The On demand Brand

Author: Rick Mathieson
Publisher: AMACOM/American Management Association
ISBN: 0814415725
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Business & Economics

Call it the digital generation. The iPhone-toting, Facebook-hopping, Twitter-tapping, I-want-what-I-want, how-I-want-it generation. By whatever name, marketers are discovering that connecting with today’s elusive, ad-resistant consumer means saying goodbye to “new media,” and hello “now media.” Featuring exclusive insights and inspiration from today’s top marketers—as well as lessons from some of the world’s most successful digital marketing initiatives—this eye-opening book reveals how readers can deliver the kind of blockbuster experiences that 21st century consumers demand. Spanning social networking, augmented reality, advergames, virtual worlds, digital outdoor mobile marketing, and more, this book presents an inside look at digital strategies being deployed by brands like Coca-Cola, Burger King, BMW, Axe Deodorant, NBC Universal, Doritos, and many others. Revealing ten essential secrets for capitalizing on the right mix of digital channels and experiences for any brand, this book reveals how to demand attention…before the audience hits the snooze button.

The Brand Demand

Author: Johnny Worthen
ISBN: 1937556085
Release Date: 2015-03-05
Genre: Fiction

Galen is a liberal. Galen is fed up. Galen is a blackmailer. Brand is a jerk who has money. He had an affair and Galen found out. Now Brand has new problems. A criminal and self-styled Robin Hood, Galen must face down a ruthless enemy who does not share his ideological limitations. In the footsteps of Edward Abbey's THE MONKEY WRENCH GANG, THE BRAND DEMAND follows a group of political activists who strike at the system with cunning and guile while getting rich doing it. Galen takes risks and money, but when his plans go awry, he quickly learns that politics are no substitute for wits. Galen has to come to grips with his own boundaries of action and love while running for his life in Southern Utah. He has to stay under the radar, dodging skinheads and corporate moguls, LDS romance writers and cheating husbands and-of course and always-the authorities.

Price Theory and Applications

Author: Jack Hirshleifer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521818648
Release Date: 2005-09-12
Genre: Business & Economics

This seventh edition is designed for undergraduate courses in intermediate microeconomics. There are over a hundred extended 'boxed examples' on news-making subjects such as monopoly control of inventions, the effect of pension plans on savings, air bags' effects on auto safety, the UK National Lottery, internet auctions such as E-bay, use of lab experiments in economics, and fads in television programming. Almost every chapter contains several worked numerical examples with many answers appearing at the back of the book. The...

It s a Branded World

Author: Tom Sitati
ISBN: 9780557093809
Release Date: 2009-08-01
Genre: Business & Economics

This is the first book on branding published in East Africa by an East African and takes a wide view of both the local and global brandscape. Through the collection of selected articles, the book which makes for an easy read, also tackles the future of brands and branding.

The International Brand Valuation Manual

Author: Gabriela Salinas
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470685501
Release Date: 2011-11-22
Genre: Business & Economics

The International Brand Valuation Manual is a detailed and extensive review of the main brand valuation models. The book reveals the state of the art in the field of brand valuation and coherently relates major trends in the theory and practice of brand valuation. This “one-stop” source is for valuation professionals as well as financial and marketing specialists who need to have an understanding of the principal valuation methods. Salinas also analyses the respective efficacy, advantages, disadvantages, and prospects for the future for each method. The book: - Provides a thorough overview of all the tools available for the brand valuation practitioner. - Offers an informed view on which methodologies are most suitable for different types of applications, and explains why. - Acts as an all-in-one source of reference for specialists who advise clients on which methodology to employ, or who are considering adopting one themselves. - Features case studies and examples from Guinness, PwC, Rolls-Royce, Santander, Shell, Telefonica, Unilever, BMW, Hanson Trust, Cadbury-Schweppes, Kellogg, Coco-Cola, Mercedes, Rolex, among others. Gabriella Salinas is the Global Brand Manager at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Madrid, Spain.

Studies in Consumer Demand Econometric Methods Applied to Market Data

Author: Jeffrey A. Dubin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461556657
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Business & Economics

Studies in Consumer Demand - Econometric Methods Applied to Market Data contains eight previously unpublished studies of consumer demand. Each study stands on its own as a complete econometric analysis of demand for a well-defined consumer product. The econometric methods range from simple regression techniques applied in the first four chapters, to the use of logit and multinomial logit models used in chapters 5 and 6, to the use of nested logit models in chapters 6 and 7, and finally to the discrete/continuous modeling methods used in chapter 8. Emphasis is on applications rather than econometric theory. In each case, enough detail is provided for the reader to understand the purpose of the analysis, the availability and suitability of data, and the econometric approach to measuring demand.

Brands Competition Law and IP

Author: Deven R. Desai
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107103467
Release Date: 2015-07-30
Genre: Business & Economics

Introduces the emerging field of brand law and explores its interaction with the economics of modern branding.

Demand Driven Forecasting

Author: Charles W. Chase
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118735572
Release Date: 2013-07-16
Genre: Business & Economics

An updated new edition of the comprehensive guide to better business forecasting Many companies still look at quantitative forecasting methods with suspicion, but a new awareness is emerging across many industries as more businesses and professionals recognize the value of integrating demand data (point-of-sale and syndicated scanner data) into the forecasting process. Demand-Driven Forecasting equips you with solutions that can sense, shape, and predict future demand using highly sophisticated methods and tools. From a review of the most basic forecasting methods to the most advanced and innovative techniques in use today, this guide explains demand-driven forecasting, offering a fundamental understanding of the quantitative methods used to sense, shape, and predict future demand within a structured process. Offering a complete overview of the latest business forecasting concepts and applications, this revised Second Edition of Demand-Driven Forecasting is the perfect guide for professionals who need to improve the accuracy of their sales forecasts. Completely updated to include the very latest concepts and methods in forecasting Includes real case studies and examples, actual data, and graphical displays and tables to illustrate how effective implementation works Ideal for CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, vice presidents of supply chain, vice presidents of demand forecasting and planning, directors of demand forecasting and planning, supply chain managers, demand planning managers, marketing analysts, forecasting analysts, financial managers, and any other professional who produces or contributes to forecasts Accurate forecasting is vital to success in today's challenging business climate. Demand-Driven Forecasting offers proven and effective insight on making sure your forecasts are right on the money.

The U S Brewing Industry

Author: Victor J. Tremblay
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262201518
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Business & Economics

A definitive study that uses a blend of theory, history, and data to analyze theevolution of the US brewing industry; draws on theoretical tools of industrial organization, gametheory, and management strategy.

Public Health Branding

Author: W Douglas Evans
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199237135
Release Date: 2008-09-11
Genre: Business & Economics

In recent years, public health marketing and mass media campaigns have begun using public health branding strategies to change health behaviour. In the same way that commercial marketers seek to build strong relationships (positive associations, identification, loyalty) between customer and product/brand, public health branding aims to build positive associations with healthy behaviours and lifestyle choices.This book argues the importance of public healthbranding as a critical strategy in changing multiple behaviour of a population, and therefore allowing lasting health outcome benefits. It reviews and clarifies concepts of branding, brand development and identification; defines branding as specific to public health; reviews this within the context ofsocial marketing and health communication; and provides numerous international case histories to demonstrate commercial marketing strategies used across a wide range of topics in public health, for example reproductive health, obesity, and tobacco use.

The Global Brand

Author: Nigel Hollis
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0230615414
Release Date: 2008-09-30
Genre: Business & Economics

A top executive at one of the world's leading marketing firms analyzes the familiarity and strength of brands and establishes five steps towards increasing brand strength in a globalized world Rapid advances in modern technology present companies with quickly expanding marketing opportunities, but they also create an over-saturated business landscape that both helps and hurts brands. The Global Brand is a thorough investigation of brand strength in the accelerated modern business world. Nigel Hollis draws on his experience at Millward Brown to present a simple formula for determining brand strength based on two axes, Presence (or familiarity) and Voltage (or marketing appeal), to illustrate the market value and performance of brands. He analyzes the five steps of customer commitment to a strong brand--Presence, Relevance, Performance, Advantage, and Bonding. Finally, Hollis emphasizes human nature as a set of constant core values that all brands should appeal to, and analyzes the future of brand-building as a profitable investment. “In The Global Brand, Nigel Hollis not only corrects some of the misconceptions of the past but offers a glimpse of the future that is both perceptive and grounded in good business sense. Those who take the time to properly digest this book will save their companies a lot of money.” —Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer, WPP

Global Brand Strategy

Author: Sicco Van Gelder
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 074944469X
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Business & Economics

"A triumph...the definitive work on the subject. Should be obligatory reading for academics and practitioners alike." Simon Anholt, Chairman, Earthspeak, and author of Brand New Justice "His analyses are accurate and enlightening, explained in a clear concise fashion without being unduly simplified for advanced marketers." Jack Yan, CEO, Jack Yan and Associates "A wonderful piece of work, extremely comprehensive and should provide an invaluable guide for brand management and development." K.N. Tang Emeritus Chairman ACNielsen Asia-Pacific "His contribution to global brand strategy is a considerable one, marrying as he does an in-depth knowledge of how brands work to a keen awareness of cultural particularities." The Journal of Brand Management The purpose of this book is to clarify for brand managers what they must consider when managing their brands across diverse cultures and markets throughout the world. Each brand has its own particular assets and vulnerabilities when it comes to extending across geographic and cultural borders. Brand managers can find themselves faced with a multitude of complex issues, not least the language barrier. Global Brand Strategy is the first book to provide a rigorous analytical framework that can be used comparatively across markets to reveal how to extend the brand and realise its true value. Contents include: *The brand environment *The brand expression *The brand domain * The brand reputation *The brand affinity *The brand recognition *Local brand management *Harmonising a global brand *Extending a global brand *Creating a new global brand. Containing a wealth of analytical models, real-life examples and global case studies, Global Brand Strategy will provide fresh insights for managers and students alike into how to ensure the success of extending a brand globally.


Author: Celia Lury
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134529162
Release Date: 2004-08-12
Genre: Business & Economics

Brands are everywhere: in the air, on the high-street, in the kitchen, on television and, maybe even on your feet. But what are they? The brand, that point of connection between company and consumer, has become one of the key cultural forces of our time and one of the most important vehicles of globalization. This book offers a detailed and innovative analysis of the brand Illustrated with many examples, the book argues that brands: * mediate the supply and demand of products and services in a global economy * frame the activities of the market by functioning as an interface * communicate interactively, selectively promoting and inhibiting communication between producers and consumers * operate as a public currency while being legally protected as private property in law * introduce sensation, qualities and affect into the quantitative calculations of the market * organize the logics of global flows of products, people, images and events. This book will be essential reading for students of sociology, cultural studies and consumption.

Branding For Dummies

Author: Bill Chiaravalle
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118958094
Release Date: 2014-12-04
Genre: Business & Economics

Discover how brands are created, managed, differentiated,leveraged, and licensed Whether your business is large or small, global or local, thisnew edition of Branding For Dummies gives you the nuts andbolts to create, improve, and maintain a successful brand. It'llhelp you define your company's mission, the benefits and featuresof your products or services, what your customers and prospectsalready think of your brand, what qualities you want them toassociate with your company, and so much more. Packed with plain-English advice and step-by-step instructions,Branding For Dummies covers assembling a top-notch brandingteam, positioning your brand, handling advertising and promotions,avoiding blunders, and keeping your brand viable, visible, andhealthy. Whether you're looking to develop a logo and tagline,manage and protect your brand, launch a brand marketing plan, fix abroken brand, make customers loyal brand champions—oranything in between—Branding For Dummies makes it fastand easy. Includes tips and cautionary advice on social media and itsimpact on personal and business branding programs Covers balancing personal and business brand development References some of the major brand crises—and how toavoid making the same mistakes Shows brand marketers how to create brands that match theiremployers' objectives while launching their own careers If you're a business leader looking to set your brand up for theultimate success, Branding For Dummies has you covered.