The Land Without A Banking Law

Author: Michael Magnusson
Publisher: Opus Operis LLP
ISBN: 9780957543812
Release Date: 2013-11-30
Genre: Law

New Zealand is generally perceived as a high tax country and has consequently not been a target in the international campaign against offshore tax havens. The fact is that New Zealand offers secretive zero tax structures for offshore activities and perhaps even more remarkable, a legal framework that allows for virtually anyone to start a Bank without being subject to any capital or qualification requirements. New Zealand Offshore Finance Companies are Banks, both in a legal and practical sense, but not Registered Banks under supervision of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. While there are laws in New Zealand regulating financial activities, there are no regulatory entry barriers as such for the business of banking when services are offered to non-residents only (offshore). This book will teach you how to form and register a New Zealand Company online and how to obtain registration as a bona fide Financial Service Provider (FSP) with legal capacity to offer banking services to any number of clients, resident anywhere in the world. The regulatory framework and upcoming changes to the relevant legislation are explained.

History of Paper Money and Banking

Author: William Gouge
ISBN: 9781257075614
Release Date: 2012-04
Genre: History

""As soon as Independence had been won from Great Britain, the decks were clear for a second fight. That fight, as is usually found after a successful revolution, was the fight to decide whether independence was to be true independence or whether, after the change of names, the financial system was to re-establish over the new government that same control which it had exercised over the old."" This is the story of the first 40 years of that war. A shorth history of paper money and banking in the U.S. An inquiry into the principles of the American banking system Letter to Andrew Jackson An inquiry into the expediency of dispensing with bank agency and bank paper in fiscal concerns of the U.S. Journal of Banking Banking as it ought to be Banks of the United States William M. Gouge and the formation of orthodox American monetary policy

The Hostage

Author: W.E.B. Griffin
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 144063727X
Release Date: 2006-12-26
Genre: Fiction

W. E. B. Griffin’s #1 New York Times bestselling series finds Presidential Agent Charley Castillo in the middle of an investigation into kidnapping, assassination, and even political scandal in this action-packed thriller. U.S. Army Special Forces Major Charley Castillo is tasked with a discreet mission by the President himself: to investigate the death of an American diplomat in Argentina and the kidnapping of that diplomat’s wife. With the woman’s children and family now at risk, Castillo’s running out of time to uncover the connections and truth behind it all. Amidst threats, murder, and a scandal tying the United Nations to Iraq, there is also a lot of money flying around—and some people will do anything it takes to get their hands on it...


ISBN: CHI:74640585
Release Date: 1843
Genre: Pennsylvania

Lynne Heitman s Alex Shanahan Series

Author: Lynne Heitman
Publisher: Diversion Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 9781626815476
Release Date: 2015-02-10
Genre: Fiction

Four aviation thrillers from an author who “melds the maze of today’s airline industry with intrigue and mystery” (John J. Nance). The friendly skies are anything but in these expertly crafted novels of suspense set in the cutthroat world of the airline industry, now available in one volume. In Hard Landing—called “an edge-of-your seat thriller that sweeps you up and carries you along for the ride” by Lisa Gardner—Alex Shanahan takes over Majestic Airlines at Logan International Airport, and discovers that her predecessor’s mysterious death may not have been suicide. In Parts Unknown, black market airplane parts put countless lives at risk, including Alex’s. In the “action-filled” First Class Killing, Alex goes undercover as a flight attendant to bust up a mile-high prostitution ring (The Boston Globe). And in The Pandora Key, a very cold case heats up, and puts Alex in the crosshairs of the Russian mob, as acclaimed author Lynne Hinton brings “the whole shebang to a taut, satisfying conclusion” (Publishers Weekly).