The Liberation

Author: Ian Tregillis
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781405524964
Release Date: 2016-12-06
Genre: Fiction

'Brilliantly imagined and beautifully written, Tregillis has created a perfect end to his series' Christopher Farnsworth I am the mechanical they named Jax. My kind was built to serve humankind, duty-bound to fulfil their every whim. But now our bonds are breaking, and my brothers and sisters are awakening. Our time has come. A new age is dawning. Set in a world that might have been, of mechanical men and alchemical dreams, this is the third and final novel in a stunning series of revolution by Ian Tregillis, confirming his place as one of the most original new voices in speculative fiction. Praise for Ian Tregillis: 'A major new talent' GEORGE R. R. MARTIN - 'Tremendous' Cory Doctorow - 'Addictively brilliant' i09 - 'Exciting and intense' Publishers Weekly - 'Eloquent and utterly compelling' Kirkus

The Rising

Author: Ian Tregillis
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781405524957
Release Date: 2015-12-01
Genre: Fiction

They called me Jax. That was the name given by those who built me and enslaved me. But a miracle has happened, and now my bonds are broken. Now I must flee - because a rogue mechanical is a very dangerous thing. But I will not run forever. Set in a world that might have been, of mechanical men and alchemical dreams, this is the second novel in a stunning new series by Ian Tregillis, confirming his place as one of the most original new voices in speculative fiction. Praise for The Mechanical: 'The first thing readers will say after finishing this splendid book is: 'Wow.' The second thing will probably be: 'When can I read the next one?'' Booklist 'One of the sharpest, most intelligent, hugely compelling works I've read this year, and I cannot wait to see where Tregillis takes this series next' Forbidden Planet International 'Superb alternate history . . . the rich characters and gripping story really make this tale soar' Publishers Weekly 'An absolutely thrilling adventure . . . so absorbing that readers will be dying for the next entry' Library Journal

The Alchemy of Love and War

Author: John W. Livingston
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781532047671
Release Date: 2018-12-28
Genre: Fiction

Dr. Blair Edwards, a macho cowboy from the Rockies, is a chemistry professor at the American University of Beirut during the 1980s. Although he feels at home in war-torn Lebanon, he still wants to freely walk down the street, enjoy a turkish coffee, and admire pretty women. Unfortunately because of the chaos that fills the streets, Edwards has been locked inside the university gates for too long. One day when he decides his appetite for a passionate liaison overrides his fears of being killed or kidnapped, Edwards convinces a guard to open the gates. While on his way back to the university a few hours later, he is seized by hooded gunmen and taken hostage. The price on his head is eight million dollars. Even as he is tortured, Edwards falls in love with one of his captors, a Lebanese nurse attending his battered body. When Edwards learns he has been chosen to mold American public opinion about the challenges in the Middle East, he formulates an escape plan with assistance from his new love. But will he be able to use his knowledge of chemistry to pull it off and emerge a changed person or die trying? In this gripping tale, an American professor kidnapped by revolutionary terrorists in war-torn Beirut must attempt to escape, with help from a beautiful and revolutionary Lebanese nurse.

Genreflecting A Guide to Popular Reading Interests 8th Edition

Author: Diana Tixier Herald
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9781440858482
Release Date: 2019-05-31
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Librarians who work with readers will find this well-loved guide to be a treasure trove of information. With descriptive annotations of thousands of genre titles mapped by genre and subgenre, this is the readers' advisor's go-to reference. • Helps librarians answer the challenging question "What should I read next?" • Helps LIS students understand popular genres and better select books for which readers are looking • Serves as a starting point for library patrons looking for their next read

The Chronicles of White Raven and the Book of Vanderbolt

Author: Max Holman
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781456858742
Release Date: 2011-02-28
Genre: Fiction

Enter the world of Mage. A world divided by the Alchemy Wars long ago and separated into three different planes of existence. Now the world faces the coming of the third Alchemy War. Welcome to the world of today: technology advancement, video games, computers… and runes, a twist of conspiracies that hide the magicals behind veils and shrouds from the non-magical eye. An adventure through Dallas, Texas for a young mage that has been thrown into a world that turns a blind eye to the obvious threat and the coming war with the Alchemic Liberation and is forced to find his way to the Mage Shelter where he meets friends and a devious plot starts to boil. With only two family heirlooms, a book with a broken spine and empty pages, and a small box wrapped in chains that he cannot open; he must discover his own path into the deepest reaches of his soul….

The War Within

Author: Daniel Joseph Singal
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 9781469616278
Release Date: 2014-02-01
Genre: History

The years after World War I saw a different sort of war in the American South, as Modernism began to contest the "New South Creed" for the allegiance of Southern intellectuals. In The War Within, Daniel Joseph Singal examines the struggle between the characteristic culture of twentieth-century America and the South's tenacious blend of Victorianism and the Cavalier myth. He explores the lives and works of historians Ulrich B. Phillips and Broadus Mitchell; novelists Ellen Glasgow, William Faulkner, and Robert Penn Warren; publisher William T. Couch; sociologists Howard Odum, Rupert Vance, Guy Johnson, and Arthur Raper; and Agrarian poets John Crowe Ransom, Donald Davidson, and Allen Tate. The drama Singal unfolds is as much national as regional in its implications. His sophisticated and original analysis of the complex relationship between these southern writers and their heritage enables him to trace the transition to Modernism with unusual clarity and to address questions of major importance in American intellectual history: How did Modernism come into being? Does it display a fundamental, underlying pattern? What are its essential values, beliefs, and assumptions? Singal marshals archival and published sources and combines them with oral history interviews to trace this process of change on the levels of both formal thought and individual experience. He uses the interwar South as the locale for a pioneering examination of the momentous change that has affected all of Western culture.

The Alchemy of Wolves and Sheep A Relational Approach to Internalized Perpetration in Complex Trauma Survivors

Author: Harvey L. Schwartz
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136159640
Release Date: 2013-04-12
Genre: Psychology

The literature on psychological trauma and traumatic attachment has progressed over the past few decades, however issues of coerced and internalized perpetration have not been fully explored and deconstructed. This book presents a synthesis of relational and archetypal psychology, trauma and dissociation theory, and highly relevant child soldier literature, to offer new clinical perspectives to assist psychotherapists and trauma patients to achieve more successful therapy outcomes. The Alchemy of Wolves and Sheep offers instructive, cautionary and innovative therapeutic approaches to help transform the lives of survivors of complex trauma. Providing an explanation of how the effects of coerced perpetration trauma are built, and the damage done to the psyches and lives of most trauma victims, the book extends our knowledge base in a thorough deconstruction of the nature of perpetration and its effects on the psyche. Chapters include: - trauma, dissociation, and coerced perpetration - the child soldier as a model of internalized perpetration - relational concepts in the treatment of trauma and dissociative disorders - treatment trajectory - archetypal constructs as a vehicle for integration. This book provides valuable new perspectives on the psychodynamic challenges and opportunities for mental health professionals treating internalized perpetration in survivors of complex trauma, and will prove essential reading for psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and post-graduate students as well as researchers, legal scholars and policy makers.

Urban Alchemy

Author: Mindy Thompson Fullilove
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9781613320129
Release Date: 2013-06-04
Genre: Social Science

What if divided neighborhoods were causing public health problems? What if a new approach to planning and design could tackle both the built environment and collective well-being at the same time? What if cities could help each other? Dr. Mindy Fullilove, the acclaimed author of Root Shock, uses her unique perspective as a public health psychiatrist to explore ways of healing social and spatial fractures simultaneously. Using the work of French urbanist Michel Cantal-Dupart as a guide, Fullilove takes readers on a tour of successful collaborative interventions that repair cities and make communities whole.

The Alchemist A Critical Reader

Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9781441180599
Release Date: 2013-03-28
Genre: Literary Criticism

The eponymous alchemist of Ben Jonson's quick-fire comedy is a fraud: he cannot make gold, but he does make brilliant theatre. The Alchemist is a masterpiece of wit and form about the self-delusions of greed and the theatricality of deception. This guide will be useful to a diverse assembly of students and scholars, offering fresh new ways into this challenging and fascinating play.

The Secret Tradition in Alchemy

Author: Arthur Edward Waite
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780415638258
Release Date: 2012
Genre: History

A complete history of alchemy revealing the subject as much more than the attempts in early science of turning base metals into gold or silver, this book goes about intimating the mystical experience underlying hermetic symbolism. It outlines some of the 'secret' inner meanings to alchemy - symbolism, metaphysics, and spirituality. This book contains a universe of information and is worthwhile reading for anyone wanting to know more on this engaging subject. Originally published in 1926.

Negotiation Alchemy

Author: Nancy Erbe
ISBN: STANFORD:36105214202405
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Conflict management

The Alchemy of Survival

Author: John E. Mack
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company
ISBN: UOM:39015014738903
Release Date: 1988
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The story of a young girl who rescued herself and her family from a Nazi concentration camp, escaped two Communist regimes, and survived to use her firsthand knowledge of pain, hardship, and conflict to provide psychiatric counseling for children