The World s Greatest First Love

Author: Shungiku Nakamura
Publisher: SuBLime
ISBN: 1421593505
Release Date: 2017-04-11
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

When Ritsu Onodera changes jobs, looking for a fresh start, he's not exactly thrilled when his new boss turns out to be his old flame. Ritsu's determined to leave all that in the past—but how can he when his boss is just as determined that they have a future? Masamune Takano is the boss—and first love—of rookie shojo manga editor Ritsu Onodera. One day, sick of Takafumi Yokozawa’s relentless badgering about his feelings for Takano, Ritsu snaps back that he actually hates him, not realizing Takano is nearby! In reality—and unknown to Takano—Ritsu is finally coming to terms with how he feels about his old flame. Spurred on by Ritsu’s painful words, Takano makes a clear decision regarding his relationship with Yokozawa.

Author: Karl Ove Knausgård
Publisher: Εκδόσεις Καστανιώτη
ISBN: 9789600359077
Release Date: 2015-06-18
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Σ’ αυτό το εκπληκτικό μυθιστόρημα ο Καρλ Ούβε Κνάουσγκορντ αναμετράται με την ίδια του τη ζωή με επώδυνη ειλικρίνεια. Γράφει για τα παιδικά χρόνια και την εφηβεία του, το πάθος του για τη ροκ μουσική, τη σχέση του με μια σχεδόν ανύπαρκτη μητέρα που όμως αγαπούσε, αλλά και τον απόμακρο, απρόβλεπτο πατέρα του, ο θάνατος του οποίου επέφερε όχι μόνο οδύνη αλλά και σύγχυση. Από τη στιγμή που ο Καρλ Ούβε γίνεται και ο ίδιος γονιός πρέπει να εξισορροπήσει τις απαιτήσεις που έχει η φροντίδα μιας οικογένειας με την αποφασιστικότητά του να γράψει σπουδαία λογοτεχνία. Με το Ένας θάνατος στην οικογένεια, το πρώτο μέρος μιας εξάτομης λογοτεχνικής αυτοβιογραφίας που έχει προκαλέσει παγκόσμια αίσθηση, ο Κνάουσγκορντ συνέθεσε μια πανανθρώπινη ιστορία για τις συγκρούσεις, με τις οποίες ερχόμαστε αντιμέτωποι στη ζωή μας, σ’ αυτόν τον αγώνα που είναι η ζωή μας. Ένα βιβλίο απολύτως σαγηνευτικό, ικανό να συμπαρασύρει τον ευαίσθητο αναγνώστη, γραμμένο με μια βραδυφλεγή ένταση, σαν να εξαρτάται από αυτό η ίδια η ύπαρξη του συγγραφέα. Το πρώτο βιβλίο της μυθιστορηματικής σειράς Ο αγώνας μου.


Author: Shungiku Nakamura
Publisher: Blu
ISBN: 1598167243
Release Date: 2008-06-17
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

It's the day of the congratulatory party for Usami, but Usami's older brother, Haruhiko, keeps getting involved with Misaki. First the endless shipments of strawberry goods, then dragging him off to his rich estate.


Author: Plato
ISBN: 353424060X
Release Date: 2011-01

A W Pink s Studies in the Scriptures 1932 33 Volume 6 of 17

Author: Arthur Waddington Pink
Publisher: Sovereign Grace Publishers,
ISBN: 9781589602359
Release Date: 2008-09
Genre: Religion

Pink (1890-1953) was a Baptist Preacher in England, Australia, and the United States. He is most famous for his book The Sovereignty of God. After its advent, he, assisted by his editor Mr. I. Herendeen, launched his yearly publication, Studies in the Scriptures in 1921. These continued until his death, totaling altogether 33 volumes of 288 pp. each. Most of Pink's books are taken from these yearly volumes (written monthly in 24 page format).

Compendium of Shi i Pilgrimage Prayers Vol 6 General Visitation Prayers

Publisher: MIU Press
ISBN: 9781907905186
Release Date: 2013-10-30
Genre: Muslim pilgrims and pilgrimages

The texts of the present Compendium, seemingly the most comprehensive collection of Shi‘i pilgrimage prayers addressed to the Fourteen Infallibles (AS), have been edited by collating reliable sources. Each prayer is preceded by traditions on the merits of visiting the shrine of the Infallible to be followed by the narrations and sources of the prayer. The classification of the prayers is regional, i.e. they are arranged according to the burial places of the Infallibles (AS). Further, mention has been made of the devotional acts to be performed at each shrine. The contents of the volumes include the following: volume one (Medina) includes the pilgrimage prayers devoted to the Noble Prophet (SAW), Fatimat al-Zahra’ (SA), the Imams (AS) and saints buried at the Baqi‘ Cemetery, and the martyrs of the Uhud Battle; vol. 2: the prayers devoted to the Commander of the Faithful, Imam ‘Ali (AS; Najaf) and those said at the Mosque of Kufa; vol. 3: those devoted to Imam al-Íusayn (AS) and Hadrat Abu al-Fadl al-‘Abbas (as) and other martyrs buried in Karbala’; vol. 4: those devoted to the Kazimayn, i.e. Imam Musa (AS) and Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS), and the ‘Askariyayn, i.e. Imam ‘Ali al-Naqi (AS) and Imam Hasan al-‘Askari (AS), and those of Imam al-Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam (AS; Samarra’ and Kazimayn); vol. 5: those devoted to Imam al-Rida (AS; Mashhad); vol. 6: Ziyarat al-Jami‘a, i.e. general prayers and also those devoted to the descendants of the Imams, e.g. Hadrat Ma‘suma (AS).

Lange s Commentary on the Holy Scripture Volume 6

Author: Lange, John Peter
Publisher: Delmarva Publications, Inc.
Release Date: 2014-09-23

All sixty-three of the original volumes are included in a nine volumes set. There are two linked indexes in this volume, a main index at the front of this volume that will take you to the beginning each of the books of the bible and another index at the beginning of each book there is a linked scripture index leading to the particular subject. Lange’s Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, translated, revised, edited and enlarged from the German editions of John Peter Lange and many contributors, and edited by Philip Schaff. Lange’s Commentary on the entire Bible has remained one of the most useful and valuable work of its kind. It is conservative in theology and universal in hermeneutics. Delmarva Publications is proud to make it available in digital format. The original work was completed in 63 volumes, but we have made it available in 9 volumes they are: Volume 1 - Genesis to Ruth Volume 2 -1 Samuel to Esther Volume 3 - Job to Ecclesiastes Volume 4 - Song of Songs to Lamentations Volume 5 - Ezekiel to Malachi Volume 6 - Matthew to John Volume 7 - Acts to 2 Corinthians Volume 8 - Galatians to 2 Timothy Volume 9 -Titus to Revelation

Journal of Moral Theology Volume 6 Number 2

Author: Conor Hill
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781532636776
Release Date: 2017-07-14
Genre: Religion

New Wine, New Wineskins: Perspectives of Young Moral Theologians Edited by Conor Hill, Kent Lasnoski, Matthew Sherman, John Sikorski and Matthew Whelan Is New Wine, New Wineskins Still New? Reflecting on Wineskins after Seventeen Years Conor Hill, Kent Lasnoski, Matthew Sherman, John Sikorski and Matthew Whelan Before the Eucharist, a Familial Morality Arises Matthew Sherman The Works of Mercy: Francis and the Family Kevin Schemenauer Mercy Is A Person: Pope Francis and the Christological Turn in Moral Theology Alessandro Rovati Morality, Human Nature, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Joshua Evans Living the Mystery: Doctrine, Intellectual Disability, and Christian Imagination Medi Ann Volpe Towards a Conjugal Spirituality: Karol Wojtyla’s Vision of Marriage Before, During, and After Vatican II John Sikorski The Principle of Double Effect within Catholic Moral Theology: A Response to Two Criticisms of the Principle in Relation to Palliative Sedation Gina Maria Noia Is Aquinas’s Envy Pagan? Sheryl Overmyer Resisting the Less Important: Aquinas on Modesty John-Mark Miravalle Agere Contra: An “Ignatian Option” for Engagement with American Society and Culture Benjamin T. Peters Human or Person? On the Burial of Aborted Children Justin Menno Jesus is the Jubilee: A Theological Reflection on the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace’s Toward a Better Distribution of Land: The Challenge of Agrarian Reform Matthew Philipp Whelan Laudato Si’ on Non-Human Animals Anatoly Angelo R. Aseneta

Singer s Musical Theatre Anthology Volume 6

Author: Hal Leonard Corp.
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 9781495052026
Release Date: 2015-08-01
Genre: Music

(Vocal Collection). Volume 6 of this landmark series includes songs from shows that opened since the release of Volume 5 (2008), such as The Addams Family, Big Fish, Catch Me If You Can, First Date, Love Never Dies and many others. Volume 6 also explores a deeper look into repertoire from classic shows. This series is the world's most trusted source for great theatre literature for singing actors. Features of the series include: authentic editions for each song in the original key; songs chosen particularly for each voice type; selection of songs from classic and contemporary shows; includes notes about each show and song. Baritone/bass book.

Jews and Strangers Vol 6 of the GLAS Series

Author: Natasha Perova
Publisher: Glas
ISBN: UVA:X002627686
Release Date: 1993-01-01
Genre: Fiction

The love-hate relationship between Jews and Russians dates back to the early 19th century as is testified by four essays in this issue, looking at this ages-old Russian problem from different angles.

Aristophanis fabulae Acharnenses Equites Nubes Vespae Pax Aves

Author: Aristophanes
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: UOM:39015074231898
Release Date: 2007-12-06
Genre: Literary Collections

A new edition of Aristophanes, replacing the previous OCT (1900-1). It incorporates a better picture of the transmission of the text from antiquity, and more accurate reports of manuscript readings.