The Revolution of the Moon

Author: Andrea Camilleri
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781609453923
Release Date: 2017-04-18
Genre: Fiction

From the author of the Inspector Montalbano series comes the remarkable account of an exceptional woman who rises to power in 17th century Sicily and brings about sweeping changes that threaten the iron-fisted patriarchy, before being cast out in a coup after only 27 days. Sicily, April 16 1677. From his deathbed, Charles III's viceroy, Anielo de Guzmán y Carafa, marquis of Castle Rodrigo, names his wife, Doña Eleonora, as his successor. Eleonora de Moura is a highly intelligent and capable woman who immediately applies her political acumen to heal the scarred soul of Palermo, a city afflicted by poverty, misery, and the frequent uprisings they entail. The Marquise implements measures that include lowering the price of bread, reducing taxes for large families, re-opening women's care facilities, and establishing stipends for young couples wishing to marry—all measures that were considered seditious by the conservative city fathers and by the Church. The machinations of powerful men soon result in Doña Eleonora, whom the Church sees as a dangerous revolutionary, being recalled to Spain. Her rule lasted 27 days—one cycle of the moon. Based on a true story, Camilleri's gripping and richly imagined novel tells the story of a woman whose courage and political vision is tested at every step by misogyny and reactionary conservatism.

Stille Wasser

Author: Donna Leon
Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG
ISBN: 9783257607871
Release Date: 2017-05-24
Genre: Fiction

Schwächeanfall in der Questura. Brunetti landet im Ospedale Civile. Das Räderwerk des Alltags hat ihn zermürbt. Nachdem man ihn krankgeschrieben hat, will der Commissario in der Villa einer Verwandten von Paola zur Ruhe kommen. Wie wunderbar, einmal nicht Verbrechern hinterherzujagen, sondern in ländlicher Idylle seine Gedanken mit den Wolken ziehen zu lassen. Brunetti soll sich in der Lagune erholen. Doch zwischen Bienen und Blumen kommt er einem größeren Fall als je zuvor auf die Spur.

Die Revolution des Mondes

Author: Andrea Camilleri
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 9783312006243
Release Date: 2014-02-24
Genre: Fiction

Als 1677 in Sizilien der Vizekönig an Herzverfettung stirbt, reiben sich die Staatsräte die Hände: endlich sich nach Herzenslust bereichern! Doch sie haben nicht mit der jungen Witwe gerechnet, der unfassbar schönen Eleonora de Moura. Zielstrebig besteigt sie den Thron, und einen Monat lang lehrt sie die Höflinge, die korrupten Adeligen und Pfaffen das Fürchten. Sie hilft den Armen und setzt Reformen durch. Schon feiert das Volk sie als Retterin – da wird sie vom König abberufen. Camilleris neuer Roman erzählt von einer vergessenen Revolutionärin und davon, wie, für einen kurzen Moment in der Geschichte, das Gute möglich schien. In der Vergangenheit des Romans spiegelt sich das Italien der Gegenwart und Camilleris dringende Empfehlung: Lasst die Frauen an die Macht!

The Last Revolution and First on the Moon

Author: Milton Lesser
ISBN: 1612872352
Release Date: 2014-12-01

Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is "The Last Revolution" by one of science fiction's most underrated authors, Milton Lesser. He held the key to Mankind's future. When Drayton awoke he knew he'd overslept. And you just couldn't be late for a date with Mary Carlton, especially when old man Carlton was going to be there for dinner. So off Johnny Drayton went, speeding down Sawmill River Parkway and to his destiny--a destiny that would plunge him into a far-off future onto a strange, stark world where pitiful, shrunken examples of humanity seemed to be all that was left of mankind. But Drayton couldn't understand the how and why of it all. Why had he been flung five hundred million years into the future? What was his purpose there? And who were his strange, bulbous-headed hosts and what were their real motivations? When Johnny Drayton found the answers to these questions, he was faced with a momentous decision--a decision that would lead to either the salvation or doom of mankind. This double novel's second tale is a classic piece of space opera, Jeff Sutton's "First on the Moon." Luna was the goal, Earth was the prize. The four men had been scrutinized, watched, investigated, and intensively trained for more than a year. They were, without a doubt, the best men to be found for that first, all-important flight to the Moon--the pioneer manned rocket that would give either the East or the West control over the Earth. Yet when the race started, astronaut Adam Crag found that he had a saboteur among his crew...a traitor! Such a man could give the communist forces on Earth a title deed to the moon, and thereby dominate the world it circled. Any one of the other three could be the hidden enemy, and if he didn't discover the agent soon--even while they were roaring on rocket jets through outer space--then Adam Crag, his expedition, and his country would be destroyed!

Atlas of the Moon

Author: Vincent de Callataÿ
ISBN: UOM:39076006362615
Release Date: 1964
Genre: Moon

An authoritative lunar atlas and an account of all aspects of the moon which may interest amateur astronomers.

The Five Daughters of the Moon

Author: Leena Likitalo
ISBN: 9780765395429
Release Date: 2017-07-25
Genre: Fiction

Inspired by the 1917 Russian revolution and the last months of the Romanov sisters, The Five Daughters of the Moon by Leena Likitalo is a beautifully crafted historical fantasy with elements of technology fueled by evil magic. The Crescent Empire teeters on the edge of a revolution, and the Five Daughters of the Moon are the ones to determine its future. Alina, six, fears Gagargi Prataslav and his Great Thinking Machine. The gagargi claims that the machine can predict the future, but at a cost that no one seems to want to know. Merile, eleven, cares only for her dogs, but she smells that something is afoul with the gagargi. By chance, she learns that the machine devours human souls for fuel, and yet no one believes her claim. Sibilia, fifteen, has fallen in love for the first time in her life. She couldn't care less about the unrests spreading through the countryside. Or the rumors about the gagargi and his machine. Elise, sixteen, follows the captain of her heart to orphanages and workhouses. But soon she realizes that the unhappiness amongst her people runs much deeper that anyone could have ever predicted. And Celestia, twenty-two, who will be the empress one day. Lately, she's been drawn to the gagargi. But which one of them was the first to mention the idea of a coup? Inspired by the 1917 Russian revolution and the last months of the Romanov sisters, The Five Daughters of the Moon is a beautifully crafted historical fantasy with elements of technology fuelled by evil magic. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Moon in the Nautilus Shell

Author: Daniel B. Botkin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199976973
Release Date: 2012-09-14
Genre: Science

Why do we keep talking about so many environmental problems and rarely solve any? If these are scientific issues, then why can't scientists solve them or at least agree on what to do? In his new book, The Moon in the Nautilus Shell, ecologist Daniel Botkin explains why. For one thing, although we live in a world of constantly changing environments and talk a lot about climate change, most of our environmental laws, policies, and scientific premises are based on the idea that the environment is constant, never changing, except when people affect it. For another, we have lost contact with nature in personal ways. Disconnected from our surroundings, we lack the deep understanding and feelings about the environment to make meaningful judgments. The environment has become just another one of those special interests that interferes with our lives. Poised to be a core text of the twenty-first century environmental movement, The Moon in the Nautilus Shell challenges us to think critically about our role in nature.

The Story of the Heavens

Author: Sir Robert Stawell Ball
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 9781465590350
Release Date: 1890
Genre: Astronomy

The Story of the Heavens" is the title of our book. We have indeed a wondrous story to narrate; and could we tell it adequately it would prove of boundless interest and of exquisite beauty. It leads to the contemplation of grand phenomena in nature and great achievements of human genius. Let us enumerate a few of the questions which will be naturally asked by one who seeks to learn something of those glorious bodies which adorn our skies: What is the Sun—how hot, how big, and how distant? Whence comes its heat? What is the Moon? What are its landscapes like? How does our satellite move? How is it related to the earth? Are the planets globes like that on which we live? How large are they, and how far off? What do we know of the satellites of Jupiter and of the rings of Saturn? How was Uranus discovered? What was the intellectual triumph which brought the planet Neptune to light? Then, as to the other bodies of our system, what are we to say of those mysterious objects, the comets? Can we discover the laws of their seemingly capricious movements? Do we know anything of their nature and of the marvellous tails with which they are often decorated? What can be told about the shooting-stars which so often dash into our atmosphere and perish in a streak of splendour? What is the nature of those constellations of bright stars which have been recognised from all antiquity, and of the host of smaller stars which our telescopes disclose? Can it be true that these countless orbs are really majestic suns, sunk to an appalling depth in the abyss of unfathomable space? What have we to tell of the different varieties of stars—of coloured stars, of variable stars, of double stars, of multiple stars, of stars that seem to move, and of stars that seem at rest? What of those glorious objects, the great star clusters? What of the Milky Way? And, lastly, what can we learn of the marvellous nebulæ which our telescopes disclose, poised at an immeasurable distance? Such are a few of the questions which occur when we ponder on the mysteries of the heavens. The history of Astronomy is, in one respect, only too like many other histories. The earliest part of it is completely and hopelessly lost. The stars had been studied, and some great astronomical discoveries had been made, untold ages before those to which our earliest historical records extend. For example, the observation of the apparent movement of the sun, and the discrimination between the planets and the fixed stars, are both to be classed among the discoveries of prehistoric ages. Nor is it to be said that these achievements related to matters of an obvious character. Ancient astronomy may seem very elementary to those of the present day who have been familiar from childhood with the great truths of nature, but, in the infancy of science, the men who made such discoveries as we have mentioned must have been sagacious philosophers.

Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes

Author: Ernest H. Cherrington
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486150772
Release Date: 2013-01-18
Genre: Science

DIVInformative, profusely illustrated guide to locating and identifying craters, rills, seas, mountains, other lunar features. Newly revised and updated with special section of new photos. Over 100 photos and diagrams. /div