Time on Two Crosses

Author: Bayard Rustin
Publisher: Cleis Press
ISBN: 9781573441742
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Social Science

The writings of the openly gay advisor to Martin Luther King cover five decades of insights into Ghandi's influence on African Americans, white supremacists in Congress, the anti-war movement, and the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Time on Two Crosses

Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781627781435
Release Date: 2014-12-12
Genre: Social Science

In 1956 Bayard Rustin taught Martin Luther King Jr. strategies of nonviolence during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, thereby launching the civil rights movement. Widely acclaimed as a founding father of modern black protest, Rustin reached international notoriety in 1963 as the openly gay organizer of the March on Washington. Long before the March on Washington, Rustin's leadership placed him at the vanguard of social protest. His gay identity, however, became a point of contention with the movement, with the controversy embroiling even King himself. Time on Two Crosses offers an insider's view of many of the defining political moments of our time. From Gandhi's impact on African Americans, white supremacists in Congress, and the assassination of Malcolm X to Rustin's never-before-published essays on Louis Farrakhan, affirmative action, and the call for gay rights, Time on Two Crosses chronicles five decades of Rustin's commitment to justice and equality.

Living In Dependence

Author: Ndi, Bill F.
Publisher: Langaa RPCIG
ISBN: 9789956550760
Release Date: 2018-11-09
Genre: Social Science

Living (In)Dependence: Critical Perspectives on Global Interdependence embraces a multidisciplinary approach to the interconnectedness of independence and dependence in every ramification of the words. These scholars and academics, from different disciplinary area, examine “independence” & “dependence”, not simply as polar opposites in their Saussurian sense but as a binary embedded in the concept of “independence”. Herein, scholars have had to challenge their perceived or preconceived notions about “Independence” and “dependence” from their respective disciplinary discursive perspectives. This book is a rare gift to the curious reader thirsty for knowledge and understanding of the underlying heightened and drummed rhetoric on exclusion; which rhetoric is aimed at legitimizing nationalist and isolationist positions and, with exclusionists clamoring for walls separating people who supposedly live in a global village. Living (In)Dependence: Critical Perspectives on Global Interdependence is a timely reminder, especially when the world is at cross purposes with generation old alliances falling apart like the Berlin Wall that less than 30 years ago fell to mark an end to sadness and separation that same engendered from 1949-1989. In short, this study explores the binary of life experience of independence and that of dependence—as constituent flipsides of a coin whose meaning can only be grasped by taking a closer look at each facet.

Neue alte Rassismen

Author: Gesine Drews-Sylla
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 9783839423646
Release Date: 2015-05-31
Genre: Social Science

Das Europa nach 1989 ist geprägt von neuen Mustern der kulturellen und ethnischen Exklusion sowie des Rechtsextremismus: Neue Konstellationen von (Alltags-)Rassismen sind die Folge der politischen und gesellschaftlichen Veränderungen der letzten 20 Jahre - etwa des Zerfalls der Sowjetunion und des Ostblocks, der Erweiterung der Europäischen Union und der Migration vom Osten und Süden nach Westen und Norden. In diesem Buch werden interdisziplinäre Zugänge zur Rassismusforschung, einzelne Fallstudien (vor allem aus Deutschland und dem östlichen Europa) sowie praktische Beispiele aus der Rassismusprävention vereint, die den veränderten gesellschaftlichen Bedingungen Rechnung tragen.

Bayard Rustin

Author: Jerald Podair
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 0742564800
Release Date: 2008-12-16
Genre: History

Bayard Rustin was a unique twentieth-century American radical voice. A homosexual, World War II draft resister, and ex-communist, he made enormous contributions to the civil rights, socialist, labor, peace, and gay rights movements in the United States, despite being viewed as an "outsider" even by fellow activists. Rustin was a humanist who championed the disadvantaged and oppressed, regardless of identity. In Bayard Rustin: American Dreamer, Jerald Podair examines the life and career of a man who shaped virtually every aspect of the modern civil rights movement as a theorist, strategist, and spokesman. Podair begins by covering the period from Rustin's 1912 birth in West Chester, Pennsylvania, to his 1946 release from federal prison, where he served over two years for draft evasion. After his release, Rustin threw himself into work on behalf of pacifism and racial integration, two goals that, at this stage of his career, fit together almost seamlessly. Podair goes on to examine Rustin's role as the main organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, the most important civil rights demonstration in American history. He was a major influence on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s philosophy of nonviolent direct action, which led to the strategy that changed the course of American race relations. During the last years of his life, Rustin continued to champion the causes of socialism, coalition politics, and racial integration, as he also sought to aid oppressed people and foster democratic institutions worldwide. Yet for all this, Rustin was rarely permitted a leading role in the movements he helped to shape. Because of his sexuality and his background as a former communist and draft resister, he was forced to do much of his work on the fringes, offering his organizational, strategic, and rhetorical skills to public leaders who chose to keep him at arm's length. Despite this, as Podair makes clear, Bayard Rustin was one of the most important civil rights leaders—and one of the most important radical leaders—in twentieth-century American history. Documents in this book include excerpts from Rustin's writings, speeches, and public statements.

Fog of War

Author: Kevin M. Kruse
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199913428
Release Date: 2012-01-06
Genre: History

It is well known that World War II gave rise to human rights rhetoric, discredited a racist regime abroad, and provided new opportunities for African Americans to fight, work, and demand equality at home. It would be all too easy to assume that the war was a key stepping stone to the modern civil rights movement. But Fog of War shows that in reality the momentum for civil rights was not so clear cut, with activists facing setbacks as well as successes and their opponents finding ways to establish more rigid defenses for segregation. While the war set the scene for a mass movement, it also narrowed some of the options for black activists. This collection is a timely reconsideration of the intersection between two of the dominant events of twentieth-century American history, the upheaval wrought by the Second World War and the social revolution brought about by the African American struggle for equality.

Martin Luther King Jr Homosexuality and the Early Gay Rights Movement

Author: Michael G. Long
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137275523
Release Date: 2012-11-28
Genre: History

Martin Luther King, Jr., was not an advocate of homosexual rights, nor was he an enemy; however both sides of the debate have used his words in their arguments, including his widow, in support of gay rights, and his daughter, in rejection. This fascinating situation poses the problem that Michael G. Long seeks to address and resolve.

We are One

Author: Larry Dane Brimner
Publisher: Calkins Creek Books
ISBN: STANFORD:36105133580964
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Captures a story of passion, courage, and triumph through Bayard's own words and archival photographs, and through spirituals and protest songs that Bayard often sang.

Book of African American Quotations

Author: Joslyn Pine
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486112442
Release Date: 2012-03-02
Genre: Literary Collections

This original collection of quotations cites approximately 100 well-known African Americans from all walks of life, including Maya Angelou, Louis Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, Julian Bond, George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, and Ralph Ellison.

Quaker History

ISBN: STANFORD:36105121705318
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Society of Friends


ISBN: STANFORD:36105114613222
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Academic libraries

Stille Reserven im Jahresabschluss Bildung Aufl sung Erkennbarkeit

Author: Jürgen Dute
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 9783638686754
Release Date: 2007

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2002 im Fachbereich Ingenieurwissenschaften - Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Note: 3,0, Hamburger Fern-Hochschule (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen), Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Der Jahresabschluss einer Kapitalgesellschaft wird jedes Jahr von den unterschiedlichsten Interessengruppen mit grossem Interesse erwartet. So sind z. B. die Anteilseigner/ Grossaktionare, Gewerkschaften und Mitarbeiter an einer moderaten Gewinnausschuttung interessiert, da bei ihnen die langfristige Kapitalsicherung/ Substanzsicherung und die Arbeitsplatzsicherung im Vordergrund stehen, wahrend die Finanzbehorden und Kleinaktionare an einen hohen Gewinnausweis interessiert sind, um hohe Steuern bzw. hohe Dividenden zu erhalten. Der Jahresabschluss gibt diesen Gruppen Informationen uber die Vermogens- und Kapitalstruktur der Unternehmung. Auch ist die finanzielle Struktur ersichtlich, und es konnen Bilanzkennzahlen, wie z. B. die Rentabilitat oder die Liquiditat abgeleitet werden. Hier wird deutlich, dass das Management vor dem Problem steht die divergierenden Interessen der externen Gruppen gleichermassen zu befriedigen. Daher ist der Jahresabschluss abhangig von der Jahresabschlusspolitik des Managements. Diese hat die Moglichkeit, durch die Handhabung unterschiedlicher formaler und materieller Instrumente, Einfluss auf die Gestaltung und auf den Erfolgsausweis des Jahresabschlusses zu nehmen. Das Management kann versuchen ein tatsachlich schlechtes Jahresergebnis durch einen hohen Erfolgsausweis zu verschleiern, ein tatsachlich gutes Jahresergebnis durch einen niedrigen Erfolgsausweis zu mindern oder durch einen Ausweis in etwa gleicher oder leicht ansteigender Er-folgsausweise die Erfolge zu glatten und uber mehrere Jahre zu verteilen. Hier ist das Bilden oder Auflosen von Stillen Reserven fur das Management ein herausragendes Mittel der materiellen Jahresabschlusspolitik nach dem Bewertungsstichtag. Durch die Stille-Reserven-Politik kann entscheidend Einfluss