The Hidden Brain

Author: Shankar Vedantam
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau
ISBN: 1588369390
Release Date: 2010-01-19
Genre: Social Science

The hidden brain is the voice in our ear when we make the most important decisions in our lives—but we’re never aware of it. The hidden brain decides whom we fall in love with and whom we hate. It tells us to vote for the white candidate and convict the dark-skinned defendant, to hire the thin woman but pay her less than the man doing the same job. It can direct us to safety when disaster strikes and move us to extraordinary acts of altruism. But it can also be manipulated to turn an ordinary person into a suicide terrorist or a group of bystanders into a mob. In a series of compulsively readable narratives, Shankar Vedantam journeys through the latest discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science to uncover the darkest corner of our minds and its decisive impact on the choices we make as individuals and as a society. Filled with fascinating characters, dramatic storytelling, and cutting-edge science, this is an engrossing exploration of the secrets our brains keep from us—and how they are revealed.

The Hidden Brain

Author: Shankar Vedantam
Publisher: Random House LLC
ISBN: 9780385525213
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Psychology

Draws on recent findings to explain how the unconscious mind evolved as a survival mechanism, how it affects the outcomes of world events, and why it is responsible for many of the actions that people take in spite of their actual beliefs.

The Hidden Brain Drain

Author: Sylvia Ann Hewlett
ISBN: 1578519497
Release Date: 2005

"Corporations have done a dismal job of retaining female talent. Indeed, they make it very easy for women to depart. When women take a temporary leave of absence to have children or deal with other personal matters, they find it difficult to return to work and contribute as they had previously. In essence, corporations provide women with many career off-ramps, but provide them with few on-ramps. This problem bodes badly for CEOs and top managers who view human resources as a critical asset. This research report, based on an extensive study by the Center for Work-Life Policy, a nonprofit research firm in New York City, provides the first comprehensive view of the forces behind the ongoing exodus of talented women from the workforce. The study identifies the reasons why women lose much of their earning power when they "off-ramp" and outlines the limited possibilities for finding on-ramps, or reentry points, for those wishing to re-enter. With in-depth case studies and dozens of charts and tables accompanied by insightful interpretations of the data, the report constitutes one of the most detailed looks at the hidden brain drain that will prevent companies from effectively competing in the incipient war for talent."--Publisher.

The Hidden Victory Of Anzacs

Author: Burak Turna
Publisher: Sanai Burak Turna
ISBN: 9780995459311
Release Date: 2016-06-17
Genre: History

Burak Turna, in this stunning book, revives a term completely forgotten by the Modern History... The Powers... His 3 years research in ANZAC/European/US archives reveals the the greatest secret of the history making club of countries... The Battle of Gallipoli... Many armies under the flag of Powers had come together to fight an unexpectedly difficult and complex conquest campaign against one of the strongest Empires of the East, The Ottoman Empire. What made the Ottomans great, was an obstacle on the path of the most daring conquest of the History. And the Battle Of Gallipoli was the most daring phase of this great conquest campaign. ANZAC forces and Allies had gained superiority over Ottoman defences in Gallipoli even before the war started. Powers, the league of the World's strongest countries, had carried out an operation prior to WW1 which was covered up like a sacred mystery, provided the necessary ground of the swift and decesive victory in Gallipoli. Despite the outcome of the Battle of Gallipoli was nonetheless an absolute and swift triumph for the Anzacs, not least for the policy makers of Powers who had to design a new order out of the ruins of an Empire. So, the victory of the ANZACs had to be kept a secret and remain hidden for the sake of ongoing operations and the future designs in regional and global scale. Burak Turna's unique language makes this non-fiction research book a page-turner.

The Objective Leader

Author: Elizabeth R. Thornton
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781466879447
Release Date: 2015-02-10
Genre: Business & Economics

We are all subjective—it's human nature. We overreact to situations; we judge people too quickly and unfairly; we take something personally when it was not really meant that way. As a result, we lose relationships, reputation, money, and peace of mind. And in our ever-more-complex world, leaders must make decisions faster and with more conflicting information; widespread insecurity makes people territorial and risk-averse; and the consequences of every action are played out on a disproportionately large stage. Imagine how much more prepared Mitt Romney could have been for his landslide loss on election night, if his advisors had acknowledged the facts staring them in the face. To succeed, we must consciously seek to increase our objectivity—seeing and accepting things as they are without projecting our mental models, fears, background, and personal experiences onto them. This way, we not only avoid costly cognitive errors, but open ourselves to engage new cultures, new markets, and new opportunities. In The Objective Leader, Thornton draws on her original research, as well as her years of experience as a manager and entrepreneur, to offer proven strategies for identifying limiting and unproductive ways of thinking and creating powerful new mental models that ensure continued success.

The Hermitage Meditation Manual

Author: Rodney Devenish
ISBN: 9781304018182
Release Date: 2013-06
Genre: Religion

All you need to know to properly learn how to meditate: a comprehensive 500 page workbook, a complete course for practitioners of Yoga and Meditation. Published by the Dharma Fellowship of His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa, the Hermitage Meditation Manual is the key guide used by Buddhist monastics and lay practitioners attending the Fellowship's centers in North America. In an accessible style, the manual explains how to enter the meditative state, deepen that state, how to gain meaningful insights, & how to radically improve life for the better, while pursuing the Path of Awakening.Here are the authentic methods of Calm-abiding Meditation, Love Meditation,& Intuitive Insight & Mindfulness.Chapters cover not only the teachings of the Buddha, but explain the nature of the Human Constitution, the Syndromes of the Personality, the mystery of Double Consciousness, Hatha-yoga, Light-body circuitry,& applied M-t

Man with a Pan

Author: John Donohue
Publisher: Algonquin Books
ISBN: 9781565129856
Release Date: 2011-05-17
Genre: Cooking

Look who’s making dinner! Twenty-one of our favorite writers and chefs expound upon the joys—and perils—of feeding their families. Mario Batali’s kids gobble up monkfish liver and foie gras. Peter Kaminsky’s youngest daughter won’t eat anything at all. Mark Bittman reveals the four stages of learning to cook. Stephen King offers tips about what to cook when you don’t feel like cooking. And Jim Harrison shows how good food and wine trump expensive cars and houses. This book celebrates those who toil behind the stove, trying to nourish and please. Their tales are accompanied by more than sixty family-tested recipes, time-saving tips, and cookbook recommendations, as well as New Yorker cartoons. Plus there are interviews with homestyle heroes from all across America—a fireman in Brooklyn, a football coach in Atlanta, and a bond trader in Los Angeles, among others. What emerges is a book not just about food but about our changing families. It offers a newfound community for any man who proudly dons an apron and inspiration for those who have yet to pick up the spatula.

Off Ramps and On Ramps

Author: Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 9781422159835
Release Date: 2007-05-15
Genre: Business & Economics

With talent shortages looming over the next decade, what can companies do to attract and retain the large number of professional women who are forced off the career highway? By documenting the successful efforts of a group of cutting-edge global companies to retain talented women and reintegrate them if they’ve already left, Off-Ramps and On-Ramps answers this critical question. Working closely with companies such as Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, Time Warner, General Electric and others, author Sylvia Ann Hewlett identifies what works and why. Based on firsthand experience with these companies, along with extensive data that provides the most comprehensive and nuanced portrait of women's career paths, this book documents the actions forward-thinking companies must take to reverse the female brain drain and ensure their access to talent over the long term.

Wedding Day

Author: Lee Won-Ro
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469165998
Release Date: 2012-03-20
Genre: Poetry

Wedding Day is a collection of poems of Lee Won-Ro, who is the university president, chancellor of hospitals, professor, internist, cardiologist as well as a poet. This anthology contains 122 poems selected from his nine books previously published: Beyond Light and Sound (1992, Seoul, Korea); An Unusually Sunny Day (1996, Seoul, Korea); Stethoscope and Telescope (2002, Seoul, Korea); Pantomime (2004, Seoul, Korea); Pianissimo (2006, Seoul, Korea); Mosaic (2007, Seoul, Korea); Window of Moment (2009, Seoul, Korea); Map of Wind (2010, Seoul, Korea); and Navel of Universe (2011, Seoul, Korea). This book is the first publication of poet Lee Won-Ros work in English translation. Lee Won-Ros poetic world pursues the universal themes with profound aesthetic enthusiasm. His work combines knowledge and wisdom derived from his scientific background with his artistic power stemming from his creative imagination and astute intuition. Lee Won-Ros verse embroiders refined tints and serene tones on the fabric of embellished words. The poet explores the universe in conjunction with his expertise in intellectual, affective, and spiritual domains as a specialist in medicine and science. The poets imagination dares to penetrate into the realm of infinity and beyond. His world is full of dreams that are to be actualised. It is through his power of startling vision that even the deepest part of the hidden can be pinpointed and revealed. His imaginative power makes everything in the universe shine, sound, and reverberate so that his verse is lively and rich with music and colours. Lee Won-Ros poetics is not tied to earth but always points towards heaven so that his verse does not have to be unfamiliar, knotty, and painful deliberately. He lives, converses, and finally becomes one with his own verse. He resists to dwell in a twisted maze of dark and strange aesthetic world. Through wisdom and understanding, Lee Won-Ros poetics is looking forward to the universe where everything gathers together in the greatest oneness. For this reason, his poems provide restorative power and spiritual guidance with long-lasting reverberation and fragrance. Even in a desperate situation where the end is imminent, despair and abandonment can be dispelled by a conviction of a bright, new dawn on the horizon. Lee Won-Ros poems retain the capacity to pacify wounded minds and allude always to an upcoming promised land of unfathomable brilliance and joy.

Idea Mapping

Author: Jamie Nast
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118429297
Release Date: 2012-06-15
Genre: Business & Economics

The Mind of Mithraists

Author: Luther H. Martin
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781472584212
Release Date: 2014-11-20
Genre: Religion

The Roman cult of Mithras was the most widely-dispersed and densely-distributed cult throughout the expanse of the Roman Empire from the end of the first until the fourth century AD, rivaling the early growth and development of Christianity during the same period. As its membership was largely drawn from the ranks of the military, its spread, but not its popularity is attributable largely to military deployments and re-deployments. Although mithraists left behind no written archival evidence, there is an abundance of iconographic finds. The only characteristic common to all Mithraic temples were the fundamental architecture of their design, and the cult image of Mithras slaying a bull. How were these two features so faithfully transmitted through the Empire by a non-centralized, non-hierarchical religious movement? The Minds of Mithraists: Historical and Cognitive Studies in the Roman Cult of Mithras addresses these questions as well as the relationship of Mithraism to Christianity, explanations of the significance of the tauroctony and of the rituals enacted in the mithraea, and explanations for the spread of Mithraism (and for its resistance in a few places). The unifying theme throughout is an investigation of the 'mind' of those engaged in the cult practices of this widespread ancient religion. These investigations represent traditional historical methods as well as more recent studies employing the insights of the cognitive sciences, demonstrating that cognitive historiography is a valuable methodological tool.

S d

Author: Samuel Fales Dunlap
Release Date: 1861
Genre: Christianity and other religions

Personal Kabbalah

Author: Penny Cohen
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 0806958987
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Donna Karan, and other celebrities are integrating the sacred into their daily lives through the study of Kabbalah. This ancient Hebrew tradition, which has recently resurged in popularity, is helping today’s seekers gain insights into the purpose of existence and man’s relationship to the Divine, and to experience greater success, fulfillment, inner peace, and joy. Explore these mystical teachings with this intriguing workbook, which takes a non-religious, eclectic, universal perspective and is designed for people of all faiths. Accessible explanations, exercises, meditations, and practical tools enable you connect with the sacred energies of the universe and the Divine. See how you can bring heaven down to earth by fulfilling your unique purpose and living up to your highest potential.

Neuromathematics of Vision

Author: Giovanna Citti
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642344442
Release Date: 2014-02-08
Genre: Mathematics

This book is devoted to the study of the functional architecture of the visual cortex. Its geometrical structure is the differential geometry of the connectivity between neural cells. This connectivity is building and shaping the hidden brain structures underlying visual perception. The story of the problem runs over the last 30 years, since the discovery of Hubel and Wiesel of the modular structure of the primary visual cortex, and slowly cams towards a theoretical understanding of the experimental data on what we now know as functional architecture of the primary visual cortex. Experimental data comes from several domains: neurophysiology, phenomenology of perception and neurocognitive imaging. Imaging techniques like functional MRI and diffusion tensor MRI allow to deepen the study of cortical structures. Due to this variety of experimental data, neuromathematematics deals with modelling both cortical structures and perceptual spaces. From the mathematical point of view, neuromathematical call for new instruments of pure mathematics: sub-Riemannian geometry models horizontal connectivity, harmonic analysis in non commutative groups allows to understand pinwheels structure, as well as non-linear dimensionality reduction is at the base of many neural morphologies and possibly of the emergence of perceptual units. But at the center of the neurogeometry is the problem of harmonizing contemporary mathematical instruments with neurophysiological findings and phenomenological experiments in an unitary science of vision. The contributions to this book come from the very founders of the discipline.