The Subversion of the Apocalypses in the Book of Jubilees

Author: Todd R. Hanneken
Publisher: Society of Biblical Lit
ISBN: 9781589836433
Release Date: 2012-06-03
Genre: Religion

In spite of some scholars’ inclination to include the book of Jubilees as another witness to “Enochic Judaism,” the relationship of Jubilees to the apocalyptic writings and events surrounding the Maccabean revolt has never been adequately clarified. This book builds on scholarship on genre to establish a clear pattern among the ways Jubilees resembles and differs from other apocalypses. Jubilees matches the apocalypses of its day in overall structure and literary morphology. Jubilees also uses the literary genre to raise the issues typical of the apocalypses—including revelation, angels and demons, judgment, and eschatology—but rejects what the apocalypses typically say about those issues, subverting reader expectations with a corrected view. In addition to the main argument concerning Jubilees, this volume’s survey of what is fundamentally apocalyptic about apocalyptic literature advances the understanding of early Jewish apocalyptic literature and, in turn, of later apocalypses and comparable perspectives, including those of Paul and the Qumran sectarians.


Author: Pablo Richard
ISBN: UOM:39015037275784
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Religion

Apocalypse first provides a general introduction to the reading of Revelation by examining three keys for its understanding: the historical, the sociological, and the literary-structural. The book then goes on to explore the whole of the Book of Revelation, following the book's own structure. Each section provides a line-by-line reading of the text, establishing the literal meaning before applying the interpretive keys already established.

Holy Places in Biblical and Extrabiblical Traditions

Author: Jochen Flebbe
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 9783847005919
Release Date: 2016-07-11
Genre: Religion

Religion is beyond doubt inseparably connected with questions about holy locations and places. These places gain their meaning not by their physical determination, but by human construction. The contributions of this volume try to shape this phenomenon for selected texts of the Old and New Testament and of Philo of Alexandria. In doing so, they inevitably shed light on central theological issues of these texts. Geographically speaking the Arabaic Peninsula and the Greek Isles, but also Mesopotamia are brought in as outmost areas, which contain Jerusalem in the middle, but could also contain places such as mountain, temple, or even a bed of a praying man.

Babel Und Bibel

Author: Friedrich Delitzsch
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 9785875560002
Release Date: 1905
Genre: History

Babel Und Bibel. Vortrag 1. Mit 53 Abbildungen. 56 bis 60 Tausend. F?nfte neu Durchgearbeitete Ausgabe.

Die Apokalypse des Mose

Author: Jan Dochhorn
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161482557
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Genre: History

English summary: The Apocalypse of Moses is a story about the life of Adam and Eve after they had been driven out of paradise. This work provides the text of the Apocalypse of Moses along with a comprehensive apparatus of textual criticism, a German translation and a commentary which reveals the narrative structures and focuses on the question of the relationship between the biblical stories about Adam and Eve and those in the Apocalypse of Moses. Whose idea was it to tell these stories, which at times strike us as quite bizarre, when the canonical text was available? Jan Dochhorn proves the Jewish origins of the Apocalypse of Moses and shows that it is based almost throughout on exegetical observations of the Hebrew bible text. German description: Die Apokalypse des Mose, eine Geschichte uber das Leben Adams und Evas nach der Vertreibung aus dem Paradies mit erzahlerischen Ruckblenden auf die Verfuhrung der Erzeltern, wird seit Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts als Text aus der Umwelt des Neuen Testaments angesehen und dementsprechend als Parallelstellenreservoir verwertet. In den letzten Jahrzehnten ist seine religionsgeschichtliche Verortung strittig geworden, mehrere Forscher weisen sie nicht mehr dem fruhen Judentum, sondern dem Christentum zu, wobei in der Regel jeweils mit Parallelstellen argumentiert wird.In dieser Situation zeigt Jan Dochhorn einen neuen methodischen Zugang auf, der etwas mehr Sicherheit verspricht als die Arbeit mit religionsgeschichtlichen Parallelen. Ausgehend von einer eigenstandigen Rekonstruktion des Textes untersucht die Kommentierung vor allem die Frage, welche exegetische Arbeit der Apc Mos zugrunde liegt. Der Autor weist nach, dass der Text fast durchgangig auf exegetischen Beobachtungen an hebraischer Bibeluberlieferung beruht, dabei jedoch zugleich auf Griechisch abgefasst wurde. Ein solcher Text konnte am ehesten in einem griechischsprachigen judisch-palastinensischen Milieu des 1./2. Jh. n. Chr. entstehen.