How Israel Became a People

Author: Ralph K. Hawkins
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 9781426755439
Release Date: 2013-02-01
Genre: Religion

How did Israel become a people? Is the biblical story accurate? In what sense, if any, is the biblical story true? Are the origins of these ancient people lost in myth or is there hope to discovering who they were and how they lived? These questions divide students and scholars alike. While many believe the "Conquest" is only a fable, this book will present a different view. Using biblical materials and the new archaeological data, this title tells how the ancient Israelites settled in Canaan and became the people of Israel. The stakes for understanding the history of ancient Israel are high. The Old Testament tells us that Yahweh led the Hebrews into the land of Canaan and commanded them to drive its indigenous inhabitants out and settle in their place. This account has often served as justification for the possession of the land by the modern state of Israel. Archaeology is a "weapon" in the debate, used by both Israelis and Palestinians trying to write each other out of the historical narrative. This book provides needed background for the issues and will be of interest to those concerned with the complexity of Arab-Israeli relations.

Proclaim Jubilee

Author: Maria Harris
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 0664256619
Release Date: 1996-01-01
Genre: Religion

The biblical Jubilee that was celebrated once every fifty years is referred to in Leviticus 25 as the "Sabbath of Sabbaths". Its requirements included that the land lie fallow, all debts be forgiven, captives be freed, and a celebration held. Maria Harris considers the implications of a living Jubilee for today and for the next century. She offers a compelling argument that a living Jubilee is a comprehensive spirituality that would have a positive political, economic, and moral impact on individuals, families, religious congregations, institutions, and nations.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks s Haggadah

Author: Jonathan Sacks
Publisher: Continuum Intl Pub Group
ISBN: STANFORD:36105114201762
Release Date: 2006-02-14
Genre: Religion

The seder service on Pesach is the oldest surviving ritual in the Western world, dating back some 3,300 years.Through the Haggadah more than a hundred generations of Jews have handed on their story to their children.Few texts have received more attention than the Haggadah. There are thousands of commentaries, and more are published each year. Anyone who contemplates adding to this number must ask not Why is this night different? But Why is this edition different? My answer is that I wrote this commentary because, amongst all the many I have read, I could not find one that explained in their full richness and scope the fundamental themes of the Pesach story: the Jewish concept of a free society, the role of memory in shaping Jewish identity, and the unique connection that exists in Judaism between spirituality and society, giving rise to what I have called elsewhere the politics of hope. Nor could I find a Haggada that told me in detail about the role of Pesach in shaping Jewish identity through the millennia, or its influence on Western thought as a whole.

The Politics of Religion and the Religion of Politics

Author: Ira Sharkansky
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739101099
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Political Science

Prominent political theorist Ira Sharkansky looks at the intersection of religion and politics, using the case of Israel where a chief rabbi officiates along with a prime minister to examine how the two inform each other. Focusing more on similarities than differences, Sharkansky demonstrates that both religion and politics can justify their position on the moral high ground. Both are involved in shaping our values and standard of living; however, neither religion nor politics can claim a monopoly of virtue: Political demagogues have their religious equivalents in self-serving prophets and false messiahs, and politicians and religious leaders both may violate the morality that they preach. Sharkansky examines the place of intellectual certainty, doubt, charisma, and passion in both realms. He argues that Israel, among other Western democracies where politics and religion intersect, supports a successful fusion of the two."

The Betrothed Bride of Messiah

Author: Rick Deadmond
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781602661516
Release Date: 2007-03-01
Genre: Religion

From the very beginning, God planned an eternal marriage with redeemed man. There are seven holy rehearsals that God has given mankind to learn and experience His plan. The material covered in this book is based upon the Scripture coupled with ancient rabbinic commentaries and interpretation. (Biblical Studies)

Dismantling the Big Lie

Author: Steven L. Jacobs
Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.
ISBN: 0881257850
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Social Science

This is the first work that refutes, in a detailed and specific fashion, the claims made in the classic anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. While other attempts have been made to explore the history or context of The Protocols, this work sets out the themes and claims of each of the 24 protocols, and then offers, protocol by protocol, a detailed refutation. Since the protocols claim to be exposing a hidden conspiracy rooted in Jewish tradition, the refutation is accomplished by showing how authentic Jewish texts and authorities have actually addressed the themes that the protocols speak about. The positions cited are drawn from the range of Jewish history and traditions. There are also chapters that explore current use of the protocols by modern extremists, as well as the new life given to them by the internet. In addition to the introduction, there is also a thematic index attached.

Thinking Jewish

Author: Ronald A. Brauner
ISBN: STANFORD:36105111771726
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Jewish way of life