Time Bomb from Within

Author: Dr. Stuart Scheckner
Publisher: Abbott Press
ISBN: 1458205886
Release Date: 2012-10-25
Genre: Health & Fitness

“This book is a gem. It hits hard at just how simple it is to be poisoned from the vapors from mercury and mercury amalgam exposures and yet just how difficult it is to achieve understanding from anyone in either the health care industry or society in general. Dr. Scheckner is able to take the reader on a journey of just how simple it is for mercury to slowly and silently destroy someone’s life. People are being hurt, not only from the damaging effects of mercury on one’s health, but also from the battle that it takes to achieve acceptance and recognition that mercury poisoning is a disease. This is a compelling story that all too many people in our profession of dentistry and patients who have been treated with mercury amalgam have faced and, because of a societal lack of understanding, will continue to face, unless we start to wake up and stop using this insidious and pernicious agent. Time Bomb from Within: Mercury Poisoning in Dentistry is a simple but heart-wrenching read for every dental health care professional and anyone who has, or has ever had, a mercury amalgam filling.” —Dr. Nestor B Shapka, BSc, DDS, IAOMT; president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Toxic Teeth How a Biological Holistic Dentist Can Help You Cure Cancer Facial Pain Autoimmune Heart and Other Disease Caused By Infected Gums Root Canals Jawbone Cavitations and Toxic Metals

Author: Y.L. Wright M.A.
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 9781365394942
Release Date: 2016-09-13
Genre: Health & Fitness

READ “TOXIC TEETH” TO LEARN SECRETS ABOUT TOXIC TEETH unknown to most people, including most dentists. Sneaky and often silent, many dental issues may go undiagnosed for years, if ever. Mercury and other toxic heavy metals used in fillings, crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, and implants continually seep into every cell in our bodies creating heavy metal poisoning that triggers disease. Whether or not we know it, over half of us harbor gum infections. If we have ever had teeth extracted, it is quite likely that cesspools of infection (cavitations) bubble deep within our jawbones. Root canal teeth seed nasty infections, causing untold suffering. Dental infections spread into our brains, hearts, and other organs, leading to many kinds of diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases (allergies, asthma, thyroid problems), and facial pain. Prevent problems with your teeth and gums before they ever happen and reverse problems that you may already be experiencing.

Regrowing Hair Naturally

Author: Vera Peiffer
Publisher: Singing Dragon
ISBN: 9781848191396
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Medical

This book contains a wealth of easy-to-understand tests and advice that people affected by hair loss can put into practice straightaway. It covers a full range of natural approaches, from nutrition and hypnotherapy, to detoxification and bodywork exercises and includes a self-hypnosis CD.

Whole Health Dentistry

Author: Namrita Singh
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
ISBN: 9781599323602
Release Date: 2013-05-20
Genre: Medical

What do health problems like sleep apnea, diabetes, stroke, and oral cancer have in common? Would you be surprised to learn that they’re all likely to be discovered first by your dentist? When most of us think of the dentist, it’s in terms of getting that regular cleaning and exam. For some, it’s a visit we put off or avoid all together, because of bad past experiences or common phobias. But your dentist is an important member of your healthcare team, not just a glorified tooth polisher. Your mouth is the window to your whole body’s health, and your dentist is on the front lines of preventative care in keeping all of you running smoothly. In this comprehensive guide to oral care, written by a dentist for the layperson, you’ll learn: • The latest advances in oral care and cosmetic dentistry that can give you the smile of your dreams far more easily than ever before. • Why baby teeth matter, and how proper care now can save you and your child years of expensive treatments later. • The healthcare crisis of sleep apnea; not just among the middle-aged and overweight, but even among children, and what your dentist can do to give you back a good night’s sleep. • How poor oral care puts your whole body at risk. • New directions in holistic dentistry that mean less pain AND less medication. • The controversy over silver fillings; what are the options, and what should you choose? • Evidence-based dentistry and what it means to you as an informed consumer.

Dr Atkins Age Defying Diet Revolution

Author: Dr. Robert C. Atkins, M.D.
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781429955881
Release Date: 2001-01-08
Genre: Health & Fitness

America's most trusted diet revolutionary, Dr. Robert Atkins, has found the Fountain of Youth! Building on his more than 40 years of medical and dietary experience, Dr. Atkins offers his know-how to readers wanting to learn how the Atkins program can help reverse the aging process. You'll discover how to optimize nutrition, idealize hormone levels, rejuvenate aging organs, and maximize brain health. In addition, you'll learn how to: *Reduce the risk of many types of cancer *Prevent stroke *Prevent cardiovascular disease *Avoid adult onset diabetes--or reverse its effects *Cure arthritis Dr. Atkins' millions of fans know that the Atkins program works--and now he'll show us a new plan for living longer, better, healthier lives.

What You Don t Know May Be Killing You

Author: Don Colbert
Publisher: Charisma Media
ISBN: 9781599796635
Release Date: 2013-07-29
Genre: Religion

MAKE BETTER HEALTH DECISIONS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. You already know that proper diet, exercise, controlling your environment and rest can keep you in good health. But you're still not sure you're doing enough. You may have seen family or friends devastated by illness-even those who took great care of themselves. Could they have done more to prevent disease? What they did probably helped. But there's more to creating and sustaining good health than you may know. The truth is... WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW MAY BE KILLING YOU! Dr. Don Colbert faced personal health struggles, and when his own profession was unable to give him answers or help, he turned to more natural health-related disciplines. The answers he found surprised him then, and this new, updated information may surprise you today!

Tooth truth

Author: Frank Jerome
Publisher: Pro Perkins Pub
ISBN: UOM:39015043296691
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Health & Fitness

Revolutionary Powercycles

Author: Giacomo Fasano
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781503512535
Release Date: 2014-12-20
Genre: Self-Help

It's YOU against Lead! Who is going to win? Sweet you? Or Rotten it? I'd like to tell you how it can and should be you! It's a pretty big deal too, since if you back down and choose not to fight now, you will probably only need to fight twice as hard in the future when it bites you in the culo somehow. Then you'll have placed forth twice the effort only to only fall twice as hard in defeat in the end, whereas now, you can beat it with relative ease with just a little concerted effort and concentration. Sweating has officially arrived as that big new Diet for success! It is here, and it's here to stay! For its basis was well over needed, and its relevancy never before so apparent. Welcome to the world of Powercycles68 and becoming Lead free!! Most of all, welcome to the start of your new age. Starting slow and finishing fast is what the Powercycle68 is all about. You can grow your body, mind, and spirit to unseen heights just by starting now as opposed to later! I've personally taken it to the extreme with over 2800 Powercycle68 sessions to conclude that we are built to go through a self-healing process with hard physical exertion. Perception, Science, Facts, Mathematics, and Testimony all come together to show just how undermined this process really is. The conclusive magic of the Powercycle 68 Gold Zone is ridiculous on just how well it heels the mind, and positively influences all your bodies' core functions. If it didn't, would I be standing next to you now with a silly picture of me before and after a session? No! I wouldn't. Everything changes for the better, everything! With ease as well, as you become an upgraded SuperYOU from completely balancing out your body. This is going to be HUGE for the future health goals of everyone worldwide. The all natural miracle drug has set sail on curing all who embrace! This represents a spiritual roll down ladder from our divine creators themselves, to help us achieve the utmost pinnacle in our lives. One that shines with your glory and eternal happiness. Buy in now, and you'll be bought out later... It's time to get the Lead people! It's time for a Revolution! May you be well inspired! With highest regards, Giacomo Fasano