The History and Theory of Environmental Scenography

Author: Arnold Aronson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781474283984
Release Date: 2018-06-28
Genre: Performing Arts

A classic work of theatre history and criticism when first published, Arnold Aronson's formative study surveyed the phenomenon known as environmental theatre. Now updated in this richly illustrated second edition to reflect developments and practice since the 1980s, it offers readers a comprehensive study of the theatre practice which has evolved to become the dominant mode of much contemporary innovative performance. For most audiences, particularly in the Western tradition, theatre means going to a building in which seats face a stage on which actors perform a play. But there has always been a vital alternative that came to be known as environmental theatre. Whether in folk performances, street theatre, avant-garde performance, utopian architecture, Happenings, mass spectacles, or contemporary immersive theatre, the relationship of the spectator to the performance has been one in which the audience is surrounded or immersed in a shared space, in which the multiple events may be happening simultaneously, and in which the experience of theatrical space is visceral and often kinetic. This book examines the history of this phenomenon and looks at a range of contemporary practice. New chapters examine how the 'transformed spaces' of earlier work have become the interactive and immersive productions that characterize the work of companies such as Punchdrunk, dreamthinkspeak, Teatro da Vertigem, En Garde Arts, and The Industry, among others. Updated to take account of the burgeoning scholarship on the subject, The History and Theory of Environmental Scenography remains the authoritative account that illuminates present day theatre practice and its antecedents.

The Routledge Companion to Scenography

Author: Arnold Aronson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317422266
Release Date: 2017-09-11
Genre: Performing Arts

The Routledge Companion to Scenography is the largest and most comprehensive collection of original essays to survey the historical, conceptual, critical and theoretical aspects of this increasingly important aspect of theatre and performance studies. Editor and leading scholar Arnold Aronson brings together a uniquely valuable anthology of texts especially commissioned from across the discipline of theatre and performance studies. Establishing a stable terminology for a deeply contested term for the first time, this volume looks at scenography as the totality of all the visual, spatial and sensory aspects of performance. Tracing a line from Aristotle’s Poetics down to Brecht and Artaud and into contemporary immersive theatre and digital media, The Routledge Companion to Scenography is a vital addition to every theatre library.

The Model as Performance

Author: Thea Brejzek
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781474271400
Release Date: 2017-11-16
Genre: Performing Arts

The Model as Performance investigates the history and development of the scale model from the Renaissance to the present. Employing a scenographic perspective and a performative paradigm, it explores what the model can do and how it is used in theatre and architecture. The volume provides a comprehensive historical context and theoretical framework for theatre scholars, scenographers, artists and architects interested in the model's reality-producing capacity and its recent emergence in contemporary art practice and exhibition. Introducing a typology of the scale model beyond the iterative and the representative model, the authors identify the autonomous model as a provocative construction between past and present, idea and reality, that challenges and redefines the relationship between object, viewer and environment. The Model as Performance was shortlisted for the best Performance Design & Scenography Publication Award at the Prague Quadrennial (PQ) 2019.

Performance Design

Author: Dorita Hannah
Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press
ISBN: 9788763507844
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Performing Arts

This book gathers together a group of international artists, architects, scenographers, performers, and theorists to establish Performance Design as a fluid and emerging field, which explores the speculative and projective acts of designing performance and performing design. The theoretical essays and realised projects offer a lively and stimulating range of performative expressions across disciplines, where design artefacts -- objects, gestures, images, occasions and environments -- are aligned to performance through notions of embodiment, action and event. Performance Design is presented as an aesthetic practice that harnesses and orchestrates the dynamic forces of the lived world, as well as the participatory role of a co-creative audience, to provide a critical tool for reflecting, confronting and realigning worldviews.

Looking Into the Abyss

Author: Arnold Aronson
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 0472068881
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Performing Arts

Theater is, first and foremost, a visual art; Looking Into the Abyss examines the ways in which the visual theater affects our understanding of the dramatic event. Arnold Aronson, an internationally prominent historian and theorist of theater set design, opens with an overview of scenographic concepts, including postmodern design and the use of new media in the theater, and continues with analyses of the work of specific designers (including Richard Foreman and David Rockwell) and scenographic responses to playwrights like Chekhov and Tony Kushner. These essays serve to open a dialogue that will bring the physical aspect of theater back into its proper place: an element as integral to the performance as the spoken word, and they will inspire theater-goers to become more aware of their role as seers of the theater. Arnold Aronson is Professor of Theater, Columbia University. He is author of American Avant-Garde Theatre: A History; Architect of Dreams: The Theatrical Vision of Joseph Urban; American Set Design; and The History and Theory of Environmental Scenography.

Modern Architecture in Theatre

Author: A. Read
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137368683
Release Date: 2013-11-21
Genre: Performing Arts

If the city is the theatre of urban life, how does architecture act in its many performances? This book reconstructs the spatial experiments of Art et Action, a theatre troupe active in 1920s Paris, and how their designs for theater buildings show how the performance spaces interacted with actors and spectators according to their type.

Restaging the sixties

Author: James Martin Harding
Publisher: Univ of Michigan Pr
ISBN: UOM:39015066872048
Release Date: 2006-11
Genre: Drama

In the volatile period of the late sixties and early seventies, several theater groups came to prominence in the United States, informing and shaping activist theater as we know it today. Restaging the Sixties examines the artistry, politics, and legacies of eight radical collectives: the Living Theatre, the Open Theatre, the Performance Group, the San Francisco Mime Troupe, El Teatro Campesino, At the Foot of the Mountain, the Free Southern Theater, and Bread and Puppet Theater. Each of the specially commissioned essays is from a leading theater artist, critic, or scholar. The essays follow a three-part structure that first provides a historical overview of each group’s work, then an exploration of the group’s significant contributions to political theater, and finally, the legacy of those contributions. The volume explores how creations such as the Living Theatre's Paradise Now and the Performance Group’s Dionysus in 69 overlapped with political interests that, in the late 1960s, highlighted the notion of social collectives as a radical alternative to mainstream society. Situating theatrical practice within this socio-political context, the book considers how radical theaters sought to redefine the relationship between theater and political activism, and how, as a result, they challenged the foundations of theater itself. James M. Harding is Associate Professor of English at Mary Washington University. His other books include Not the Other Avant-Garde: The Transnational Foundations of Avant-Garde Performance. Cindy Rosenthal is Associate Professor of Theatre Studies, Hofstra University. “A useful introduction to an eclectic period of experimental theater, providing portraits of the major political theaters and engaging with new vigor many of the era’s familiar aesthetic and ideological concerns. The writers offer a provocative history of theater’s attraction to (and occasional anxiety over) activism.” --Marc Robinson, Yale University


ISBN: UOM:39015067517576
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Theaters

Issues for 1965- include "Recent publications on theatre architecture," no. 13/14-

Bodied spaces

Author: Stanton B. Garner
Publisher: Cornell Univ Pr
ISBN: 0801430399
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Drama

Adolphe Appia

Author: Richard C. Beacham
ISBN: 3895811521
Release Date: 2006

The Public and Performance

Author: Michael Hays
Publisher: Ann Arbor, Mich. : UMI Research Press
ISBN: UOM:39015008614888
Release Date: 1981
Genre: Performing Arts