The Roman Catholic Church A Critical Appraisal

Author: Hendrick Park
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781604777826
Release Date: 2008-03-01
Genre: Religion

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest denomination with 1.1 billion adherents. Recently the pope Benedict XVI reasserted that the Catholic Church is the only true church founded by Christ. Today there is a pervasive indifference as to the question what is the true Christianity. This is a serious situation because there are numerous false or only partly true versions of Christianity. The author of this book attempts a critical appraisal of the Roman Catholic Church by the criteria of the Bible and history. The conclusion he reached is that the Catholic Church is a perversion of the Christianity of the New Testament. The author believes that he has substantiated the proposition that there are many unbiblical pagan elements in the Church. To give one example the monarchical papacy and the authoritarian church structure developed after the model of the authoritarian government of the ancient Roman Empire. No wonder that its official name is the Roman Catholic Church. A theologian and a minister. Received a doctorate in systematic theology from the University of Toronto. He did the ministerial work for 17 years in the United Church of Canada. Took early retirement in 1990 to study and write books, which is, he feels, the talent and his main vocation he has received from God. He respects the Bible as containing the revealed word of God. According to the prophets of God "justice and mercy" and the pure preservation of the true religion of God are God's two major concerns. He believes that God's major concerns should be all Christians' major concerns as well. "The Roman Catholic Church - A Critical Appraisal" was written from that perspective in order to attest to the true religion of Godand to keep Christians from heading onto the wrong path.

The Roman Catholic Church S Arrogant False Claims

Author: Hendrick Park
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781532011092
Release Date: 2016-11-29
Genre: Religion

The Roman Catholic Churchs Arrogant False Claims grounds its critique of that bodys doctrines, pronouncements and practices on the authoritative teachings embedded in the Bible. The author, Hendrick Park, a retired minister of the United Church of Canada, brings to his analysis insights gained from his work on a doctoral degree in theology from Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, and his research for two other books: The Roman Catholic ChurchA Critical Appraisal and What is the True Christianity? When Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness and faced the devils temptations, he responded three times with bold claims that the people of God ought to trust in the authority of Gods word. As heirs to that witness to the truth of life with God, Christians in todays church are called to preach, teach and live together in the same wayleaning on Gods word. The Roman Catholic Churchs Arrogant False Claims enumerates the churchs claims, offers a critique, reviews the churchs history, evaluates the papacy and the actions of the Second Vatican Council and analyzes the churchs doctrines and dogmas. This treatment of the significant issues facing half of the worlds Christians brings the Scriptures into conversation with the practices and teachings of the churchs largest single tradition. Whether you find those claims attractive or alarming, you will discover in The Roman Catholic Churchs Arrogant False Claims food for your thoughtful reflections on the faith.

What Is the True Christianty

Author: Hendrick Park
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781619961920
Release Date: 2012-01
Genre: Religion

Today there is a pervasive indifference to the question "What is the Christianity?"This is a serious situation because there are numerous false or only partly false or onlypartly true and partly false versions of Christianity in the world. This indifference is also anindication of one's indifference to the God. A person cannot be indifferent to the God Whoholds his future in His hands and has power to determine his ultimate destiny, and about thetrue religion that God has revealed for mankind.The author of this book believes that neither the Roman Catholic Church nor the currentProtestant Churches are the true church that represents the True Christianity althoughthe Protestant denominations are truer to the Christianity of the New Testament than theCatholic Church. The renowned Catholic theologian Hans Kueng pointed out the deplorableproblems of the catholic Church and called for the reform of the Church in his book TheRoman Catholic Church(2001).The True religion of God must be preserved intact and this preservation is the greatest dutyof the Christians and the church to God.According to prophets of God, "Justice and Mercy" and the pure preservation of the Truereligion of God are the two main concerns of God, and God laments the gullibility and blindsubmission of people to wicked religious leaders.The author of this book is a retired minister of the United Church of Canada and holds a Th.D. from the University of Toronto. In 2008 he published The Roman Catholic Church - ACritical Appraisal through the Xulon Press.

Tracing the Cultural Legacy of Irish Catholicism

Author: Eamon Maher
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9781526117199
Release Date: 2017-04-24
Genre: Religion

This book traces the steady decline in Irish Catholicism from the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1979 up to the Cloyne report into clerical sex abuse in that diocese in 2011. The young people awaiting the Pope's address in Galway were entertained by two of Ireland's most charismatic clerics, Bishop Eamon Casey and Fr Michael Cleary, both of whom were subsequently revealed to have been engaged in romantic liaisons at the time. The decades that followed the Pope's visit were characterised by the increasing secularisation of Irish society. Boasting an impressive array of contributors from various backgrounds and expertise, the essays in the book attempt to trace the exact reasons for the progressive dismantling of the cultural legacy of Catholicism and the consequences this has had on Irish society.

A Critical Appraisal of Marriage as Sacrament by Catholic Theologians

Author: John Jay Mann (Jr.)
ISBN: OCLC:38069902
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Catholic Church

"This thesis first examines current crises that marriage faces today and how the Church will need to address those issues in the new millennium. This thesis then takes an in-depth look at marriage as sacrament using an historical and systematic approach using the works of several Roman Catholic authors. Lastly, the thesis focuses on theological and pastoral concerns for marriage."--Introduction, p.1.

The Catholic Church and Antisemitism

Author: Ronald Modras
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781135286170
Release Date: 2005-08-17
Genre: Performing Arts

Interwar Poland was home to more Jews than any other country in Europe. Its commonplace but simplistic identification with antisemitism was due largely to nationalist efforts to boycott Jewish business. That they failed was not for want of support by the Catholic clergy, for whom the ''Jewish question'' was more than economic. The myth of a Masonic-Jewish alliance to subvert Christian culture first flourished in France but held considerable sway over Catholics in 1930s Poland as elsewhere. This book examines how, following Vatican policy, Polish church leaders resisted separation of church and state in the name of Catholic culture. In that struggle, every assimilated Jew served as both a symbol and a potential agent of security. Antisemitism is no longer regarded as a legitimate political stance. But in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, the issues of religious culture, national identity, and minorities are with us still. This study of interwar Poland will shed light on dilemmas that still effect us today.


Author: Eric W. Gritsch
Publisher: Fortress Press
ISBN: 1451417470
Release Date: 1976
Genre: Religion

This useful guide offers a critical appraisal of a theological movement within the church catholic. The authors, a church historian and a systematic theologian, describe Lutheranism as centered in the fundamental principle of the Reformation, "justification by faith apart from works of law."The book focuses on the emergence of this chief article of faith as a proposal of dogma to the church ecumenical, its theological formulation, and its significance for the shaping of piety and doctrine. Each issue is treated in terms of both confessional history and systematic theology. Seminarians, pastors, teachers, and interested laypersons of all traditions will gain ecumenical insights as well as pertinent information from this work.

Ad Limina Apostolorum

Author: Karl Barth
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781532605635
Release Date: 2016-07-26
Genre: Religion

Karl Barth, because of poor health, was unable to accept the invitation to be an observer at the final two sessions of Vatican II. When his condition improved, however, he was eager to make a trip to Rome to learn firsthand how the Council decisions were understood at the heart of Catholicism. The Secretariat for Christian Unity readily agreed, and so Barth made his pilgrimage to the threshold of the Apostles September 22-29, 1966. Included here are an account of Barth's trip to Rome, questions for clarification and critical questions he asked, an essay about the Constitution on Divine Revelation, a letter on Mariology to a German Catholic theologian, and an appendix on Barth's thoughts about Vatican II before its work was completed. He calls for Protestants to take a lesson from the stirrings of renewal within the Roman Church and sweep away the dust before the door of our own church with a careful but nevertheless mighty broom.


ISBN: STANFORD:36105112938670
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Christianity

Contains abstracts of missiological contributions, book reviews, and articles.


Author: Dwight Longenecker
Publisher: Gracewing Publishing
ISBN: 0852445822
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Evangelicalism

Longenecker and Gustafson offer a lively discussion about the Virgin Mary and related devotional practices from both Catholic and evangelical Protestant perspectives.