The Monastic Order in Yorkshire 1069 1215

Author: Janet Burton
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521034469
Release Date: 2006-12-14
Genre: History

This 1999 book explores the dramatic growth of the monastic order in Yorkshire.

The Cistercians in the Middle Ages

Author: Janet Burton
Publisher: Boydell Press
ISBN: 9781843836674
Release Date: 2011
Genre: History

A full and comprehensive survey of the development of the Cistercian Order which emerged from the tumultuous intellectual and religious fervour of the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

The Cambridge History of Christianity Volume 4 Christianity in Western Europe c 1100 c 1500

Author: Miri Rubin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781316175699
Release Date: 2014-07-31
Genre: Religion

During the early middle ages, Europe developed complex and varied Christian cultures, and from about 1100 secular rulers, competing factions and inspired individuals continued to engender a diverse and ever-changing mix within Christian society. This volume explores the wide range of institutions, practices and experiences associated with the life of European Christians in the later middle ages. The clergy of this period initiated new approaches to the role of priests, bishops and popes, and developed an ambitious project to instruct the laity. For lay people, the practices of parish religion were central, but many sought additional ways to enrich their lives as Christians. Impulses towards reform and renewal periodically swept across Europe, led by charismatic preachers and supported by secular rulers. This book provides accessible accounts of these complex historical processes and entices the reader towards further enquiry.

Encyclopedia of Monasticism

Author: William M. Johnston
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136787164
Release Date: 2013-12-04
Genre: Reference

First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Durham Liber Vitae and Its Context

Author: David W. Rollason
Publisher: Boydell Press
ISBN: 1843830604
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Art

The several thousand names recorded here cast light on how the church in Northumbria interacted with contemporary lay and ecclesiastical society over six hundred years.

Learning and Literacy in Medieval England and Abroad

Author: Sarah Rees Jones
Publisher: Brepols Pub
ISBN: UOM:39015063227329
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Education

How did people know what they knew, and learn what they learnt? As Derek Pearsall's introduction makes clear this is the primary focus of this collection of essays published in celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the foundation of the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York. The learning materials included range from grammar books to mystery plays, and from court records to monastic chronicles, as well as liturgical and devotional texts. But the essays are not only concerned with texts alone, but with the broader and often fluid social environments in which learning took place. Many of the papers therefore question the validity of some distinctions habitually used in the discussion of medieval culture, such as the opposition between orality and literacy, between Latin and the vernacular or between secular and religious. All but one of the contributors are literary scholars and historians who completed their post-graduate work at the University of York. They are Joyce Hill, John Arnold, Linda Olsen, Janet Burton, Patricia Cullum, Katherine Kerby-Fulton, Deborah Cannon, Pamela King, and Stacey Gee. Katherine Zieman, although not a York graduate, is a most welcome contributor to the volume.

England and Europe in the Reign of Henry III 1216 1272

Author: Björn K. U. Weiler
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited
ISBN: 0754604675
Release Date: 2002-01-01
Genre: History

This volume of essays, based on papers given at a conference on England and Europe in the reign of Henry III, at the University of Wales, Swansea in April 2000, investigates the close political, economic and cultural ties that developed between England and its neighbours during the reign of Henry III. The essays demonstrate the variety and strength of these contacts between England and her neighbours, and by seeking to place Henry's England within a broader geographical and thematic range, contribute to a broader understanding of England's place within 13th century Europe.

Religious and Laity in Western Europe 1000 1400

Author: Emilia Jamroziak
Publisher: Brepols Pub
ISBN: UVA:X030273616
Release Date: 2006
Genre: History

This volume examines forms of interaction between monastic or mendicant communities and lay people in the high Middle Ages in Britain, France, the Low Countries, and Scandinavia. The nineteen papers explore these issues in geographically and chronologically diverse settings in a way that no English-language collection has yet attempted. It brings together the latest research from established as well as younger historians. The first section, 'Patrons and Benefactors: power, fashion, and mutual expectations', examines lay involvement in foundations, the rights held by patrons, and how they used these powers as well as networks of relationships with broader groups of benefactors. The authors demonstrate how changing fashions shaped the fortunes of particular orders and houses and explore how power relations between different types of patrons and benefactors - royal figures, kinship, and other social groupings - affected the mutual expectations of the various parties. The second section of the volume, entitled 'Lay and Religious: negotiation, influence, and utility', shows how lay people's ideas of the role of religious houses could impact upon their patronage of, and support for, monastic or mendicant institutions. Conversely, religious communities offered multi-faceted benefits - practical, intellectual, or spiritual - for the secular world. The book concludes by focusing on the rapid growth of confraternities, their relation to their urban mendicant and monastic contexts, and how the role and forms of confraternities evolved in the late medieval period.