The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

Author: Karen Patry
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781612124667
Release Date: 2014-05-06
Genre: Technology & Engineering

While rabbits are well-known for being cute and fuzzy creatures, they can also be very difficult to care for. Whether you’re an experienced rabbit farmer or building your first hutch for a pet bunny, The Rabbit-Raising Problem Solver has answers to all of your most pressing questions. In a handy question-and-answer format Karen Patry expertly addresses every aspect of rabbit care, including housing, feeding, breeding, kindling, health, and behavior. This informative, easy-to-use guide has reliable, humane solutions that will keep your animals healthy and happy.

Rabbit Housing

Author: Bob Bennett
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781603428958
Release Date: 2012-07-13
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Create a safe, sanitary, and efficient home for your rabbits. In this informative guide, Bob Bennett provides clear step-by-step instructions for building attractive all-wire hutches of all sizes, with additional tips for adding the necessary accessories like feeders, watering systems, nest boxes, and fencing. From the direction a hutch door should swing to proper ventilation and protection from predators, Bennett covers everything you need to know to create a housing structure that will help promote a healthy and productive rabbit-raising operation.

Storey s Guide to Raising Rabbits

Author: Bob Bennett
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781603424561
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Business & Economics

Presents an overview on rabbits, and offers advice on buying, raising, caring, marketing, and showing them.

Raising Rabbits 101 4th Edition

Author: Aaron Webster
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 151736051X
Release Date: 2015-09-14
Genre: Rabbits

Labeled as being "The Ultimate Guide to Raising and Showing Rabbits", Raising Rabbits 101 is an essential "how to guide" that every modern rabbit raiser should have on their shelf. The book was written specifically for anyone involved with or looking to get started raising rabbits for show, meat and or pets. Topics of this 170+ page book include; breed selection, feeding 101, building your own cages and hutches, health, kindling help, herd management, pedigrees, showing, 4-h and FFA, breeding, marketing and MUCH more.

Beyond the Pellet

Author: Boyd Craven Jr
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1493654055
Release Date: 2013-11
Genre: Education

Whether you have pet rabbits, show rabbits, fiber rabbits or a small meat rabbit herd, you already know how expensive feed prices are getting. This book will pay for itself many times over in feed savings alone. It will also enable you to go confidently into a natural feeding program, bettering your rabbit's health and happiness. In Volume 1 of The Urban Rabbit Project series "Backyard Meat Rabbits" I wrote for the beginner's benefit about why to raise rabbits, planning for rabbits and introduced an educational community. In Volume 2, I am joined by a gentleman with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in feeding rabbits naturally. Mr. Rick Worden, owner of Rise And Shine Rabbitry and will share with us his take on going Beyond The Pellet. Like myself, Rick has worked extensively at moving away from commercial feed and towards natural feed for our rabbits. We write this together, aimed at a more advanced audience of Rabbiteers looking to take control of what their rabbits eat, what their feed costs are and ultimately what they eat.

Raising Rabbits for Meat

Author: Tiffany Simpson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1475096593
Release Date: 2016-05-06

Your complete guide to raising rabbits for meat, from setting up your rabbitry to selecting stock and slaughter. What equipment you need to get started Cages, nesting boxes, feeders and more. Know exactly what you need before you get started, how much it is going to cost you and what you can make yourself to keep more money in your own pocket How to select the right breed & where to get rabbits Learn about 19 common rabbits breeds for meat, which breed will suit your family best, how many rabbits to start out with and where to buy them What health problems your rabbits might develop & how to treat them Guide of symptoms, treatment and prevention for the most common rabbit diseases Rabbit feeding basics & how to make your own organic feed Understand what is needed from your feed to create the best line of breeding rabbits and find out what it takes to grow all your own rabbit food in your own backyard, allowing you completely control of everything that touches your rabbit's lips and your own How, when & where to mate your rabbits and when to rebreed Learn to look for signs that your does are ready, keep from breeding too early or too often and create the best breeding matches How to prepare for a new litter & what to do if something goes wrong Provide the right environment for kits to be born in, keep your doe healthy during and after pregnancy and when to wean the young When to cull your current breeders & select replacement breeders Tips for establishing whether current breeders need to be culled and how to select the best rabbits to take their place in the herd How to dispatch rabbits, dress the carcass and preserve the skin Make the process as simple, straight forward and humane as possible and learn to take the rabbit from cage to freezer with less than 10 minutes of work

Raising Rabbits

Author: Ann Kanable
ISBN: 0878573143
Release Date: 1980-07
Genre: Technology & Engineering

"...a straightforward guide to raising rabbits...everything you'll need to know...."-Library Journal

Horses in Origami

Author: John Montroll
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486499604
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Internationally renowned origami artist John Montroll presents 26 models of horses. Full-color illustrations accompany detailed instructions for folding fanciful figures -- including a stick horse, rocking horse, unicorn, and Pegasus -- as well as actual breeds such as Clydesdale, thoroughbred, and mustang. Suitable for folders at all levels, the models range from simple to complex.Dover Original.

Rabbit Production

Author: Steven D. Lukefahr
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 9781780640129
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This new edition of Rabbit Production has been fully updated throughout. Mainly concerning rabbits bred for meat and fur, it also contains practical information on pet rabbits, show rabbits and rabbits used as laboratory animals. Core topics are covered, including rabbit genetics, reproduction, health and diseases, behavior, welfare, fur and meat production, rabbit production in developing countries, slaughter and the marketing of rabbit products. Current areas of interest such as animal welfare and coat color genetics are expanded in the new edition. An important resource for all those involved in rabbit production, this book is also vital reading for students and researchers of animal science and meat production, as well as the keen amateur rabbit enthusiast.

Raising Rabbits 101 3rd Edition

Author: Aaron Webster (Rabbit breeder)
ISBN: 1490958169
Release Date: 2013-07-09
Genre: Rabbits

Raising Rabbits 101 3rd Edition has been labeled as being the "Ultimate Guide to Raising and Breeding Rabbits" by many successful rabbit raisers from all around the World. Raising Rabbits 101, written by famous rabbit raiser Aaron Webster, contains all the information that one needs to get started in the rabbit industry and have a successful experience. The book focuses on helping fellow rabbit enthusiasts avoid many of the obstacles and pitfalls faced by first time rabbit raisers, that unfortunately cause many to quit the industry altogether. Raising Rabbits 101, the best "how to raise rabbits" guide available on the market, is over 170 pages long and is jammed packed with information to help you effectively raise rabbits.Here is a brief listing of some of the topics covered in this "rabbit bible"... Getting Started Advice Rabbit Breeds + Selection Supplies and Housing Feeding + Maintenance Kindling and Birthing Health and Treatment Herd Management Marketing + Selling Advice And MUCH more...

Backyard Meat Rabbits

Author: Boyd Craven Jr
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1492928569
Release Date: 2013-11
Genre: Technology & Engineering

The Urban Rabbit Project Volume 1 Backyard Meat Rabbits This is the first in a series called The Urban Rabbit Project that will share all of our different experiences with rabbits. Each Future Volume will build on the prior Volumes, but could be read as a stand-alone book. The idea is to allow the reader greater flexibility in choosing what interests them and what they find helpful to them. For example, this one is aimed obviously at those considering the idea of starting a small backyard herd of meat rabbits, but does NOT actually get into any aspects of harming any. It stops short of that. So, if one can overlook references to "meat" rabbits, it could be helpful to those interested in having outdoor pet rabbits too. There are many books about raising rabbits. I find most very general, including information on keeping rabbits as pets, raising rabbits for show, and breeding rabbits to sell to processors for profit. This book will focus specifically on, and only on sharing with the reader our personal experiences and methods of raising meat rabbits on our 120'x120' city lot in Michigan as self-sufficient meat for our family. It stops short of the actual harvesting process. I'm often on my soapbox in support of the argument that it's easier for a family to “need less” than to “spend more” money to buy quality food. Done our way, rabbit meat can cost close to zero after the initial setup is paid for. There are no taxes to pay, no middleman, no anything. It's just like we've added a meat section to our garden! Then, just like we do with our extra tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers from our garden, we can share or trade with our neighbors who don't have any. It's that simple. Backyard Meat Rabbits can benefit every family on the planet, in my humble opinion. Next in the series: The Urban Rabbit Project Volume 2 Beyond The Pellet - Feeding Rabbits Naturally In Volume 2, I am joined by a gentleman with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in feeding meat rabbits. Mr. Rick Worden, owner of Rise And Shine Rabbitry and will share with us his take on going Beyond The Pellet. Like myself, Rick has worked extensively at moving away from commercial feed and towards natural feed for our rabbits. We write this together, aimed at a more advanced audience of Rabbiteers looking to take control of what their rabbits eat, what their feed costs are and ultimately what they eat.

Critical Theory Today

Author: Lois Tyson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317643234
Release Date: 2014-10-10
Genre: Literary Criticism

This thoroughly updated third edition of Critical Theory Today offers an accessible introduction to contemporary critical theory, providing in-depth coverage of the most common approaches to literary analysis today, including: feminism; psychoanalysis; Marxism; reader-response theory; New Criticism; structuralism and semiotics; deconstruction; new historicism and cultural criticism; lesbian, gay, and queer theory; African American criticism and postcolonial criticism. This new edition features: a major expansion of the chapter on postcolonial criticism that includes topics such as Nordicism, globalization and the ‘end’ of postcolonial theory, global tourism and global conservation an extended explanation of each theory, using examples from everyday life, popular culture, and literary texts a list of specific questions critics ask about literary texts an interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby through the lens of each theory a list of questions for further practice to guide readers in applying each theory to different literary works updated and expanded bibliographies Both engaging and rigorous, this is a "how-to" book for undergraduate and graduate students new to critical theory and for college professors who want to broaden their repertoire of critical approaches to literature.

Housing and Interior Design

Author: Claudia D. Lazok
Publisher: Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher
ISBN: 1631265717
Release Date: 2016-08-17

The Housing and Interior Design Workbook contains activities that reinforce material presented in the Housing and Interior Design Textbook, offering a hands-on learning experience. "