The Loudest Silence Part One

Author: Olivia Janae
ISBN: 1999702964
Release Date: 2017-09-07

Kate, an up and coming cellist, is new to Chicago and the 'Windy City Chamber Ensemble'. During her first rehearsal, she is surprised and intrigued to meet Vivian Kensington, the formidable by reputation board president who also happens to be...deaf. As Kate treads the waters of a rocky relationship with the young and foolhardy Ash, she develops a tentative friendship with her cold-hearted boss. As she does, she finds a kindness and a warmth that she never expected. As their friendship grows into something more, Kate wonders, is Ash really who she wants? Or is Vivian who she desires? Is it possible for two women, one from a world of sound and one a world of silence, to truly understand one another?

The Loudest Silence A Gemini s Heart Song

Author: Natasha Guy
ISBN: 9781365099588
Release Date: 2016-05-17
Genre: Poetry

The people you love the most can be the ones who leave the deepest scars. When you are a two-sided coin with no middle, your life is composed of extremes. Living every day like it is simultaneously the first and the last can lead to severe highs and lows. When one experiences everything at max capacity, the resulting roller coaster ride can be overwhelming. In this instance, it birthed a collection of words that initially fell upon deaf ears. Sometimes more than proclamations are needed to promote understanding and complete the communication process. The hills and valleys of the journey are waiting to be heard.

Shades of Blue Part Two of the Loudest Silence

Author: Olivia Janae
Publisher: Heartsome Publishing
ISBN: 1999702980
Release Date: 2017-11-22

Kate and Vivian are both anxious to put their recent disagreement in the past. As they settle into their happy routine again, they are excited for the coming holidays with each other and Max. When Vivian's mother, the head of J. C. Kensington Foundation, pulls Kate aside after Thanksgiving and offers her a gift she never knew existed, Kate's spirits soar. However, it's not long before Kate learns that perhaps Jacqueline can't always be trusted. With allegiances torn, Kate must decide. Will she fight for the love she had been completely unprepared for? Or will she give in and let these lonely shades of blue overtake her?

Silence Makes the Loudest Sound

Author: Marvin D. Rogers
Publisher: Booksurge Publishing
ISBN: 1439269173
Release Date: 2010-02-22
Genre: Political Science

Silence Makes the Loudest Sound takes an unflinchingly honest and introspective look at the state of the relationship between African Americans and Republicans and discovers painful truths and reasons to hope. Drawing on his own experience as an African American and a Republican, Rogers invites you to join the conversation at the intersection of race and politics in America.

The Largesse of the Sea Maiden

Author: Denis Johnson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9780812988642
Release Date: 2018-01-16
Genre: Fiction

Twenty-five years after Jesus’ Son, a haunting new collection of short stories on mortality and transcendence, from National Book Award winner and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Denis Johnson The Largesse of the Sea Maiden is the long-awaited new story collection from Denis Johnson. Written in the luminous prose that made him one of the most beloved and important writers of his generation, this collection finds Johnson in new territory, contemplating the ghosts of the past and the elusive and unexpected ways the mysteries of the universe assert themselves. Finished shortly before Johnson’s death, this collection is the last word from a writer whose work will live on for many years to come. Advance praise for The Largesse of the Sea Maiden “Mesmerizing . . . psychologically revelatory, spiritually inquisitive, and grimly funny stories . . . Johnson will be remembered and revered as an incisive storyteller fluent in the comedy and tragedy of human confusion and the transcendence of compassion.”—Booklist (starred review) “American literature suffered a serious loss with Johnson’s death. These final stories underscore what we’ll miss. . . . Johnson is best known for his writing about hard-luck cases—alcoholics, thieves, world-weary soldiers. But this final collection ranges up and down the class ladder; for Johnson, a sense of mortality and a struggle to make sense of our lives knew no demographic boundaries.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “An instant classic . . . A masterpiece of deep humanity and astonishing prose . . . It’s filled with Johnson's unparalleled ability to inject humor, profundity, and beauty—often all three—into the dark and the mundane alike. These characters have been pushed toward the edge; through their searches for meaning or clawing just to hold on to life, Johnson is able to articulate what it means to be alive, and to have hope.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Just Listen

Author: Sarah Dessen
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101128527
Release Date: 2008-02-28
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

To find the truth you’ve got to be willing to hear it. When she’s modeling, Annabel is the picture of perfection. But her real life is far from perfect. Fortunately, she’s got Owen. He’s intense, music-obsessed, and dedicated to always telling the truth. And most of all, he’s determined to make Annabel happy. . . “This is young adult fiction at its best.” —School Library Journal Also by Sarah Dessen: Along for the Ride Dreamland Keeping the Moon Lock and Key The Moon and More Someone Like You That Summer This Lullaby The Truth About Forever What Happened to Goodbye

Shadow Haven

Author: Aj Schippers
Publisher: Ylva Verlag E.Kfr.
ISBN: 3955338452
Release Date: 2017-06-07

Julia's holiday on a private island comes with an erotic surprise when she encounters Alexandra, a professional dominatrix. An explosive first meeting leads to friendship and something more sensual and kinky Can Julia overcome her fears to explore a submissive relationship? And what happens when power is not just left to the imagination?

The Silence of Our Friends

Author: Mark Long
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781596436183
Release Date: 2012-01-17
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Follows the experiences of a white family from a racist suburb and a black family from Houston's most disadvantaged community who cross color lines to defend five black college students charged with the murder of a policeman.

Popcorn Love

Author: Kl Hughes
ISBN: 3955332659
Release Date: 2015-09-08

A prominent figure amongst New York City's fashion elite, Elena Vega is a successful businesswoman and single mother to an adorable three-year-old son, Lucas. Her love life, however, is lacking, as those closest to her keep pointing out. At the persistent urging of her closest friend, Elena reluctantly agrees to a string of blind dates if she can find a suitable babysitter for Lucas. Enter Allison Sawyer, a free-spirited senior at New York University. Elena is intrigued by Allison's ability to push her out of her element, and the young woman's instant and easy connection with a normally shy Lucas quickly earns Allison the job. After each blind date, Elena returns home to complain to Allison about her lacking suitors. As they bond, Elena begins to realize that the person possessing all the qualities she most desires might just be the woman who has been in front of her the entire time. The vast difference between the two women's social statuses, however, may be an obstacle not easily overcome.

The Light of the World

Author: Ellen Simpson
ISBN: 3955335070
Release Date: 2015-12-02

At the back of her grandmother's closet lies a mystery. After her grandmother's death, Eva finds a series of diaries detailing the life of a girl caught up in the magic of the Roaring Twenties. She cannot reconcile the young woman in these diaries with the miserable old woman she loved so fiercely. What happened to change her grandmother so drastically? Eva is desperate to know more about this period in her grandmother's life. What is the light of the world, and who is the mysterious girl that her grandmother fell in love with? Eva starts to investigate the puzzle her grandmother left behind. With the help of a local historian and his enigmatic assistant Olivia, they find a forgotten labyrinth under the city streets. But they are not the only ones down there. Someone else is searching for the light of the world.


Author: Kate L. Mary
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1533422176
Release Date: 2016-06-09
Genre: Man-woman relationships

In a world fueled by greed and corruption, where airships rule the skies and coalmines have been turned into prisons, Scarlett Moon has one goal: Survive. Being tough and looking out for herself is the only way to stay alive, but when her best friend, Rory, is arrested and returned to the mines, all of Scarlett's carefully built walls threaten to crumble. After being rescued by an airship full of pirates, led by the sexy and irresistible Asher Kimura, Scarlett finds herself surrounded by cons and fugitives, and thrust into the middle of a coal-smuggling business. When they take her to Columbus, the one place she never wanted to set foot in again, she wants nothing more than to get away. And her discomfort only grows as she becomes increasingly drawn to Asher. But everything changes when she discovers there may be a way to rescue Rory. Enlisting the pirates' help, Scarlett sets out on a mission to save her friend, praying that her overwhelming attraction to Asher doesn't mean the end to her freedom-in more ways than one.

The Loudest Roar

Author: Clair Maskell
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1548019615
Release Date: 2017-06-13

Angus has a fantastic roar. It is so loud, it gives his Dad a headache! But his roar doesn't always work, leaving Angus feeling sad, angry and alone. This book describes what it can be feel like to have Selective Mutism and how even though you cannot express things in words, you can still do amazing things.

Long Distance Coffee

Author: Emma Sterner-Radley
ISBN: 3955339106
Release Date: 2017-12-06
Genre: Lesbians

Personal trainer Erin lives a solitary life plagued by insomnia. One sleepless night on social media she is drawn to Isabella, a former CEO-turned-writer in Florida. Over midnight cups of coffee, they form an instant bond that will change everything. A long-distance lesbian romance about closing the distance.