The Taming of the Shrew

Author: William Shakespeare
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781476788517
Release Date: 2014-10-14
Genre: Drama

Love and marriage are the concerns of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Lucentio’s marriage to Bianca is prompted by his idealized love of an apparently ideal woman. Petruchio’s wooing of Katherine, however, is free of idealism. Petruchio takes money from Bianca’s suitors to woo her, since Katherine must marry before her sister by her father’s decree; he also arranges the dowry with her father. Petruchio is then ready to marry Katherine, even against her will. Katherine, the shrew of the play’s title, certainly acts much changed. But have she and Petruchio learned to love each other? Or is the marriage based on terror and deception? The authoritative edition of The Taming of the Shrew from The Folger Shakespeare Library, the trusted and widely used Shakespeare series for students and general readers, includes: -The exact text of the printed book for easy cross-reference -Hundreds of hypertext links for instant navigation -Freshly edited text based on the best early printed version of the play -Newly revised explanatory notes conveniently linked to the text of the play -Scene-by-scene plot summaries -A key to the play’s famous lines and phrases -An introduction to reading Shakespeare’s language -An essay by a leading Shakespeare scholar providing a modern perspective on the play -Fresh images from the Folger Shakespeare Library’s vast holdings of rare books -An annotated guide to further reading Essay by Karen Newman The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, is home to the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s printed works, and a magnet for Shakespeare scholars from around the globe. In addition to exhibitions open to the public throughout the year, the Folger offers a full calendar of performances and programs. For more information, visit

The Taming of the Shrew

Author: Corinne J. Naden
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
ISBN: 1608700194
Release Date: 2010-09-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

"A literary analysis of the play 'The Taming of the Shrew.' Includes information on the history and culture of Elizabethan England"--Provided by publisher.

The Taming of the Shrew

Author: Dana Aspinall
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136535475
Release Date: 2013-10-28
Genre: Literary Criticism

This volume is a comprehensive collection of critical essays on The Taming of the Shrew, and includes extensive discussions of the play's various printed versions and its theatrical productions. Aspinall has included only those essays that offer the most influential and controversial arguments surrounding the play. The issues discussed include gender, authority, female autonomy and unruliness, courtship and marriage, language and speech, and performance and theatricality.

The Taming of a Shrew

Author: Stephen Roy Miller
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521563232
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Drama

This is a modernized edition of an anonymous play, long known to scholars, which appears to be an alternative version of Shakespeare's popular comedy, The Taming of the Shrew. Stephen Miller suggests that an anonymous person rewrote Shakespeare's more complicated version, making it shorter, simpler and different in some ways. The main difference between the two plays concerns the framing story of Christopher Sly, the drunk, who disappears early on in Shakespeare's version. A Shrew, as it is usually known, contains additional material for Sly which is familiar to playgoers because it is often included in productions of Shakespeare's play. The Taming of a Shrew, The 1594 Quarto, provides a modernized text based upon a re-examination of the quarto and extensive commentary. Miller's introduction establishes a direct link between A Shrew and The Shrew and includes an illustrated stage history.

Shakespeare s Unruly Women

Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: UOM:39015041553143
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Literary Criticism

Ziegler, Dolan, and Roberts' "attention is directed specifically to the representations of Shakespeare's women in the Victorian era, rather than on the Elizabethan stage...[They have] culled from the [Folger] Library's vast holdings a remarkably varied and illuminating array of books, manuscripts, and illustrations which provide a new understanding of how Shakespeare's heroines came to embody, reflect, and refract the values and assumptions of nineteenth-century English society."--Foreword, p.7.

Shakespeare on the American Stage From Booth and Barrett to Sothern and Marlowe

Author: Charles Harlen Shattuck
Publisher: Associated University Presses
ISBN: 0918016770
Release Date: 1976
Genre: Performing Arts

This set of essays, which surveys major developments in the winding down of nineteenth-century methods of Shakespeare staging, spans the decades from the 1880s to about 1920. The Epilogue describes the American celebration of the Tercentenary of Shakespeare's death.


Author: William Shakespeare
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 9783843038003
Release Date: 2015-03-19
Genre: Drama

William Shakespeare: Cymbeline Erstmals ins Deutsche übersetzt von Johann Joachim Eschenburg (1777). Die vorliegende Übersetzung stammt von Dorothea Tieck. Erstdruck in: Shakspeare's dramatische Werke. Übersetzt von August Wilhelm Schlegel. Ergänzt und erläutert von Ludwig Tieck, Bd. 9, Berlin (Georg Andreas Reimer) 1832. Vollständige Neuausgabe. Herausgegeben von Karl-Maria Guth. Berlin 2015. Textgrundlage ist die Ausgabe: William Shakespeare: Sämtliche Werke in vier Bänden. Band 2, Herausgegeben von Anselm Schlösser. Berlin: Aufbau, 1975. Die Paginierung obiger Ausgabe wird in dieser Neuausgabe als Marginalie zeilengenau mitgeführt. Umschlaggestaltung von Thomas Schultz-Overhage unter Verwendung des Bildes: John Faed, Posthumus und Imogen, um 1865.. Gesetzt aus Minion Pro, 11 pt.

Three Comedies

Author: William Shakespeare
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781451644609
Release Date: 2011-01-25
Genre: Performing Arts

"The New Folger is an edition that all serious Shakespeare students will want to read and accumulate, and one that many teachers of Shakespeare will surely judge the best available." -- The Shakespeare Newsletter The havoc wrought on lovers by magic in "A Midsummer Night's Dream, " the furious battle of the sexes waged in "The Taming of the Shrew, " and a stranded woman finding her way in a man's world in "Twelfth Night" -- this collection of three of Shakespeare's greatest comedies is based on the acclaimed individual Folger editions of the plays. The present volume offers accurate texts in modern spelling, full explanatory notes, and scene-by-scene action summaries.

The Taming of the Shrew

Author: Harold Bloom
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 9781438112602
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Genre: Electronic books

Presents a collection of essays discussing aspects of William Shakespeare's comedy portraying the ageless battle between the sexes.

L gen ber meinen Vater

Author: John Burnside
Publisher: Albrecht Knaus Verlag
ISBN: 9783641077204
Release Date: 2011-11-24
Genre: Fiction

Eine Geschichte von alttestamentarischer Wucht – John Burnsides großer Text über seinen Hass auf den Vater Am Ende wünscht John Burnside seinem Vater nur noch den Tod. Er hat für den Mann, der über Jahre die Familie terrorisiert, der lügt und säuft, einzig Hass übrig. Doch er verbirgt seine Gefühle und schweigt. Bis die Begegnung mit einem Fremden ihn zwingt, sich seinen Erinnerungen zu stellen und diese Geschichte von alttestamentarischer Wucht zu erzählen. Der Vater war ein Nichts. Als Säugling auf einer Türschwelle abgelegt. Zeitlebens erfindet er sich in unzähligen Lügen eine Herkunft, will Anerkennung und Bedeutung. Er ist brutal, ein Großmaul, ein schwerer Trinker, ein Tyrann. Seine Verachtung zerstört alles, die Mutter, die Familie, John. Dieser hat als junger Mann massivste Suchtprobleme, landet in der Psychiatrie und erkennt in den eigenen Exzessen den Vater. Erst die Entdeckung der Welt der Literatur eröffnet ihm eine Perspektive. Nur einem Autor vom Kaliber John Burnsides kann es gelingen, eine solche, auch noch autobiographische Geschichte in Literatur zu überführen. So ist dieses Buch ein radikal wahrer Blick in die menschlichen Abgründe und zugleich eine Feier der Sprache.

Disability Health and Happiness in the Shakespearean Body

Author: Sujata Iyengar
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317620075
Release Date: 2014-12-05
Genre: Literary Criticism

This book considers early modern and postmodern ideals of health, vigor, ability, beauty, well-being, and happiness, uncovering and historicizing the complex negotiations among physical embodiment, emotional response, and communally-sanctioned behavior in Shakespeare's literary and material world. The volume visits a series of questions about the history of the body and how early modern cultures understand physical ability or vigor, emotional competence or satisfaction, and joy or self-fulfillment. Individual essays investigate the purported disabilities of the "crook-back" King Richard III or the "corpulent" Falstaff, the conflicts between different health-care belief-systems in The Taming of the Shrew and Hamlet, the power of figurative language to delineate or even instigate puberty in the Sonnets or Romeo and Juliet, and the ways in which the powerful or moneyed mediate the access of the poor and injured to cure or even to care. Integrating insights from Disability Studies, Health Studies, and Happiness Studies, this book develops both a detailed literary-historical analysis and a provocative cultural argument about the emphasis we place on popular notions of fitness and contentment today.