22
Genre: Transportation

This is the eBundle Edition of this title (Trade Paper + Ebook download code) A manual for pilots seeking to add an instrument rating and for instrument-rated pilots needing a refresher, this guide covers airplane performance and basic instrument flying, navigation and communications, clearances, planning the instrument flight, and executing instrument flight--from preflight and departure to the approach and landing phases. Presenting the basics of instrument flying, this well-illustrated resource concludes with information to prepare for the FAA knowledge and practical tests. A comprehensive "Instrument Rating Syllabus" is provided for the instrument trainee and instrument flight instructor, significant time is devoted to dealing with air traffic control, and explanations for operating an airplane in instrument meteorological conditions is included.

The Student Pilot s Flight Manual

Author: William K. Kershner
Publisher: Kershner Flight Manual
ISBN: 1619545810
Release Date: 2017-11-14

A classic for beginning aviators, this manual provides step-by-step ground and flight information for student pilots working toward Private or Sport Pilot certification.

The Basic Aerobatic Manual

Author: William K. Kershner
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
ISBN: 1619541009
Release Date: 2014-05-13
Genre: Transportation

In this manual covering basic aerobatics, William K. Kershner introduced maneuvers in order of difficulty, covering a variety of them in his clear, understandable, and humorous style. The Basic Aerobatic Manual is fully illustrated with the author's own drawings and contains a practical syllabus, a detailed bibliography and an index. Though the manual emphasizes airspeeds and techniques recommended for the Cessna Aerobat, the maneuvers described in the book may be performed in other airplanes certified for aerobatics. This manual explains and illustrates 26 aerobatic maneuvers in a six-lesson supplement to introductory aerobatics instruction. Updated and revised by the author's son, William C. Kershner.

The Savvy Flight Instructor

Author: Gregory N. Brown
ISBN: 1560272961
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Transportation

As a newly certified flight instructor (CFI), a pilot can be faced with a difficult prospect--how to make a living and keep flying to build up piloting hours. This book offers timely and humorous help for flight instructors to market their flight school, meet all those people who really want to fly, and keep them flying. Also emphasized is a broader understanding of the business of the flight school, including how flight schools can revamp marketing and student-recruiting strategies.

Visualize This

Author: Nathan Yau
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783527760220
Release Date: 2012-12-01
Genre: Statistics / Graphic methods / Data processing

A guide on how to visualise and tell stories with data, providing practical design tips complemented with step-by-step tutorials.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office
Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress
ISBN: STANFORD:36105011809311
Release Date: 1955
Genre: Copyright

Includes Part 1, Number 1: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - June)

The Thinking Pilot s Flight Manual

Author: Rick Durden
ISBN: 0983422249
Release Date: 2015-08-28

Volume 2 of The Thinking Pilot's Flight Manual carries on the widely praise, penetrating, and clear-headed approach of Volume I, addressing matters of importance to pilots that ordinary flight training manuals never tough. It delves into everything from the realities of making the go/no-go decision during the takeoff roll, nailing spot landings, which emergencies to practice, and how to take babies and kids flying. It explores how we scare our passengers without realizing it, IFR training in IMC, and takes a hard look at spin training. Rick Durden is one of three 2015 recipients of the Endeavor Award, honoring volunteer pilots who have made significant contributions to flying to serve the public. For 25 years he has made flights in remote areas of the U.S. and Central America in support of conservation. He is an Airline Transport-rated pilot with experience in over 200 types of airplanes, a practicing aviation attorney who has been involved in hundreds of aircraft accident cases, writer, aviation magazine editor, safety counselor, and flight instructor.