The Worm Book for Beginners

Author: Frank Randall
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1482609207
Release Date: 2013-02-22
Genre: Gardening

Free Gift with Every Purchase! All purchasers are now entitled to download a brand new bonus, The Backyard Farm Book of Butterfly Gardening - absolutely FREE! (See back of book for details) Hello! Thankyou for taking the time to look at my book. Are you tired of hearing about the awful effects of chemical-based fertilizer on your local environment? If so, would you like to find another way? Well, your search is over! The best way to avoid the hassles of chemical fertilizers is to make your own organic fertilizer at home - all you need is a worm bin. Worm composting (or vermicomposting/vermiculture) is the practice of using worms to break down kitchen scraps, and to turn those scraps into nutrient-rich garden compost. It is an ecologically sound way to eat healthier foods, throw away less waste and spend less money. I have written this step by step guide on worm composting for all of those who are tired of gardening with harmful chemicals. In its pages, you will find out how many worms you need and what kind. You will also find out how to obtain and maintain your worm bin. What bedding will your worms like? How do you make that bedding? What foods can your worms eat? What foods are hazardous to them? How do you keep pests out of your worm bin? The answers to all of those questions and more will be revealed. Most importantly, my book will tell you when and how to harvest your compost for use in the garden. You'll be amazed at all of the benefits that vermicomposting can offer, whether you're dealing with seeds, seedlings or full-sized garden plants. This easy to read, beginners book, summarizes the essential information I have learned over the years, and is written to help you integrate worm composting in to your daily routine. Best wishes, Frank

Worm Farming How to Start a Worm Farm

Author: Danny Gansneder
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1512352926
Release Date: 2015-05-25

In a nutshell, if you let worms eat organic waste, they can transform it into the most nutrient rich-fertilizer. Do you want to make a quick buck or two selling worms to fishermen? How about selling those valuable worm castings to thousands of marijuana growers all across the country? In this guide you will learn all the proven methods to successfully start your own worm farm. Create residual income from your own food waste in your own backyard. The worm farming industry is constantly growing Food wastage is a huge concern, and worm composting, or vermicomposting, offers a convenient solution. Raising worms and watching them grow is so easy anyone can do it. No special skills needed and minimal effort is required. And best of all this can be done in the smallest urban backyards. If you follow the guidelines of this book, with minimal investment you are going to be able to produce the highest quality worms and worm castings. There are several worm "end" products which can be sold and to multiple industries. In this day and age, "going green" or"going organic" is becoming a popular trend. You can sell to nurseries or typical backyard gardeners, pet shops, local garden centers, fishermen, marijuana growers and so many more. Everything you need to know is included in this guide. Discover the many benefits of vermicomposting. Pick up this book today! You won't be sorry.

Worm Farming

Author: Brian Grant
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1495996697
Release Date: 2014-02-20
Genre: Gardening

Curious in what worm farming is? What it takes to get started? How you can make it Fun and Profitable? This is just a few of the questions that are answered within "Worm Farming: Everything You Need to Know To Setting up a Successful Worm Farm"! The ULTIMATE guide to worm farming... Discover the many benefits of what is also known as, vermicomposting. You can get free fishing bait, use as source of food for wild birds, fish and chickens, create a nutrient rich potting soil that is a fun hobby while teaching you about the environment. You will see that getting started in worm farming is much easier than you think! Details on space requirements, type of worms to use, what to feed them and much, much, more are revealed in this informative book. Worm farming can be a fun way to generate some income from the worms or nutrient-rich soil that you sell. Our tips on running a successful worm farm and understanding the business aspects of it, will help as your startup roadmap. Get started today with this comprehensive guide to worm farming. Scroll up and Buy Now for Instant Access!

Worms Eat My Garbage

Author: Mary Appelhof
Publisher: Worm Woman, Incorporated
ISBN: 0997261412
Release Date: 2017-01-16
Genre: Gardening

The book that started a backyard worm revolution over three decades ago continues to be the definitive guide to vermicomposting--the process of using red worms to recycle human food waste into a nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants. Originally written in 1982 and expanded into a second edition in 1997, Worms Eat My Garbage has sold over 200,000 copies. Author Mary Appelhof excelled at writing scientific information in a format easily understood by the layperson. The book provides complete illustrated instructions on setting up and maintaining a small-scale worm composting system. This new third edition provides more detail on the anatomy of a red worm. The chapter on worm species updates the number of species identified to date as well as expands on the use of scientific names. Other topics covered are the worm bin ecosystem, the care and feeding of worms, setting up a worm bin, harvesting worm castings, and the benefits of castings to plants. Appelhof also provides plans for building wooden worm bins and shows how to make a bin out of a plastic tub along with information on the manufactured bins presently available in the marketplace."

Worm Farming Creating Compost at Home with Vermiculture

Author: Jason Johns
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1508687420
Release Date: 2015-03-02
Genre: Gardening

"Worm Farming - Creating Compost At Home With Vermiculture" is for anyone who wants to know more about worm farming and creating high quality compost at home from their kitchen waste. Worm farming is seeing a massive increase in popularity as people seek natural and organic methods of farming and producing fruit, vegetables and flowers at home. This book is your complete guide to worm farming, taking you step-by-step through the entire process from selecting worms to building your worm farm to breeding your worms and much, much more. As you read this book you will get an in-depth insight into worm farming so you are able to build your own at home cheaply and easily and look after it so you get a regular supply of super nutritious worm compost for your plants! In "Worm Farming - Creating Compost At Home With Vermiculture" you will discover: - Vermiculture: What It Is and Why It Matters - find out why vermiculture is such a great way of producing high quality compost and why so many people are doing it at home - What You Need To Setup a Worm Farm - learn exactly what you need to build your own worm farm at home, it's cheaper and easier than you thought! - The Different Types of Worm - understand the different types of worms used in worm composting both in Europe and the USA so you can choose the right worm for your specific requirements - A Simple Worm Farm Plan - a guide to building your own worm farm that is cheap to make and easy to maintain - Feeding Your Worms for Excellent Compost - discover exactly what you should, and should not, be feeding your worms if you want high quality compost - Where to Locate Your Worm Bin - find out exactly where to position your worm bin so the worms are safe, happy and productive - The Best Bedding for Your Worms - learn what bedding you need to provide your worms so they can move around and break down the waste material efficiently - The Right Environment for Your Worms to Thrive - create the best environment for your worms so that they can thrive - Keeping Your Worm Population Under Control - worms can quickly multiply so you will learn how to keep your worm population from getting out of control - Harvesting Your Compost - learn how to harvest your compost without losing worms or valuable compost! - Making Worm Compost Tea - a beneficial by-product of worm farming which you will learn how to produce and use safely - Propagating Your Worms - find out more about helping your worms to multiply, how they mate and more so you can produce as many worms as you want - Pests, Enemies and Potential Problems - discover some of the potential pests and problems that will face your worms and how to overcome them - Creating a Worm Farming Business - a complete guide to creating your own profitable business farming and selling worms and their compost - Worm Farming Tips and Advice - some practical tips and advice helping you to run your worm farm properly and with as few problems as possible - Disaster Management - in case the worst happens, this chapter will guide you through recovering from a number of potential disasters - Worm Farming Jargon Explained - understand all of the jargon associated with worm farming including common Latin terms and other words used by worm farmers around the world Worm farming is a really fun hobby and a great way to produce a high quality compost you can use on your plants. The resulting compost is highly beneficial to your plants and is often the secret sauce for prize winning gardeners. Enjoy your adventure into worm farming as "Worm Farming - Creating Compost At Home With Vermiculture" explains all about this exciting method of composting. Discover today how you can produce your own high quality compost from kitchen waste!

How to Start a Worm Bin

Author: Henry Owen
Publisher: Groundswell
ISBN: 1570673497
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Do you want to learn to turn food scraps into valuable compost? Do you believe in taking responsibility for the waste we create? People all over the world are turning their food scraps into nutrient-rich worm compost through starting their own worm bin. This book contains everything you need to get started worm composting in one easy-to-read book. Topics include what type of worms to buy, how to construct a bin, maintain the right environment, and how to foster a thriving worm herd. The Worm Bin Troubleshooting and FAQ sections cover the rest. The author demonstrates that worm composting is a year-round activity that is easy, fast, convenient, good for the earth, good for your plants, and fun.

Worms at Work

Author: Crystal Stevens
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 9781771422291
Release Date: 2017-06-26
Genre: Gardening

Fertilize your garden naturally--a guide to growing your plants in healthy, happy soil People want to know where their food comes from, who grows it and how it is grown. Interest in permaculture, backyard composting, and gardening in general, is growing. So how does the budding gardener ensure that his soil is healthy and nutrient-rich enough to support all the produce he intends to grow? Here’s a hint--think worms! Vermiculture is the healthiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that your soil receives the nourishment that it needs. A simple vermicompost bin can produce the completely natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used to boost soil health and, in turn, increase your crop yield. In true Crystal Stevens’ fashion, Worms at Work is a practical, easy-to-implement guide to fertilizing your garden naturally. It discusses the vital role worms play in boosting soil health, and the reasons why every gardener should use vermicompost in order to decrease reliance on toxic synthetic fertilizers. Coverage includes: • Simple designs to build your own vermicompost bin • Caring for your worms • Garden applications for your worm castings • Lesson plans to incorporate vermicomposting into the school science curriculum Whether you’re tending to a small backyard garden or managing a large farm, Worms at Work can show you how to start vermicomposting today in order to grow healthy plants in healthy, happy soil. Crystal Stevens is the author of Grow Create Inspire and has been co-manager of La Vista CSA Farm for the past 7 years. She teaches regular Vermiculture 101 workshops.

Raising Earthworms for Profit

Author: Earl B. Shields
ISBN: 0914116215
Release Date: 1994-01-01
Genre: Technology & Engineering

"A multi-million dollar market, earthworms for bait, earthworms for breeding stock, earthworms for soil improvement.

The Worm Book

Author: Loren Nancarrow
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 9780307789549
Release Date: 2012-04-04
Genre: Gardening

Worms are the latest (as well as, of course, perhaps the oldest!) trend in earth-friendly gardening, and in this handy guide, the authors of DEAD SNAILS LEAVE NO TRAILS demystify the world of worm wrangling, with everything you need to know to build your own worm bin, make your garden worm-friendly, pamper your soil, and much much more. From the Trade Paperback edition.

How to Start a Profitable Worm Business on a Shoestring Budget

Author: Stephan Kloppert
Publisher: Srk Publications
ISBN: 0620575832
Release Date: 2014-01-01
Genre: Earthworms

This book will teach you in easy to follow steps all you need to know to make money with earthworms. Whether you just want to make some pocket money selling bait worms to keen fishermen or want to become your own boss and create a full time income, you will learn proven low cost methods to start a profitable worm business and make your mark in the constantly growing market of the worm farming industry. If you are looking for a way to create extra income from home, using very little space and just a tiny investment then worm composting could be the right thing for you. Raising earthworms and making money with them is fun and can be done by virtually anyone! No special skills required! Follow the guidelines given in this book and raise and multiply earthworms easily. With a small investment and a little effort you, with the help of your worms, will be able to produce and sell several products that are environmentally friendly and beneficial for a wide variety of people. Amongst your future customers could be nurseries, gardeners, pet shops, garden centers, pet lovers, property developers, fishing clubs, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, private households, dog owners, horse stables, farmers, schools, universities and many more... Everything you need to know to create an income with earthworms has been tried and tested by the author and is covered in this book! Detailed instructions make it easy to multiply your worms and produce your own range of worm bins, organic fertilizers and soil conditioners that you can market to your future customers. Act now, start your own environmentally friendly business from home and step forward into a brighter future

Raising Red Wigglers

Author: Bruce Galle
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1494385708
Release Date: 2013-10-27
Genre: Gardening

Raising Red Wigglers is written in simple terms that anyone can comprehend and apply. The book over several techniques for raising red wiggler worms including one technique that show you how to start with 500 adult breeders and turn that into 10,000 new worms within sixty days! Bruce illustrates other techniques from composting with red wigglers, top feeding your worms and a combination of both depending on your individual needs. Learn the proper proportions of worms to bedding material to benefit best whether for composting or fishing. Included within is a special chapter showing you to keep your worms sized while growing them out so all the worms in your worm bin are of the same size. For anglers, this works great as no more picking through your worms to find the larger ones. Simply go to a worm bin containing all large adult worms! The book will show you how to increase the growth rates of your worms so as you can raise them faster to begin reproducing more worms as well. Learn techniques for harvesting worm castings as well as worm cocoons separately! These castings are highly sought after by organic gardeners and considered the best plant food around! Learn the proper way to setup a new worm bin for your red wigglers, what to feed them as well as what not to feed them.

Worms and Wormeries

Author: Mike Woolnough
Publisher: Good Life Press
ISBN: 1904871704
Release Date: 2010-09-15
Genre: House & Home

Around the world wormeries are coming more and more into the spotlight as governments strive to reduce the level of household waste ending up in landfill sites and look to make better use of the resources that we have available. Mike Woolnough has discovered that worms and their by-products improve his crops enormously, making use of household scraps and rubbish that previously went into his bin. Starting from a small wormery in the conservatory or garden, the author takes you step by step up to a sophisticated system capable of handling all your garden waste, or processing that huge heap of livestock manure that you were wondering how to dispose of, plus a host of other waste items along the way.

The Mushroom Book for Beginners

Author: Frank Randall
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1480086258
Release Date: 2012-10-01
Genre: Nature

This book teaches you the basics of growing mushrooms at home. You'll take a step back in time and learn about the history of mushrooms as food and why it took centuries for home mushroom growing to really catch on. You find the best types of mushrooms for beginners to grow. If you aren't sure what tools you'll need, don't worry; this book has that covered too. You will learn how to make sure that your mushrooms grow quickly and pest free, and the best ways to harvest, preserve, and store your crop. Whether you like shiitakes, portobello, or oyster mushrooms, stop buying them in stores. You'll learn how to grow your own and keep your family well supplied.

The Worm Farmer s Handbook

Author: Rhonda Sherman
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 9781603587792
Release Date: 2018-11-06
Genre: Earthworm culture

Techniques and systems for processing food scraps, manure, yard debris, paper, and more Turning waste into wealth sounds too good to be true, but many worm farmers are finding that vermicomposting is a reliable way to do just that. Vermicast--a biologically active, nutrient-rich mix of earthworm castings and decomposed organic matter--sells for $400 or more per cubic yard. Compare that to regular compost, sold at about $30 a cubic yard, and you'll see why vermicomposting has taken root in most countries and on every continent but Antarctica. Vermicomposting is also one of the best sustainable solutions for organic waste management. Vermicomposting manure and crop wastes on farms improves crop yields while reducing demand for off-farm inputs. Vermicast has higher nutrient levels and lower soluble salt content than regular compost, and it improves soil aeration, porosity, and water retention. Plus, vermicast suppresses plant diseases and insect attacks. Municipalities, businesses, community gardens, schools, and universities can set up vermicomposting operations to process food residuals and other waste materials. The Worm Farmer's Handbook details the ins and outs of vermicomposting for mid- to large-scale operations, including how to recycle organic materials ranging from food wastes and yard trimmings to manure and shredded office paper. Vermicomposting expert Rhonda Sherman shares what she has learned over twenty-five years working with commercial worm growers and researchers around the world. Her profiles of successful worm growers across the United States and from New Zealand to the Middle East and Europe describe their proven methods and systems. This book digs into all the details, including: Choosing the right production system Regulatory issues and developing a business and marketing plan Finding and managing feedstocks Pre-composting: why and how to do it Monitoring an active worm bed Harvesting, screening, testing, packaging, and storing vermicast Markets for earthworms and vermicast Food security: how vermicast benefits soils and plants Keys to success: avoiding common pitfalls From livestock farms and restaurants to colleges, military bases, and prisons, Sherman details why and how commercial-scale vermicomposting is a fast-growing, sustainable solution for organic waste management. The Worm Farmer's Handbook is the first and only authoritative how-to guide that goes beyond small-scale operations and demystifies the science and logistics of the fascinating process that is vermicomposting.

Aquaponic Gardening

Author: Sylvia Bernstein
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 9780865717015
Release Date: 2011-10-11
Genre: Gardening

Combining aquaculture and hydroponics, this home gardening guide provides instructions for growing organic vegetables, herbs and fruits along with fresh fish in a sustainable closed system that has no weeds, very few pests and requires no digging, watering or fertilizing. Original.