Understanding USA

Author: Richard Saul Wurman
Publisher: Rswinc
ISBN: PSU:000056867077
Release Date: 1999
Genre: History

Consists of statistical graphs that explain the state of America at the Millennium.

Shrinking Cities

Author: Russell Weaver
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317633600
Release Date: 2016-07-15
Genre: Science

Shrinking Cities: Understanding Shrinkage and Decline in the United States offers a contemporary look at patterns of shrinkage and decline in the United States. The book juxtaposes the complex and numerous processes that contribute to these patterns with broader policy frameworks that have been under consideration to address shrinkage in U.S. cities. A range of methods are employed to answer theoretically-grounded questions about patterns of shrinkage and decline, the relationships between the two, and the empirical associations among shrinkage, decline, and several socio-economic variables. In doing so, the book examines new spaces of shrinkage in the United States. The book also explores pro-growth and decline-centered governance, which has important implications for questions of sustainability and resilience in U.S. cities. Finally, the book draws attention to U.S.-wide demographic shifts and argues for further research on socio-economic pathways of various groups of population, contextualized within population trends at various geographic scales. This timely contribution contends that an understanding of what the city has become, as it faces shrinkage, is essential toward a critical analysis of development both within and beyond city boundaries. The book will appeal to urban and regional studies scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, as well as practitioners and policymakers.

Health Care USA

Author: Harry A. Sultz
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9780763749743
Release Date: 2009-10-06
Genre: Business & Economics

Health Sciences & Professions

Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics

Author: Liping Ma
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781135149499
Release Date: 2010-03-26
Genre: Education

Studies of teachers in the U.S. often document insufficient subject matter knowledge in mathematics. Yet, these studies give few examples of the knowledge teachers need to support teaching, particularly the kind of teaching demanded by recent reforms in mathematics education. Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics describes the nature and development of the knowledge that elementary teachers need to become accomplished mathematics teachers, and suggests why such knowledge seems more common in China than in the United States, despite the fact that Chinese teachers have less formal education than their U.S. counterparts. The anniversary edition of this bestselling volume includes the original studies that compare U.S and Chinese elementary school teachers’ mathematical understanding and offers a powerful framework for grasping the mathematical content necessary to understand and develop the thinking of school children. Highlighting notable changes in the field and the author’s work, this new edition includes an updated preface, introduction, and key journal articles that frame and contextualize this seminal work.

Understanding Consciousness

Author: Max Velmans
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415224925
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Psychology

First published in 2009. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Understanding the CISG in the USA

Author: Joseph M. Lookofsky
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9789041122773
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Law

More than 60 countries, including the United States of America, have ratified the Convention on Contracts for the international Sale of Goods (CISG). Since CISG Contracting Sales account for more than two-thirds of all world trade, the Convention clearly represents a key aspect of American Commercial law. By drawing comparisons with domestic (UCC) sales law, the author explains the CISG in terms familiar to American Jurists, just as special emphasis is placed on CISG decisions rendered by U.S. courts ad the Article 95 reservation made by the United States. But since the CISG treaty demands an international interpretation, this expanded and fully updated Second Edition continues to draw upon the full range of CISG sources, including the increasingly numerous decisions and awards rendered by courts and arbitrators worldwide. Concrete examples and illustration are provided throughout. Five appendices offer a wealth of reference material, including the complete text of the Convention and an extensive table of cases and arbitral awards.

Understanding the HIV AIDS Epidemic in the United States

Author: Eric R. Wright
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319340043
Release Date: 2016-07-30
Genre: Social Science

This book examines the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States using the concept of syndemics to contextualize the risk of both well-known, and a few lesser-known, subpopulations that experience disproportionately high rates of HIV and/or AIDS within the United States. Since discovery, HIV/AIDS has exposed a number of social, psychological, and biological aspects of disease transmission. The concept of “syndemics,” or “synergistically interacting epidemics” has emerged as a powerful framework for understanding both the epidemiological patterns and the myriad of problems associated with HIV/AIDS around the world and within the United States. The book considers the disparities in HIV/AIDS in relation to social aspects, risk behavior and critical illness comorbidities. It updates and enhances our understanding of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States and contributes to the expanding literature on the role of syndemics in shaping the public’s health.​

Understanding the CISG

Author: Joseph M. Lookofsky
ISBN: 904113820X
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Law

Earlier editions of this incomparable guide came in separate volumes for the United States, Europe, and Scandinavia, as these three areas represent significant segments of CISG practice and also notable variations in the application of the Convention. Today, however, the CISG has gained greater prominence in dozens of jurisdictions worldwide, and similarities as well as differences in how the Convention is understood and applied have become increasingly relevant for all CISG practitioners. Hence, a 'worldwide' edition, focused on the rules and case law of greatest practical importance in all Contracting States, is here provided--although this new edition continues to account for regional anomalies insofar as they impact on the interests of merchants (and their lawyers) in the real CISG world. With this book as their guide, lawyers handling international sales contracts and disputes in any jurisdiction will confidently navigate such areas of practice as the following: * determining when the CISG applies; * freedom of contract under Article 6; * interpretation and good faith; * formation, validity, defenses to enforcement; * notice of non-conformity; * damages for breach, mitigation; * Article 79 liability exemptions; * agreed remedies, disclaimers; and * key reservations under Articles 92-96. Understanding the CISG includes a representative sampling of the more than 2,000 CISG court judgements and arbitral awards that have been reported. Concrete illustrations are provided to help clarify the (sometimes complex) way CISG rules work. Five appendices offer a wealth of reference material, including the complete text of the Convention and an extensive table of cases and arbitral awards. For virtually all cases likely to invoke the CISG, this valuable book will render sterling service to practitioners anywhere, just as it will provide law students with an effective CISG learning tool. No other CISG source is at once so authoritative and so succinct.

Health Care USA

Author: Harry A. Sultz
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9780763749743
Release Date: 2009-10-06
Genre: Business & Economics

Health Sciences & Professions

Understanding the Social Economy of the United States

Author: Laurie Mook
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781442663954
Release Date: 2015-02-05
Genre: Business & Economics

Understanding the Social Economy of the United States is a comprehensive introduction to the operation and study of organizations with social goals – public sector nonprofits, civil society organizations, social enterprises, cooperatives and other organizations with a social mission – under the rubric of the social economy. This text is rich in examples and case studies that explain the social economy framework in the context of the United States. The book not only highlights the differences between these organizations and traditional businesses, but also provides applied chapters on organizational development, strategic management and leadership, human resources, finance, and social accounting and accountability in social economy organizations. The perfect introduction to the social economy framework for students of nonprofit management, business, social entrepreneurship, and public policy, Understanding the Social Economy of the United States an invaluable resource for the classroom and for practitioners working in the social economy sector.

Understanding the Arts and Creative Sector in the United States

Author: Joni Maya Cherbo
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813545059
Release Date: 2008-05-15
Genre: Art

The arts and creative sector is one of the nation's broadest, most important, and least understood social and economic assets, encompassing both nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, for-profit creative companies, such as advertising agencies, film producers, and commercial publishers, and community-based artistic activities. The thirteen essays in this timely book demonstrate why interest in the arts and creative sector has accelerated in recent years, and the myriad ways that the arts are crucial to the social and national agenda and the critical issues and policies that relate to their practice. Leading experts in the field show, for example, how arts and cultural policies are used to enhance urban revitalization, to encourage civic engagement, to foster new forms of historic preservation, to define national identity, to advance economic development, and to regulate international trade in cultural goods and services. Illuminating key issues and reflecting the rapid growth of the field of arts and cultural policy, this book will be of interest to students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, to arts educators and management professionals, government agency and foundation officials, and researchers and academics in the cultural policy field.

USA History and Concepts Or Understanding Accounting History and Concepts

Author: Walter S Sokol CPA, MBA
Publisher: Osmora Incorporated
ISBN: 9782765911005
Release Date: 2015-02-09
Genre: Business & Economics

The question to ask is “Why is it important to understand the concepts of accounting? This book does not intend to transform the reader into a CPA or accounting Superstar. But rather provides a platform to individuals who find themselves intimidated by accounting types in a corporate meeting, or a student entering a business program or an individual who wants to follow a dream by opening a business but needs to understand the importance of gathering good information to make good business decisions. Know the difference between Custodial accounting and Managerial accounting. Learn about the Father of Accounting. As we know, the rate of new businesses succeeding is low. New business owners must have good business plans in place and anticipate and plan for new business costs. The author envisions this book to be designed as one small step in helping individuals understand how sound business decisions are made. It is is intended to be the first step in self-education on accounting concepts.