The Tudor Tailor

Author: Ninya Mikhaila
Publisher: Costume & Fashion Press
ISBN: 0896762556
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Essential source book for reconstructing clothing 1509 to 1603.

The Tudor Child

Author: Jane Huggett
Publisher: Costume & Fashion Press
ISBN: 089676267X
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

This book provides a social history of babies and children from the late fifteenth century to the Jacobean era. The book offers fascinating insights into the conventions of children's dress, including swaddling infants, boys in skirts and stiffened bodices for young girls.

Creating Historical Clothes

Author: Elizabeth Friendship
Publisher: Costume & Fashion Press
ISBN: 0896762858
Release Date: 2013-11-01
Genre: Art

Subtitle on cover: Pattern cutting from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

Tudor Fashion

Author: Eleri Lynn
ISBN: 9780300228274
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Clothing and dress

Introduction -- The Tudor wardrobe -- Power and meaning : royal dress -- Dressed for court : courtiers, officials and servants -- Grooming and laundry -- The great wardrobe -- The legacy of tudor dress

Tudor Costume and Fashion

Author: Herbert Norris
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486141510
Release Date: 2013-09-26
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

Monumental study of English fashions from 1485 through 1603 surveys clothing worn by all classes and includes headgear, hairstyles, jewelry, collars, footwear, and other accessories. 1,000 black-and-white figures. 24 halftones. 22 color plates.

The First Book of Fashion

Author: Ulinka Rublack
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781474249904
Release Date: 2015-10-22
Genre: Art

This captivating book reproduces arguably the most extraordinary primary source documents in fashion history. Providing a revealing window onto the Renaissance, they chronicle how style-conscious accountant Matthäus Schwarz and his son Veit Konrad experienced life through clothes, and climbed the social ladder through fastidious management of self-image. These bourgeois dandies' agenda resonates as powerfully today as it did in the sixteenth century: one has to dress to impress, and dress to impress they did. The Schwarzes recorded their sartorial triumphs as well as failures in life in a series of portraits by illuminists over 60 years, which have been comprehensively reproduced in full color for the first time. These exquisite illustrations are accompanied by the Schwarzes' fashion-focussed yet at times deeply personal captions, which render the pair the world's first fashion bloggers and pioneers of everyday portraiture. The First Book of Fashion demonstrates how dress � seemingly both ephemeral and trivial � is a potent tool in the right hands. Beyond this, it colorfully recaptures the experience of Renaissance life and reveals the importance of clothing to the aesthetics and every day culture of the period. Historians Ulinka Rublack's and Maria Hayward's insightful commentaries create an unparalleled portrait of sixteenth-century dress that is both strikingly modern and thorough in its description of a true Renaissance fashionista's wardrobe. This first English translation also includes a bespoke pattern by TONY award-winning costume designer and dress historian Jenny Tiramani, from which readers can recreate one of Schwarz's most elaborate and politically significant outfits.

Historic Costumes and How to Make Them

Author: Mary Fernald
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486449067
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Design

Practical, informative guidebook shows how to create everything from short tunics worn by Saxon men in the fifth century to a lady's bustle dress of the late 1800s. 81 illustrations.

Queen Elizabeth s Wardrobe Unlock d

Author: Janet Arnold
Publisher: Maney Pub
ISBN: 1909662534
Release Date: 2014-09-30
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

The vast wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth I is legendary: in her own time some of the richly embroidered gowns were displayed with other treasures to dazzle the eyes of foreign visitors to the Tower of London. The quantity of clothes recorded in the inventories taken in 1600 would seem to suggest sheer vanity, but a survey of work carried out in the Wardrobe of Robes throughout the reign reveals a different picture. It is one of careful organisation and economy. This copiously annotated work is illustrated with photographs of portraits, miniatures, tomb sculptures, engravings, woven textiles and embroideries. Two indexes are provided, the first of paintings, persons, places, and events, while the second, partly a glossary, enables the reader to quickly trace information on fashionable dress and accessories. An invaluable reference for students of the history of dress and embroidery, for social historians, for art historians working in the field of portraiture, and those with a general interest in the period. Case-bound in cloth with dust jacket.

Medieval Tailor s Assistant

Author: Sarah Thursfield
Publisher: Crowood
ISBN: 9781847975836
Release Date: 2013-06-30
Genre: History

A comprehensive guide to making period clothes for re-enactment, living history or theatre. From establishing the date of your outfit, defining the wearer and selecting garments, to measurements, patterns, materials, and methods of construction, you can discover how to make braies, shirts and smocks, cotes, kirtles, doublets, hose, surcotes, cotehardies, gowns, overkirtles, cloaks, children's clothing, a variety of head-wear and accessories.There are over 400 line illustrations, including 121 patterns, as well as historical illustrations and photographs. A comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to reproduce historical dress, for re-enactment, living history displays, drama or personal use. The garments are presented with brief notes on their historical background in three main layers, underwear, main garments and outer garments for men, women and children.There is a section on 'How to use the book' with detailed instructions on techniques, planning and materials. Superbly illustrated with over 400 line illustrations and 121 patterns. Sarah Thursfield is an experienced cutter and dressmaker with a special interest in medieval dress.

Drei Schnittbucher

Author: Katherine Barich
Publisher: Nadel Und Faden Press LLC
ISBN: 0692472452
Release Date: 2018-09-10
Genre: Art

This book contains three 16th century Austrian tailors' guild masterbook manuscripts, or schnittbuch, Nidermayr (1560), Enns and Leonfeldner (1590). These manuscripts were created to help journeyman tailors study and pass the master tailor exam. The original manuscripts have been transcribed and translated into English.

Medieval Tailor s Assistant

Author: Sarah Thursfield
Publisher: Crowood
ISBN: 9781847978356
Release Date: 2015-03-23
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

The Medieval Tailor's Assistant is the standard work for both amateurs and professionals wishing to re-create the clothing of the Medieval era for historical interpretation or drama. This new edition extends its range with details of fitting different figures and many more patterns for main garments and accessories from 1100 to 1480. It includes simple instructions for plain garments, as well as more complex patterns and adaptations for experienced sewers. Advice on planning outfits and materials to use is given along with a range of projects and alternative designs, from undergarments to outer wear. Early and later tailoring methods are also covered within the period. There are clear line drawings, pattern diagrams and layouts and over eighty full-colour photographs that show the garments as working outfits. The garments are presented with brief notes on their historical background in three mainlayers, underwear, main garments and outer garments for men, women and children. There is a section on 'How to use the book' with detailed instructions on techniques, planning, materials and, in particular, cutting methods from 1100. In this new edition there are over 400 line illustrations and a further 80 colour photographs as well as patterns for 151 garments and accessories.

Fashion in the Time of William Shakespeare

Author: Sarah Jane Downing
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781784420123
Release Date: 2014-10-10
Genre: Design

Garments and accessories are prominent in almost all of William Shakespeare's plays, from Hamlet and Othello to A Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelfth Night. The statement 'Clothes maketh the man' was one that would have resonated with their audiences: the rise of England's merchant class had made issues of rank central to Elizabethan debate, and a rigid table of sumptuary laws carefully regulated the sorts of fabric and garment worn by the different classes. From the etiquette of courtly dress to the evolution of the Elizabethan ruff, in this vibrant introduction Sarah Jane Downing explores the sartorial world of the late-16th century, why people wore the clothes they did, and how the dizzyingly eclectic range of fashions (including ruffs, rebatos and French farthingales) transformed over time.

Medieval Costume and How to Recreate It

Author: Dorothy Hartley
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486134321
Release Date: 2011-09-12
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

This unique reference classifies the clothes and accessories of the 12th through 15th centuries along social lines. Garments of every type from the wardrobes of peasants and nobility appear in over 200 period illustrations and patterns.

Elizabethan Costume Design and Construction

Author: Helen Q Huang
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781136085659
Release Date: 2014-10-03
Genre: Performing Arts

Learn how to create historically accurate costumes for Elizabethan period productions with Elizabethan Costume Design and Construction! Extensive coverage of a variety of costumes for both men and women of all social classes will allow you to be prepared for any costuming need, and step-by-step instructions will ensure you have the know-how to design and construct your garments. Get inspired by stunning, hand-drawn renderings of costumes used in real life productions like Mary Stuart as you’re led through the design process. Detailed instructions will allow you to bring your designs to life and create a meticulously constructed costume.