Days in the Lives of Social Workers

Author: Linda May Grobman
ISBN: 1929109156
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Social Science

Did you ever wish you could tag along with a professional in your chosen field, just for a day, observing his or her every move? Days in the Lives of Social Workers allows you to take a firsthand, close-up look at the real-life days of 54 professional social workers as they share their stories. Join them on their journeys, and learn about the rewards and challenges they face.

The Social Worker Speaks

Author: David Burnham
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317015468
Release Date: 2016-02-24
Genre: Political Science

The Social Worker Speaks charts the motivations, work activities and attitudes of social workers across the country from 1904 to 1989. The book is about workers in the public sector (from Poor Law to Social Services Departments), probation and workers in the voluntary field (including early century philanthropic visiting societies as well as specialist societies such as the Children's Society and the NSPCC). Where possible accounts by and the words and thoughts of social workers themselves are used. Since the war, histories of social work have concentrated on practice theory and methods, developments instigated by legislation, university training and professional status, but there has been little attention paid to who social workers were, what they believed, what they actually did, and what they thought of what they did. Also, individual social workers appearing in nearly all histories have been 'leaders' - managers, teachers or academics, with people who did the job on the front line accorded barely a mention. If part of the aim of this book is to remedy this partial coverage, another aim is to offer a more human history of social workers. There is too little celebration or humour in what has been published about the history of social workers; The Social Worker Speaks deliberately includes stories of how social workers behaved, their frustrations and triumphs, passions and occasional sins. So this is deliberately not a history of social work, but a history of social workers - the first of its kind.

Hackney Child

Author: Hope Daniels
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781471129872
Release Date: 2014-01-30
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

At the age of nine, Hope Daniels walked into Stoke Newington Police Station with her little brothers and asked to be taken into care. Home life was intolerable: both of Hope's parents were alcoholics and her mum was a prostitute. The year was 1983. As London emerged into a new era of wealth and opportunity, the Daniels children lived in desperate poverty, neglected and barely nourished. Hounded by vigilante neighbours and vulnerable to the drunken behaviour of her parents' friends, Hope had to draw on her inner strength. Hackney Childis Hope's gripping story of physical and emotional survival - and the lifeline given to her by the support of professionals working in the care system. Despite all the challenges she faced, Hope never lost compassion for her parents, particularly her alcoholic father. Her experiences make essential reading and show that, with the right help, the least fortunate children have the potential not only to recover but to thrive.

Social Work Case Management

Author: Michael J. Holosko
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 9781483374499
Release Date: 2017-01-30
Genre: Social Science

Social Work Case Management: Case Studies From the Frontlines by Michael J. Holosko is an innovative book that equips readers with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective case management practitioners in a variety of health and human service organizations. A must-read for students and professionals in social work, this important work introduces a unique Task-Centered Case Management Model built around the unifying principles of the profession—person-in-environment, strengths-based work, and ecological perspective. Over twenty case studies by case managers and professionals offer innovative practice insights, illustrating the practice roles and responsibilities of today's case managers and the realities of conducting case management in today’s growing, exciting, and challenging field.

Case Critical

Author: Ben Carniol
Publisher: Between The Lines
ISBN: 9781896357942
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Reference

A classic text in social work education, Case Critical opens the door on Canada's social services from the perspective of social workers themselves, and service users or "cases", people whose voices we rarely hear. This completely revised and updated fifth edition includes new interviews and topics of discussion to reinforce Carniol's passionate case for social work as "liberation practice."

The Children Money Can Buy

Author: Anne Moody
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781538108031
Release Date: 2018-01-26
Genre: Family & Relationships

Foster care and adoption can be rewarding ways to become parents. But the system itself seems almost rigged for failure, confusion, fraud, and disappointment. This book takes readers on an insider’s tour of the system, its successes and failures, and the joys adoption can bring through the real stories of those involved on all sides.

New Directions in Social Work Practice

Author: Kieron Hatton
Publisher: Learning Matters
ISBN: 9780857258151
Release Date: 2015-11-23
Genre: Social Science

‘Hatton’s book is a welcome antidote to stagnation and moribund thinking in contemporary professional practice and readers will gain much from engaging with the concepts he sets out and the challenges he raises.’ Jonathan Parker, Series Editor Since the first edition of Kieron Hatton’s important book outlining many of the New Directions facing social work a significant number of changes and challenges have continued to have a huge impact on contemporary social work practice in the UK. From the second Laming report and the subsequent work of the Social Work Task Force, Social Work Reform Board and The College of Social Work, to the Reclaiming Social Work agenda and Munro Review, the context within which social work is practice has continued to change and this new edition unpicks the challenges, opportunities and threats facing the social workers of today. This book re-establishes an important contribution to learning from which students, their service users and ultimately society should benefit.

Building Effective Social Work Teams

Author: Judy Foster
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781315387055
Release Date: 2016-11-14

How has social work changed over the years? What are some of the best social work teams doing differently to meet the complex practical and emotional needs of service users? What practical tools and approaches can social work managers implement with their teams? Dr. Judy Foster examines good social work practice and the supporting factors that are essential to underpin social work teams – coherent policies; well-qualified and motivated staff; good management support structures; delegated autonomy and discretion for social workers; and mental space to allow reflective and creative problem solving. She illustrates the dilemmas and rewards of social work relationships through personal stories from her own career as a social worker, manager and teacher - and interviews with social workers and managers. These examples show the relationship between ‘doing’ something for someone and ‘being’ emotionally present to empower a service user to manage better. The book is intended to help social work managers improve the support environment for their teams – and hence their effectiveness – and to inform students and others in related professions interested in learning more about social work. It will also have a wide appeal to an international social work readership.

Poems from a Runaway

Author: Ben Westwood
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1981314350
Release Date: 2017-12-11

'A street cat named Bob' meets 'Oliver Twist' meets 'A.A. Milne' - yet still a unique legend of a book worthy of a channel 4 documentary!Welcome to Ben Westwood's collection of 60 true-story poems - 'Poems from a runaway'. It's his story of being a teenager in care, and a frequent runaway from the west midlands (UK). Follow him on a journey from ten years old, wandering from town to town before eventually at the age of twelve, finding himself in the east end of London with drug addicts and prostitutes. A year later he was to be sleeping rough in London's West end, meeting celebrities and all sorts of folk. It's a story with many tragedies, but also comedic moments.Choices that would have only been made with a youngsters thinking, and angels along the way. Predators, friends, heart-warming times and dangerous moments. Hustles, wind-ups and the way young people entertain themselves along the way. Some moments in life that some may never had knew existed.A collection of sixty poems of various lengths, leading the reader through the reality of this true-story childhood journey.Not only a great read and an eye-opener for general book and poetry lovers, but also a great resource for Foster parents, social workers, mental health support services, homeless services, child advocates and care leavers.Places in the UK commonly featured in book -Norton Canes, StaffordshireBrownhills, West MidlandsRugeley, StaffordshireGreat Haywood, StaffordshireLichfield, StaffordshireCannock, StaffordshireTamworth, StaffordshireChasetown, StaffordshireBirmingham, West MidlandsHighbury stadium, North LondonPiccadilly Circus/ Leicester square, Central LondonWhitechapel/ Aldgate/ Poplar, Tower hamlets, East LondonAbbey Road, St Johns Wood, LondonEdmonton Green, North LondonVictoria, Central LondonPiccadilly, Central LondonAldridge, West MidlandsCharing Cross, Central LondonPlantation, Miami, Florida,Blakenhall, West MidlandsBescot Stadium/ Walsall FCHyde Park Corner, Central LondonCricklewood, North LondonNuneaton, Warwickshire

The Gospel According to Mark

Author: Nick Cave
Publisher: Canongate Books
ISBN: 9780857860972
Release Date: 1999-01-01
Genre: Bibles

The earliest of the four Gospels, the book portrays Jesus as an enigmatic figure, struggling with enemies, his inner and external demons, and with his devoted but disconcerted disciples. Unlike other gospels, his parables are obscure, to be explained secretly to his followers. With an introduction by Nick Cave

What s Love Got to Do with It

Author: Hope Daniels
ISBN: 1471140776
Release Date: 2015-08-13

Following on from her previous bestselling books, Hackney Child and Tainted Love, which told the stories of kids in children's homes who fought against the odds in their struggle to survive, Jenny Molloy's' latest book What's Love Got to do With it? gives harrowing accounts of what happens when children fall in love with the wrong people, and how the role of social workers in their lives can bring them back to an understanding of what love really means. Molloy introduces several brave and inspirational children: Jemma, taken into care after her father tried to kill her; Angelika, abandoned by her mother, ending up in a criminal gang; Emma, whose life spiralled out of control after her mother's sudden death. Neglected explores these stories and more, ultimately aiming to answer the question: how can the circle of neglect be broken?

Stories of Pain Trauma and Survival

Author: Sarah E. Meisinger
Publisher: National Assn of Social Workers Press
ISBN: PSU:000064205335
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Social Science

Sarah Meisinger wrote Stories of Pain, Trauma, and Survival: A Social Worker's Experience & Insights from the Field for all the new social workers experiencing the "baptism by fire" as they enter the profession. The book chronicles Meisinger's struggle to find a balance between her own "personal agenda to save the world one client at a time' and the reality of what occurs" between social worker and client. In response to the need for undergraduate and graduate students to hear about real-life experiences working with traumatized clients, Stories of Pain, Trauma, and Survival is filled with anecdotal examples of social work with individuals and groups in a variety of settings that include nonprofit agencies, child welfare services, and veteran's health care. Each masterfully written story is followed by Meisinger's personal and professional insights on how these experiences have informed her practice. The book is useful for classroom discussions and critical self-assessments and will be helpful to beginning and seasoned social workers alike. The primary thesis of Stories of Pain, Trauma, and Survival is that social workers can be more effective by getting "back to basics" and staying in touch with the core values of the profession. Meisinger notes that, one of the most important services that social workers can provide is to be fully present in "witnessing the pain" of a traumatized client. The self-knowledge and compassion that emerge from this mindfulness make all the difference in working with clients who are overwhelmed by difficult circumstances.

Learning from Baby P

Author: Sharon Shoesmith
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9781784502386
Release Date: 2016-08-20
Genre: Family & Relationships

Sharon Shoesmith was Director of Children's Services for Haringey in 2007 at the time of the death of Peter Connelly, also known as 'Baby P'. In Learning from Baby P, she carries out a dispassionate analysis of the events which followed Peter Connelly's death, documenting the responses of the media, politicians and the public. She explores the psychological and emotional responses we share when faced with such horrifying cases of familial child homicide, and how a climate of fear and blame which follows such tragedies can lead to negative consequences for other children at risk of harm, and for the social workers striving to protect them. Learning from Baby P is a thought-provoking book which aims to deepen understanding and shed light on the difficult relationship between politics, the media and child protection.