Life of Charlotte Bronte

Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 9781605205687
Release Date: 2008-12-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

As interest in 19th-century English literature by women has been reinvigorated by a resurgence in popularity of the works of Jane Austen, readers are rediscovering a writer whose fiction, once widely beloved, fell by the wayside. British novelist ELIZABETH CLEGHORN GASKELL (1810-1865)-whose books were sometimes initially credited to, simply, "Mrs. Gaskell"-is now recognized as having created some of the most complex and progressive depictions of women in the literature of the age. Gaskell's one work of nonfiction is this 1857 biography of her close friend, novelist Charlotte Bront. At once a triumph of the biographical form and a charming celebration of the writer by someone who knew her well, this has been hailed as a remarkably insightful and highly readable life of Bront, one that makes up for its lack of objectivity with its warmth, admiration, and respect. It offers a significant view of one woman writer's perspective on another's work at a time when women writers were afforded little respect at all.

Tales of Angria

Author: Charlotte Brontë
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9780140435092
Release Date: 2006-06-29
Genre: Fiction

In 1834, Charlotte Bronte and her brother Branwell created the imaginary kingdom of Angria in a series of tiny handmade books. The five novelettes' in this volume were written by Charlotte, and depict a aristocratic beau monde in ironic language. She creates an atmosphere of intrigue and destructive passions.

Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Brontë
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0883017296
Release Date: 2012-04-26
Genre: Fiction

With an essay by Elaine Showalter. 'The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself' Passionate, poetic and revolutionary, Jane Eyre is a novel of naked emotional power. Its story of a defiant, fiercely intelligent woman who refuses to accept her appointed place in society - and instead finds love on her own terms - has become famous as one of the greatest romances ever written, but it is also a brooding Gothic mystery, a profound depiction of character and a transformative work of the imagination. The Penguin English Library - 100 editions of the best fiction in English, from the eighteenth century and the very first novels to the beginning of the First World War.

Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Bronte
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780525505150
Release Date: 2010-11-30
Genre: Fiction

Part of Penguin's beautiful hardback Clothbound Classics series, designed by the award-winning Coralie Bickford-Smith, these delectable and collectible editions are bound in high-quality colourful, tactile cloth with foil stamped into the design. Charlotte Brontë's first published novel, Jane Eyre was immediately recognised as a work of genius when it appeared in 1847. Orphaned into the household of her Aunt Reed at Gateshead, subject to the cruel regime at Lowood charity school, Jane Eyre nonetheless emerges unbroken in spirit and integrity. How she takes up the post of governess at Thornfield Hall, meets and loves Mr Rochester and discovers the impediment to their lawful marriage are elements in a story that transcends melodrama to portray a woman's passionate search for a wider and richer life than that traditionally accorded to her sex in Victorian society.

Selected Letters

Author: Charlotte Brontë
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199576968
Release Date: 2010-09-09
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Charlotte Brontë's letters are our most direct source of information about the Brontës and the life of the novelist. Vivid and passionate, they describe her inmost feelings as well as the world around her in Haworth, Belgium, and London. They offer insights into her novels and the development of her literary style.

Stancliffe s Hotel

Author: Charlotte Brontë
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9780241251713
Release Date: 2016-03-03
Genre: Fiction

'Reader, if you're ready, so am I.' These witty vignettes, set in Charlotte Brontë's imaginary world of Angria, feature debauched aristocrats, high-society courtesans and the rakish, brooding hero Zamorna, and offer a fascinating insight into Brontë's early writing. One of 46 new books in the bestselling Little Black Classics series, to celebrate the first ever Penguin Classic in 1946. Each book gives readers a taste of the Classics' huge range and diversity, with works from around the world and across the centuries - including fables, decadence, heartbreak, tall tales, satire, ghosts, battles and elephants.

Mary Barton

Author: Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
ISBN: STANFORD:36105002432545
Release Date: 1849
Genre: Literary Criticism

Excerpt-I do not know whether it was on a holiday granted by the masters, or a holiday seized in right of Nature and her beautiful spring time by the workmen, but one afternoon (now ten or a dozen years ago) these fields were much thronged. It was an early May evening—the April of the poets; for heavy showers had fallen all the morning, and the round, soft, white clouds which were blown by a west wind over the dark blue sky, were sometimes varied by one blacker and more threatening. The softness of the day tempted forth the young green leaves, which almost visibly fluttered into life; and the willows, which that morning had had only a brown reflection in the water below, were now of that tender grey-green which blends so delicately with the spring harmony of colours. Groups of merry and somewhat loud-talking girls, whose ages might range from twelve to twenty, came by with a buoyant step. They were most of them factory girls, and wore the usual out-of-doors dress of that particular class of maidens; namely, a shawl, which at midday or in fine weather was allowed to be merely a shawl, but towards evening, if the day was chilly, became a sort of Spanish mantilla or Scotch plaid, and was brought over the head and hung loosely down, or was pinned under the chin in no unpicturesque fashion.

Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Brontë
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781784870744
Release Date: 2015-11-05
Genre: Heathcliff (Fictitious character : Brontë)

Wuthering Heights is the tale of two families both joined and riven by love and hate. Cathy is a beautiful and wilful young woman torn between her soft-hearted husband and Heathcliff, the passionate and resentful man who has loved her since childhood. The power of their bond creates a maelstrom of cruelty and violence which will leave one of them dead and cast a shadow over the lives of their children. Emily Brontë's novel is a stunningly original and shocking exploration of obsessive passion

Jane Eyre Collins Classics

Author: Charlotte Brontë
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780007382460
Release Date: 2010-06-03
Genre: Fiction

HarperCollins is proud to present a range of best-loved, essential classics.

Agnes Grey

Author: Anne Bronte
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486113951
Release Date: 2012-03-05
Genre: Fiction

Drawn from Brontë's own troubled life, this novel exposes the hardships of a governess's world and offers a rare opportunity to hear the voice of a 19th-century working woman.