Everything You Need Is Right Here

Author: Kimberly V. Schneider
ISBN: 0615587399
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Conduct of life

An empowering, accessible, simple yet in-depth manual for falling in love with yourself and your life once and for all. You're not doing it wrong. You've simply forgotten who you are, and why you are here. Breathe. Relax. Smile. Kimberly Schneider's wealth of experience as a licensed professional counselor specializing in spiritual development--as well as her own inspiring life--to create an entertaining and profound step-by-step guide to transformation. Using candid and authentic glimpses into her own and her family's personal journey, Kimberly takes us right to the heart of what it means to create our own reality.

Manifesting With Mandala

Author: Abigail Mensah-Bonsu
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1537078569
Release Date: 2016-08-20

There has been many mandala coloring books out there but none like this. In this book, I combine the power of mandala, the relaxation quality of coloring and the powerful ritual of setting an intention to help you to manifest your hearts desires in a big way all while having fun. With 21 different hand-drawn designs by Abigail Mensah-Bonsu, this coloring book was created to empower you in your manifestation. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "Circle." And this circle represents Wholeness. It is from this place of wholeness that we can begin to create powerful shifts within our lives. Mandala brings in the qualities of both the Physical and the spiritual worlds. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. To manifest the things we desire most in our lives, we must first tap into the spiritual realm then bring it into the Physical realm.How do you do this, you ask? This is where this book comes in. It is no ordinary coloring book. If you are ready to manifest in a big way and shift your life and your reality, then you have picked up the right book.

Reclaim the Magic

Author: Lee Milteer
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
ISBN: 1937907333
Release Date: 2015-04-23
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Our true magnificence is our internal power. Open up to ourgreater identity and go beyond our programmed boundaries. We are more than just human! We came to earth with the ability to create with our thoughts. We've just forgotten how. This book is here to remind us. Reclaim the Magic will evoke a consciousness shift and an awakening within you to manifest your heart's true desires. This book will give you the tools and concepts to claim your natural birthright power as a manifestor, become fully conscious of the abilities you have within yourself, and evolve into your authentic being. You are a spirit in a human body and are much more powerful than you have been led to believe. Since birth, we have been programmed by society, schools,government, religions, and well-meaning but clueless people that we are a victim of circumstances. We have been trained to think,feel, and believe that we have no power. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, we are far from helpless. The truth is, power in life is 1 percent physical and 99 percent spiritual. We can release the victim role and instead, adopt the role of deliberate creator. It is a choice we can make that will transform our reality forever. With our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and use of our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial life energies, we can manifest anything we desire.

Effortless Manifestation Magic and Miracles

Author: Michael Cesar
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1537251805
Release Date: 2016-08-28

Manifest Magic And Miracles In Your Life Discover The Single Most Powerful Method Of Manifesting Your Dream Life From Oneness! Within the universe lays a wealth of information that the human mind has only just begun to tap into. Manifesting is one of those sources which are readily available to anyone who seeks to obtain the miracles that the universe is waiting to impart on every individual. Similar to prayer and meditation, manifesting is a personal journey into the magic of self-discovery and a unique oneness with the world around us. Manifesting requires no special talents or skills, no special affiliations or religious connections, and can be done by anyone of any age at any time. Manifesting will change your life in ways you can only imagine and dream about until you grasp the simplicity of the art of manifesting and begin using the process in your daily life to obtain what you need both big and small. Manifesting is a lifelong skill that will change how you look at life in general, which will in turn change how you react to life and how you shape your very future. The magic and miracles that occur from the use of the simple skill of manifesting will indeed let you live a dream life that many have sought, but few have acquired.

The Alchemy of Miracles

Author: Ananda Finnikin
ISBN: 173078108X
Release Date: 2018-11-03

Are you ready to master the art of manifestation and begin manifesting money and success into your life? The Alchemy of Miracles isn't an ordinary book. It's an experience... a sacred tool box of guided meditations, intuitive exercises, full color reference posters, stunning crystal grids and other tools to help you manifest money, attract success and invite more magic into your day to day life.In this poetic, yet practical read, Ananda Finnikin makes the process of manifesting money and all of your deepest desires available to everyone who is ready to explore their inner magic. In the Alchemy of Miracles, you'll learn... - The basics of Sacred Alchemy and Manifestation and the steps required to manifest abundance with ease. - How to balance your energy so that you know EXACTLY what you need to release and what you need to embrace to attract success and manifest anything from more money to a loving relationship. -How to anchor the energy of your desires into the present so that the magic takes place... NOW. -How to clear the negative energy surrounding your ability to manifest your money desires.- How to expand your intuition so that you can expand your capacity to receive abundance. - How to harness the energy of the Moon's cycles to add power to your spiritual manifesting practice. - How to create crystal grids to raise energy and hold space for your desires (full color templates included!). - And of course... there's more! When you purchase The Alchemy of Miracles (print or kindle version!) you will receive access to a sacred vault of stunning digital downloads including: -3 Beautiful Guided Meditations -Money Attraction Checks-Pendulum Mat and Answer Key -Moon Phase for Manifesting Poster -Crystals for Manifesting Poster -6 Full Color Crystal Grid Templates for manifesting nearly any desire you can dream of. Manifesting abundance has never been this fun (or effective!).If you're ready to weave your inner magic to manifest money and success, The Alchemy of Miracles is the perfect initiation to your new abundant life! Praise for The Alchemy of Miracles: "The Alchemy of Miracles is a GEM for anyone who desires to alchemize the life of their wildest dreams. I absolutely loved how Ananda combined the power of thought, belief, meditation, crystals, pendulums, and moon magic into one single place. This book not only satisfies the woman who wants to manifest her desires, but also the woman who just wants to get into touch with her powerful and magical self. Ananda brings the woo in a way that makes complete and total sense. Great for the beginner and equally as great for the advanced who wants to take her journey from a whole other perspective and release anything that's left that's holding her back. Get this book. You will not regret it!" -Kathrin Zenkina, Creator of Manifestation Babe, author of Unleash Your Inner Money Babe

Magic Is Real

ISBN: 1732754314
Release Date: 2018-09-13

You are a powerful Magician. You manifested this book to help remind you Who You Are, and everything you can do. Real Magic can be performed to create your reality and achieve your dreams as you make progress on your spiritual awakening, and learn the answer to "What is enlightenment?" Dr Strange, David Blaine and the Sacred Riana all represent the legitimate, accessible truths of metaphysics and manifestation. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is teaching us, science and Magic are one and the same. The Quantum Realm can help you see the truth behind the multiverse: you are Awareness itself, and can shift into infinite realities. As Arthur C Clarke put it, is simply "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic." Learn the technology of Applied Consciousness that is behind manifesting miracles from David Solomon, an accomplished Magician who has experienced over 222 Siddhis, synchronicities, miracles, materializations, and psychic abilities. This book contains everything you will need to awaken your psychic abilities, become supernatural, create your destiny, and make spirituality fun again. It will remind you of your true Divine nature, infinite possibilities, and the richness of unconditional love. You can learn to channel, understand the secrets behind telekinesis and levitation, and tell the difference between fantasy and reality by understanding how to create reality around you, and program it.The 9-dimensional model of Magic helps draw clear distinctions between the subconscious, placebo effect, astral plane, causal / karmic plane, blessings, divine beings, and perceptions of nonduality or Unity consciousness. This map can help you explain paradoxes and the odd experiences of how Magic can exist for some people (but not others) in the same world. The first of seven books, Magic is Real is also available with an enhanced soundtrack and Epic Wizard Voice, available with Whispersync when you get the book on Audible. It's time to start learning Real Magic, access the power of your higher self, awaken your divine intuition, unlock your true potential, utilize your supernatural gifts, and discover your destiny. Go forth and remake your life as you've always wanted it to be.

The 555 Manifesting Challenge Workbook

Author: Kate Langford
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1731533594
Release Date: 2018-11-19

THE 555 MANIFESTING CHALLENGE WORKBOOK USING THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGICOF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ★ What is the 555 Challenge? ★ The 555 challenge, also known as the 55x5 or 5x55 challenge, is a popular manifesting strategy for getting the things you want by focusing on your desire throughout the day. It is perfect for any followers of New Thought, or the Law of Attraction. The instructions are simple: Choose what you want to manifest over a period of 5 days in a row. Write out an affirmation or statement into this journal 55 times per day. Repeat this for the full 5-days. See your desire manifest over time into your reality. The purpose of this challenge is to have you constantly focusing on your desire throughout the day. What you focus on, you attract. You may not get it right away, but with some practice, your belief will get stronger and you'll see your life growing more abundant each day. ★★ Features of This Journal ★★ A cute scrapbook-style, matte cover 150 pages Convenient 6" x 9" size so you can fit it in your bag and take it with you throughout the day. Includes 11 possible rounds of 5-Day Manifestations Space to write your Thoughts & Reflections after each round. A soft, flexible cover Instructions inside A perfect book for both beginners and the more experienced manifestors.

Susan James Manifesting Games Book 1

Author: Susan James
Publisher: Susan James / Vast Five
Release Date: 2015-06-07
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

There was a moment, years ago, when I knew there had to be a better way, an easier way to have the life, the peace, the harmony, the lifestyle I knew was there for me. It was one of those moments when you reach down inside yourself to find the real answers. I began studying things of a deeper and higher nature, but this study was going to need some practice if I was to be successful at it. I had to make it easy and fun for me, and The Manifesting Games of Susan James was the beginning of many Games and Courses, which began to change my life for the better. This first in the SJMG series has continued to assist me in many ways. For more detail on this 31 page, 1st in the SJMG series, please download the ‘Sampler’ which gives and overall summary of all three in the series of Susan James Manifesting Games. The SJMG Sampler may be found in pdf epub Nook, Kobo and Kindle

Manifesting 102 Beyond

Author: Susan James
Publisher: Susan James / Vast Five
ISBN: 9781591133766
Release Date: 2003-08-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Author/consultant James continues her user friendly physics theme in the second manifesting series "Manifesting 102 & Beyond" which includes the money flow game and the game of intrinsic value.

The Art of Happiness Peace Purpose Manifesting Magic

Author: Mr Craig Beck
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 9781329027534
Release Date: 2015-09-07
Genre: Self-Help

Have you always had the deep-rooted feeling that you are here to achieve something significant? Perhaps you have found a degree of success and still feel there is something important missing... then this series of books is for you. The truth is, you are not currently doing what you are here to do. Your body, mind and spirit were fine tuned to achieve something very special. Everything you desire in life will instantly start to appear only once you begin the journey you designed for yourself. Manifesting Magic is the PHD in life mastery, happiness, peace and a step-by-step guide to finding your purpose in this life. You are about to discover the answers to very important questions but more than that; you are about to get the tools to completely change your life. Whatever you desire can be manifested into reality, including more money, better relationships and perfect health, but the biggest gift this course aims to give you is peace.


Author: Zsuzsana Summer
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595262076
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Do you have questions? Many of our reader, people like YOU, have asked us—so join us as we share our discoveries about everything from Angels to Zen! Learn about: Angels and Spirit Guides Astrology Divine Guidance Dreams & Visions Eastern Religions Manifesting Abundance Magic & Mysteries New Age Changes Personal & Spiritual Development and much more… Discover the information that you need to live a more spiritually enriched life today!

Manifesting Wealth

Author: Taylor Ellwood
ISBN: 1905713924
Release Date: 2014-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

In Manifesting Wealth: Magic for Prosperity, Love, and Health, Taylor Ellwood shares a holistic approach to wealth magic that focuses on all areas of your life. True wealth, while involving finances, also includes your health and your relationships. In this book you'll learn how to manifest wealth by exploring what wealth really means to you, as well as as how you manifest it in your life. You will learn: Financial tips and resources to reduce debt and improve investments How to proactively plan for a happier, healthier life How to define what wealth means to you and start manifesting it in your life. How to create and sustain proactive relationships with the people in your life. How and when to apply wealth magic to manifest prosperity in your life. If you want to manifest wealth, you need to learn the skills that will help you proactively and holistically manifest it as an enduring part of your life. This book will teach you those skills and the magic to manifest prosperity, love, and health.