The Lost World of the Old Ones Discoveries in the Ancient Southwest

Author: David Roberts
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393241891
Release Date: 2015-04-13
Genre: Social Science

An award-winning author and veteran mountain climber takes us deep into the Southwest backcountry to uncover secrets of its ancient inhabitants. For more than 5,000 years the Ancestral Puebloans—Native Americans who flourished long before the first contact with Europeans—occupied the Four Corners region of the southwestern United States. Just before AD 1300, they abandoned their homeland in a migration that remains one of prehistory's greatest puzzles. Northern and southern neighbors of the Ancestral Puebloans, the Fremont and Mogollon likewise flourished for millennia before migrating or disappearing. Fortunately, the Old Ones, as some of their present-day descendants call them, left behind awe-inspiring ruins, dazzling rock art, and sophisticated artifacts ranging from painted pots to woven baskets. Some of their sites and relics had been seen by no one during the 700 years before David Roberts and his companions rediscovered them. In The Lost World of the Old Ones, Roberts continues the hunt for answers begun in his classic book, In Search of the Old Ones. His new findings paint a different, fuller portrait of these enigmatic ancients—thanks to the breakthroughs of recent archaeologists. Roberts also recounts his last twenty years of far-flung exploits in the backcountry with the verve of a seasoned travel writer. His adventures range across Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado, illuminating the mysteries of the Old Ones as well as of the more recent Navajo and Comanche. Roberts calls on his climbing and exploratory expertise to reach remote sanctuaries of the ancients hidden within nearly vertical cliffs, many of which are unknown to archaeologists and park rangers. This ongoing quest combines the shock of new discovery with a deeply felt connection to the landscape, and it will change the way readers experience, and imagine, the American Southwest.

Soyala Daughter of the Desert

Author: Cindy Burkart Maynard
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9781543962635
Release Date: 2019-04-15
Genre: Fiction

Set in the waning days of the thirteenth century in what we now call the American Southwest, Soyala: Daughter of the Desert paints a brilliantly imagined and intimate depiction of a small clan's struggle. Beset by societal turmoil and personal tragedy, they are forced to abandon their homeland to seek an unknown future. Based on the archaeological record, it creates a plausible re-imagining of the great migration of the Ancient Puebloans during the most mysterious event in the pre-history of the Southwest. The drama plays out in the land of sage, sun, and sandstone.

The Oxford Handbook of Southwest Archaeology

Author: Barbara Mills
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199978434
Release Date: 2017-08-15
Genre: Social Science

The American Southwest is one of the most important archaeological regions in the world, with many of the best-studied examples of hunter-gatherer and village-based societies. Research has been carried out in the region for well over a century, and during this time the Southwest has repeatedly stood at the forefront of the development of new archaeological methods and theories. Moreover, research in the Southwest has long been a key site of collaboration between archaeologists, ethnographers, historians, linguists, biological anthropologists, and indigenous intellectuals. This volume marks the most ambitious effort to take stock of the empirical evidence, theoretical orientations, and historical reconstructions of the American Southwest. Over seventy top scholars have joined forces to produce an unparalleled survey of state of archaeological knowledge in the region. Themed chapters on particular methods and theories are accompanied by comprehensive overviews of the culture histories of particular archaeological sequences, from the initial Paleoindian occupation, to the rise of a major ritual center in Chaco Canyon, to the onset of the Spanish and American imperial projects. The result is an essential volume for any researcher working in the region as well as any archaeologist looking to take the pulse of contemporary trends in this key research tradition.

The Lost World of Fossil Lake

Author: Lance Grande
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226922980
Release Date: 2013-06-14
Genre: Science

The landscape of southwestern Wyoming around the ghost town of Fossil is beautiful but harsh; a dry, high mountain desert with cool nights and long, cold winters inhabited by a sparse mountain desert community. But during the early Eocene, more than fifty million years ago, it was a subtropical lake, surrounded by volcanoes and forests and teeming with life. Buried within the sun-baked limestone is spectacular evidence of the lush vegetation and plentiful fauna of the ancient past, a transitional ecosystem giving us clues to how North America recovered from a great extinction event that wiped out dinosaurs and the majority of all species on the planet. Paleontologists have been conducting excavations at Fossil Butte for more than 150 years, and with The Lost World of Fossil Lake, one of the world’s leading experts on the fossils from this spectacular locality takes readers on a fascinating journey through the history of the discovery and exploration of the site. Deftly mixing incredible color photographs of the remarkable fossils uncovered at the site with an explanation of their evolutionary significance, Grande presents an unprecedented, comprehensive portrait of the site, its treasures, and what we’ve learned from them. Grande presents a broad range of fossilized organisms from Fossil Lake—from single-celled algae to palm trees to crocodiles—and together they make this long-extinct community come to life in all its diversity and splendor. A field guide and atlas round out the book, enabling readers to identify and classify the majority of the known fossils from the site. Lavishly produced in full color, The Lost World of Fossil Lake is a stunning reminder of the intellectual and physical beauty of scientific investigation—and a breathtaking window onto our planet’s long-lost past.

A History of the Ancient Southwest

Author: Stephen H. Lekson
Publisher: School for Advanced Research on the
ISBN: STANFORD:36105124167052
Release Date: 2009
Genre: History

According to archaeologist Stephen H. Lekson, much of what we think we know about the Southwest has been compressed into conventions and classifications and orthodoxies. This book challenges and reconfigures these accepted notions by telling two parallel stories, one about the development, personalities, and institutions of Southwestern archaeology and the other about interpretations of what actually happened in the ancient past. While many works would have us believe that nothing much ever happened in the ancient Southwest, this book argues that the region experienced rises and falls, kings and commoners, war and peace, triumphs and failures. In this view, Chaco Canyon was a geopolitical reaction to the "Colonial Period" Hohokam expansion and the Hohokam "Classic Period" was the product of refugee Chacoan nobles, chased off the Colorado Plateau by angry farmers. Far to the south, Casas Grandes was a failed attempt to create a Mesoamerican state, and modern Pueblo people--with societies so different from those at Chaco and Casas Grandes--deliberately rejected these monumental, hierarchical episodes of their past. From the publisher: The second printing of A History of the Ancient Southwest has corrected the errors noted below. SAR Press regrets an error on Page 72, paragraph 4 (also Page 275, note 2) regarding "absolute dates." "50,000 dates" was incorrectly published as "half a million dates." Also P. 125, lines 13-14: "Between 21,000 and 27,000 people lived there" should read "Between 2,100 and 2,700 people lived there."


Author: Antiquity Publications Ltd
ISBN: 0003598X
Release Date: 1997


ISBN: UOM:39015068865057
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Archaeology

Includes section "Reviews."

Archaeology on Film

Author: Mary Downs
Publisher: Archaeological Inst of Amer
ISBN: IND:30000044697104
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Social Science

This document provides a comprehensive guide to archaeological films and video tapes of archaeological interest. Individual films and film series are listed alphabetically by title. Each entry includes the following information: title, series, date, length, color/black & white, format, purchase and rental prices, distributor/rental source, producer (when known), description, audience, level, and review references. An index organizes titles by subject. The document concludes with a complete guide to distributors that includes addresses and phone numbers. (MM)

Lost Cities Ancient Mysteries of the Southwest

Author: David Hatcher Childress
ISBN: 1931882940
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Take another fascinating journey with the always-engaging raconteur and adventurer, David Hatcher Childress. David takes to the expanses of America's Southwest in a full-tilt blast in search of weird and wondrous mysteries, anomalies and treasures! Join David as he starts his odyssey in northern Mexico searching for the lost mines of the Aztecs. He continues into Texas, looking for the Phoenician tablets of Big Bend, and the source of the strange lights of Marla. He continues into New Mexico, where he stumbles upon a hollow mountain with a billion dollars of gold bars hidden deep inside! In Arizona he investigates tales of Egyptian catacombs in the Grand Canyon, cruises along Devil's Highway, and tackles the century-old mystery of the Superstition Mountains and the Lost Dutchman mine. In Nevada and California, Childress checks out the rumours of mummified giants and weird tunnels in Death Valley, and searches the Mojave for the remains of ancient lake-dwellers.

Video Sourcebook

Author: Thomson Gale
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 1414400993
Release Date: 2007-10
Genre: Performing Arts

From classroom aids to corporate training programs, technical resources to self-help guides, children's features to documentaries, theatrical releases to straight-to-video movies, The Video Source Book continues its comprehensive coverage of the wide universe of video offerings with more than 130,000 complete program listings, encompassing more than 160,000 videos. All listings are arranged alphabetically by title. Each entry provides a description of the program and information on obtaining the title. Six indexes -- alternate title, subject, credits, awards, special formats and program distributors -- help speed research.

History Films

Author: University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus). Visual Aids Service
ISBN: UIUC:30112099987072
Release Date: 1974
Genre: History