The World Factbook 2013

Author: Central Intelligence Agency
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9781612346212
Release Date: 2013-10-25
Genre: Reference

By intelligence officials, for intelligent people

The CIA World Factbook 2013

Author: Central Intelligence Agency
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 9781616088231
Release Date: 2012-11
Genre: Business & Economics

Provides information on such topics as politics, military expenditures, and economics, and shares comprehensive, country-by-country statistical and rate information.

Bedrohte Identit t und Ver nderungen im arabischen Sicherheitsdiskurs

Author: Philip Schäfer
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783658122072
Release Date: 2015-12-16
Genre: Political Science

Philip Schäfer präsentiert Perspektiven der arabischen Mittelmeerstaaten, wie diese Sicherheit konzeptualisieren und wie diese Konstruktion das Verhältnis zu anderen Akteuren, im Speziellen zur Europäischen Union, beeinflusst. Er analysiert, inwiefern Regierende die Bedürfnisse der von ihnen Regierten, neue Bedrohungen und Gefahren wahrnehmen und wie sich angesichts von Veränderungen ihre Problemlösungsansätze und Machtpositionen legitimieren. Basierend auf systemtheoretischen Überlegungen untersucht der Autor den arabischen Sicherheitsdiskurs mit besonderem Fokus auf Ägypten und rückt dabei die Verbindung von Sicherheitsperspektiven und Identität in den Mittelpunkt. Diese Fragen sind die Grundlage, um politische Prozesse innerhalb der arabischen Mittelmeerstaaten zu verstehen, die angesichts der Herausforderungen von Migration, Ressourcensicherheit, internationalem Terrorismus etc. für die Außenpolitik der Europäischen Union immer wichtiger werden.

The CIA World Factbook 2012

Author: Central Intelligence Agency
ISBN: 1607964015
Release Date: 2011-12

A country-by-country guide to the world-the product of sixty-nine years of CIA intelligence. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, The CIA World Factbook 2012 offers complete and up-to-date information on the world's nations. This comprehensive guide is packed with detailed information on the politics, populations, military expenditures, and economics of 2012. For each country, The CIA World Factbook 2012 includes: Detailed maps with new geopolitical data Statistics on the population of each country, with details on literacy rates, HIV prevalence, and age structure New data on military expenditures and capabilities Information on each country's climate and natural hazards Details on prominent political parties, and contact information for diplomatic consultation Facts on transportation and communication infrastructure And much more! Also included are appendixes with useful abbreviations, international environmental agreements, international organizations and groups, weight and measure conversions, and more. Originally intended for use by government officials, this is a must-have resource for students, travelers, journalists, and business people with a desire to know more about their world.

South China Sea

Author: Christopher L. Daniels
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810886469
Release Date: 2013-11-14
Genre: History

South China Sea: Energy and Security Conflicts takes on such troubling questions as the impact of this conflict on global oil and gas prices; China’s growth both economically and as a regional military hegemon; and the recent, often rocky, international efforts to mediate the conflict. In addition to policy recommendations for peaceful resolutions to this emerging international challenge, the book includes maps, graphs, primary sources, and overviews of key players—individual and institutional—in what may well be the next great conflict in East Asia.

The Hole in Our Gospel Special Edition

Author: Richard Stearns
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780529117670
Release Date: 2014-05-27
Genre: Religion

What Does God Expect of Us? Is our faith only about going to church, studying the Bible, and avoiding the most serious sins—or does God expect more? Have we embraced the whole gospel or a gospel with a hole in it? Fifteen years ago Rich Stearns came face-to-face with that question as he sat in a mud hut in Rakai, Uganda, listening to the heartbreaking story of an orphaned child. Stearns’s journey there took much more than a long flight to Africa. It took answering God’s call on his life, a call that tore him out of his corner office at one of America’s most prestigious corporations—to walk with the poorest of the poor in our world. Marking its fifth year, this anniversary edition of The Hole in Our Gospel features new content along with full-color graphics on poverty statistics, a guide for churches on short-term missions and international engagement, and an index of Scripture on poverty, justice, faith in action, and more. The Hole in Our Gospel changed people’s lives, and some of those personal accounts also appear in this anniversary edition. Stearns’s compelling story demonstrates that the whole gospel was always meant to be a world-changing, social revolution, a revolution that begins with each one of us. ECPA 2010 Christian Book of the Year Award Winner! “Read this compelling story and urgent call for change—Richard Stearns is a contemporary Amos crying ‘let justice roll down like waters. . . .’ Justice is a serious gospel-prophetic mandate. Far too many American Christians for too long a time have left the cause to ‘others.’ Read it as an altar call.” —Eugene H. Peterson, translator of The Message; and Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology, Regent College “Rich Stearns calls us to exhilarating obedience to God’s life-altering, world-changing command to reflect his love to our neighbors at home and globally. The Hole in Our Gospel is imbued with the hope of what is possible when God’s people are transformed to live radically in light of his great love.” —Gary Haugen, president & CEO, International Justice Mission “Richard Stearns is quite simply one of the finest leaders I have ever known. . . . When he became president of World Vision, I had a front row seat to witness the way God used his mind and heart to inspire thousands. . . . The Hole in Our Gospel will call you to a higher level of discipleship. . . . Now is the time . . . Richard Stearns has the strategy . . . your move!” —Bill Hybels, founding and senior pastor, Willow Creek Community Church “World Vision plays a strategic role on our globe. As the largest relief organization in the history of the world, it initiates care and responds to crisis. Rich Stearns navigates this mercy mission with great skill. His book urges us to think again about the opportunity to love our neighbor and comfort the afflicted. His message is timely and needed. May God bless him, the mission of World Vision, and all who embrace it.” —Max Lucado, pastor and best-selling author “An urgent, powerful summons to live like Jesus. Stearns weaves solid theology, moving stories, and his own journey of faith into a compelling call to live the whole Gospel. Highly recommended!” —Ronald J. Sider, president, Evangelicals for Social Action; and author of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger “With passionate urging and earnestness, Rich Stearns challenges Christians to embrace the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ by embracing the neediest and most vulnerable among us. After reading the moving stories, the compelling facts and figures, Stearns’s excellent application of the Scripture, and his own experiences at World Vision, you will no doubt be asking yourself: What should I do?” —Chuck Colson, founder, Prison Fellowship

Bewertung der konomischen Kosten einer Aufgabe des Euros

Author: Thorsten Foltz
ISBN: 9783956845932
Release Date: 2015-02-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Die Eurokrise stellt viele Bürger und Politiker vor die Frage, ob der Austritt eines Landes oder gar die Auflösung der gesamten Währungsunion nicht die Lösung der Probleme darstellt. Drei Szenarien werden gegenwärtig diskutiert. Soll ein wirtschaftlich schwaches Mitglied wie Griechenland oder ein wirtschaftlich starkes Mitglied wie Deutschland austreten, oder sollte möglicherweise die Währungsunion selbst aufgelöst werden? Kritische Stimmen gegenüber dem Euro und oftmals auch der EU sind vielfältig vorhanden. Aber haben sie auch recht? Was sind die möglichen ökonomischen Folgen und welche politischen und sozialen Kosten entstünden aus dem Austritt eines der Mitgliedsstaaten oder aus dem Zusammenbruch der Währungsunion? Diese Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit der Frage, ob eines der angedachten Szenarien rechtlich möglich wäre, und untersucht die Auswirkungen, insbesondere für Deutschland.

Money Laundering Asset Forfeiture and Recovery and Compliance A Global Guide

Author: William H. Byrnes
Publisher: LexisNexis
ISBN: 9780327170846
Release Date: 2018-10-19
Genre: Law

This eBook is designed to provide the reader with accurate analyses of the AML/CTF Financial and Legal Intelligence, law and practice in the nations of the world with the most current references and resources. The eBook is organized around five main themes: 1. Money Laundering Risk and Compliance; 2. The Law of Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance; 3. Criminal and Civil Forfeiture; 4. Compliance and 5. International Cooperation. Each chapter is made up of five parts. Part I, "Introduction," begins with the analysis of money laundering risks and compliance with the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and then concludes with the country's rating based on the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) of the U.S. State Department. Part II, "Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing (AML/CTF)" and Part III, "Criminal and Civil Forfeiture," evaluate the judicial and legislative structures of the country. Given the increasing global dimension of AML/CTF activities, these sections give special attention to how a country has created statutes, decisions, policies and the judicial enforcement procedures needed to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Part IV, "Compliance," examines the most critical processes for the prevention and detection of money laundering and terrorist financing. This section reflects on the practical elements that should be in place so that financial institutions can comply with AML/CTF requirements; these are categorized into the development and implementation of internal controls, policies and procedures. Part V, "International Cooperation," reviews the compilation of international laws and treaties between countries working together to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. As these unlawful activities can occur in any given country, it is important to identify the international participants who are cooperating to develop methods to obstruct these criminal activities.

Marketing 2014

Author: William M. Pride
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285531731
Release Date: 2013-01-11
Genre: Business & Economics

Perfect for students of all backgrounds and interest levels, Pride and Ferrell's MARKETING 2014 combines a thorough overview of essential marketing principles with a visually engaging, reader-friendly presentation. This popular, proven text and a full range of supplemental learning resources (including eLectures, videos, and an interactive marketing plan) provide students with the knowledge and decision-making skills they'll need to succeed in today's competitive business environment. MARKETING 2014 includes the most current coverage of marketing strategies and concepts with extensive real-world examples including material on social networking and digital marketing. This edition has a new chapter on digital media and social networking that incorporates the latest research and trends in the ever-changing environment of e-marketing. You will find important topics drawn from the rapidly changing world of modern business including social and environmental responsibility, sustainability, globalization, entrepreneurship, and marketing through transitional times. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


Author: Takashi Kasagami
Publisher: Geographisches Institut, HU Berlin
Release Date: 2014-08-28
Genre: Travel

Keine Angaben

Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics

Author: Paul Hoang
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781444196436
Release Date: 2013-12-13
Genre: Business & Economics

Written with the international student in mind, this book is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations and contains the most up-to-date case studies, global examples and statistics. - In-depth coverage of every aspect of the latest Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Economics syllabuses to help students build the skills needed to succeed - Engaging and contemporary case studies and examples ensure the book is relevant to the international student - Accessible language and key terms defined to support ESL/EAL students - Student-focused CD-ROM provides useful weblinks to the latest case studies, interactive activities and answers to the questions in the textbook "A stimulating and exciting introduction to Economics that enables students from anywhere in the world to relate to the subject." Caroline Loewenstein, Economics and Business Education Association Cambridge International Examinations and Hodder Education Hodder Education works closely with Cambridge International Examinations and is an authorised publisher of endorsed textbooks for a wide range of Cambridge syllabuses and curriculum frameworks. Hodder Education resources, tried and tested over many years but updated regularly, are used with confidence worldwide by thousands of Cambridge students.

Internationales Management

Author: Reinhard Meckl
Publisher: Vahlen
ISBN: 9783800647859
Release Date: 2014-03-24
Genre: Fiction

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Meckl lehrt Internationales Management an der Universität Bayreuth. Dieses einführende Lehrbuch vermittelt Ihnen anschaulich die theoretischen Grundlagen und die anwendungsbezogenen Methoden des Internationalen Managements, sodass Sie aufbauend darauf über grundlegende Kenntnisse zur erfolgreichen Bearbeitung aus­ländischer Märkte verfügen. Ausgehend von den Bearbeitungsformen für internationale Märkte stellt das Buch die wichtigsten Erklärungsansätze, Führungsmodelle und Managementmethoden sowie die wesentlichen Funktionsfelder eines internationalen Unternehmens dar. Analysen und ­Empfehlungen zum interkulturellen Management komplettieren das internationale Themenfeld. Fragen zur Wiederholung in jedem Kapitel sorgen für einen nachhaltigen Lernerfolg. Aus dem Inhalt: – Grundlagen des Internationalen Managements – Internationale Marktbearbeitungsformen und Theorien des Internationalen Managements – Führung von internationalen Unternehmen – Funktionenbezogenes Internationales Management – Regionale und kulturelle Dimension im Internationalen Management

Vom Umgang mit Drachen

Author: Aljoscha Utermark
Publisher: tredition
ISBN: 9783849576363
Release Date: 2014-02-17
Genre: Political Science

Immer mehr wächst die Welt zusammen und somit kommt es zu Kontakten zwischen den Weltkulturen. Die europäische Kultur deutscher Prägung trifft auf die lange abgeschlossene, chinesische Kultur und bei diesem Aufeinandertreffen von zwei distanten Kulturen bleiben Missverständnisse und Probleme nicht aus. Der Autor, ein in China lebender Staatswissenschaftler und ehemaliger Zeitsoldat, gibt auf satirische Art und Weise Auskunft über seine Erfahrungen mit dem weiblichen Geschlecht in der VR China. Er überzeichnet bewusst, verliert aber nicht die Balance zwischen Toleranz und kritischer Bewertung aus den Augen. Die Welt ist bekanntlich nicht nur westlich, aber auch nicht nur chinesisch, sondern einfach nur grau. Ein kurzweiliges Buch eines Neuautors für deutsche Männer, das amüsant ist und gleichzeitig zum Nachdenken anregt.

The Gulf Military Balance

Author: Anthony H. Cordesman
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781442227941
Release Date: 2014-03-12
Genre: Political Science

The United States faces major challenges in dealing with Iran, the threat of terrorism, and the tide of political instability in the Arabian Peninsula. The presence of some of the world’s largest reserves of oil and natural gas, vital shipping lanes, and Shia populations throughout the region have made the peninsula the focal point of US and Iranian strategic competition.