The Wisdom of the Body

Author: Christine Valters Paintner
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 9781933495835
Release Date: 2017-03-03
Genre: Religion

The distorted view of the perfect female body created by popular culture, television, movies, and the media often causes women to become uncomfortable with their own bodies. Christine Valters Paintner, popular author of nine books and abbess of the online retreat center Abbey of the Arts, draws from Celtic, desert, and Benedictine traditions to help women connect with their bodies through writing, visual art, and movement. In The Wisdom of the Body, Christine Valters Paintner focuses on the true meaning of the Incarnation—God became flesh—and points to the spiritual importance of appreciating the bodies God gave us. Each of the book’s ten chapters is a mini-workshop designed to lead us to new ways of being in relationship with our bodies. Starting with the senses and shifting toward emotions and desires, Paintner explores their role as thresholds to discovering the body’s wisdom. She draws from Christian tradition to offer principles and practices such as stability, hospitality, and gratitude to lead us on a journey that ends with a sense of deep peace and self-acceptance. Through expressive arts and creative movement, Paintner demonstrates a new a language and way of integrating and sharing our discoveries. By exploring the lives of women in the Bible and in the Christian tradition—including Eve, Mary, Hildegaard of Bingen, and Amma Syncletica—Paintner introduces us to companions that accompany us on our journey.

Creative Ways to Learn Ethics

Author: Dayna Guido
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780429891434
Release Date: 2018-12-10
Genre: Psychology

Creative Ways to Learn Ethics is an accessible, easy-to-read guide that compiles a variety of ethics trainings to help professionals stimulate their minds, relieve stress, and increase engagement and memory retention. The book uses a range of experiential and thought-provoking approaches, including contemplative exercises, expressive arts, games, and media. Each chapter contains objectives, detailed procedures, adaptations for different audiences, and handouts. Trainers, educators, clinicians, and other mental health professionals can use these exercises in various settings and modify them to meet the needs of their clients.

Weisheit des ungesicherten Lebens

Author: Alan Watts
Publisher: Knaur MensSana eBook
ISBN: 9783426421406
Release Date: 2014-02-26
Genre: Religion

Der moderne Mensch will das Leben immer stärker planen und kontrollierbar machen. Er treibt einen unglaublichen technischen Aufwand, nur um sich sicherer zu fühlen. Dahinter steckt ein ängstliches Ich, das sich von der Welt bedroht fühlt. Alan Watts zeigt den Weg in eine tiefere Dimension des Bewusstseins, in der man dem Leben vollkommen offen und furchtlos zu begegnen lernt.

The Chance of Home

Author: Mark S. Burrows
Publisher: Paraclete Press
ISBN: 9781640601185
Release Date: 2018-03-01
Genre: Poetry

These poems remind us that “home” is a way of being in this world. It finds expression in the inner light that carries us through dark seasons and in what inspires us to risk life in the face of death. Many of these poems come from a long looking at the familiar and the ordinary, a patient listening for traces of a beauty that might still save us. They ponder the resilience that lies at the heart of the natural world, as well as in our desire to thrive amid the distractions that pressure us in our lives. In an over-saturated age like ours, they invite us to linger at the edges of silence, and wonder what it means that we are not made for reason alone, but “for what song can bring of solace and delight.” “Call these meditative poems Burrows’ ‘Yes’ to the given world, his ongoing record of those instances of connectedness when we are at ‘home’ in what Pessoa called ‘the astonishing reality of things...’” —Robert Cording, poet and author of Walking with Ruskin and Only So Far “Mark S. Burrows’ poems offer the reader both invitation and gift - when you say yes, the treasures lay themselves out like a banquet for the heart.” —Christine Valters Paintner, Online Abbess of Abbey of the Arts and author of The Wisdom of the Body: A Contemplative Journey to Wholeness for Women

Das Buch der Freude

Author: Dalai Lama
Publisher: Lotos
ISBN: 9783641191917
Release Date: 2016-09-26
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Zwei weise Männer, eine Botschaft Sie sind zwei der bedeutendsten Leitfiguren unserer Zeit: Seine Heiligkeit der Dalai Lama und Erzbischof Desmond Tutu. Obwohl ihr Leben von vielen Widrigkeiten und Gefahren geprägt war, strahlen sie eine Freude aus, die durch nichts zu erschüttern ist. Im Buch der Freude vereinen die „Brüder im Geiste“ ihre immense Lebenserfahrung und die Weisheit ihrer Weltreligionen zu einer gemeinsamen zentralen Erkenntnis: Nur tief empfundene Freude kann sowohl das Leben des Einzelnen als auch das globale Geschehen spürbar zum Positiven wandeln. Unabhängig von allen Herausforderungen und Krisen, mit denen wir täglich konfrontiert werden, können wir diese Energie in uns entfalten und weitergeben. So wird die Freude zur Triebkraft, die unserem Dasein mehr Liebe und Sinn verleiht – und zugleich Hoffnung und Frieden in unsere unsichere Welt bringt.

Women s Intuition

Author: Paula M. Reeves
Publisher: Conari Press
ISBN: 9781609252823
Release Date: 1999-06-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Women's intuition is real, says Paula Reeves. Encoded in a woman's DNA, this subtle yet potent source of knowledge has been doubted and dismissed as an old wives' tale. Because social conditioning and male-dominated culture have caused women to feel disconnected from their own bodies, Dr. Reeves believes that most women are unaware of what their intuition is trying to tell them. In Women's Intuition, Dr. Reeves guides readers to remove the blocks preventing this channel of knowledge from informing and enriching their daily lives. By evoking body-based intuition, readers can reestablish their body-mind bond and access their intuitive power for healing and insight.

View from the Mountaintop

Author: Lee Ann Fagan Dzelzkalns
Publisher: Ageless Dominion Pub
ISBN: 1881300013
Release Date: 1995-12-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

In this contemplative, inspirational book, Lee Ann offers her powerful expressions of personal expansion as springboards for others' transformation. Through levels of awareness, you decondition from the past, breaking limiting patterns of anxiety & fear. You become aware of your own strength, beauty & inner wisdom, reconditioning to a more fulfilling positive reality. Ultimately, the journey leads you to self-empowerment, spiritual renewal & unconditional love. The delightful poetic meter & thought-provoking illustrations speak to you on many levels. You'll cherish this book as you do a dear friend. "...a sweet meditation designed to allow the feverish mind to rest, relax & enjoy. Read this whenever you need to stop the world..."--Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., author. The guided meditation audiotape VIEW FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP: A JOURNEY TO SELF-RENEWAL compliments the book perfectly. $10.95. 1-881300-00-7. You can't help but relax & rejuvenate as Lee Ann's soothing, soul-filled voice leads you from self-doubt to self-respect. "This tape is for anyone seeking that special feeling of accomplishment & confidence!"--Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews. Order from: Ageless Dominion Publishing, P.O. Box 11546, Milwaukee, WI 53211, 414-332-6775. FAX: 414-332-6566.

The Experience of No Self

Author: Bernadette Roberts
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791416945
Release Date: 1993-03-26
Genre: Religion

Within the traditional framework, the Christian notion of loss-of-self is generally regarded as the transformation or loss of the ego (lower self) as it attains to the higher or true self in its union with God. Thus, because self at its deepest center is a run-on with the divine, I had never found any true self apart from God, for to find the One is to find the other. Because this was the limit of my expectations, I was all the more surprised and bewildered when many years later I came upon a permanent state in which there was no self, no higher self, true self, or anything that could be called a self. Clearly, I had fallen outside my own, as well as the traditional frame of reference, when I came upon a path that seemed to begin where the writers on the contemplative life had left off. But with the clear certitude of the self's disappearance, there automatically arose the question of what had fallen away--what was the self? What, exactly, had it been? Then too, there was the all-important question: what remained in its absence? This journey was the gradual revelation of the answers to these questions, answers that had to be derived solely from personal experience since no outside explanation was forthcoming.

The Book of Life

Author: Laurel Beth Geise
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9780738814353
Release Date: 2000-08-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

In The Book of Life: Universal Truths for a New Millennium, readers of all ages will be treated to a daily journey of contemplation and illumination about living life in a new millennium. As the path unfolds, universal truths are interwoven with modern questions that provide for all a healthy journey to wholeness. Each chapter carries us forward on a current of perennial wisdom as we explore the impact of universal truths on daily life in the 21st century. Each topic affords us questions upon which to meditate as we reclaim our personal power and discover our true reason for being on this Earth. The journey of our life is a miraculous adventure of magic and mystery. By applying the wisdom found in The Book of Life, your authentic self will emerge. This will allow you to share your personal brilliance with the world. Light up your life and the world around you with the principles in The Book of Life. The Book of Life is destined to be a classic text of spiritual unfolding and exploration. It is a book that will be passed from hand to hand in love and hope as it is shared with loved ones around the world. It is a book where the message of universal truth will spread by word of mouth as we embrace the potential illumination of our life. Read The Book of Life each day and watch the miracles of your journey unfold right before your eyes.

Die Meerfrau

Author: Sue Monk Kidd
Publisher: btb Verlag
ISBN: 9783641024727
Release Date: 2009-03-11
Genre: Fiction

Eine idyllische Insel vor South Carolina: Nach langen Jahren kehrt die 40-jährige Jessie Sullivan in ihre alte Heimat zurück, weil ihre Mutter sie braucht. Schon bald gerät ihr geordnetes Leben aus der Bahn: Die verheiratete Frau verliebt sich in einen Mönch, der kurz davor steht, sein ewiges Gelübde abzulegen. Jessie will ihre Ehe nicht aufs Spiel setzen. Doch die Sehnsucht nach einem Seelenverwandten, nach Sinnlichkeit und Spiritualität, droht über die Vernunft zu siegen ...

Increasing Wholeness

Author: Rabbi Elie Kaplan Spitz
Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing
ISBN: 9781580238236
Release Date: 2015-03-02
Genre: Religion

Combines Jewish tradition, contemporary sciences and world spiritual writings with practical contemplative exercises. Will help you balance and integrate mind, body, heart and spirit, reach out to the Divine, and be more fully present and effective in your life.

Vermessung der Ewigkeit

Author: Eben Alexander
Publisher: Ansata
ISBN: 9783641157692
Release Date: 2015-05-11
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Neue Antworten auf die großen Fragen des Lebens Die Nahtoderfahrung, von der Dr. Eben Alexander in seinem SPIEGEL-Bestseller Blick in die Ewigkeit berichtete, berührte Millionen von Menschen weltweit. Für den Neurochirurgen war sie der Anlass für eine weitaus umfassendere Erforschung dessen, was nach dem Tod geschieht: In seinem neuen Buch setzt er sein eigenes Nahtoderlebnis in Beziehung zu modernsten Wissenschaften, zu spirituellen und philosophischen Weisheitslehren sowie Aufsehen erregenden Erfahrungsberichten anderer Menschen. In Form von sieben fundamentalen Erkenntnissen über das Leben nach dem Tod lädt er zu einer spannenden Reise auf die »andere Seite« ein und führt vor Augen: Unser jetziges Leben ist nur ein kleines Kapitel in einer viel größeren Geschichte – der spirituellen Entwicklung des Universums. Und unsere unsterbliche Seele ist jederzeit Teil dieser Entwicklung ...

A Journey in Search of Wholeness and Meaning

Author: Rupert Clive Collister
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 3034304900
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Education

This book explores the concept that the reality which is created by the consciousness inherent in the Western worldview is exceptionally limiting and probably unsustainable. After describing the contexts within which the book was written the author documents his personal journey in search of wholeness and meaning. From his experience of this journey he suggests that the wisdom, insight, and praxis contained within - what he describes as the meta-narratives of - Holism, Indigenous cultures, and Eastern traditions are manifestations of a holistic consciousness. The author explores the concept that a shift to such a holistic consciousness is required in order to redress the imbalance that is evident in all humanity's relationships, and he suggests that enabling such a shift in consciousness would have deep implications for the concepts and contexts of "community, adult learning, meaningful work, "and "sustainability."

Intuitiv abnehmen

Author: Elyse Resch
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 9783641104450
Release Date: 2013-08-19
Genre: Cooking

Intuitiv schlank und schön! Schluss mit dem Diätwahn und zurück zu einem natürlichen Körpergefühl und Essgenuss ohne schlechtes Gewissen – diese Botschaft vermitteln die beiden Autorinnen in ihrem Buch „Intuitiv Abnehmen“. Denn wer bewusst und ohne Schuldgefühle isst und auf seinen Körper hört, der wird lernen seinen Körper zu akzeptieren. So fällt es ganz leicht, stressfrei und auf natürliche Weise abzunehmen.