Turning the Tide

Author: Charles F. Stanley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781451626407
Release Date: 2012-06-12
Genre: Political Science

Presents practical steps that Christians can take to help change the direction of the United States through a combination of prayer and involvement in civic activities.

Turning the Tide

Author: Peter Abrahams
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1439258767
Release Date: 2010-01-04
Genre: True Crime

Carlos Lehder Rivas, kingpin of Colombia's most murderous cocaine empire, invited an American professor to Norman's Cay to study the hammerhead shark up close--and the two ended up in mortal combat. Professor Richard Novak, father of five, armed only with a .357 Magnum, his underwater sabotage skills, and the lone courage of his convictions, brought Carlos to his downfall. Photographs.

Turning the Tide

Author: Ed Offley
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 9780465031641
Release Date: 2012-05-08
Genre: History

The United States experienced its most harrowing military disaster of World War II not in 1941 at Pearl Harbor but in the period from 1942 to 1943, in Atlantic coastal waters from Newfoundland to the Caribbean. Sinking merchant ships with impunity, German U-boats threatened the lifeline between the United States and Britain, very nearly denying the Allies their springboard onto the European Continent--a loss that would have effectively cost the Allies the war. In Turning the Tide, author Ed Offley tells the gripping story of how, during a twelve-week period in the spring of 1943, a handful of battle-hardened American, British, and Canadian sailors turned the tide in the Atlantic. Using extensive archival research and interviews with key survivors, Offley places the reader at the heart of the most decisive maritime battle of World War II.

Turning the Tide

Author: Tom Horton
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 9781610911160
Release Date: 2013-03-13
Genre: Nature

In 1991, Island Press published Turning the Tide, a unique and accessible examination of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. The book took an indepth look at the Bay’s vital signs to gauge the overall health of its entire ecosystem and to assess what had been done and what remained to be done to clean up the Bay. This new edition of Turning the Tide addresses new developments of the past decade and examines the factors that will have the most significant effects on the health of the Bay in the coming years.With new case studies and updated maps, charts, and graphs, the book builds on the analytical power of ten years of experience to offer a new perspective, along with clear, science-based recommendations for the future. For all those who want to know not only how much must be done to save the Bay but what they can do and how they can make a difference, Turning the Tide is an essential source of information.

Turning the Tide

Author: Noam Chomsky
Publisher: Haymarket Books
ISBN: 9781608464470
Release Date: 2015-09-28
Genre: Political Science

Noam Chomsky addresses relations throughout Central America and relates these to superpower conflicts and the overall role of the Cold War in contemporary international relations.

Turning the Tide

Author: Sylvia Bartley PhD
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 9781504377997
Release Date: 2017-03-30
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

In Turning the Tide, Dr. Sylvia Bartley shares how she manages her emotional health with non-traditional mindful practices. Recognizing her spiritual side and emotional health are intertwined and yet opposites , she takes the two fields of spirituality and science and blends them together in a pursuit of truth and wellbeing. Her scientific curiosity has helped her spiritual life evolve drastically, and in turn her spiritual life has been her foundation during the most rigorous moments of her scientific career. As a young girl and student she pushed through staggering forces working against her, and this journey shaped her spiritually and emotionally; her disciplined study of the brain has taught her about meditation, and how careful attention to her inner self has helped her give back to her community in profound ways. Dr. Bartleys central belief is simple: neuroscience and spirituality are not opposites, and can instead be used to feed and further each other. Individually, this union can have tremendous effects on our emotional health. Equal parts personal memoir, science writing, and spiritual exploration, Turning the Tide links our brains to our souls, while inspiring readers to change the world with that knowledge.

Turning of the Tide

Author: Don Yaeger
Publisher: Center Street
ISBN: 159995236X
Release Date: 2008-12-14
Genre: Sports & Recreation

New York Times bestselling author Yaeger tells the electrifying story of the game that broke down the last racial division in college football.

Kargil Turning the Tide

Author: Lt Gen Mohinder Puri, PVSM, UYSM
Publisher: Lancer Publishers LLC
ISBN: 9781940988238
Release Date: 2015-12-24
Genre: History

Kargil: Turning the Tide, is a gripping account of the operations of 8 Mountain Division, which was tasked to evict the enemy from the Drass-Mushkoh Sector during Op Vijay. Coming from the pen of Lt Gen (then Maj Gen) Mohinder Puri, who led the division during the operations, the book is as authentic an account of the operations as one can hope to have. Written in a racy style, the book vividly captures the emotions and sentiments of a soldier; the apprehensions and fears of the leaders, and finally the joy and ecstasy of a hard won victory. The book, covering a wide spectrum from attacks at platoon level to issues impinging on national security, will be of immense value to all military professionals. Civilian readers will find the accounts of various close quarters, hand to hand battles fought in the extremely challenging and hostile environment of rugged high altitude terrain, inclement weather and an entrenched enemy, very engrossing and moving. A very high casualty count of 268 killed and 818 wounded, coupled with a rich haul of gallantry awards – three Param Vir Chakras, eight Mahavir Chakras, and 42 Vir Chakras – operations of 8 Mountain Division are a saga of fortitude, exceptional bravery, and exemplary junior leadership, which will undoubtedly swell any Indian’s heart with pride.

Turning the Tide

Author: Earl H. Tilford
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 9780817318147
Release Date: 2014-01-31
Genre: Education

This book documents the period when a handful of University of Alabama student activists formed an alliance with President Frank A. Rose, his staff, and a small group of progressive-minded professors in order to transform the university during a time of social and political turmoil. Together they engaged in a struggle against Governor George Wallace and a state legislature that reflected the worst aspects of racism in a state where the passage of civil rights legislation in 1964 and 1965 did little to reduce segregation and much to inflame the fears and passions of many white Alabamians. Earl H. Tilford details the origins of the student movement from within the Student Government Association, whose leaders included Ralph Knowles and future governor Don Siegelman, among others; the participation of key members of “The Machine,” the political faction made up of the powerful fraternities and sororities on campus; and the efforts of more radical non-Greek students like Jack Drake, Ed Still, and Sondra Nesmith. Tilford also details the political maneuverings that drove the cause of social change through multiple administrations at the university. Turning the Tide highlights the contributions of university presidents Frank A. Rose and David Mathews, as well as administrators like the dean of men John L. Blackburn, who supported the student leaders but also encouraged them to work within the system rather than against it. Based on archival research, interviews with many of the principal participants, and the author’s personal experiences, Tilford’s Turning the Tide is a compelling portrait of a university in transition during the turbulence surrounding the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s.

1965 Turning the Tide

Author: Nitin A Gokhale
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9789386141217
Release Date: 2016-06-15
Genre: History

Fifty years in a nation's life is a small period of time. However, it is quite likely that collective memory will have faded about several events...and so it is with the 1965 war that India was dragged into by Pakistan's chronic insecurities and territorial ambitions. This time in the form of a forcible attempt to annex Kashmir. Today, the details of the war that came between the tragedy of 1962 and the triumph of 1971 are hazy in the memory of the country. But it is a story that needs to be retold. Caught by surprise at the Pakistani offensive, India, then struggling as a nation, responded with extraordinary zeal and turned the tide in a war Pakistan thought it would win because of its superior weapons and tactics. But as the outcome of the 1965 war tells us, Pakistan not only failed to achieve any of its strategic objectives but had to suffer a massive setback, thanks to a combination of resolute political leadership, the brave Indian soldiers and determined citizens. This then is the account of the war that India has largely forgotten. In this meticulously researched and fast paced book, journalist and national security analyst Nitin A. Gokhale, has produced a formidable and comprehensive evaluation of the events and aftermath of the ferocious Indo-Pak war of 1965.

Turning the Tide

Author: C. R. Veitch
Publisher: IUCN
ISBN: 9782831706825
Release Date: 2002-01-01
Genre: Science

This collection of 52 papers and 21 abstracts focuses on sharing available knowledge to combat the threat of invasive alien species. Turning the tide of biological invasion by eradicating invasive species can yield substantial benefits for biodiversity conservation. As more eradications are attempted worldwide, it is increasingly important that lessons are learned from each and every one of these attempts, whether successful or unsuccessful. This publication is intended to share with a wider audience the insights and practical experience gained.

Turning the Tide

Author: Edith Maxwell
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 9780738753881
Release Date: 2018-04-08
Genre: Fiction

A suffragist is murdered in Quaker midwife Rose Carroll's Massachusetts town Excitement runs high during Presidential election week in 1888. The Woman Suffrage Association plans a demonstration and movement leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton comes to town to rally the troops. When Quaker midwife Rose Carroll finds the body of the group's local organizer the next morning, she can't help but wonder who could have committed the murder. Rose quickly discovers several people who have motives. The victim had planned to leave her controlling husband, and a recent promotion had cost a male colleague his job. She had also recently spurned a fellow suffragist's affections. After Rose's own life is threatened, identifying the killer takes on a personal sense of urgency. Praise for the Quaker Midwife Mysteries: "An intriguing look at life in 19th-century New England, a heroine whose goodness guides all her decisions, and a mystery that surprises."—Kirkus Reviews "Introduces a series heroine whose struggles with the tenets of her Quaker faith make her strong and appealing. The author also imparts authentic historical detail to depict life in a 19th century New England factory town."—Library Journal

Latin America After Neoliberalism

Author: Eric Hershberg
ISBN: STANFORD:36105114444206
Release Date: 2006
Genre: History

Offers in in-depth overview of the sweeping social, political, and economic changes across modern-day Latin America, in a collection of essays that look at the causes, implications, and future of the influx of progressive governments in the region and the resulting neoliberal ideas, dissent, and resistance to U.S. economic and political dominance. Simultaneous.

Turning the Tide

Author: Faith Bandler
Publisher: Canberra : Aboriginal Studies Press
ISBN: 0855751967
Release Date: 1989-01-01
Genre: Aboriginal Australians

Bandler's story of the early life and involvement in FCAATSI and their major victory in the 1967 referendum.

Turn the Tide

Author: Kathy Obear
ISBN: 1683090438
Release Date: 2016-05-24

Turn the Tide: Rise above toxic, difficult situations in the workplaceOver the past 25 years, Kathy Obear has helped thousands of people in workshops and coaching sessions learn to effectively navigate difficult workplace situations. Now, she shares the tools and skills of her 7-Step process, The Triggering Event Cycle, so you can take back control of your emotions and successfully rise above toxic work environments.In the spirit of Brené Brown and Martha Beck, Kathy uses stories and realistic examples to make these concepts accessible and easy to apply in your life. Her book is full of tools and exercises designed to help you rise above workplace drama and create greater teamwork, productivity, and innovation in your organization. Discover practical tools to:*De-escalate unproductive workplace conflict *Interrupt automatic fight or flight reactions *Identify what is fueling ineffective reactions*Take back control of your emotions *Rebuild working relationships*Minimize feeling triggered in the future *Turn the tide of workplace drama with greater ease and confidenceJoin Kathy on this transformational journey and make this invaluable investment in yourself!