The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm

Author: James Napoli
Publisher: Sterling Innovation
ISBN: 1402769520
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Humor

Offers brief and sarcastic explanations for the existence of things ranging from acne, a way that nature delays sexual activity, to zebra, an animal made to look fat.

The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm Postcards

Author: James Napoli
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 1454913916
Release Date: 2014-10-07
Genre: Humor

Long live snarkiness! When you need to impart your wit and wisdom to the world, these 45 snippy postcards will do the trick. The brainchild of James Napoli, executive vice president of the National Sarcasm Society and creator of The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm, this cutting collection will provoke thought, inspire laughs, and make people (especially the dull ones) very uncomfortable.

How to Swear Around the World

Author: Jay Sacher
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 9781452121833
Release Date: 2012-09-07
Genre: Humor

This essential phrasebook collects the most colorful, explicit, and outrageous ways to tell people off in every part of the world. Featuring dozens of different languages, the sayings range from everyday swears to family curses to expressions for X-rated relations with animals. Phonetic pronunciation is provided so that readers can curse like a native, and handy illustrations provide visual guides to these foreign exclamations. Perfect for the international traveler who may need to wish an enemy a painful death, insult a person's grandmother, or accuse someone's mother of having intimate relations with bears in the forest.

I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar

Author: Sharon Eliza Nichols
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312533014
Release Date: 2009-09-29
Genre: Humor

A collection of photos features misspelled and ungrammatical signs from across the United States and the world, along with captions that further clarify or amplify their humorous aspects, including "We are doing toilets cleaning, so sorry for the incontinence" (at KFC), "No parking aloud" (street sign), and many more. Original.

The Sarcasm Handbook

Author: Lawrence Dorfman
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 9781510723276
Release Date: 2017-08-22
Genre: Reference

From the author of the bestselling Snark series comes the premiere guide to satire, sneering, jeering, and mockery in their finest forms. A surviving knight of many a verbal joust, Larry Dorfman has become an expert at backhanded sass and cathartic banter. Featuring life lessons from the master himself, as well as quotes and quips by some of history’s sarcastic greats, The Sarcasm Handbook teaches readers how to deflect stupidity and express their inner dissatisfaction with a keen sensibility, hushing subtlety, and wisecrack wit. Included in these invaluable teachings are chapters on achieving the right tone, sarcastic bastards in history, as well as scenarios depicting some of the greatest moments in sarcasm. So pick up your copy today and start learning the art of disparagement through passive aggressiveness!

You Blew It

Author: Josh Gondelman
Publisher: Plume Books
ISBN: 9780147515803
Release Date: 2015-09-29
Genre: Humor

Well-connected and boasting impeccable comedy creds, Josh Gondelman and Joe Berkowitz have teamed up to dissect a range of embarrassing social blunders. Breaking down the dos and don'ts of modern culture, they muse upon getting uncontrollably drunk at a family BBQ, leaving passive-aggressive Post-its on a roommate's belongings, and drunk-tweeting before waking up to suffer the consequences. Merciless and irreverent, You Blew It! will keep readers in stitches as they show how making a fool of yourself is an inevitable part of life.

The Illustrated Dictionary of Snark

Author: Lawrence Dorfman
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781628734928
Release Date: 2013-12-13
Genre: Humor

What do Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, H. L. Mencken, Oscar Wilde, Robert Benchley, George Bernard Shaw, Jules Feiffer, Bill Hicks, Bill Maher, Phyllis Diller, Édith Piaf, W. C. Fields, Mark Twain, Voltaire, Charles Bukowski, and countless others have in common? Not a thing, other than each was a brilliantly snarky wit and all are included in this compendium of the original snark handbooks. Hear wit, sarcasm, and offhanded comments from: The Snark Handbook: A Reference Guide to Verbal SparringThe Snark Handbook: Insult EditionThe Snark Handbook: Sex EditionSnark! The Herald Angels SingThe Snark Handbook: Politics and Government EditionThe Snark Handbook: ClichÉs EditionThe Snark Handbook: Parenting EditionIsn’t that enough!?!?A minor literary success (beloved by both minors and miners), the snark handbooks have cemented their position in the literary world, high atop toilet seats everywhere. Now in one great big edition, this lofty tome promises to fulfill the need to chuckle, guffaw, titter, groan, and belly laugh as readers dip in and out of the great minds in literature, comedy, movies, music, and more. Proceed with caution.

You Drive Like an Asshole

Author: Tommy Blacha
Publisher: Running Press
ISBN: 9780762458837
Release Date: 2015-10-06
Genre: Humor

Dear Asshole Reading the Book Summary, Ever wish you could leave a note on the windshield of the obsessive-lane-changing asshole or the asshole with the Duct-taped-on fender? Assholes on the road come in all shapes and sizes, such as the ugly asshole in the Italian sports car, the proud asshole parent of an honor student, the asshole not paying attention to the road, or even the asshole looking at an actual paper map. For all of these assholes and more, this book is there for you to vent your frustrations, lodge your complaints, and leave tear-out notes for every road-legal offender you will undoubtedly encounter on the road. You’re welcome. Sincerely, The folks at You Drive Like an Asshole P.S. Stop dawdling and just buy the book already, asshole.

The Art of Sarcasm

Author: Aaron L. Smith
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523750782
Release Date: 2016-06-14

Aaron Smith returns with his second entry entitled "The Art Of Sarcasm" This picks up where "Way Of The Asshole" left off. Using satarical humor. Mr. Smith enables the reader to utilze there talents within by using banter and witty puns that some may have not known even existed. Sarcasm has been put out in many forms but Aaron does it in a way that is not only funny but enlightening. it is a true hilarious take on life, love and all in between.

How to Stay Alive in the Woods

Author: Bradford Angier
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 9781603762861
Release Date: 2012-03-20
Genre: Sports & Recreation

HOW TO STAY ALIVE IN THE WOODS is a practical, readable-and potentially indispensable-manual for anyone venturing into the great outdoors. Broken down into four essential sections, Sustenance, Warmth, Orientation and Safety, this enlightening guide reveals how to catch game without a gun, what plants to eat (full-color illustrations of these make identification simple), how to build a warm shelter, make clothing, protect yourself and signal for help. Detailed illustrations and expanded instructions, newly commissioned for this deluxe edition, offer crucial information at a glance, making How to Stay Alive in the Woods truly a lifesaver.


Author: Gregory Bergman
Publisher: Adams Media
ISBN: 9781440516146
Release Date: 2008-09-01
Genre: Humor

You order a large coffee with milk and two sugars at the drive thru, and wind up with a large black—decaf. You go to save the presentation that's taken you all week to complete—only to discover it's corrupt. Your bank slaps you with a $25 charge for overdrafting 25 cents… And all you can think is…WTF? Luckily for you, this book fills in the blanks and gives you humorous ideas for what to do when life makes them say, "what the f*#!?" Step by step, the authors take readers through inventively therapeutic, sometimes illegal, always hilarious solutions to life's many problematic situations. Whether it happens at the office or at home, out on the town or in the bedroom, life's most f*#!'ed-up situations are covered in this entertaining guide. Rather than turn lemons into lemonade, this book spits lemon juice into life's eye and gives it a good kick to the junk.

The North Pole Employee Handbook

Author: James Napoli
Publisher: Cider Mill PressBook Pub Llc
ISBN: 1604330430
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Humor

Discovered somewhere in the vast confines of a Newark warehouse used to store elf clothing for Christmas displays, this worn and tattered book blows the lid off the inside workings of the North Pole.

Big Bad Ass Book of the Zodiac

Author: James Napoli
ISBN: 1402747861
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Oozing with sarcasm and bursting with real-world advice, Big Bad Ass Book of the Zodiac provides the lowdown on your personality, career, friendships, and love life. Separate chapters for each astrological symbol (including those of the Chinese zodiac) make it easy to find the facts…even if you can't handle the truth! From why Aries often “fake it” to what leisure activities a Taurus enjoys (spoiler: saving money), this guide is a slap in the face that's good for you.