The National Licensing Exam for Marriage and Family Therapy an Independent Study Guide

Author: Lucas Volini
ISBN: 0692537112
Release Date: 2015-09-17

Everything you need to know in a condensed and structured independent study guide specifically designed to prepare you in successfully passing the National Licensing Exam in Marital and Family Therapy. This innovative approach to effective and efficient preparation is tailored to the new format of the National Exam which is now far more application based than knowledge based. As other manuals contain up to 1,200 pages of text covering the entire field of Family Therapy in great detail, this author has condensed the same information down to the bare essentials of what is needed to pass the exam. This is not meant to serve as a thorough review of everything you already learned in graduate school; instead, it will review such knowledge in ways congruent to what the exam will measure. The philosophy of this manual was to teach you how to pass the exam as opposed to reviewing the textbook. The context contains a review of each primary theory to Marriage & Family Therapy as organized by the knowledge domains stated by the Association for Marital & Family Therapy Regulatory Board. To further grasp how these theories are applied to families (keeping in line with the application-based nature of the licensing exam), the author has provided a glossary containing narratives of each approach applied to the same family vignette. To further differentiate this manual from the other available options, Part I contains an overview of the exam, test-taking strategies and study techniques to ensure that your preparations are effective and efficient. It will also move beyond theory and into the other knowledge domains covered on the exam as well as provide a thorough glossary of all key terms and primary interventions labeled by the theory in which they belong. Finally, the manual includes a Practice Exam with correct answers stated along with a rationale as to why each answer was correct or incorrect. Contents include: Part I: About the Exam, Test-Taking Strategies & Study Techniques. Part II: The History of the Field of Marriage & Family Therapy. Part III: The Theory & Practice of Marriage & Family Therapy. Part IV: Clinical Considerations & Concepts Part V: The Practice Exam Walk into test day feeling confident and prepared after completing this Independent Study Guide. An affordable and effective resource made by a Marriage & Family Therapist for Marriage & Family Therapists.

The National Licensing Exam for Marriage and Family Therapy

Author: Lucas Volini
Publisher: Mft Licensing Exam Publications
ISBN: 0999818422
Release Date: 2018-01-07

Much more than just a practice exam! This notable addition to MFT Licensing Exam's line of effective and efficient study aids offers the first practice exam of its kind to applicants preparing for the national licensing exam in Marriage and Family Therapy. Providing the reader with far more than just questions, this manual begins with an overview of the national exam, test-taking strategies, study techniques, and a unique section on identifying and understanding the knowledge domains measured on the licensing exam. But the reader will benefit most from the 100-question practice exam weighted to the knowledge domains measured on the actual exam while maintaining congruence in rigor and structure. As Domain 1 on the actual exam measures "The Practice of Systemic Therapy" and accounts for 23 percent of the exam, 23 questions on this practice exam fall within Domain 1's criteria-and so forth. What truly sets this practice exam apart is the following chapter providing a through breakdown and analysis of each question as organized by the knowledge domain to which it belongs. Readers will not only be able to score their performance on the exam, but also review which questions were marked incorrect with a provided rationale AND measure how they performed within each particular knowledge domain. And to wrap things up, the author provides an in-depth glossary of key terms and definitions that span the profession and practice of Marriage and Family Therapy. Truly, this practice exam manual stands apart from the rest. Designed to supplement MFT Licensing Exam's Independent Study Guide, applicants can take their next step in test preparations by working through this comprehensive practice exam manual. With MFT Licensing Exam, you can rest assured knowing you TRUST YOUR RESOURCES.

Graduate and Undergraduate Study in Marriage and Family

Author: Jason D. Hans
ISBN: WISC:89078226354
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Family / Study and teaching (Higher) / Canada / Directories

Graduate and Undergraduate Study in Marriage and Family assists prospective students and faculty advisers in identifying and comparing 235 bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in the United States and Canada. Sponsored by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR).

Professional and Occupational Licensing Directory

Author: David P. Bianco
ISBN: UOM:39015037435750
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Occupations

Provides national and state information on the licenses and licensing procedures required for more than 500 occupations (and more than 1,000 specific job titles) in the U.S.

Study Guide

ISBN: UOM:39015051596420
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Social service

Getting Started with Neurofeedback

Author: John N. Demos
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393075532
Release Date: 2005-01-17
Genre: Psychology

What is neurofeedback? Neurofeedback is founded upon computer technology joined with auxiliary equipment that can measure the metabolic activity of the cerebral cortex. Neurofeedback training combines the principles of complementary medicine with the power of electronics. It is a comprehensive system that promotes growth change at the cellular level of the brain and empowers the client to use his or her mind as a tool for personal healing.Until now, there has not been a single comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide for clinicians interested in adding neurotherapy to their practice. Getting Started with Neurofeedback is a step-by-step guide for professional health care providers who wish to begin with neurotherapy, as well as experienced clinicians who are looking for a concise treatment guide.This book answers essential questions such as: How does neurotherapy work?, What is the rationale for treatment? When is neurotherapy the treatment of choice? Why should I add it to my already existing healthcare practice? The author also answers questions important to establishing a successful practice such as: What kind of training should clinicians get? What kind of equipment should clinicians buy? How can clinicians add neurofeedback to their existing practice?The first part of the book introduces the reader to the world of neurofeedback, its history and scientific basis. Case studies help clinicians apply what they are learning to their existing practice. Demos takes the mystery out of the assessment process and charts and examples of topographical brain maps (in full color) serve as teaching aids. Later in the book, advanced techniques are explained and demonstrated by additional case studies. The reader is shown how to use biofeedback for the body to augment neurofeedback training as well as being taught to work with the body and acquire a basic knowledge of complementary medicine.The book concludes by offering clinicians practical suggestions on marketing their expanded practice, purchasing equipment, finding appropriate training and supervision, and keeping up with the ever-growing profession of neurofeedback. Research and theory unite to demonstrate the clinical underpinnings for this exciting new modality. Some images in the ebook are not displayed owing to permissions issues.

Indianapolis Monthly

Release Date: 2008-02

Indianapolis Monthly is the Circle City’s essential chronicle and guide, an indispensable authority on what’s new and what’s news. Through coverage of politics, crime, dining, style, business, sports, and arts and entertainment, each issue offers compelling narrative stories and lively, urbane coverage of Indy’s cultural landscape.

Careers in Social Work

Author: Leon H. Ginsberg
Publisher: Pearson College Division
ISBN: 0205330746
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Political Science

Useful for social work majors or readers considering the possibility of social work as a career, this new edition provides updated career facts and statistics. This practical reference provides basic information on becoming a social worker, including information on accredited social work programs at all levels - baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral programs - as well as guidance on social work licensing regulations and procedures, fields and organizations that employ social workers, applying for employment, and even adapting to one's first job in social work. All of the information is provided in clear, direct language and in easy-to-follow charts and tables. This new edition provides up-to-date statistics on fields of social work, current addresses of professional social work and related organizations, and updated information about licensing procedures and regulations in every state. For anyone intersted in social work.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

ISBN: OSU:32437122089606
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Employment forecasting

Describes 250 occupations which cover approximately 107 million jobs.