The human connection

Author: Ashley Montagu
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0070428409
Release Date: 1979
Genre: Social Science

The well-known anthropologist and social biologist explores the subtle vocabulary of kinesics, or communicative body motion, to better understand the significance of such silent signals as posture, gesture, and eye and facial movements in encounter ritual

The Human Connection

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781771600576
Release Date: 2014-10-31
Genre: Photography

Place of publication transcribed from publisher's website.

One Minute More

Author: Terrie Anderson
Publisher: Terrie Anderson
ISBN: 0980724848
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Self-Help

"... This book is is about how humans interact at a higher level than simple voice, or written communication. ... it is a practical guide in how to reach customers, peers, leaders and colleagues, and connect with them."--Back cover.


Author: Samantha Hess
ISBN: 0991515404
Release Date: 2014-02-14
Genre: Interpersonal relations

Technology allows us to communicate across vast distances but something is lost in translation. Busy lives result in neglected relationships and patterns of behavior that discourage intimacy. Touch: The Power of Human Connection illustrates 19 positions designed to bring you closer to the people you value and achieve true fulfillment. More importantly, Touch reveals the science behind cuddling and why it is such a fundamental need. While no book guarantees happiness, Touch comes awfully close. This book shows you how to improve your health, boost your personal energy, strengthen your relationships, satisfy your partner and approach life with confidence. Samantha Hess created a work of astonishing power and grace.

Soul Friends

Author: Stephen Cope
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781401951665
Release Date: 2017-04-04
Genre: Self-Help

Braving the Wilderness

Author: Brené Brown
ISBN: 9780812995848
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A life-changing book that uses new research to challenge old beliefs about belonging.


Author: Carol L. Fernow
ISBN: 0964316056
Release Date: 1995-02-01
Genre: Medical care

"...a MAJOR STEP FORWARD IN THE PROCESS OF REFORMING THE PATIENT- DOCTOR RELATIONSHIP...(It) offers the most concrete & practical assistance I have yet seen...The COACH PROGRAM will improve communication, facilitate a more appropriate balance of power between patients & doctors... of great interest & use to individuals...of even greater interest to practitioners & health care organizations who might consider distributing it to their patients."--Anthony L. Suchman, M.D., Highland Hospital, Rochester, N.Y. COACH teaches people to look at doctors in a brand new way -- AS PARTNERS. It shows them how to keep accurate medical records that are up-dated at every visit. Patients who understand their histories & the connection between diagnoses & treatments narrow the information gap between themselves & their doctors. Good two- way communication helps patients & doctors to make maximum use of the doctors' medical skills to hasten the healing process. COACH does not neglect the psychological pitfalls commonly found in doctors' offices. Readers are given scenarios that can humiliate or diminish them & shown how to handle them without loss of dignity or self-respect. Available from Book Call, 1-800-255-2665. In CT or world-wide (203) 966-5470. FAX 1-203-966-4329. $16.95 plus handling. Discounts for bulk orders.

Soul Friends

Author: Stephen Cope
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781401951665
Release Date: 2017-04-04
Genre: Self-Help

Future Presence

Author: Peter Rubin
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780062566720
Release Date: 2018-04-17
Genre: Technology & Engineering

A Wired senior editor and virtual reality expert presents a captivating, candid glimpse into the future "realities" of this emerging technology: how we will use it to form previously impossible relationships, explore new frontiers of intimacy, and how it will forever change human connection. Heralded as the most significant technological innovation since the smartphone, virtual reality is poised to transform our very notions of life and humanity. Though this tech is still in its infancy, to those on the inside, it is the future. VR will change how we work, how we experience entertainment, how we feel pleasure and other emotions, how we see ourselves, and most importantly, how we relate to each other in the real world. And we will never be the same. Peter Rubin, senior culture editor for Wired and the industry’s go-to authority on the subject, calls it an "intimacy engine." While once we needed another person to feel the sensations of closeness, trust, vulnerability, confidence, and titillation, VR will give us the ability to induce these sensations by ourselves for the first time in human history. This metamorphosis, Rubin argues, is going to have a powerful impact on relationships that will ripple throughout our society and our individual lives. A journey into this uncertain future and a glimpse at the cultural implications and promises of a new reality, Future Presence explores a host of complex questions about what makes us human, what connects us, and what is real. Offering a glimpse into the mind-blowing things happening in universities, labs, and tech companies around the world, Rubin leads readers on an entertaining tour of the weirdest, wildest corners of this fascinating new universe. Describing this book as "half travelogue and half crystal ball", Rubin will: Introduce readers to the creators and consumers of VR technology Show readers what an experience is like inside the current VR devices Explain how this technology will upend everything we know about human connection in the future At once the incredible, inevitable story of virtual reality’s rise and a look towards the future of our fantasies, Future Presence is a deeply personal examination of what connects us, and an analysis of what relationships, empathy, and sex could look like—sooner than we think.

The Animal Connection A New Perspective on What Makes Us Human

Author: Pat Shipman
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393082227
Release Date: 2011-06-13
Genre: Science

A bold, illuminating new take on the love of animals that drove human evolution. Why do humans all over the world take in and nurture other animals? This behavior might seem maladaptive—after all, every mouthful given to another species is one that you cannot eat—but in this heartening new study, acclaimed anthropologist Pat Shipman reveals that our propensity to domesticate and care for other animals is in fact among our species' greatest strengths. For the last 2.6 million years, Shipman explains, humans who coexisted with animals enjoyed definite adaptive and cultural advantages. To illustrate this point, Shipman gives us a tour of the milestones in human civilization-from agriculture to art and even language—and describes how we reached each stage through our unique relationship with other animals. The Animal Connection reaffirms our love of animals as something both innate and distinctly human, revealing that the process of domestication not only changed animals but had a resounding impact on us as well.