The Preparation and Trial of Medical Malpractice Cases

Author: Richard E. Shandell
Publisher: Law Journal Press
ISBN: 1588520080
Release Date: 2017-09-28
Genre: Law

This book offers comprehensive coverage of the questions surrounding health maintenance organizations, including case law on the right to sue an HMO as well as its participating physicians.

Preparing and Winning Medical Negligence Cases

Author: Cyril H. Wecht
Publisher: Juris Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781578232383
Release Date: 2009-04-01
Genre: Law

Preparing and Winning Medical Negligence Cases - Third Edition has been prepared by prominent, experienced medical specialists, all of whom have had much professional involvement and interest in legal medicine for many years, many of whom have JD as well as MD degrees. Therefore, while the chapters present a wealth of solid information for a variety of medical specialists, they are primarily designed to address important issues that are undoubtedly of great value to both plaintiff and defense trial attorneys, as well as health care professionals, and hospital administrative personnel regarding medical malpractice cases. Preparing and Winning Medical Negligence Cases provides extensive information for lawyers regarding medical malpractice suits from both a legal and medical perspectives. It makes complex topics such as anatomy, physiology and pathology of various organ systems and the clinical diagnoses rendered by medical specialists accessible to lawyers bringing or defending medical malpractice cases. The knowledge and experience contained in this work will provide invaluable information for attorneys in both the pretrial preparation and actual trial of medical negligence cases. Preparing and Winning Medical Negligence Cases brings together the combined knowledge and experience of outstanding medical-legal teachers and writers for the purpose of educating attorneys about the difficult, variegated, and controversial subject of medical malpractice. It is difficult, if not impossible, to think of a legal area that has been the subject of as much oral and written commentary in the past twenty years as medical malpractice. Unfortunately, many of these speeches, publications, and special programs have generated far more heat than light on this complex and controversial topic. As a result, confusion and misunderstanding have precipitated hostility among a great majority of physicians toward lawyers, particularly plaintiffs' trial attorneys. Addressing this issue, this volume was prepared by prominent, experienced medical specialists, all of whom have had much involvement and interest in legal medicine for many years. Therefore, although the chapters are substantive, solid reviews from the perspective of medical specialists, they also are geared to address important issues encountered at the interface of law and medicine.

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Law 2019

Author: Jonathan H. Lomurro
Publisher: New Jersey Law Journal
ISBN: 1628814853
Release Date: 2018-06-28

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Law provides a comprehensive, reader-friendly guide for all medical malpractice practitioners. Discretely focused subheadings allow users to precisely pinpoint relevant discussions, and footnotes highlight helpful resources and explanations. The chapters address issues as they commonly arise through the litigation process--from considering the elements of a malpractice cause of action, through investigating and preparing a case, to managing trial issues. Chapters are organized to address the issues as they commonly arise for the practicing attorney through the litigation process, from evaluation of potential claims and consideration of the elements of a malpractice cause of action, through pretrial investigation and case preparation, and finally, to the trial. Footnotes provide helpful explanatory information and resources, and add to the ease of finding answers quickly. Descriptive and discretely focused subheadings allow the reader to pinpoint precisely the discussion most relevant to his or her concerns. Practice pointers appear at the end of each chapter to aid in navigating complex medical malpractice cases. Chapters 1 and 2 discuss the first essential component of medical malpractice causes of action, the breach of a health care provider's duty of care or failure to obtain informed consent. Chapter 3 addresses related but distinct causes of action such as assault and battery, fraud, breach of contract, medical records alteration or destruction and sexual misconduct. Chapters 4 and 5 discuss the second and third essential components of malpractice cases, causation and damages. Chapter 4 has been revised to keep pace with the evolving complex case law governing proof of proximate causation in cases involving pre-existing injuries, delayed cancer diagnoses and avoidable consequences. Chapter 5 discusses damages claims in general, and those particular to malpractice and wrongful death causes of action. Chapters 6 through 9 deal with issues related to pretrial proceedings and trial of malpractice cases, including pre-suit investigation of such claims. Chapter 7 has been revised to discuss the rapidly changing case law regarding the affidavit of merit, pretrial discovery, and presents an extremely thorough discussion of expert testimony, particularly as it evolves through the implementation of the New Jersey Medical Care Access and Responsibility and Patients First Act. These chapters also examine the pleadings, defenses including the statute of limitations, voir dire and jury charges specific to malpractice cases. Finally, Chapter 10 provides a thorough discussion of the federal and New Jersey statutes and regulations regarding electronic medical records.

The Role of Expert Witnesses in Medical Malpractice Cases

Publisher: Thomson West
ISBN: 0314916539
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Law

The Role of Expert Witnesses in Medical Malpractice Cases is an authoritative, insiders perspective on the best practices for utilizing and building relationships with medical malpractice experts.

Medical Malpractice Litigation in the 21st Century

Author: Nathaniel J. Friedman, Esq.
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781477220320
Release Date: 2012-07-19
Genre: Law

A Lawyer's Guide to Successful Malpractice Litigation. In using this volume, keep in mind that it is a general view of what it is to be anticipated in prosecuting a medical malpractice case. However, no book is able to anticipate each situation and circumstance arising in the heat of battle. As such, use this book in conjunction with your own background, training and experience. Good luck! Nathaniel J. Friedman, Esq.

Medical Malpractice

Author: Frank Mcclellan
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 1566390664
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Law

From practical to philosophical considerations, this succinct, clear presentation of medical malpractice issues is a valuable resource for the classroom and the reference shelf. Frank M. McClellan illustrates the multitude of considerations that impact the merit of each case, never losing sight of the importance of preserving human dignity in malpractice lawsuits. Early chapters urge the evaluation of legal, medical, and ethical standards, especially the Standard of Care. Part II focuses on assessing and proving compensatory and punitive damages, Part III sets out guidelines for intelligence gathering, medical research, choosing expert witnesses, and preparing for trial. Students of law, medicine, and public health, as well as lawyers and health care professionals, will find in Medical Malpractice a valuable text or reference book. "Problems" in twelve of the thirteen chapters illustrate the range of issues that can arise in malpractice suits. An appendix lists leading cases that have shaped medical malpractice law.

LexisNexis Practice Guide New Jersey Personal Injury Litigation

Author: Barry A. Knopf
Publisher: LexisNexis
ISBN: 9781630434182
Release Date: 2014-02-07
Genre: Law

InLexisNexis® Practice Guide: New Jersey Personal Injury Litigation , General Editor Barry A. Knopf has assembled a distinguished group of expert authors to provide in-depth procedural and substantive coverage of the causes of action central to New Jersey personal injury practice. Combining a task-based, procedural style with substantive analysis, and practical insight based on years of practice experience, this practice guide is a unique source for the attorney unfamiliar with the practice area, the associate in need of an authoritative source, or the solo or small law firm practitioner needing reliable guidance in managing a personal injury case from the initial interview through trial.

Medical Malpractice

Author: S Y Tan
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
ISBN: 9789813106659
Release Date: 2006-01-23
Genre: Science

This textbook is about the law of medical malpractice and how to prevent a malpractice lawsuit. It grew out of an earlier book covering medical negligence in Singapore. The book's primary goal is to provide a clear and simple explanation of the American law of medical malpractice, informed consent and risk management. Written with the clinician in mind, it is legally uncomplicated without being overly simplistic. The book is as much about medicine as it is about law; above all, it is about patients. It is written with the fervent belief that with better education, there will emerge a better appreciation of the expectations of the patient — often unmet — and the standards of the legal system — often misunderstood. Fewer lawsuits and improved patient care will hopefully follow. The book is in five sections. The first covers the law of malpractice and informed consent while the second covers risk management with chapters on confidentiality, communication and risk management tips. Section III is a single chapter on reforming the system, and discusses both medical and legal proposals. The subject of tort reforms is covered in this chapter. A review section consisting of 35 multiple choice questions and answers constitutes Section IV. The book concludes with a glossary of legal terms.

Case Framing

Author: Mark Mandell
ISBN: 1941007414
Release Date: 2015-11-30