Twelve Angry Men

Author: Reginald Rose
Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
ISBN: 0871293277
Release Date: 1955
Genre: Drama

Courtroom drama revolving around the trial of a boy accused of killing his father, where one man stands between him and capital punishment.

12 Angry Men

Author: Gregory Parks
Publisher: The New Press
ISBN: 9781595586292
Release Date: 2011-01-11
Genre: Social Science

When Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates was approached by the police on the front porch of his home in an affluent section of Cambridge, many people across the country reacted with surprise and disbelief. But many African American men from coast to coast were not surprised in the least. “Gatesgate” serves as the most recent manifestation of a phenomenon many black men experience regularly: being the subject of increased suspicion because of the color of their skin. In Twelve Angry Men, a dozen eloquent authors tell their own personal versions of this story. From a Harvard law school student tackled by security guard on the streets of Manhattan, a federal prosecutor detained while walking in his own neighborhood in Washington, DC, and a high school student in Colorado arrested for “loitering” in the subway station as he waits for the train home, to a bike rider in Austin, Texas, a professor at a big ten university in Iowa, and the head of the ACLU’s racial profiling initiative (who was pursued by national guardsmen after arriving on the red-eye in Boston’s Logan airport), here are true stories of law-abiding Americans who happen also to be black men. Cumulatively, the effect is staggering, and will open the eyes of anyone who thinks we live in a “post-racial” or “color-blind” America.

Readings on Twelve Angry Men

Author: Russ Munyan
Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated
ISBN: 073770313X
Release Date: 2000-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Includes a biographical sketch of the author, criticism of film and screenplay adaptations, interviews with Henry Fonda on his role in the original film version, and insights into the play.

Reginald Rose s Twelve Angry Men

Author: Anica Boulanger-Mashberg
Publisher: Insight Publications
ISBN: 9781921411694
Release Date: 2012-01-10
Genre: Education

Insight Study Guides are written by experts and cover a range of popular literature, plays and films. Designed to provide insight and an overview about each text for students and teachers, these guides endeavor to develop knowledge and understanding rather than just provide answers and summaries.

Twelve Angry Men 1957 by Sidney Lumet an Analysis

Author: Elisabeth Kuster
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 9783656079187
Release Date: 2011-12-08
Genre: Literary Criticism

Literature Review from the year 2007 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 1, University of Innsbruck, language: English, abstract: In this paper I will look at the film Twelve Angry Men (1957) by Sidney Lumet. In short the film is about a criminal case in America in which a young Hispanic boy is accused of killing his father and the twelve members of the jury have to decide on his verdict. In this case “guilty” means death. After talking about the film in more detail I will also look at the jury system in America and discuss some of its most important aspects, e.g. jury selection, possible verdicts or the principle “Burden of Proof”. In doing so, I will raise questions on how fair the jury system really is and what its weaknesses or points of criticism might be. I will then also discuss the various roles and duties of jurors and I will include ethical problems they might be confronted with in their deliberations. Furthermore, the question if a jury is capable of reaching a fair and legally correct verdict will be discussed and being looked at from different perspectives. To conclude this paper I will show why the jury system, despite its controversial position, is still used and probably will never be abolished.

Writing in restaurants

Author: David Mamet
Publisher: Viking Adult
ISBN: UOM:39015012080928
Release Date: 1986-11-24
Genre: Literary Collections

Temporarily putting aside his role as playwright, director, and screen-writer, David Mamet digs deep and delivers thirty outrageously diverse vignettes. On subjects ranging from the vanishing American pool hall, family vacations, and the art of being a bitch, to the role of today's actor, his celebrated contemporaries and predecessors, and his undying commitment to the theater, David Mamet's concise style, lean dialogue, and gut-wrenching honesty give us a unique view of the world as he sees it.

Film Scripts Two

Author: George P. Garrett
Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
ISBN: 1480342041
Release Date: 2013-10-01
Genre: Performing Arts

(Applause Books). The Film Scripts Series is a new printing of some of the greatest screenplays ever written. Each of the four volumes in the series edited by George P. Garrett, O. B. Hardison, Jr., and Jane R. Gelfman contains three classic shooting scripts written by some of the finest writers to ever work in Hollywood. Every volume also features a highly informative introduction, a glossary of technical terms, an extensive bibliography, and the credits for each film. These enduring screenplays will be of great interest to the general film buff, the aspiring screenwriter, and the professional filmmaker. Of particular value to the screenwriter and filmmaker is the fact that all scripts are printed in standard screenplay format. Film Scripts Two features: High Noon (1952, United Artists): Script by Carl Foreman; Directed by Fred Zinnemann; Starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly; Academy Awards for Gary Cooper, best film editing, best song, and best score; Academy Award nominations for best picture, best director, and best writing. Twelve Angry Men (1957, United Artists): Script by Reginald Rose; Directed by Sidney Lumet; Starring Martin Balsam, Lee J. Cobb, E. G. Marshall, Jack Klugman, and Henry Fonda; Academy Award nominations for best picture, best director, and best writing. The Defiant Ones (1958, United Artists): Script by Nathan E. Douglas and Harold Jacob Smith; Directed by Stanley Kramer; Starring Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Theodore Bikel, and Lon Chaney; Academy Awards for best writing and best cinematography; Academy Award nominations for Tony Curtis, Theodore Bikel, best picture, best director, and best film editing.

Twelve Angry Men

Author: Reginald Rose
ISBN: 0605486735
Release Date: 1983-01
Genre: Motion picture plays

Arena Stage, Zelda Fichandler, producing director presents "Twelve Angry Men," by Reginald Rose, directed by Mrs. Fichandler, with the Arena Stage Acting Company, settings by Robert Green, lighting by Leo Gallenstein, costumes supervised by Marianna Elliott.

English through movies Twelve angry men

Author: Carmen Deltoro
Publisher: Librería-Editorial Dykinson
ISBN: 9788498490596
Release Date: 2007-07-18
Genre: Education

This book is based on the movie 12 angry men, a black-and-white film produced in 1957, and based on the book by the same name. It narrates the story of twelve jurors bound by the acceptance of their civic duty and thrust together into a hot, humid room to deliberate the guilto or innocence of a boy accused of killing his father in a moment of rage.

Hank and Jim

Author: Scott Eyman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781501102196
Release Date: 2017-10-24
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

New York Times bestselling author Scott Eyman tells the story of the remarkable friendship of two Hollywood legends who, though different in many ways, maintained a close friendship that endured all of life’s twists and turns. Henry Fonda and James Stewart were two of the biggest stars in Hollywood for forty years. They became friends and then roommates as stage actors in New York, and when they began making films in Hollywood, they roomed together again. Between them they made such memorable films as The Grapes of Wrath, Mister Roberts, Twelve Angry Men, and On Golden Pond; and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Destry Rides Again, The Philadelphia Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Vertigo, and Rear Window. They got along famously, with a shared interest in elaborate practical jokes and model airplanes, among other things. Fonda was a liberal Democrat, Stewart a conservative Republican, but after one memorable blow-up over politics, they agreed never to discuss that subject again. Fonda was a ladies’ man who was married five times; Stewart remained married to the same woman for forty-five years. Both men volunteered during World War II and were decorated for their service. When Stewart returned home, still unmarried, he once again moved in with Fonda, his wife, and his two children, Jane and Peter, who knew him as Uncle Jimmy. For Hank and Jim, biographer and film historian Scott Eyman spoke with Fonda’s widow and children as well as three of Stewart’s children, plus actors and directors who had worked with the men—in addition to doing extensive archival research to get the full details of their time together. This is not another Hollywood story, but a fascinating portrait of an extraordinary friendship that lasted through war, marriages, children, careers, and everything else.

Making Movies

Author: Sidney Lumet
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307763662
Release Date: 2010-09-01
Genre: Performing Arts

Why does a director choose a particular script? What must they do in order to keep actors fresh and truthful through take after take of a single scene? How do you stage a shootout—involving more than one hundred extras and three colliding taxis—in the heart of New York’s diamond district? What does it take to keep the studio honchos happy? From the first rehearsal to the final screening, Making Movies is a master’s take, delivered with clarity, candor, and a wealth of anecdote. For in this book, Sidney Lumet, one of our most consistently acclaimed directors, gives us both a professional memoir and a definitive guide to the art, craft, and business of the motion picture. Drawing on forty years of experience on movies that range from Long Day’s Journey into Night to Network and The Verdict—and with such stars as Katharine Hepburn, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, and Al Pacino—Lumet explains how painstaking labor and inspired split-second decisions can result in two hours of screen magic.