Der Tod so kalt

Author: Luca D'Andrea
Publisher: DVA
ISBN: 9783641211394
Release Date: 2017-03-06
Genre: Fiction

Drei grausame Morde. Ein schweigendes Dorf. Ein Fremder, besessen von der Wahrheit Südtirol, 1985. Tagelang wütet ein gewaltiges Gewitter über der Bletterbach-Schlucht. Drei junge Einheimische aus dem nahegelegenen Siebenhoch kehren von einer Wanderung nicht zurück – schließlich findet ein Suchtrupp ihre Leichen, aufs Brutalste entstellt. Den Täter vermutet man im Bekanntenkreis, doch das Dorf hüllt sich in eisiges Schweigen. Dreißig Jahre später beginnt ein Fremder unangenehme Fragen zu stellen. Jeder warnt ihn vor den Konsequenzen, allen voran sein Schwiegervater, der die Toten damals gefunden hat. Doch Jeremiah Salinger, der seiner Frau in ihr Heimatdorf gefolgt ist, lässt nicht locker – und wird schon bald seine Neugier bereuen. Ein Fluch scheint alle zu verfolgen, die sich mit den Morden beschäftigen. Ist dort unten am Bletterbach etwas Furchtbares wieder erwacht? Etwas, so uralt wie die Erde selbst ...

Zwischen zwei Leben The Mountain Between Us

Author: Charles Martin
Publisher: Ullstein Buchverlage
ISBN: 9783843716659
Release Date: 2017-12-01
Genre: Fiction

Eine Katastrophe, die zwei Menschen für immer verbindet: Als Bens und Ashleys Flugzeug abstürzt, kämpfen sie in der Wildnis ums Überleben. Ashley war auf dem Weg zu ihrer Hochzeit, Bens Beziehung ist am Ende. Während die Aussicht auf Rettung schwindet, erzählt Ben seine Geschichte. Und Ashley fühlt sich immer mehr zu ihm hingezogen - doch auf seinem Leben lastet ein schreckliches Geheimnis.

My Side of the Mountain

Author: Jean Craighead George
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0590065718
Release Date: 1997-06
Genre: Education

Includes an author biography, chapter summaries, discussion questions, reproducibles, and cross-curricular activities for students of all learning styles for George's novel, "My Side of the Mountain"

Tourism in the Mountain South

Author: C. Brenden Martin
Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press
ISBN: 1572335750
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Business & Economics

"C. Brenden Martin examines tourism in the context of the transformation of transportation networks, urban and rural community development, and the changing role of government in regulating tourism. Martin illustrates how tourism represents a double-edged sword, cutting both ways in its impact on the region. It is a transformative force that has accelerated the modernization of the Mountain South in many ways, and yet tourism has also provided the main economic rationale for the region's cultural, historical, and environmental preservation movements."--BOOK JACKET.

The Old Man of the Mountain

Author: Robert Hutchinson
Publisher: Browntrout Publishers
ISBN: 0763181196
Release Date: 2003-06
Genre: Nature

A photographic tribute also describes the history and geology of the Old Man of the Mountain, which suddenly collapsed on May 3, 2003.

Fog on the Mountain

Author: Tim Kelly
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc
ISBN: 0822204126
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Drama

King of the Mountain

Author: Pete Fromm
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 081170937X
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Fiction

Eighteen stories deal with people's relationship to nature, including a first-time hunter, a hunting accident, a fisherman and his deaf brother, and a college boy's difficult relationship with his alcoholic father

The Mountain Environment

Author: Clare Hibbert
Publisher: Evans Brothers
ISBN: 0237528800
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Mountain ecology

Following on from the hugely successful Start-Up Geography, Step-Up Geography has been created specifically to support the schemes of work in the Geography Curriculum at KS2 - the next step up! Highly illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams, each spread addresses a particular topic. Text is clear and divided into easily digestible paragraphs, whilst key words are highlighted. Suggestion boxes throughout each book provide activities and tips for the reader, whilst a spread at the back for teachers and parents provides more activity suggestions and advice on how to use the book with children. Every book provides enough material to last forever!

Climbing the Mountain

Author: Kirk Douglas
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743214384
Release Date: 2001-10-27
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

With the simple power and astonishing candor that made his 1988 autobiography, The Ragman's Son, a number one international bestseller, Kirk Douglas now shares his quest for spirituality and Jewish identity -- and his heroic fight to overcome crippling injuries and a devastating stroke. On February 13, 1991, at the age of seventy-four, Kirk Douglas, star of such major motion-picture classics as Champion, Spartacus, and Paths of Glory, was in a helicopter crash, in which two people died and he himself sustained severe back injuries. As he lay in the hospital recovering, he kept wondering: Why had two younger men died while he, who had already lived his life fully, survived? The question drove this son of a Russian-Jewish ragman to a search for his roots and on a long journey of self-discovery -- a quest not only for the meaning of life and his own relationship with God, but for his own identity as a Jew. Through the study of the Bible, Kirk Douglas found a new spirituality and purpose. His newfound faith deeply enriched his relationship with his own children and taught him -- a man who had always been famously demanding and impatient -- to listen to others and, above all, to hear his own inner voice. Told with warmth, wit, much humor, and deep passion, Climbing the Mountain is inspirational in the very best sense of the word.

The Mountain of Truth

Author: Dale Bick Carlson
Publisher: Bick Publishing House
ISBN: 1884158307
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

While staying at an international summer camp in Tibet, Peter's older brother leads him to a remote monastery and introduces him to a new mystic order.

Fire on the Mountain

Author: John N. Maclean
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743410380
Release Date: 2000-09-01
Genre: Nature

A gripping account of the tragic 1994 South Canyon forest fire that killed fourteen firefighters chronicles the string of seemingly small human blunders that contributed to the tragedy. Reprint.

Daughter of the Mountain

Author: Vella Munn
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781466832060
Release Date: 1994-04-15
Genre: Fiction

She'd set out for California, following her father's dream--a disaster haunted dream that had killed her family and threatened the child she struggled to save. Snow-cloaked mountains, beautiful but heartless, held them prisoner. Blizzard after blizzard left them aching with step away from starvation. As months passed, Jessie almost stopped believing in warmth, safety...and rescue. Daniel Bear was a wanted man, outcast among his own people, yet willing to brave the fearsome mountain to answer the settlers' desperate need. Daniel had held Jessie's life in his hands, then given it back to her. He'd won much more than her trust. The mountain had turned Jessie's dream of freedom into a nightmare. Captain Sutter's refusal to sell land to an unmarried woman threatened to turn her dream of a home to dust. But in Daniel's arms, Jessie learned to dream again--this time of love.

The Mountain Arapesh

Author: Margaret Mead
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412837871
Release Date: 1938
Genre: Social Science

For approximately eight months during 1931-1932, anthropologist Margaret Mead lived with and studied the Mountain Arapesh-a segment of the population of the East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea. She found a culture based on simplicity, sensitivity, and cooperation. In contrast to the aggressive Arapesh who lived on the plains, both the men and the women of the mountain settlements were found to be, in Mead's word, maternal. The Mountain Arapesh exhibited qualities that many might consider feminine: they were, in general, passive, affectionate, and peaceloving. Though Mead partially explains the male's "femininity" as being due to the type of nourishment available to the Arapesh, she maintains social conditioning to be a factor in the type of lifestyle led by both sexes. Mead's study encapsulates all aspects of the Arapesh culture. She discusses betrothal and marriage customs, sexuality, gender roles, diet, religion, arts, agriculture, and rites of passage. In possibly a portent for the breakdown of traditional roles and beliefs in the latter part of the twentieth century, Mead discusses the purpose of rites of passage in maintaining societal values and social control. Mead also discovered that both male and female parents took an active role in raising their children. Furthermore, it was found that there were few conflicts over property: the Arapesh, having no concept of land ownership, maintained a peaceful existence with each other. In his new introduction to The Mountain Arapesh, Paul B. Roscoe assesses the importance of Mead's work in light of modern anthropological and ethnographic research, as well as how it fits into her own canon of writings. Roscoe discusses findings he culled from a trip to Papua New Guinea in 1991 to clarify some ambiguities in Mead's work. His travels also served to help reconstruct what had happened to the Arapesh since Mead's historic visit in the early 1930s. Margaret Mead (1901-1978) was associated with the American Museum of Natural History in New York for over fifty years, becoming Curator of Ethnology in 1964. She taught at Columbia University and the New School for Social Research as well as a number of other universities. Among her many books is Continuities in Cultural Evolution, available from Transaction Publishers. Paul B. Roscoe is professor of anthropology at the University of Maine. He is a frequent contributor to anthropology journals, including American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist, and Current Anthropology, and is co-editor (with Nancy Lutkehaus) of Gender Rituals: Female Initiation in Melanesia. The 1992 recipient of the Royal Anthropological Institute's Curl Essay Prize, he has an archival specialization in ancient Polynesia.